I’m a Mormon, a Dancer, and a Mom

I’m a Mormon, a Dancer, and a Mom

I’m Leila. My husband is Adriano. I have two kids. Who makes the best cake? Daddy. Who makes the best cake? He does! We’re going to play instruments. I’m a teacher of about
120 students. I love what I do. I love being a teacher, to see a child learn
to read and write. I have a dance group,
which is my greatest passion. I love to dance! As a child, my family
didn’t eat together or talk to each other. My father was a very
hard-working man. We never lacked anything
like clothes, food, or a nice home. But I really didn’t have love
from my father. He was an alcoholic. It’s was hard that he
never hugged me or told me he loved me and
wanted my well-being. And today, I remember, with sadness, that I wished he had loved me. Oh, I’m going to start crying. I had no doubt that
I needed to remove this anger. When I learned about Jesus Christ, that someone died on the cross
for my sins, the least I could do was
to forgive my father. It took a long time
to understand this. I knelt down on my knees
and prayed, and I felt deeply
that I should forgive him. And I forgave him. The feeling of relief, of “it’s over,” is inevitable. I felt free. Today I work with about 100 girls. I work with kids from families that have problems with alcohol. What I pass onto them
are principles like love and respect. I’m not training them to be
wonderful ballerinas. That’s not my purpose. Through dance they may feel
truly capable. That’s the most important thing. I’m a mother. I absolutely love to dance. I’m Brazilian. My name is Leila. And I’m a Mormon.

10 Replies to “I’m a Mormon, a Dancer, and a Mom”

  1. im so glad to be a mormon i love my GOD my JESUS and all that they do for my i love all the member of the church.thank

  2. She seems so happy even though it seems like she lives in asmall apartment and probably doesn't have a lot as far as worldly wealth. I realized it is because of her faith in Jesus Christ!

  3. Leila is a beautiful woman, a great dancer and good mother,  because of the Atonement of Jesús Christ, she found peace in her heart and was able to forgive his father.

  4. Jesus é  o Senhor Dos Senhores,Rei dos Reis.A Sua Glória já mais será tomada e já mais será superada.Ele reina e reinará em nosso coração.A  Honra e a Glória é toda  Dele,Ele vive para todo o sempre.Ele venceu na Cruz e Seu poder é absoluto.(Abel Estácio)

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