How to Tell if Your Saint is Incorrupt

How to Tell if Your Saint is Incorrupt

St. Camillus de Lellis died in 1614
at age 64, and look at him now! Looking fabulous
for a guy who just turned 465. Am I right? He’s incorrupt, as fresh as the day he died. Thanks, Catholicism.
*record scratch* Wait, but… I don’t mean to be a Negative Nancy here, but he doesn’t really look miraculously incorrupt to me, he kind of just looks like a guy made out of wax. If only I knew an incorrupt corpse expert. Oh. I do. Elizabeth Harper, International Relic Hunter, welcome. – Hi!
– So St. Camillus. Like, what’s up with him? Well, when I saw him in Rome, the sacristan–
the guy who’s in charge of all of the relics– said he was incorrupt, but then he unlatched a compartment underneath the body and St. Camillus’ full skeleton was laid out inside. I knew it! St. Camillus Wax Dude. But that doesn’t mean he’s not incorrupt. You can’t judge a catholic corpse by its cover. Okay, so help us understand. What is the concise definition of an incorrupt corpse? Mmm. There’s no concise definition. Well then, let’s talk, like, a list.
How long is it? How many are there? There’s no list, either. Well then, how is that even a title? Well, everyone who’s even considered for sainthood
has to be exhumed and examined as part of the canonization process. So you’re a potential saint, maybe gonna
be a saint, and I exhume you. What am I looking for? No rot at all? Are you supposed to be lifelike? – Our modern guidelines for what’s acceptably incorrupt come from Pope Benedict the 14th in 1734. This might surprise you, but the most important word he used to describe the incorrupt wasn’t “lifelike.”
It was “flexible.” So no mummifying, no preservation allowed. So if you’d like to play along, I brought a game. Tell me more. It’s called: Incorrupt or Nah? [game show music] First, since they’re not Catholic saints, here are some nah’s right off the bat. Lenin…nah! [buzzer] Bog bodies, nah! [buzzer] Rosalia Lombardo, the famous doll-like mummy from the Confucian crypts? Nah. [buzzer] Okay, hit me with my first body. – St. Catherine of Siena, incorrupt or nah? Okay, I know St. Catherine.
I just did a video about her, and there was all sorts of weird miraculous preservation stuff around her, so I’m gonna say, incorrupt. *buzzer* Nah. In 1998, Italian pathologist Ezio Fulcheri from the University of Genoa, studied this group of medieval female saints,
all thought to be incorrupt. But they’d had organs removed, they were stuffed with herbs, and they had resin rubbed into their skin. Everyone was so concerned with modesty that no one ever fully examined them. So today, they’re no longer considered incorrupt. Okay, zero for one, Caitlin.
Next one. – Okay, St. Paula Frassinetti.
Incorrupt or nah? So her skin looks preserved. – It is, with carbolic acid. – Alright, so no preservation allowed at all.
That would make this one a nah. – EHH! *laughs* It’s incorrupt.
– What? – Yeah, it’s incorrupt. When they first opened up St. Paula’s tomb 24 years after her death, she was looking great. And the nuns of her order were thrilled. So thrilled that they had her preserved in carbolic acid. But since this happened after the discovery of her body, she’s still considered incorrupt. Is that you and St. Paula? – Yeah, it definitely is. A nun took the picture. It’s fine. She insisted. You don’t say no to a nun.
– Yeah, you don’t say no to a nun. Zero to two. – St. Julian Eymard, in Paris – That is super creepy. That has to just be wax. So that is a nah. That is a nah nah nah. *buzzer* No. He’s incorrupt–
– No! Yes, he is. He’s incorrupt just like St. Paula. His church also tried to bathe him in carbolic acid, but it completely backfired and destroyed his body. So what’s now left of him is encased in this terrifying wax effigy that makes it look like he’s been buried alive. Sure makes me feel pious… St. Anthony of Padua: incorrupt or nah? – Is that a body part?
– Yeah, that’s his tongue. – Okay, if this game has taught me anything so far, it’s that I have to just go against every
instinct that I have. So I’m gonna say that this is an incorrupt tongue. You’re right. It’s incorrupt. *cheering* Sometimes only one body part is incorrupt,
while the rest decomposes normally. This is exactly what happened to St. Anthony of Padua. When his coffin was opened,
only his tongue survived intact. So it was detached and put on display in a reliquary. Points on the incorrupt detached tongue.
Thank you! Ready for the lightning round? Bring it. – Here are two skeletons wearing clothes.
Which one is incorrupt? – Um…the one on the bottom. No, the one on the top is the incorrupt
skeleton of St. Francesca Romana. Okay, two brown leathery bodies.
Which one is incorrupt? – Well, the one on the left is in a box, which makes me think she’s more important,
so the one on the left? Correct!
– Finally! [cheers] – Okay, last one. Ready?
– Mm-hmm. Two wax bodies. This one is extra confusing because they’re in the same church.
So which one is incorrupt? – The one in the awesome hat! You’re so right! [cheers] [game show music] This is not me being bitter
because I lost or anything, but if it’s so random, why is this even
still a criteria for sainthood? Well, this is a big reason why the church doesn’t consider incorruptibility a miracle anymore. It used to be that if you were found incorrupt, that could help you become a saint. But today, there are just too many natural explanations for finding bodies in this state. So incorruptability has been downgraded from miraculous to a favorable sign. A favorable…sign.
– A favorable sign. Okay, so it’s like, alright, you’re incorrupt, that doesn’t mean you’re a saint, but it doesn’t…hurt. Basically. Well, thank you for coming by
to clear nothing up, Elizabeth. You can find more of her photographs
and writing on her fantastic blog, All the Saints You Should Know.
And you should know them! – You should.
– Unlike me, who apparently knows none of them. [cheers] Brought to you with support from People’s Memorial Association and the Co-op Funeral Home, and donations from viewers like you.

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  1. Beyond many of them being almost dessicated from an as almost hermetically sealed coffins, this is all utter fallacy, lunacy, and complete BS so the Church can keep reaping in greenbacks from mystified and awed visitors.  I don't call any dessicated, brown, mummified body incorrupt – nor St Bernadette – who has wax face and hands.  It's also known that several of these charlatans were not only fakers and masochistic self-mutilators (Pio and Therese Neumann) in real life but that the Church carefully fashioned wax and silicone masks with hair for their face and hands after death to create the illusion that they are incorrupt.  Yogananda was one such "hindu saint" who after having a fatal heart attack versus SRF's mahasamadhi claim, they had him immediately embalmed, fiddled with the mortuary report, and claimed he was uncorrupt – all of which was shattered when the real truth came out that his body had actually begun decomposing before interment!!!  Gotta keep the sheeples believing somehow right!!!

  2. My interest with the incorrupt spans back to when I was in 3rd grade (I went to Catholic private school). I was so interested in saints and their deaths, etc. I saved up my lunch money and I bought the book The Incorruptibles. My friends thought I was so gross and weird for having such reading material. They didn’t know what they were missing! St. Bernadette Soubrious was/is my favorite incorrupt Saint. So beautiful!

  3. I never believed in the incorrupt part of making of a saint… told stupid stuff in Catholic School that I never believed… this is one of them… my family was totally religious… me never… will always be a skeptic of everything.

  4. A mortician? It's a shame people don't appreciate the work you do. It alleviates the sorrow of so many bereaved! Pictures? Hmmmmm…. dunno… I'd find it disrespectful to take pictures of those who have passed.
    What's more a saint! Still….. hmmmmm…… letting people know of a religious person's life/existence is a noble thing.
    Though I am Buddhist, I would prefer to accord the departed silence and a prayer of admiration.

  5. i know all religious pomp and ceremony is strictly forbidden in the new testament but Catholics take sin to a whole new level. well… let the dead bury the dead!

  6. most of these saints have wax masks or preserved like padre pio he had a wax mask I live in Rome and I have seen him

  7. The sign of incorruptibility is hinted at in Psalm 16:

    And so my heart rejoices, my soul is glad;

    even my body shall rest in safety.

    For you will not leave my soul among the dead,

    nor let your beloved know decay.

  8. Why did Non-Muslims use chemicals on dead bodies? While dead bodies of Muslims are alive without chemicals? Check here:

  9. Just found your channel, and I'm terrified yet fascinated and will run every ad I see on your videos forever and for always amen.

  10. No offense made to anyone who is of the Catholic faith but, this is stupid. Why does the RCC (Roman Catholic Church) constantly try to show all of this stuff as being some kind of a sign that they and their clergy are "special"? Catholic people sure seem to be very supersticious and cling to all of their clergy being extraordinary people. Someone like Mother Theresa who lived a very humble and unselfish life most certainly would not want people treating her "special", I think anyway. Yet the church does this all the time. I used to be a member of the Seventh-day Adventist church (SDA) and one of their beliefs is that the dead do not go to heaven or hell but remain where they are. Basically, when you die that's it, you are dead you are "asleep" until the resurrection day when ALL the dead will rise and face judgement. As such, they do not treat the dead as anything special and they certainly do not "worship"or pray to or for the dead. Now with this being said, it shocked me when I saw photos of members of the SDA church as they were visiting the grave site of one of the most important founding members of the church, Ellen G.White. Mrs' White is said to have been given the gift of prophecy and as such she would help lead the church where God wanted it to go through her different visions of things present and yet future. I am not one who gives much creedence to supposed "prophets" but I did see things that Mrs.White was "shown" that have lead me to believe she did indeed receive Prophetic messages. The SDA church has pretty much aligned itself to believe and teach that basically everything she wrote down was a prophetic message but that is not true and she herself even said so. Anyway, when I saw photos of people on their knees next to her grave with their hands clasped and heads bowed in prayer, it bothered me. While some people might not find this bothersome, if you really understood how the SDA church handles such situations you would better understand why such images were so bothersome.

    Anyway, I think people take this whole "sainthood" stuff way to serious and to the extreme. I mean they have the hand of one person in a box, a tongue in another and all sorts of such things and hey if you pray while in the presence of such items God will "better" hear your prayer and there was even a time where you had to pay before you could even get close to these horrific items of religious "relics".

  11. Regardless of how much effort was made to preserve the body, they're still dead and their souls are either in heaven or hell.

  12. "stuffed with erbs!" What are they? Even if a corpse did not decay, what has that to do with religion and superstition? Weird pagan shit again from the old Roman Catholic imperial cult.

  13. "Christianity isnt evil or pagan!!!" saves dead bodies of saints and their tongues
    Sounds pretty pagan to me…

  14. I used to know a friend who was from a family of atheists. His grandfather was 101 but smoked and ate bacon and lots of other unhealthy stuff that you wouldn't expect a long-living person to (still) be consuming. He was so skinny too that he looked like a living zombie, I'd definitely call him incorrupt even though he was still alive. LOL

  15. Caitlyn really shouldn't feel bad. I still don't know what their talking about & I don't have to. N E ways!

  16. lol my saint, it sounds like a every day thing, oh… I forgot about the saint under my bed. Balls!

  17. I enjoy when you bring guests on. It's awesome the knowledge that your friends have in such obscure but relevant areas!

  18. What is going on in the catholic church?! I do not understand this. I have never even heard of the term "incorrupt"

  19. The Metropolitan of my father's Church St. Seraphim's Orthodox Cathedral is believed by some to be incorruptible ( I knew and liked the Archbishop but have no desire to be reacquainted with him after his death.

  20. We have the same sewing machine lol. Except my grandmother left me all the original needles and the book that came with it 💗

  21. Last time, I said NO to a Nun, I got grabbed up by both earlobes and carted off to Mother Superior. It was a banner year…1967!

  22. We have just done a video of Saint Catherine Laboure, feel free to check it out.

  23. Making death hilarious… one death at a time …

    I mean that in a compliment nice way.

    I can’t do it, but it’s an amazing talent , personality, humor and education, to watch these videos. : )

  24. This isn't funny at all. Instead of making fun of Catholics, you should read about how these people lived their lives and tabout their love for Gid. Remember this on judgment day and how you were laughing. Stupid millennial trash. Learn respect.

  25. You, I am loving.I love the way you make many fears about death easy to handle, even if we wanted to admit we knew some of these things, are sure about them, or genuinely ignorant and curious about what happens during certain situations or stages of death, your delivery is superb.-Its macabre with a sence of black humor that anyone could take and I hope your videos go viral because they would be a great way to introduce children or skiddish people, to certain aspects of death (not everything you talk about should be for children…lol) without giving them nightmares. (I mean, I don't think a 5 yr old is going to come home one day and say "hey what's a necrophiliac") But they definately would ask what happens to our bodies when we die or are buried or cremated… etc…(but then you never know lol)….-Youre a .pleasure to watch, interesting, intelligent, funny and informative. Thank you for these videos and i inted to tell my friends and family about you so word of month gets around and they can learn something new without getting freaked out either. Oh …..and your guests are terriffic ! Best of luck to you! Forgive me i'm a recovering Catholic, Italian, in other words obsessed with death. We discuss what we want at our funerals during Christmas Dinner-and that's considered one of the better Christmases!LOL.

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