I SAW THE TRAIN! at “TRAIN STREET” in Hanoi & Exploring a Local Neighborhood | VIETNAM WALK

I SAW THE TRAIN! at “TRAIN STREET” in Hanoi & Exploring a Local Neighborhood | VIETNAM WALK

Hey what’s up guys, it’s Cory here! And I am going to be doing kind of like a “part 2” to my Train Street video. If you guys haven’t seen that, make sure you guys check out the little icon up here, or the link in the description box down below. In that previous video, I was trying to capture the Train Street, as well as the train coming by. But I was just unlucky, the train never came according to the schedule that I saw online. Anyway, that was on the North side of Hanoi Railway Station, I’m now on the South side. There’s a different street over here and let’s go check it out! So it’s about lunch time, it’s almost 12 o’clock, so everyone is on their lunch break right now. And traffic is a little hectic. So we’ll see if we encounter any actual trains. You can see that yellow wall, and there’s like a dark green gate. That is the south entrance of the Hanoi Railway Station. So the train will either be coming in or out of that gate. And right here, you can see we’re coming up on the railway. Yeah, so this is the tracks here. I’m not sure exactly what time the train’s going to come if it does, but I’m ready. And I’m going to hang out until it does. So let’s go ahead and walk down the little train street alley over this way. And scope out the scene. Wow, this looks more narrow than the other part, the northern end. It’s still really beautiful, though. I’m going to go very slow so you guys can take it all in. So you can see, straight there, in the distance that is the Hanoi Railway Station. I’m not sure if there’s going to be a north-bound or south-bound train, but I’m just going to hang out until a train comes by. There needs to be a train in this video. But let’s go ahead and check out the south tracks here, the south side of Train Street. So you can see some really beautiful homes and other things along here. It seems more narrow than the north side. Definitely.
There’s a nice curve. Can you see the curve? And, oh, look at this old door. And some shutter… window shutters right there. Oh, there’s a bunch of little kitties. Meow meow Meow meow So I’m just going to take my time, I’m going to hang out here as long as I have to. Until I see that train come through here. That’s the mission for today’s video guys. Actual train footage. Oh, there’s a little min-pin, a miniature Pinscher. Hi, are you friendly? Hi, hi hi hi You ok? Oh, it’s all good.
Is that where you live? Ok, I’ll see you later! I just love all these narrow homes lining both sides of the tracks. Let’s cross over. Man, there’s just so much going on up here. There’s laundry, electrical wires, architecture, plants, decay. hehehe All kinds of stuff. Weathering… I like that they put these shutter boards down along here, it seems like several people are doing that. Daily life in Vietnam.
Here in Hanoi. She’s washing cabbage. And there’s a bunch of little outdoor kitchen cookery areas. You can boil water, and other things. We’ve got some kumquat trees right there, poinsettias. You can see some people chilling over here. I think they’re just waiting for the train, too. This length of the train street is actually much shorter than the other one, on the north side. But I kind of actually like this one better. I don’t know, it just seems like there’s more character to this one? I know they both are like pretty awesome. But I don’t know. Maybe it’s because I haven’t been to this side yet. Woah. Check out all these broken oh, those are Bia Hoi cups. They’re all broken and shattered. Create some home security up there. And the backside of these buildings really beautiful! Look at the weathering and decay on this. I know some people think that’s just gross, but to me that’s beautiful. That’s just so nice. Oh, so cute! I love the greenery over here, this is great, look at this. It’s like an amazing garden. Yeah, that is so cool! I don’t really see any food or anything, but I see other businesses like hair salons, back there was kind of like a repair shop. And yeah, so, it seems like those are the kinds of businesses here. This person up here, it looks like they’re sanding some wood. It’s a wood shop. So we’ve reached a neighborhood street. Wow, it looks like a little market down there. We might have to check that out after the train comes. I’m not sure just how far down this goes, but this is pretty much the beginning of just the normal road on the side, like it’s not very narrow, you know? People aren’t living along the side, like right here on the left side. And looking back this way, you can see just how narrow it gets. And then it curves, too. That’s so cool. Right here’s a little gate, that will come down eventually when the train is going to come. Ok, I’m going to head back up towards the northern side of this. And I’ll post up somewhere and just kind of wait. Hope for that train to pass by. Nice branding: “Railway Outfit Store” I don’t see any chickens. Last time, in my other video on the northern side, there was a bunch of hens and some roosters and stuff. I haven’t seen any over here. Woah! See that tree? And then someone’s laundry hanging? There’s the purple pants way in the middle of the alley. Do I hear some ringing? Beeping and ringing? What is that sound? **distant ringing bell sound** I’m trying to keep an ear open for, you know, if the warning bell, that the train’s going to come. Not sure if what I’m hearing is that or something else. Not sure if you guys can hear it in the video. Ok, so as you can see, I’m backtracking and almost back to the beginning of this little mini Train Street over here. Oh you guys! I think we’re in luck! The gate for the Hanoi Railway Station is actually open now, so that means a train is probably going to come pretty soon. Where should I post up? I got to find a good spot. I think it’s going to be coming from the south, going northbound. That’s just my guess. But I think we’re going to see the train real soon. Alright guys, we can here the bell over there by the street where all the traffic is. So the gate came down. And I can hear the train honking from this way. So it’s coming guys! Get ready! Here it comes! There’s a girl standing in the tracks. **loud train honking** Get off the tracks! **loud honking** **honk** **honk** **honk** **honk** **loud train rumbling** Yeahhhh! Man, look how close this is. I can like touch it. Wow! That was cool! It was so close I could literally touch it. hhehehe And then…. traffic.
Right back to normal. Sweeeeet! It went right over those cabbage things over there. They’re drying out in the sun. Is it cabbage? Or mustard greens? I can’t tell. So since this little Train Street here on the southside of the Hanoi Railway Station is just a little bit shorter than the north side, I want to add some more value to this video for you guys. So I’m going to go ahead and do kind of like do a loop around the block. And so there’s some alleys here that we saw earlier, in the video, and I’m going to go down there. It looks like there’s some markets and stuff. So we’ll just check out the local neighborhood and then I’ll end the video. So I’m back here at this crossing. And this is the alley that we saw earlier. And we’re going to go check this out, and just kind of see what the local Vietnamese neighborhood is like back here. It’s nice and shady, which is great. Some eggs. There’s some pork over there. It might be kind of disturbing for many to see raw meat out like this, unrefrigerated, but this is how they do it in Vietnam. And I buy my meat like that here (in Vietnam), and I’ve never been sick. You know, if it looks bad or smells bad, I definitely don’t buy it. But a lot of the stuff is pretty fresh. What does she got here? Little fishies. Roses. Different fruits. I know I say this a lot in my videos about Hanoi, but the reason why I like it, it’s just this old vibe, the old architecture, and the…. yeah! Just everything! Look at this, it’s just so cool. There’s some alleys down there. I’m going to go back this way. This is going north towards the train station. Wow, look at all these plants on people’s balconies, really nice. This is cool, I’m going to have to come back here. Because my house is not too far from here. I didn’t know this was all back up in here. Man, it’s such a beautiful day! It’s sunny and check out this tree! It’s growing all over the side of the building. The purple/pink flower is blooming. Very cool. I love that people just hang their clothes to dry right on the electric wires. There’s a lot of street food back here too. Looks like Bún chả Yep, grilled pork patties, with Bún, the rice noodles. Unfortunately I’m not hungry. I ate before I came out here, so I’m actually still kind of full. But I will come by here and check out some stuff and maybe make a proper food video. Oooh, it’s bún đậu (rice noodles and fried tofu) I like that. Wow. I’m glad I found this alley. Just look at how high this is. So many apartments. Ooooh, here’s Bánh cuốn. Yummy! It’s pretty narrow between these buildings here, you can see. But we’ve see narrower, in previous VIETNAM WALK videos, some of the buildings are almost touching. And it looks like right here we’re back out to the main road. Alright guys, that’s it for this walking video of the Train Street plus the little market, little alley here. connected to the train street. So if you guys are ever coming down to this area, make sure you check my info box, the description box down below. I’m going to have a Google Shortlink for you guys. With a map to this location, so if you’re wanting to come here yourself, all that info is down below. I hope you guys enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up. Please subscribe if you haven’t already! And I’ll see you in some future videos, here in Hanoi. Bye!!!

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