Hurricane Dorian Cat 4 Tropical Update with J7409

Hurricane Dorian Cat 4 Tropical Update with J7409

hi everyone Jewel here with the J7409
tropical update I have some very important stuff in this one I will not
have another update until probably late this evening but this is very very
important looking like durian is going to become a
cat 4 hurricane okay here’s a tracking map right here I’m going to show you a
lot of things so let’s just get to it now everybody needs to click show more
and read what I have down there under these tropical updates now I always put
the forecast position and Max and winds in it this is from the very latest
update you see the winds get up to 130 miles per hour that is a category for
folks what does the category 4 do here we go catastrophic damage will occur
well-built frame homes it doesn’t matter how good of house you have well-built
frame homes can sustain severe damage with loss of most of the roof structure
and/or some exterior walls now most trees will be snapped and uprooted power
poles down fallen trees and power poles are going to isolate the residential
areas okay power outages will last this is important weeks to possibly months
power outages will last weeks to possibly months most of the area will be
uninhibited for weeks or months you see it right there
category 4 I’m not saying this I’m not showing you this to scare you I’m making
you aware of when this thing hits wherever it comes in this is what you
can fact as of now let’s hope and pray it
changes but this is what it’s looking like
as of now wherever it comes in land not once it gets in land wherever it comes
in land now back to what I pounced on you all the time about knowing your
coordinates it is so important to know mine is thirty seven point five seven
north seventy seven point five west now when you look at these wind speeds I not
get it gives the location I’m gonna shut some of you may know this but I bet a
whole bunch of you don’t do this I’m going to show you what to do okay
alright the last in ninety six hours when it’s 130 mile per hour when it’s
getting closer to the coast its twenty seven point five north seventy nine
point eight west now in the day of modern technology all you have to do is
put in the coordinates and it pops right up it shows you where it’s at and then
you have the national hurricane center’s outlook so at 130 mile per hour
a cat for a cat for okay with those coordinates twenty seven point five
north seventy nine point eight West here it is still in the Atlantic Ocean over
here but this is going to give you a better view of what to look for I’d say
anywhere from Sebastian all the way down here it’s looking like it’s probably
going to be in this area right in here between Palm City and Vero Beach Fort
Pierce st. Lucie you guys bless your hearts all the way around but this is
where these category four winds could come in as of now like I say it may
change now once again it gets inland and it gets down to a cat one it’s at twenty
eight point one north 81.5 west and where would that be right
here here you go this is in Polk County Florida okay you guys know if you live
anywhere around here Orlando’s up to the north we got winter
haven Avon Park C bring down to the south not really that far but the
National Hurricane Center is saying it should be to a category one at this time
but personally I don’t know if I would trust that but let’s hope that’s what
happens so I wanted to show you this and let you understand you guys can if you
just click show more on my videos I always have this information available
for you to track now I keep harping alot about the jet stream the low pressure
the high pressure the high pressure is going to be up here a low pressure is
going to be building down in here this is going to draw this down so what’s the
high pressure is pushing downward this low pressure is pulling it to it this
low pressure and high pressure is making this corridor for the path this one’s
pushing it down this one’s pulling it down this is what’s making this path
come up in here so I wanted to make sure you knew about that looks like it will
take a little more of a northerly turn at this time as you can see looking like
it’s going to come in a little north up here okay
still in the middle but a little north and right where I showed you that’s what
the National Hurricane Center is forecasting at this time but anybody
from the Outer Banks all the way down to the keys you need to prepare so far as
the Outer Banks themselves right up in this area in North Carolina it’s looking
like by Sunday we could be getting some rain bands from Doria now I’m not saying
we’re having a hurry at that time or a tropical storm I’m
just saying that’s when we could start to see some rain bands from Hurricane
Dorian now for everybody up in South Carolina and Georgia in these areas you
need to prepare we all need to prepare okay I’ve just showed you that but this
storm could be coming up and going into Georgia
very well in parts of South Carolina and North Carolina this is what the governor
of the state of Georgia it’s not a state of emergency yet but he is telling
everybody to prepare and even our local weather people of where I am all the way
up here now they have started to say we got to watch this thing a little bit
better because we’re not quite sure where it’s going to go folks I don’t
know if you realize this or not but it has been 14 years ago today that
Hurricane Katrina struck Louisiana how about that anyway here’s some things you
need to know I’m sure these things are going to build as an eight that by side
are there to be totally different tomorrow to be different okay but on
this track Dorian should move over the Atlantic well east of the south eastern
and central Bahamas today and tomorrow and approach the northwestern Bahamas
Saturday or move nearer over the portions of the Northwest Bahamas Sunday
and by the way Dorian does have an eye now working on a
second eye wall don’t know how that’s going to turn out yet just thought I’d
throw it in there for you okay and the winds the tropical storm force winds now
you can tell this little teeny storm that was so many days ago it is growing
in size at this point now they extend up to 90 miles at one point it was like 25
miles so the hurricane-force winds they extend 15 miles from the center the
tropical storm force winds extend ninety miles from the center hazard
right now this is the rain the central Bahamas one to two inches isolated for
northwestern Bahamas three to six inches isolated eight coastal sections of the
Southeast United States four to eight inches with an isolated 12 that’s going
to cause flash flooding that’s going to cause a lot of problems for a lot of
people in a lot of places be aware of that this rainfall may cause like
threatening flash floods so you know that scenario you see the water standing
on the road or rushing on the road don’t drive through it turn around
don’t drive of course we’re going to have swells around the US and the
British Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico you’re should gradually diminish now
swells are likely to begin affecting the east facing Shores of the Bahamas and
the southeastern United States coast during the next few days these swells
are likely to cause life-threatening surf and rip current conditions and if
you are a surfer at a category 4 hurricane coming in please do not go out
in it please don’t I’m gonna wrap this update up for now I’ve showed you some
important things looking like a category 4 at landfall once it hits land it
should start to diminish but it’s too far out now to tell how long it’s going
to maintain these hurricane-strength winds it’s going over land so that
should knock it down some but tropical storm that’s another thing I’ve had I’ve
had just as much damage from rain and a tropical storm that I have a hurricane
tropical storm conditions are going to remain even when it gets up into Georgia
still could be a hurricane not saying it’s not going to be and as it moves all
the way up through the Carolinas out through the Outer Banks that’s a
possibility you can see at this time this comb has
moved greatly so we’ve got to keep our eyes on it but I just wanted to show you
these things make you be aware and please please take action now if you
live by yourself make sure you get in contact with your friends have a plan
stay in contact with people you if you got a family make sure you got all your
important papers everything together and make sure you stay in contact with
people for goodness sakes don’t forget to check on your neighbors the
handicapped the elderly make sure they’re safe if you have someone like
that living around you and your pets please please please make sure they have
a safe place to be during this especially along the coastline of
Florida if this comes in as a category 4 hurricane everybody please be safe I’ll
have more late this evening it might even be early nighttime hours for me I
won’t put anything more up today but until then I want to give it some time
to see what it does here but Georgia South Carolina and Carolinas we’re still
not out of the woods I don’t think when it gets to us it’ll be a hurricane but
it could be a tropical storm might not be anything at this point but like I
said on the Outer Banks by Sunday we should start feeling some rain bands
from hurricane Dorian everybody else make sure you are prepared big-time
big-time and stay safe I love you guys a lot thanks for everything you do for me
peace loving kindness to all please share this video with everybody you know
to help me to keep people safe take care thanks for watching

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  1. Lord please lay your hands down on everyone that will be in the path of Dorian amen Jewel thank you so much for what your doing I know you have been staying up and working long hrs to warn everyone and trying to keep us all safe I most definitely will be sharing this video. I like to share what our weather our weather guy posted on his time line Currently, NOAA has 2 underwater gliders in the areas under and around #Dorian. These are underwater drones collect temperatures a salinity profiles of the ocean. The one right near the path of #Dorian shows 80° water or higher, that is 100 meters deep. This is rocket fule for this storm. Take care jewel you are very much appreciate we love you 😘

  2. I am soo grateful Jewel for have really done a great job bringing this information to me, you really are a Jewel and my Angel 😇
    Love ya Girlie 🤗🤗🤗😘😘😘♥️

  3. The King tide is also going to make flooding much worse. Started 8/29 -9/3 ugg prayers and blessing's Thanks Jewel Appreciate the update. Peace love and kindness.

  4. You know J7409. If the US and the rest of the world were like your channel, even if we all still had our differences but could still meet in the mild. We not have near as many problems and chaos. Love your channel.

  5. Thank You Jewels your a heart of gold. My PTSD was so severe that I had to go to the Dr.s thanks fully I m on a prescription that eases my trauma from Hurricane Andrew. Which by the way as I was driving back home the weather here is absolutely beautiful. Which reminded me of the weather before the storm. The Flashbacks are real.

  6. I've been saying folks should read on down with your forecasts. If this is a CAT 4, it could well be a dreadful storm and it is the beginning of this season. Take a look at the SSTs, that is the fuel for these storms. The only thing that can counter this much fuel is wind shear and there is wind shear ahead but is it enough? Dorian is over 84 F water right now with 86F SST in the Gulf of Mexico. The polar jet is pretty well north just now, it is the Bermuda high that brings the wind shear and steering. You mentioned Katrina, and I flew over Katrina's aftermath, and the destruction was massive. Thanks for the outlook, J.

  7. Thank you Joel for doing faithful broadcasting reports on the weather for us I always depend on you I live in Florida Central Florida West Coast

  8. i usually don't "gloat" but the comparison to Andrew or Katrina isn't looking too crazy now is it. I hope people heed the warning. We'll keep checking it as it progresses as it's not out of the realm of possibility for it to strenghten even more. A few days ago we were saying "Cat1 tops" and then "it's gonna be cat3" and now "gonna get to 4". I hope everyone rememebers that a few days ahead nothing's set in stone. The reason why i do this and i think many do it, besides the fact of how interesting and fascinating it is, it's to keep people safe and out of harm's way. I like to think we save lives by making people aware, showing research and climatological precedents, showing the data and the analysis. Of course at a point it's all up to them, i can't make people evacuate or prepare besides by telling them to. I know this is different from my usual comments full of sciency talk but it's important. Keep this up Jewel, i'm forever grateful to you for offering me this platform to speak and be listened to, always leaving a kind word even in your livestreams, you're a kind person and a good friend, even if it's on the internet.

  9. Mercy! Hard to imagine that little storm turning into this "monster"! My prayers for everyone in the path! 😐💖

  10. Rita, Katrina and Wilma 2005 looking for a tropical thunderstorm with lots of rain around the Orlando / Ocala area. Cat I or Cat II storm. This area up to Georgia will have heavy rain precipitation with dangerous lightning storm. Power outages are to be expected,. Two cases of water, flashlight , batteries and portable radio. In most cases the cell towers should be intact but there will be communication overloading and so a radio in good to have.

  11. Hey J if its gonna hit Florida as a Cat 4 what if it pulls off and gains strength and hits as a cat 5 for the Nc Area 😟

  12. Vero / Sebastian is so pretty, peaceful and quaint, this is the last thing I'd wish for such a nice family friendly town. I think Sebastian's tag line is something like " Friendly folks and six grumpy old men", it's so cute. An important point to keep in mind that "hurricane force winds extend 15 mi from center, tropical storm winds, 90." That's a game changer and clarity booster. Thank you so much for such informative reporting which soothes I am sure, many souls, including mine. Sending love to you Jewel, Florida and any affected by this storm. May God bless us, all. <3

  13. I live in Taylor co. FL.We've had a hurricane every year for the past 3 years……I hope doesn't come hear,got everything ready.
    Liked your updates.

  14. I'm in Yulee just out side Fernandina, already have my generator and 40+ gallons of gas plus a months worth of food.


  16. My prayers go out to all in the path of monster Cat.4 Dorian. Hurricane Ike strong Cat. 2 (2008) I lived through when it hit the upper Texas coast. Although we had plenty of time to prepare before the storm, nothing could prepare us for how terrifying it was when Ike made landfall. Again, Ike was a Cat. 2. I cannot imagine a Cat 4 or more. However, there is good news. Floridians are smart and resilient and know how to well prepare for tropical systems. Hurricane Dorian is not Florida's first rodeo. 2 Corinthians 4:17-18. Amen.

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