How to Know You Are Making Spiritual Progress

How to Know You Are Making Spiritual Progress

[Music] this world is in such in such turmoil it always has been but it seems like as population grows as knowledge and advances come along everything increases and that means the turmoils increase also it’s so hard I know for those of you who are having to face so many problems today and the insecurities that the world presents the master used to say dis remember the only security the only security only fulfilment is in God meditate meditate meditate so deeply practice your create over you know one of the I would say the most common questions if not complaint of devotees seeking counsel is well I just don’t feel that I’m making any progress [Music] master would say in the in a very sweetly divinely mocking way you don’t say so I once thought well this is a very wise answer to give to master and I he was asking me to do something that I thought really was beyond my capacity what’s he still doing and I said that master he says look what I have done and he was speaking of how he for all the things that he was going through and had gone through to establish this path and the ashrams and the temples and I said that master after all your organ on death I thought that was a good argument not with master he just looked at me I thought there would be some sympathy you know well start with small things and work up to it no he just looked at me and he said the only difference between you and a Yogananda is that I made the effort well that left me nowhere to go but bow my head and say yes master yes master I learned early on on the spiritual path fifty the secret of getting along with God and your guru is surrender you won’t win you won’t win in an argument I had a very fun and I hope it’s a little more balanced now I had a very logical mind and master very often encouraged my my thinking of my suggestions but sometimes I think maybe I gave more than he cared or needed to hear and one time he said to me he said just remember in all of your logic you could lose much wisdom that’s absolutely true and when I gave up a lot of the rationalization then masters wisdom was just became like an open book a flood of wonderful realizations and perhaps that was why he he felt that I could contribute something to the publication of his writings because I was not interested in making it anything other than what master had said and intended and I always knew when I had achieved a little at least a little of that when copy would be brought to him he would say see what she would have done and she’s so sweetly blessed sometimes she gave a firm blessing I like those particularly because I thought well maybe that one will really stick but you know no matter what our what our problems or what our insecurities of what our difficulties Master has has given us the the way the sudden that not necessarily to escape it and and have nothing but a a joyful free life but a way to overcome as he loved to give lectures on being victorious being the conquerors of oneself and of one’s problems there is absolutely no reason to think that we are not progressing I said that very same thing to master early on the path and he said just keep on as you are every day and meditating and serving loving God and you will find that one day you will wake up and you have come much further than you ever dreamed possible

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  1. thank u ma jai guru

  2. I was very intrigued to see this, my first "live" impression of our new sanghamata. I really enjoyed her down-to-earth, relatable style. Her self-effacing humor is delightful. It will be intriguing to see her lead SRF in the years to come.

  3. The divine mother in Mrinalini Mata's form has done so much for us all,
    Her works will live on forever. She is truly worthy to be a leader of truth.
    Jai ma! jai Ma!

  4. I try to make my whole life meditation, but some days are better than others. I have a letter from Daya Mata posted for me to read everyday.

  5. I feel progress every day as I read Gods Word. Jesus is the master Luke 5:31 18:10 and 1 Corinthians 8:6 Amen God Bless

  6. It has taken almost 60 years of my life to find my right path. I have gone from angry and hateful to what I know is a better life and it all started with ONE yoga and meditation class. I went away to learn more and now I try to pass it to others. Sometimes l doubt myself and my ego gets in the way but if I can help one person feel better about themselves and about life Everyday then I feel I’m walking in the right direction .

  7. Maa, the way you explained your experiences and that head blessing.. It was so happy showering moments.. Gurudevar's words and you love towards him is so inspirational and giving profound thoughts. 😊 😊 Thank God and Thank you maa. 😊

  8. Meditate, meditate, meditate and feel God’s light, love, peace, stability and security. Nothing we can possibly find on this earth. Make the effort and become God-Realized.

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