I’m a Mormon, a Father, and a Motorcycle Sculptor for Harley Davidson

I’m a Mormon, a Father, and a Motorcycle Sculptor for Harley Davidson

My name’s Jeff Decker. I’m
a husband and father of four, and I sculpt motorcycles for
Harley Davidson, primarily. My passion in life is restoring
and racing motorcycles. I’ve always collected old things,
junk—just drag it home. It’s kind of a Decker motto: “If it’s free, get it at all
costs.” You know? I mean, I see something in
the trash can, and I don’t care who sees me—if I
don’t think its time has come, I’ll pull it out of the
trash can. So I’d work on old motor-
cycles, and then I would start sculpting them just
because I never felt there was an avenue for
selling bronze sculpture. No guy’s ever sculpted motor-
cycles before and made a living. But I’d bring these to events.
And my wife didn’t like it, but I was totally Jack and
the Beanstalk. I’d go there, and instead of
coming home with money, I’d come home with
motorcycle parts. But I could sell the parts more
easily than I could my art. And a time came where
it changed, and people wanted my art
for the sake of that. It was an interesting
moment. I never give myself enough credit
for having a balanced life, but I think that’s false. I strive for balance because
my family gives me balance. I’m so polarized in my love
of motorcycling and sculpting and that motorcycle
culture that I find refuge in the Church
and in my family. I know I’m most certainly
not the perfect Mormon. And I know the guy teaching
on Sunday isn’t either. So when he makes a
mistake, I don’t relish it. But I go, “Oh, I’m not the only
one that messes up.” You know what I mean? The vast majority of people I
associate with aren’t members of the Church.
But they all tend to go away after I get to know
them, and all the stereotypes that they think of “Mormons,”
I help break down. After they’ve met me,
they go, “Mormons are allowed to
love motorcycles?” I’m like, “I haven’t found a
scripture that says they can’t.” My name’s Jeff Decker. I sculpt for the Harley Davidson
and Sinners Motorcycle Club, and I’m a Mormon. (laughs) You won’t be able to use “Sinners
Motorcycle Club,” but it’s true.

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  1. wow why does everyone make bad comments and they're so many dislikes on this video. You're just going to hate them because of their religion and what they believe in? I can tell you I'm not a morman but I still respect them. They're people also!

  2. Wow. A hot Mormon! What'll they think of next?! haha
    Sinners Motorcycle Club. lol Could be worse, you could be an Angel!

  3. Do you know why you have more dislikes than likes, regardless of your video content? It's because you're trying to promote Mormonism on things that have nothing to do with Mormonism. If your goal is to show how great you are, you've only shown how average you are, and if your goal is to show that you AREN'T evil as common conception goes, then it's just a darn shame that you feel you have to work so hard to prove it.

  4. Cool Guy, Cool bikes too. Good for you Morman man. Your family looks happy and healthy too. Keep on doin' what your doin'

  5. @mowingthefrontlawn probably because the mormons are advertising themselves? I mean what the hell, what kind of religion advertises on YouTube?? I mean that's just a bit ridiculous

  6. i personally am deeply Metaphysicist/Pantheistic/Animistic (proper term may not exist) -Pagan, and i must say all the Mormons i've known personally are among the most rational and respectful Christians (or even just people) i've known. i believe one was in a metal band tho i never heard any of their music.
    granted none have ever happened to be wearing shiny metal nametags & carrying clipboards, just yet anyway. the issue at hand there is one i happily go into in private conversation.

  7. Great guy but who cares if he's a Mormon? That can be any guy. Are they trying to say only Mormons can be this nice and cool? Why do people even think that way? Why are we separating ourselves based on silly belief systems? Honestly it just creates more man-made and unnecessary divides between us. People need to wake up already and see organized religion for what it is.

    If there is a creator, let's put it this way…it definitely won't be something humans made up.

  8. @mowingthefrontlawn he does seem like a good guy, and he's got great taste in bikes (if I do say so myself!), but it's the Mormon endorsment that gets the negatives.

  9. Yeah, just my neighbor. No big deal. Such an awesome family. His son went to Italy and did an internship with Ferrari. True Story.

  10. @jaylh2001 hahahahahhaha Man thats funny we are Christians we believe in Christ and use the King James Version Bible. Tell me thats not Christian and you will be proven wrong further than you already are.

  11. He seems like a nice guy and I'd probably get along with him great. I have nothing against The Mormon Faith, Mormons or this man, but I think this video series is only going to make some people dislike them. It's kind of like Propaganda. How about instead, you do what everyone else does and you destroy stereotypes by…you know…just going on living your life normally. No need to make a series of videos about it.

  12. @hotlittledago (quote from you) "i look for acceptance of others" the church of jesus christ of latter saints is a perfect place for you

  13. @mowingthefrontlawn He probably is a good guy–its just very popular for bigots to hate those they don't understand. They are actually afraif og Mormonism. Mormons are just ordinary peple who sincerely try to follow Christ as well as they can. That's very unpopular these days.

  14. You probably know lots of Mormons–there's tons of them all around in every state and in all free countries. They are just like most everyone else, so you can't spot em. They're just normal people trying to live clean. That alone creates lots of hostility these days.

  15. What I see indicates you have a great deal of talent.

    Take some motorcycle sculptures to Sturgis this year. I bet you will sell almost everything you bring.

    I toured the Smoky Mountains on my Harley and I can easily say I felt very close to God up there close to the clouds smelling that fresh clean air. Even Jesus sometimes had to leave the crowds and spend time communing with His father. I found it very easy to speak with God in that place.

    My motto is: Ride safe, ride longer…………

  16. I was baptised in a Mormon church and never really went to church in my older years, today I wonder what was my role to do in the name of God, what my religoin really meant and stood for. Even so its sickening to see people mock Mormons, or any religon for that matter, people have a right to believe in what they want to, we shouldn't mock anyone like that.

  17. @jaylh2001 copied and pasted right out of the dictionary that comes with mac computers:
    of, relating to, or professing Christianity or its teachings : the Christian Church.
    • informal having or showing qualities associated with Christians, esp. those of decency, kindness, and fairness.
    a person who has received Christian baptism or is a believer in Jesus Christ and his teachings.

    …..I'm confused, your comment is completely invalid.

  18. @mowingthefrontlawn Some of us Atheists like to "show off" the atheism that makes them "special". I totally agree with you, this person is so determined for his family, business, and his religion. I liked this video and I'm an atheist.

  19. @jaylh2001 You're right dude, we're going to try to convert people to the teachings of Jesus Christ. We need to be stopped.

  20. hey 🙂 well i think it's to break the misconceptions of the religion because … of all those other churches that are saying there morman … but there really not …. there just using the real … church's name … and it's giving the real church a bad rep …

  21. it's true … we dont .. and it's only because … ok coffee what is it made up off … black beans and where dose that black stuff go when you drink it ??? … because when you go pee … you pee .. yellow .. but never black … lol … we dont drink it because it harms our bodys

  22. im ok with there being mormons but youtube trying to recruit us to the mormon faith seems a bit strange dont you think

  23. also Comment Pending Approval! this is america here we have free speach you let me talk or this will be against the constuition and you will be against america

  24. These videos are not put up to convert people, there put up to show that Mormon's are just regular people too ^^

  25. (I tried posting this earlier but messed it up, lol). I really love this video. I like how humble he is and how cool he is.

  26. I'm all for believing what you want, but I find it weird when you have to justify the fact your a normal and productive person.

  27. I love this man. He is an allegory to how theist and atheist should co-exist and stop warring with each other like foolish politicians and crusades.

  28. This guy is awesome! He's got some pretty cool stories about his motorcycles and this is just one of them. and… HE'S A MORMON! That-is-neat.

  29. I really like this guy, i love his story and his attitude i especially like him and the relationship he has with motorcycles, cool guy wish i knew him in real life.

  30. I respect this dude other than the fact that he doesn't wear a gosh diddly-arnit helmet!! WEAR A HELMET DUDE! Once in a while is fine but something tells me this bloke doesnt even OWN a lid!

  31. finaly they are starting to make videos that show we are normal people.lots of people think we are weird and arent allowed to do stuff like this.

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