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Ilm e Ladunni | ALRA TV | Younus AlGohar

The Secretive Knowledge of God There is one thing that all Muslims must understand In Ahle Sunnat wal Jammat, there are many scholars who do mention The Secretive Knowledge of God And they also acknowledge that in Prophet Mohammad’s nation There have been certain saints of God who were granted The Secretive Knowledge of God However, if these clerics meet such a spiritual dignitary And they observe their method [of dispensing benevolence] The clerics ask the saint to provide a reference from the Koran that supports their method In reply, the saint says, ‘There is no reference from the Koran to support this…’ ‘…because the point I am presenting comes from the Secretive Knowledge of God.’ Clerics fail to understand that References of The Secretive Knowledge of God cannot be found in the Koran The clerics think that The Secretive Knowledge of God is also in the Koran If it were in the Koran, it would be available to everyone – then what would be special about it? If it is in the Koran, what is so special about it? Anyone can access it then So we need to understand is: what is Ilm-e-Ladduni (God’s Secretive Knowledge)? The divine secret is enclosed in this word, ‘Ladun’ ‘Ladun’ means ‘From me’ [For example] Koran 3:8 [The word Ladun is mentioned in this verse, which means] ‘Your mercy’ Is it not? And God has also said it in the Koran 18:65: ‘And whosoever from among God’s friends, the Sauleehan, that God wishes…’ ‘…He grants to them from his special treasure Ilm-e-Ladduni (Secretive Knowledge of God).’ So what is Ilm-e-Ladduni? First understand that Ilm-e-Ladduni refers to that knowledge which has never been granted to anyone else before If God has granted some portion of Ilm-e-Ladduni to one of his saints then the portion of Ilm-e-Ladduni he has granted to the saint will not be found in the Koran Had it been in the Koran Then what would be so special about it being granted to the saint when the Koran is accessible by all? There have been many spiritual dignitaries like Ghous-e-Azam (ra) like Khwaja Gharib un Nawaz People who come here and boast about being clerics I am addressing them: You don’t need to boast about your knowledge Before you criticise a saint for something he does, obtain some knowledge Do you understand? I am not specifically speaking academically I am speaking as a Dervish (man of God) What am I doing? Audience: speaking as a Dervish Before you criticise a saint, For example, Bulleh Shah He said, ‘I never performed Salat nor did I ever do rosary.’ ‘Bulleh found a Spiritual Guide who granted him salvation without him having to make an effort.’ The question is: what kind of Islam is this? This isn’t about Islam ‘I never performed Salat nor did I ever do rosary’ – this is outside of Islam then Ok, so you didn’t recite rosary nor did you invoke upon God nor did you perform Salat So how did you obtain God How did your Spiritual Guide grant you [God’s love]? This is because his Spiritual Guide had Ilm-e-Ladduni (Secretive Knowledge of God) [In addition] to the Koran The gist of that Ilm-e-Ladduni was: purify your heart if you want to see [God] (Younus AlGohar is reciting Sufi poetry) [Explanation of poetry] People taunt Bulleh Shah and say, ‘Go to the mosque.’ In reply he would say, ‘What is the purpose of going to the mosque when the heart is not involved in Salat?’ What would be the point of going to the mosque if my heart is not involve in Salat? This was Bulleh Shah’s counterattack: ‘Your hearts are filled with love of your children and you want to worship in the mosques.’ Your hearts are filled with love of your sons and daughters and you prostrate in the mosques – what is the benefit of such Salat? Then he said, ‘O’ worldly person, you have committed fraud against God.’ This isn’t the knowledge of the Koran, is it? ‘I have nothing to do with Adam or Eve; I am neither Moses nor Pharaoh.’ Both are bad in his eyes ‘I am neither Moses nor Pharaoh; I am neither pure nor impure.’ ‘Nor have I committed any act of Kufr (disbelief).’ [The poet is saying] I am neither pure among the impure people Nor do I follow the customs of Kufr (disbelief) ‘I am neither Moses nor Pharaoh, I do not know who I am.’ ‘I am the Alpha and Omega.’ ‘I am the Alpha and Omega.’ ‘I am the light of the world.’ This is what Jesus said too God, Jesus and Bulleh Shah all said this The Koran says, ‘God is the light of the skies and the earth.’ In the Bible, Jesus says, ‘I am the light of the world.’ And here, Bulleh Shah is saying the same thing: I am the Alpha and Omega What type of knowledge is this? It is not written anywhere in the Koran Mevlana Rumi was a ‘Darbari Molvi’ (cleric that worked for the government) What was he? Audience: Darbari Molvi Meaning that he was a cleric who worked for the king of that time [That is what it means to be a] Darbari Molvi Therefore, he had a lot of grandeur He was wearing a spectacular outfit and he was walking [one day] He went and sat in his madrassa At that time, pens like today didn’t exist We have permanent ink now – now words written in this ink won’t be erased by being submerged in water But in Rumi’s era, they would use peacock feathers as a tool to write with They would dip it in something black and write with it So Rumi was writing a book in this manner In that time a Fakir (Sufi) in old, ripped clothes came and stood next to him He asked Rumi, ‘What are these?’ He was referring to the books when he said, ‘What are they?’ Mevlana Rumi looked at the Fakir with disapproval [He thought to himself] look at this man He is ignorant, he knows nothing So in a very sarcastic way It wasn’t just sarcasm, rather it was satire He said, ‘This is a type of knowledge that you wouldn’t know.’ ‘This is a type of knowledge that you wouldn’t know.’ He said, ‘This is the type of knowledge that you won’t know.’ ‘This is a type of knowledge that you wouldn’t know.’ The Fakir got upset He got upset He concentrated spiritually on Mevlana Rumi’s stomache So Rumi suddenly had to go to the washroom So he told the Fakir, ‘Stay here, I’ll be right back.’ And he went to the toilet So he went to the toilet and the Fakir dumped all the books into a pond The Fakir put all the books in the pond When Rumi returned, he saw that this ignorant man had thrown all his books into the pond He started to get angry The Fakir said, ‘Don’t get upset. Watch.’ He pointed towards the books and they came out of the pond completely dry Mevlana Rumi’s arrogance was totally shattered His ego was, you know, badly bruised Out of utter surprise – Out of surprise and a completely astounding, shocking manner He said, ‘What is this?’ ‘What is this?’ I mean, he threw away all the books in the pond They were down there at the bed of the pond Obviously, it was not permanent ink So the books would have been completely washed out He was really angry and when he showed his anger the Fakir said, ‘Don’t worry.’ He worked this miracle that all the books were dry and they came out Now it was his turn to be surprised Out of surprise, he said, ‘What is this?’ Now was the turn of the Fakir The Fakir said, ‘This is the knowledge that you do not know.’ Now the question is: Mevlana Rumi was a scholar He was a scholar of Hadith (Prophetic Traditions), a scholar of the Koran Why did he not know this knowledge – and what is this knowledge and where did it come from? This was an example of Ilm-e-Ladunni ‘This is the knowledge that you do not know.’ ‘This is the type of knowledge that you do not know.’ After that, Mevlana Rumi threw away the books He said, ‘Now give me the knowledge which I do not know.’ Then he became a servant of Shams Tabrez (the Fakir mentioned in the story) He served him He served him In the company of Shams Tabrez, Rumi purified his Lower Self (Nafs) and cleansed his Spiritual Heart And he became a grand saint But he also mentioned this in his Masnavi ‘This cleric would never have become Mevlana Rumi…’ Meaning, ‘This cleric would have remained a cleric; he would never have become Mevlana Rumi…’ ‘…had he not become a servant of Shams Tabrez.’ If he hadn’t become a servant of Shams Tabrez, he would have remained to be a simple cleric Now, we have many references We know of many incidents that prove that there is a type of knowledge that is not to be found in the Koran It is not found in the Prophetic Traditions However, many, many saints of God displayed the miracles of that knowledge Now I understand this statement by Prophet Mohammad whereby he said: ‘There will be saints in my nation who the Prophets of Israel would [yearn to be like].’ Yes, the Prophets of Israel too would wish [to be like the saints of Prophet Mohammad’s nation] It is [Ilm-e-Ladunni] which would inspire their yearning Ilm-e-Ladunni is special knowledge And this special knowledge is given by God according to his will When Moinuddin Chishti received this special knowledge It was through the power of that special knowledge that he declared music to be permissible [in Islam] It was through that special knowledge These Qawwalis you hear *Younus AlGohar is reciting stanzas from a famous Urdu Qawwali* Whose benevolence is this? This is the benevolence of Khwaja Gharib un Nawaz (Moinuddin Chishti) It is the benevolence of Ilm-e-Ladunni that God granted him A true Sufi is not like Tahir ul Qadri, who just reads 10 books from here and 10 books from there These are just stories! If God has granted [Tahir ul Qadri] Ilm-e-Ladduni, he should instead display a miracle relating to it Ilm-e-Ladunni is not to be found in the Prophetic Traditions or the Koran! Ilm-e-Ladunni is not in the Koran – if it were in the Koran, what would be special about it? Had it been in the Koran, it would be available to everybody Ilm-e-Ladunni is not actually a type of knowledge in reality Rather, it is power granted by God What is it? Audience: power And what type of power is it that God grants? The established method of guidance in accordance to the Koran and Customs of Prophet Mohammad – Ilm-e-Ladunni is power to make someone a Momin (True Believer) without the established method of guidance This happens through the power of Ilm-e-Ladunni I’ll repeat it There is one method of guidance, the established method according to the Koran and Sharia It is the established method Does that make sense? Ilm-e-Ladunni [is the power to grant guidance] besides the established method Who is [the power of Ilm-e-Ladunni] used for? People who do drugs such as smoking and eating tobacco People who drink alcohol, people who are drifters People who dance and go to the disco club If a saint sees someone from these categories who is a Predestined Loving Soul And bad company has stopped this person from seeking a Spiritual Guide And this person won’t be able to leave the bad company he keeps And the faith written in his fate would [not be fulfilled] In these cases, the saint would use the power of Ilm-e-Ladunni for such people He uses it for such peple Abu Saeed Khudari Say it please. Audience: Abu Saeed Khudari He was the Spiritual Guide of Ghous-e-Azam (Abdul Qadir Jilani) He used to race dogs If a disciple would come to him, he would set a dog after him and tell him to run Do you understand? Mir Kalaal would have people play Kabbadi Where is it written in the Koran or Prophetic Traditions to play Kabbadi? And what did Bulleh Shah say? ‘Dance to please the Spiritual Guide.’ ‘Dance to please the Spiritual Guide even if you have to become a dancer.’ ‘Dance to please the Spiritual Guide even if you have to become a dancer.’ Where is it written in the Koran and Prophetic Traditions that you should become a dancer? But he did please his Spiritual Guide by dancing Lal Shahbaz Qalandar would have people dance – where is it written in the Koran and Prophetic Traditions? Now, because the [so-called] Sufi scholars don’t have Ilm-e-Ladunni, spiritual knowledge therefore they don’t have an answer for such questins When the Wahhabis and Deobandis ask them, ‘Where is it written in Sharia to dance as you are?’ they are quiet They just say, ‘Lal Shahbaz Qalandar had people do it, so it must be right.’ This is not how propagation [of the truth] is done! If you want to defend Islam and the tenet of Ahl-e-Sunnat wal Jamat, you should have an abundance of knowledge You should give an answer which convinces the questioner in a way where he neither doubts it nor stops anyone else [from that belief] ever again Do you understand? Now, if Ilm-e-Ladunni is not included in the Koran and Prophetic Traditions – it is a knowledge besides that which is found in the Koran and Prophetic Traditions – Wouldn’t it cause mischief in the religion? No, it does not cause mischief Rather, the sinners who are in the nation – whose sinning causes mischief in the religion [The saints] make them true members of Prophet Mohammad’s nation once again through Ilm-e-Ladunni Ilm-e-Ladunni is a means to end mischief Those who cannot be guided by visiting the mosques and the Kaaba The saints, through their spiritual concentration, are bringing them onto the Straight Path and making them worthy of the Kaaba and Medina This is Ilm-e-Ladunni (God’s Special Knowledge) God grants Ilm-e-Ladunni to whosoever he wishes Like Ibrahim bin Adham He once said, ‘I have seen God 70 times…’ ‘…and I learned four types of knowledge from God.’ Do you think he learned these four things from God because the clerics did not explain the Koran properly so God decided to step in? No. Those four types of knowledge he learnt from God must have been separate from the Koran. So he said, ‘I learnt four types of knowledge from God…’ He came down to earth and revealed one type of knowledge to people and they rejected it. People rejected it. So this was an indication towards Ilm-e-Ladunni. Now, let’s talk about His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi The Ilm-e-Ladunni was revealed but in small amounts. The amount of Ilm-e-Ladunni granted to Khwaja Gharib Nawaz was only enough to allow him to permit Qawwali and dancing, that’s it. Mir Kalal had enough to allow him to permit wrestling [to raise heartbeats] Some had enough to make their disciples build walls. Now, let’s talk about the Ilm-e-Ladunni that HDE Gohar Shahi has: The girls and women who would go to meet His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi to obtain guidance were the ones who would be wearing a full face of makeup. When they would go to meet [HDE Gohar Shahi], they would be wearing a full face of makeup, holding expensive purses They would not be wearing burkas or hijabs, they were fashionable but they heard that there is a saint so they went to meet Him. When they met HDE Gohar Shahi, they were not told to first cover up. They were not told to first remove their lip-colour. They were not told to first remove their mascara. They were told to close their eyes. Close your eyes and repeat after me Allah Hu Allah Hu Allah Hu Allah Hu When they took the name of God, the Ilm-e-Ladunni of HDE Gohar Shahi tore through the cosmetics and fashion and stamped God’s name on their hearts. The name of God was stamped on their hearts and the name of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was stamped on their chests. It was such a miracle that even saints began to say mockingly, ‘How can these fashionable girls obtain Invocation of God’s name?’ Samundari Baba gave his own example. He said, ‘I waited thirty years.’ ‘My Spiritual Guide told me to do Dhikr and I have been waiting thirty years, I still haven’t obtained the name of God. And these people say with jubilence that Gohar Shahi granted them Invocation of God’s name!’ How did they obtain it? They did not offer Salat. They did not pray on the rosary. They managed to reach the rank of Bulleh Shah. Bulleh Shah: Neither did I offer Salat 5 times nor did I shake the rosary The fashionable ones managed to reach the rank of Bulleh Shah How did God’s name enter their hearts? God’s name entered their hearts not through the laws of Sharia or the Koran it entered their hearts with the power of the Ilm-e-Ladunni which Gohar Shahi possesses. It was with the power that HDE Gohar Shahi possesses. And then people came who would say they are addicted to alcohol and cannot stop drinking, His Divine Eminence said, ‘It doesn’t matter. You can carry on drinking and invoking upon God. I will give you the solution.’ ‘I will give you the solution. You don’t have to stop drinking.’ And then they would return 15 days later and say that they would throw up every time they drank alcohol. His Divine Eminence explained that once God’s name enters your heart, it doesn’t allow the alcohol to enter your body. This is the Ilm-e-Ladunni. When the Pakistani clerics were unable to understand this, some of them unknowingly instigated fatwas that this was impossible and those who bore jealousy towards His Divine Eminence instigated fatwas against it, saying it was against Sharia. This is not against the Sharia. It is totally different to the Sharia. This is not against the Sharia. It is totally different to the Sharia. Actually, it is not that different to the Sharia either. Those who sat in the company of Prophet Mohammad also drank alcohol. Zaid was caught drinking three times and in his defence, Prophet Mohammad told the companions not to curse him and said, ‘So what if he drinks? He bears the love of God and his prophet in his heart. If you curse the one who has the love of God and his prophet in his heart, it will bounce back to you.’ It is due to the blessings of His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi’s Ilm-e-Ladunni that today, no matter how dedicated a sinner one may be – – we are all sinners, aren’t we? We are not pious people. We don’t have good deeds to our name. We are not practising [the religious rites and customs]. Don’t you agree? We are neither pious, religious nor pure. Our entire system – – our systems of life, faith and religion – – are running on the blessings of His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi. Our faith is dependant upon association with His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi. This is the precursor to His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi’s Ilm-e-Ladunni – – that today we are not being connected to God through the religion. Rather, thanks to the blessings of the special knowledge that God has given to Imam Mehdi (as), today, dedicated sinners are now claiming to love God. So His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi’s knowledge is Ilm-e-Ladunni. And HDE Gohar Shahi’s Ilm-e-Ladunni has no limitations. Because His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi has been appointed to [guide] all humanity. So you cannot say that this Ilm-e-Ladunni is confined to 10 people or 100 people or 1000 people or 10 000 people or 100 000 people or 1 million people. When we say that Imam Mehdi has come for the entire humanity it does not only include this planet. It includes the Mars and Sun. This organisation is based on this Ilm-e-Ladunni. Now because this knowledge has come from God and whatever comes from God is the truth, therefore, there are many references of this Ilm-e-Ladunni in the Koran. For example, the purification of the heart and the purgation of the Lower Self. Prophet Mohammad stated in a Prophetic Tradition: God’s name does not settle in an impure place. Until that place becomes pure, God’s name will not settle there. According to the teachings of Prophet Mohammad, it is necessary to cleanse and purify the heart with Sharia and when the divine energy enters your heart you will become an Enlightened Heart. But according to the Ilm-e-Ladunni of HDE Gohar Shahi, there is an abundance of evil in the world and people are engaged in all kinds of sins. It is no longer possible to purify them through Sharia and through that special knowledge people will receive injections of divine energy. Now, divine energy is being injected in the heart rather than making it travel through your arteries and veins. Divine energy is being injected. The spiritual heroin. Did you understand what Ilm-e-Ladunni is? What did we need to understand? If you sit in the company of a saint or Fakir and their method of spiritual benevolence, the method that of dispensing the spiritual benevolence, the system of spiritual benevolence, their method of Spirituality is separate from the Koran and Prophetic Traditions, do not declare them to be a Kafir (infidel). Look at the outcome! You have to become a man of God through the Koran and Prophetic Traditions and if one becomes a man of God by following the [saint’s] method then it is all about the future, isn’t it? Alright, so why don’t the saints just take the disciples through the method of the Koran and Prophetic Traditions? Why do they bear the fatwas instigated by the clerics? This question is legitimate: why don’t they tell them to follow Koran and the Prophetic Traditions? The answer is: those who practised the method of the Koran and Prophetic Traditions ended up divided into 73 sects. This is why Ilm-e-Ladunni is needed now. Now Sirat ul Mustaqeem (The Straight Path) will be obtained through the Ilm-e-Ladunni. The old method will either turn you into a Shiite, Sunni or Wahhabi. This is the reason why those who came to meet HDE Gohar Shahi or those who obtained the spiritual benevolence of HDE Gohar Shahi their hearts were enlightened immediately because this is happening through that Ilm-e-Ladduni And it is the same as what Bulleh Shah said: Neither did I offer Salat 5 times nor did I shake the rosary This is the spiritual benevolence of Nazar ul Bashar. The injections of divine energy are being inserted into the hearts with the merciful glance. Those who follow the tenets of the Ahle Sunnat wal Jammat, I would like to humbly request them not to declare a Dervish an infidel if you see him doing something separate from the Koran and Prophetic Traditions because it is possible that God has given him the Ilm-e-Ladunni. It is possible that he may be Bulleh Shah. It is possible that he may be Sheikh Baka. It is also possible that he may be Khwaja or Data. It is also possible that he may be Qalandar. And it is also possible that he may be the one whom all these personalities bow down before. That is also possible. Something happened one day, this is an incident from 1989. We were sitting on the roof of the office in Moin Steel Market. Syed, Nadeem’s elder brother, and Saleem (the one who worked at a radio) were there. Farooq Jafri was there too. There were 4-5 people there. At that time, while speaking, these words slipped out of my mouth: ‘His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi’s knowledge isn’t found in the Koran or Prophetic Traditions.’ Saleem got angry. He picked up a brick and hit me on the head. The next day, there was a programme for Giyarween Shareef in Kotri [where HDE Gohar Shahi spoke]. His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi began His speech with, ‘This knowledge is not found in the Koran or Prophetic Traditions.’ HDE Gohar Shahi said, ‘This knowledge is not found in the Koran or Prophetic Traditions, but you cannot deny it.’ So Muslims need to understand what I am saying with reference to the Koran. Do not say, ‘We have the Koran, so now God is on break.’ No. God has also mentioned Ilm-e-Ladunni (Secretive Knowledge from God). Even after the Koran was revealed, God granted many of his saints exclusive knowledge from his personal treasure. For example, there is a chapter called Najm in the Koran, right? Imam Jaffar Sadiq obtained the knowledge of Astrology from the same Koran that you read. Why didn’t you obtain it? Why didn’t you obtain it? You don’t have it, do you? Ilm-e-Jaffar is the knowledge of Astrology. Since Astrology was granted to Imam Jaffar, through his association, it is known as Ilm-e-Jaffar. So don’t ask us to prove [what we say] from the Koran. A cleric from Moulana Fazal ur Rehman’s group came yesterday, Anwar Ali. He said the same thing: show evidence from the Koran. The Koran does not have everything. If everything is in the Koran, then why do you do Ijtihad? [Audience off-camera] What a point! Yes. On the one hand, you believe that everything is in the Koran, and on the other hand, you are doing Ijtihad over matters that are not mentioned in the Koran or Prophetic Traditions. Therefore [in Ijtihad], all the clerics gather and discuss the matter. Even though it is not mentioned directly in the Koran or Prophetic Traditions, they try to find a solution in light of the Koran and Prophetic Traditions. But if it isn’t mentioned in the Koran or Prophetic Traditions, how will you find a solution in light of them? When it isn’t mentioned in the Koran or Prophetic Traditions, how will you find a solution from them? [What actually happens here is] the clerics make their opinions part of the Koran. They will make their opinions part of the religion. And then they say, ‘This is Ijtihad.’ But my friend, you do’t need Ijtihad. God had set a category of saints [to reform the religion], the Mujaddids. ‘Mujaddid’ means ‘Reformer’. The adulteration that the religion becomes subject to – – just like with cars, if some debris or trash enters the exhaust pipe, it makes a lot of noise. If you take out the debris, then the exhaust pipe is fixed. Similarly, God has made an automatic system of clearing the religion [of filth]. The dirt is flushed away and the clear water flows through. Whenever there were adulterations made in the religion, God would send forth a Reviver. The Reviver would be granted that knowledge from God the divine revelation would come to him and through them he would reform the religion. With the reformation the religion regains its health. When God has placed the system of Revivers in the religion then why are you taking it upon yourself? It’s because you think the entire deparment is with the saints, you also want to become something. So in order to fail the Reviver, they invented the rank of ‘Restorer’ I would like to bring to your attention that in the light of the religion of Islam and the teachings of the Koran, ‘Ijitihad’ is forbidden. And when they sit in a circle and make a unanimous decision God did not say that you can give each other advice so that you add your own opinions into the religion rather, the aspects of the religion which have to do with taking care or management are the ones you may give or take advise. You cannot include anything in the foundation or the structure of the religion. You say that it is Ijtihad but Ijtihad is forbidden!

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  13. Quran me sab hai Ailf lam mim Allah ne apne habib ko bheja log padhte h Quran me par oska Matlab Allah ke Rasul hj Jante h Har ilm mere nabi ke hi sadke me mila khwaja garib Nawaz ne Sirf kawalli zayaz ni ki pura anasagar apne kuze mein le liya ye Koun sa ilm tha murde zinda kardiye ye Koun sa ilm hai Allah ke Rasul ne farma diya hai hujjat kayam ho gayi hai 2 chize tumhe de raha hu ek kitabulla ek apna daman jo ise mazbuti se Pakde rahe ga wo Kamiyab ho jaye ga dono jahan me

  14. Isme ladunni Har chupi hui chiz ko Jahir karna zameen me Kya h Koun sa PED Kaha ugega bada hoke kite fal dega mitha dega ya kadwa beej ka ilm jis beej seed utpatti hui h sab ki ma ke pet me Kya h Har h ki Mada h bada ho ke Kya karega adrish saltanat kaha hai kayenat ka badalna kabhi Jungal kabhi maidan Kabi Samundar hona osi jagha me parivartan ilme ladunni ek Raaz hai jise Kitna bhi khol lo Raaz hi rahe ga ilme ladunni nabi ke noor se hi ilme ladunni hai aur khwaja garib Nawaz nabi lakhte jigar hai burugo ke martabe ko samjhna Har kisi ke bas ki baat ni hai Allah aur Rasul ke huqm ki pairi Karo jo alag deen banaye ga gumrah ho jaye ga Allah sab ke iman ko mukammal kare hifazat kare aur Haaq ko zarir kare ameen

  15. Ahmaq insaan! are you conducting this program in Urdu or in English, idiot! Why not just stick to Urdu instead of keep switching between English & Urdu, dumbass.

  16. Wah subhanallah bahut behtrin allahpak jise chae apna bana leta h mere pyare nabi Muhammad sallallAho alyhe vasllam ke pak sadkae tufel me amin summa amin

  17. موجودہ دور میں کیا کوئی ہے جن کے پاس علم لدنی ہے ؟ اب علم لدنی رکھنے والے فقیر کو کس طرح پہچانا جانے ؟ ہوسکتا ہے ان میں کوئی چالباز ہو جھوٹا ہو ؟
    گستاخی معاف
    ( رشید ویرودھی ریپوٹر ممبئی )
    سمجھنے کے لئے سوال ہے کوئی بحث نہیں ،

  18. سرکار گوشائی کے بارے میں کبھ معلومات بتائیں
    میں کچھ سمجھا نہیں ۔آپ سرکار گور شائی کس کو کہتے ہیں ۔جواب لازمی دیں 👏👏

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