I’m a Mormon, Bee Keeper, & Proud Italian Father

I’m a Mormon, Bee Keeper, & Proud Italian Father

In the movie,
you’re going to show all these things that
I’ve done, right? So. I believe in God. I have to say that first. Then I believe family is the
most important thing in my life. OK, from the first one,
today he’s turning eight. Marco Louise. We have Sarah, Camilla, and the last one is
Michael Etori. She’s my beautiful wife,
Sabrina. Hello. So my children, my wife,
and my family. I believe in life, it’s very
important to work for a goal. You have different types
of architects. There is the architect that is
in the office all day long; I prefer to be like a
project manager. I will just do this
room for now. Just to show I am
busy at my job. This will be an apartment
building. A nice place to live. Quiet place. It’s going
to be nice. Here is the living room—
dining room here, actually. Here is the living room.
And then like this way. I believe it’s very important to
share what we have with others. Look, I have big tomatoes
over there. It’s very late in the season,
but they’re still good. I am a beekeeper. In this hive we have about 20
kilos of honey right now. Bees give their lives to protect
their families. I love that. They’re a great example of
unity, sacrifice, and work. I believe if we take care of our
family, we’ll have a happy life. I remember my school teacher
would ask me, “Why are you laughing?
Why are you smiling?” And I answered one time,
“Because I’m happy.” One small step for man … I don’t know. Sometimes I
smile, though I don’t know why. I am proud to be Italian. I’m an architect, a father, a husband, and a beekeeper. My name is Marco Petrollini, and I am a Mormon.

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  1. Marco is one of the most amazing people I've ever met. He practices everything he preaches. Love this man! Tim

  2. @neoka28 Like he said in the video, his religion is one of the things that brings joy to him, and he believes it's important to share that with others. We put so much time and energy and resources into sharing the gospel with others so that we can help others feel the happiness that we feel.

  3. I'm happy that he has a great life, but why don't any of these videos include what Mormons believe in?

  4. @MoreNakedSnake.
    Because the intent of "I am a Mormon" is to show the Mormons are very normal people.
    If you go on Mormon.org, on "our people" you will find our profile , there we wrote about our beliefs.

  5. @MoreNakedSnake
    The purpose of Mormon.org is to show you that alot of normal people are Mormons or members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. We believe in God, the eternal father, and in His Son, Jesus Christ and in the Holy Ghost. You can go to LDS.org to learn more about the church or representatives can come to your home to teach you and share their testimonies. Let me know if I can help to answer any questions.

  6. I think there are people that spend their time to vote with negative comments just because they have preconceptions about the Church……..I don't see why all the Mormon.org videos have so many negatives comments……when they share positive principles……

  7. @MoreNakedSnake
    These videos have a different purpose. They have a ton that have basic beliefs and other things on MormonMessages channel. Also, if you wanted to know what we believe go to //mormon.org/faith/ .

  8. 128 DISLIKES?? Are you serious?? What's not to like? Marco is sincere as he talks about his family & beliefs. All those dislikes are most like Anti-Mormon. Too bad you can't accept the fact that Mormons are not Weird or a cult! I think it is sad that the commandment to love one another is so hard for so many people. God Bless.

  9. Viva L'italia! The members of the LDS church in Italy have so much faith, and Marco here is a great example of that. Marco e la sua famiglia sono un raggio di speranza per un paese in cui avere una famiglia non e' di moda. Bravo Marco, che Dio ti benedica.

  10. Usually when I see these videos I think "Who cares." but then there are ones like these that really touch my heart some how.

  11. @signorapetrollini You're quite welcome, by the way I couldn't help but notice Petrollini is in your user name. Lol

  12. they had to search the world to find an italian mormon. oh and how creative, the best thing you could think of to describe him is a beekeeper. NICE

  13. I know Marco and he's just about the best kind of person you could find in this world – he and his entire family. They are wonderful. Nice video Marco! We hope to see you in 2014 when the temple gets built in Rome! Ci Vediamo Amici

  14. Ciao, Marco. Quando ho fatto la verdina quindici anni fa, stavi nella ramo. Ti ricordo. Avevo bisogno di sorridere ieri sera, e il tuo video mi aiutava. Grazie. Non ho lo mai visto. Apprezzo il tuo esempio, il esempio del tuo madre, e tutte delle persone nella ramo.

  15. He does share some of the Mormon beliefs, He says: "I believe in God", "Family is important", "It's very important to share what we have with others", "If we do these things, we will be happy" and he teaches by example.

  16. This video popped up as a youtube ad whilst I was viewing something else. It is the only Ad that I have ever watched in its entirety. I was completely captivated. What a cool guy.

  17. my brother just got back from his Rome Italy mission two weeks and had so many stories of this great man. Wish I could meet him.

  18. im not a Mormon but dude i wish this vid was longer i find it quite inspirational. i could actually watch this guy for an hour just talk about his life because hes pleasant to watch. much respect for this guy! wish everybody could be like this guy, even myself.

  19. I wish that too, very much so. There's always one small group that has to mess things up for the majority.

  20. So why do people hate on Mormons? These people are great! I love these videos. Lots of diversity on this channel as well. This coming from a Nondenominational Christian. 🙂

  21. This guy cracks me up with his good cheer. I like how he says, "If you take care of family, God will take care of you".

  22. This is great! My father designed and built his own house, and he also was a beekeeper.  But most of all, my father is a Mormon and so am I, which makes me very happy, just as it does for Marco.

  23. We keep bees, too, and have learned a lot about sacrifice and work from them.  Thanks, Marco, for sharing who you are and what makes your life happy!

  24. I joining Mormon faith i so inspired by everything know everything i taught is true Marco your such cool guy i been learning itlalian myself i love Mormons i found the true church now and i am happy

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