Ibrahim : The Saint

Ibrahim : The Saint

During the 30 years of owning this car I’ve heard stories about it
being owned by ‘big people’ One of which was Indonesia’s number 1,
Pak Harto I remember when I was in the 7th grade there was a series called
‘The Saint’ with Roger Moore And this type of Volvo
was the car used in the series My name is Ibrahim I’m a pensioner who worked for
one of the state-owned entreprises My activities nowadays include taking care of this car
which I’ve owned for 30 years In Indonesia,
there are only 4 of them But for the fuel injection type like this,
mine is the only one This Volvo was made by a design house Ghia who made VW Karmann Ghia This type was produced on 1971 135 hp
1990 cc About 30 years ago I received an information from
a colleague in Medan that there was a classic car there The information was that
it was a Mercedes-Benz 190 SL the two-door one But when I arrived in Medan,
they told me that the car had been sold But they then gave me an information about another two-door car with wings big wheels I said,
“Ok, I want to see it!” When I saw it,
it was a Volvo P1800 I remember when I was at the 7th grade there was a series called
‘The Saint’ with Roger Moore and this type of Volvo
was the car used in the series And that was one of the reasons why
I was so enthusiastic about this car Our journey back to Jakarta
didn’t go so smooth Because at that time,
almost 70% of the road was in poor condition During the journey,
the transmission mount got broken I manipulated it into continuing the journey It was just not as easy as today
with eBay and stuff Back then, we had to do the hunt
and it wasn’t easy We went door to door to shops,
we searched for the part until we found it and
“Yup, this is for my car” And because this car was a rare,
I can get it with a friendly price Because they can’t use it
for any other cars but mine Thankfully, I can collect all the spare parts
for this fuel injection system All of them From the control unit to the censors to the fuel distribution system Hopefully, 30 years from now,
this car will still be able to run perfectly Because I’ve prepared everything One unforgettable experience was when we finally arrived in Jakarta,
around 10 o’clock I was greeted by my wife crying Because at the same time, we had to deal
with the birth of our first daughter with an almost non-existent financial condition One thing that I can never forget was when I was called to see my daughter
for the first time There was a deep and massive guilt In me During the two-day stay at the hospital I felt thankful that I was able
to find a solution and we can go and bring
our first daughter home with a pure joy and no problem It is ok to be enthusiastic about
things or to have a wish Especially something that
we’ve been dreaming about But if you have to sacrifice things like that I don’t think that’s a good example But I think, that’s part of
why I’ve kept this car for 30 years Of why I had to have it I feel that this car has become one with me My message is It’s ok to collect cars,
especially if we can enjoy and conserve them That’s the reason why I’ve tried so hard
to compile all parts of this car I’m sure that for the next generation to come,
30 years from now this car will still be able to run perfectly And I will trust my son to continue the conservation of
this car when I’m gone And he has to learn from my experience
in having this car

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  1. Selalu keren, emg bener-bener konten yang punya "taste" good story , good car , maju terus taste drive…!

  2. Konten konten kaya gini terusin bang,classy bet konten lo yg ini,keren sob,semangat cuy๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿป

  3. Berbeds nih konten nya dengan creator yg lain, ayo dong bang semangat buat youtube nya , upload nya sering sering , kita nunggu konten youtube seperti ini ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

  4. pernah ketemu sama om ini dan mobilnya di tol jorr, pertama kali ngeliat mobil ini didepan mata saya langsung speechless

    hal yang pertama saya lakukan adalah klakson, buka kaca lalu acungkan jempol setinggi – tinggi nya

    mungkin si om terlalu fokus nyetir sampai gak liat kalau saya ngacungin jempol๐Ÿ˜‚ waktu itu saya ingat betul si om lagi pakai peci

    sehat selalu ya om๐Ÿ™

  5. LUAR BIASAAAA Kereeennnnn … mobil2 kaya gini nih yg harusnya di ceritain , udah langka dan punya nilai historis sendiri

  6. Video cinematic maupun dari segi pencahayaan nya ngena banget, lanjutkan taste drive ๐Ÿ‘

  7. Yg gini nih proper punya historical tersendiri dan bukannya cuman ajang pamer pamer doang
    Salut buat TASTEDRIVE ! ๐Ÿ‘

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