HULK Vs. SAITAMA Animation (Full Version) -Taming The Beast

HULK Vs. SAITAMA Animation (Full Version) -Taming The Beast

This city kinda empty Why hes running? What the hell is that?! Is that a werewolf!? Is it real?? What? Thank you sir, thank you, thank you Stop!! I thought you are a hero Are you monster? He survive Interesting Hes strong My turn! Very good Alright Heh heh heh He broke my arm Not again!! Hes falling back Oh no Hes gonna fall on the city Just like before Errggh Hes a live Youngman You are strong, you can kill me.. You have to Hes back I can’t hold him much longer Please.. do it now.. You are not a monster Lets fight again someday Green man

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  1. Edit, March 2019 : Wow, so many people don't know Hulk have this kind of power. I guess not every one read comic Hulk.
    I'm currently working on Guile Vs Bucky (winter sondier), visits my community tab to see some bits.

    Done all this by my self guys. Support me by hitting that SUBSCRIBE button will ya!! or i'm gonna……

    cry….. maybe……..

  2. You people take this too serious. Saitama is a joke. His character is literally unbeatable to make fun of anime tropes(Goku)

  3. Jajajajaja Saitama de un golpe lo desaparece

    Saitama the real Saitama just need one basic hit for destroy to hulk this is a animation more mad and fake and stupid :v

  4. i don't sure that you know how much one punch is strong. saitama can kill hulk in one punch, hulk also strong but he is not at saitama level.

  5. Super cool fight, even if it’s wildly inaccurate. Hulk is Hulk yeah but he would never last this long in a fight with Saitama.

  6. Haha i love saitama but. I think his saying in last part that. Wait i need time out.


    Lets fight again some day?

    Or get out of here.

    Anyway in anime version this fight will end in one puch!

    On the other side awsome bro.

    Make some more. Try guko and saitama or hulk vs guko.

  7. Well, green ass monster strong enough to beat some shit even from saitama. but squeal like girl after short round with thanos (without some gems)

  8. I'm surprised😱😱😱😱 you 're crazy!!! How you done this???? Congratulations man😱😱😱🤩🤩🤩🤩

  9. Saitama has literally limitless power, and the biggest feat the hulk has ever done was when he held together two tectonic places us nothing compared to no limit.

    Edit: tectonic plates*

  10. I like hulk but Like wtf …saitama isn't that weak espically with hulk he'll kick his ass with 1 punch they showed saitama so weak in this 🤨

  11. Я не думаю что халк или кто-либо ещё может противостоять Сайтаме, все потому что его удар разорвал бы Халка на мелкие кусочки и эта битва закончилась уже в городе з

  12. This is completely wrong, Saitama would just do his serious punch and hulk would die almost instantly?

    Edit: And hulk doesn't heal that fast, AT ALL

  13. This was so disappointing.. Saitama one death punch can disintegrate hulk upto atomic level.. And Saitama never really enjoys a fight, he dreams of finding a worthy opponent but he never does.. And hulk is not a worthy opponent to Saitama.. Sorry not sorry

  14. If this animation was logical, this video would only last a second and saitama wouldn’t get serious from the start

  15. This is so dumb I cant believe u honestly think hulk stands the slightest chance against saitama. Saitama literally made a Grand Canyon when he was sparring with zenos AND HE DIDNT EVEN HIT HIM

  16. No "Puny Human!!!"!?
    No "Hulk Stomp!"!?
    This is missing very old but planet destroying moves hulk could use-_-
    Also, I think personally this fight would last 99,999,999,999,999,999 lifetimes because no one would win really fast.
    Saitama's back would be so broken that even if he tried to get it healed by any way possible, it would break even more!
    Finally, it was okay I think, but those key details from the old comics are missing in the animation.
    P.S: Try to do better but outstanding work you've done here! 😀
    Like if you agree


  17. There is no muscle power to defeat sitama. Instant healing power is useless infront of sitama. May be magic can 🤔🤔🤔 defeat him…

  18. Did you know hulk can run 400 mph and since the angrier he is the stronger he is. Since his anger is probably infinite his strength could get to the point where he has the same strength as saitama. As world breaker hulk (when his veins glow green) he almost destroyed the entire us with A SINGLE STEP.

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