How to Make Time For Both Career & Spirituality- Sadhguru

How to Make Time For Both Career & Spirituality- Sadhguru

SGTW: Physical is keeping time always But there are dimensions within you which are not related to time, only little Intitial Guidance may take time. Thumbnail: Balancing Career & Spirituality
/////////////////////// Vrinda: Namaskaram Sadhguru ji! I am Vrinda. So my question is how can one spend a balanced time in academics and spirituality or maybe
career and spirituality? Sadhguru: See, anything that you do with your body
is connected to time, it takes time. You want to run, you want to walk, you want to do this or that, everything takes time. What you do with your mind also takes time but not to the same extent enslaved to time. I mean our sense of time is only
because of our body. You don’t have to look at your watch to know what is the time. If you observe your bladder, you know how many hours you have been sitting here (Laughter). I am saying our sense of time is
essentially because of body. We had sense of time even before the watch came, isn’t it? Because physical is keeping time always. How long you can sit here, how long you can walk, how long you can do something – everything is decided by time. Time maybe a relative experience
at different times, you have seen at a certain time when
you are very joyful one day, twenty-four hours poof, went like a minute. Another you are a little depressed… I’m sorry – clinically depressed
(Laughter/Applause), then that one day feels like a whole lifetime. So, when somebody is very miserable, you will see time just won’t roll. So time is a very relative experience but still it’s very directly connected
to our body. If we did not have a body suppose you don’t have a body, you sit here for 10,000 years, what’s the problem? Isn’t it? So when it comes to the mind, it is not as much enslaved to time
as your physical body, but mind also has time. But there are dimensions within you
which are not related to time. So, this thing about right path, wrong path, all these things, largely relates itself to body because it takes time, it takes away life. If you just take a wrong turn, it will take away life. Maybe you lost half-an-hour, but you lost not half-an-hour of time, you lost half-an-hour of life, isn’t it? So when it comes to physical things we must be little conscious of
which turn to take because it takes away our time. Mentally you can take any turn you want, whichever way you want because it doesn’t take much time. So when you talk about spiritual process, it doesn’t take time at all, it’s an inner dimension which doesn’t relate to time. So your education – you may be studying, you may be running, you may be working, to be spiritual it doesn’t take time. Only little initial guidance may take time, afterwards it doesn’t consume time because it’s not physical in nature.

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  1. Having a career is essential to satisfy our survival needs such as a roof over our head, food, transport and overcoming financial needs. When one’s primitive needs are met through career, it becomes easier in the modern world to focus on self-realisation and obtaining higher states of consciousness.

  2. Spiritual practice doesn't consume time. Physical activity takes more time, psychological less. Very true. God resides in no space no time..

  3. balance it like rajni does. He is a superstar in career and enlightened spiritually. One complement the other and co-exist.

  4. I've never seen spirituality and my day to day actions as distinctively different. If my day to day activity is an action that takes time, my spirituality is fundamentally who I am

  5. Ok, how does it apply to our lives practically? Give me some discussion, good people. Does Sadhguru mean that you can achieve some sort of timeless state in which you can… well, what you can do there that will increase your well being?

  6. 1:21.. Time is relative .. .
    .. That was the proposal of Einstein!! …
    .. This man really knows a lot than it appears

  7. spirituality hamesha sci se upr rhi h PR sci or spirituality 99% match krti h but utna hi jitna sci ki capacity h.sci bs thoda bhut prove krskti h PR atma or Bhgwan tk phuch nhi h sci ki limit h spirituality ki nhi.dhrm experience se h or sci research PR depend h or jo bhi instrument m nhi ata wo nhi h Jo ata h wo h bs sci ka itna hi base h.dhrm atma god ysb mind se upr uthne p experience m ate h tb sci sci nhi bs mjak lgti h.kisi true person like sadguru ki sci se comparison nhi kiya jaskta or sadguru jeise bhi log hmesha the h or rhenge.

  8. meditation humanity KO wo deskti h Jo humans soch b ni skte, ummid h humanity godliness ki tarf Jaye jiska rasta h dhyan.

  9. I was just reading about this in "a course in miracles" chapter 15 …then I had a confirmation in the emerald tablets of thoth ( chapter 9 the key to freedom) then this video

    All different people talking about the same thing.

    Your spirit/soul only needs but and instant, which is not time bound at all – how long is your instant? only you know.

  10. I can't understand Wt sadhguru is articulating….wt is the question asked by a girl and Wt is the answer by sadhguru….i can't relate sadhguru's answer to the question

  11. Sadhguru 🙏 This has changed my view of looking at life. I feel myself fortunate that I born in this era when we have mystic like you !

  12. Only initial guidance will take time. The spiritual process is an ongoing process whether in your career or personal life!

    Also a theory of how Meditation works as well

    Explosion technolgy is what we use
    And project outwards with fear and drama
    High Frequency output

    Implosion technology is what advanced
    Civilsations used.
    And projected inwards with
    Love / Happiness and peace
    Low frequency input

    Avoid Anger
    Avoid drama
    Avoid fear
    They are all explosive

  14. My question is how do i live a life without a useless career? I wanna be free. They claim we have freedom of choice but i just cant find out how to become free in this fools paradise.

    Allways slave to someone or something. If i start living off grid for exampme i will be hunted down like a criminal.
    How is this freedom of choiche? Who choose? Ive choose since i was a kid i wanna tho certain things in life some of wich i never have let go of still 30 years later. But will i ever get my choices? I dont know and doesny seem line it. On the other hand when i wanted something bad then it litterly shows up in a blink of an eye…

  15. It's hard for me to understand his way of looking at the world because I am very American (in a bad way) So much consumerism, business, politics, and distraction, not to mention the unhealthy food and water. But I like to listen to him. I feel so peaceful.

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