How To Identify a Queen Ant

How To Identify a Queen Ant

Greetings everyone welcome to another Ants Canada video Alright so it’s July and this is the time of the year when the most species of plants are having their nuptial flights in North America and a lot of Europe so for those of you who feel like you’re Too late in catching a queen ant this year to start your pet and colonies you’re wrong the fun has actually just begun So in light of this I’ve been getting a lot of emails lately asking me to identify Queen ants that some of you might have caught and it seems some still may be having troubles trying to identify Whether an ant that you caught is a queen or not, so I hope that when you finish watching this video you’ll have a better idea of what a queen ant looks like and how to distinguish it from other workers and male ants and Also for those of you who caught a queen ant the season and aren’t sure what kind of ant she is stay tuned until the end of this video because I will list some of the most commonly kept and found ends by genus around the World and show you exactly what the queens look like and perhaps you just might spot your ant in the list So let’s get to it guys this week’s episode of the Ants Canada and channel is our re-tutorial on how to identify queen ants Now there are several ways to tell if an ant is a queen or not, but I’ll start with the easiest way Queens are larger than workers and male ants. Seems simple, I know and I think everyone knows this However sometimes using size alone can be tricky for example take a look at this photo do you see a Queen ant in this photo if You answer yes, and we’re looking at this ant Don’t worry. You’re not alone. There are many out there who would say that this is a queen based on its size Truth is, this is a worker so you see in order to identify a queen in some cases We may need more than just size to go on so let’s proceed then with other clues when looking to see if an ant is a queen the first place to look is the ant’s Thorax or The technical term is the Mesosoma Get used to that term. I’ll be using it a lot in this video now when I catch a strange Ant that I’ve never seen before and I can’t tell if it’s a queen or not the first place I look is her Mesosoma And particularly, her wing scars You see queen ants are born with wings which they used during nuptial flight then after they mate these Queens break off their wings Leaving some very prominent wing scars So if an ant that you catch has wing scars on her Mesosoma, you know for sure. She’s a queen as for male ants They also have wings but they keep their wings and die directly after mating so in nearly all cases you won’t see wing scars on a living male ant You’ll only see them on Queen ants Another thing about male ants by the way is male ants look completely different from Queen ants They usually don’t even look like ants at all. They look more like skinny wasps they have tiny heads and large eyes sometimes examining for wing scars can be a challenge So another clue in the Mesosoma region (area) of the ant that shows you it’s a queen is the size of the mesosoma and number of parts take a look at this photo from It shows a Queen ant and a worker ant. In this species the difference is a little more subtle. But with a closer inspection of the queen you’ll see her mesosoma parts you can see her prothorax here in blue her mesothorax in yellow the Metathorax in Red and her propodeum in Green and Here are the corresponding parts in the worker end Now comparing the two you’ll notice that the queen’s mesosoma is larger and has more parts the queen’s Mesothorax the Yellow part and Metathorax the red are areas which housed the queen’s wing muscles and are therefore much larger than those of the worker When I look at it, I find the mesothorax forms a sort of plateau like structure in Queens Which is lacking in the worker ants So when I look to see if an ant I caught is a queen, and I can’t readily notice any wing scars I look for this sort of plateau like or dome-shaped structure housing the queen Ant’s wing muscles Alright, so now that you know this let’s do another test Which of these two large ants in the picture is a queen? And which is just a major worker? if you answer the ant on the right, congratulations! You got a right! You can clearly see that plateau the dome-shaped, Mesothorax. If you got it wrong don’t worry about it too much, you’ll get the hang of it the more you get used to seeing queen ants. Other clues that point to queens especially in Formocine ants are large Gasters Lasius, Formica, Camponotus Queens are unmistakable They have large Gasters in relation to the rest of their body Myrmicine ants like Myrmica Pogonomyrmex and Aphaenogaster tend to be a bit trickier to Id based on just Gaster to body size ratio So to Id if Myrmicine ants are queens you mainly have to go by body size compared to workers and their mesosoma So to recap them queens are larger than workers and males have wing scars Don’t look like Wasps with small heads and big eyes have large Mesosomas’ with that dome-shaped area and tend to have large Gasters. Alright, so here are some of the commonly found ants in North-America and Europe. Hopefully for those of you who have a queen ant now and aren’t sure what type event she is This section of the video may help you So let’s start with a photo of what a Tetramorium queen looks like. This is a Lasius Queen, the Camponotus Queen Formica Solenopsis, Aphaenogaster Brachymyrmex (manho) Cephalotes, Crematogaster, Prenolepis, Linepithema, Monomorium, Myrmica, Novomessor, Pogonomyrmex Pheidole, Tapinoma, Myrmecocystus, and Ponera. Now Let’s move on to the tropics Acromyrmex, Atta, Odontomachus, Polyrachis, Oecophylla, Myrmecia and Paratrechina Okay, thanks so much for watching this video. Hope it helps you out this season in catching your queen ends If you like this video, please do subscribe like share and leave me a comment I love to hear from you guys and visit us at for all your and keeping needs oh
and don’t forget if you have extra queens that give rise to colonies that become too much for you to care for Visit our again project section under queen ants for sale on our website And we can help you sell those colonies off or give them away to Aunt Lavinia City or region Good luck catching those queens guys stay tuned for next week’s video and yes We now upload a new ant video every Monday. It’s that love forever. Bye Thanks so much for watching our video It really meant a lot to me don’t forget to subscribe to our channel if you liked this video We upLoad once a week be sure to check out our ant tutorial playlist And if you like watching ants and large colonies do check out our Solenopsis geminid a playlist Finally be sure to visit our website we’ve got tons of great information there. We’ve got a fantastic forum and by the way we’re looking for moderators so be sure to email me if you have some moderating experience and We’ve got some great Pro Ant farms available for you to choose from that are easy to use and help you grow super big and healthy. Also thank you so much to Alex Wild from for allowing us to use his photos in this video and in other ends Canada videos, be sure to check out his amazing photography. Take care! It’s ant love forever. Bye. Bye

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  1. Why in the world do some male insects such as the ant and preying mantis for instance get the short end of the stick when it comes to mating,,,,,,, ;-(

    The male preying mantis kinda gets short changed after sex eh ! ;-{
    BASICALLY – – – the "female mantis" CHEWS THE MALES FREAKING HEAD RIGHT OFF as soon as they have intercourse , , ,
    I have watched this in real life on my balcony about 20 yrs ago in London Ontario and was blown away by this unnecessary act of EXTREME VIOLENCE ;-(

    The females last words to the male is ,,,,
    so then, you think ya just got screwed eh ?

    Well, now you're really gonna get effed –
    buddy, dear friend, old pal, love of my life ;-[

    OH yea, then there's the female black widow spider – known to kill and eat her mate after sex.
    They say these murdering insects save a great deal of time and expense in divorce court !!!!!

  2. I want some Prenolepis Imparis but I'm in minnesota and I would have to fly to Milwaukee for the nearest gan farmer whos selling Prenolepis Imparis colony

  3. if he did not mention your ant on the video it can be pretty easy to find it by simply looking up "ant queens found in ________ <(Month You Found It In) in ___________<(Where You Live In The World)-(ANT LOVE FOREVER) eg. Ant queens found in September in Australia

  4. I caught a Solenopsis Queen😊
    I'm just hoping their small, because the one i caught was small but surrounded by worker ant's

  5. When I was little there was a massive ant hill with all kinds of ants swarming around it outside of my house, so for whatever reason, I went and poured water on it. After the cataclysm was over, a MASSIVE ant came out of the ground, so I put the water dish on top of it and went and got my mom and brother. As soon as my 4 year old brother saw it, he stomped on it…

  6. I wasn't even thinking about ants when I noticed a little black something running across the kitchen floor. IT WAS A QUEEN ANT. I WAS SHOOKETH. The mating season just ended where I live (I had a fun time looking at some winged males) and I found her wing scars. She's so beautiful wtf.
    Now I have a moral dilemma as to whether I should keep her and make an ant enclosure or release her. But I better think fast because she doesn't like the glass she's in right now so that I can look at her. Wish I knew the species.

  7. Cheapest and most relaxing way to have a pet. I couldn't get a pet Dog due to renting agreement so I got into ant keeping.
    Oh btw, I do Travel vlogs that features nature spots and what kind of ANTS can be found around the area. I just started 2 weeks ago. So Please check it out 😀

  8. Uh… my ant is in a web….she hasn’t moved but she is in hibernation… i really don’t want her to die

  9. How big do the test tubes have to be? I want to buy some off Amazon to catch some queens this season 😊

  10. today the ants migrate literally across my house. I can identify the largest ant and it must be queen. can i squeeze her?

  11. I just caught my first queen!!!! In KY USA. I noticed she has one wing gone and a damaged leg. Will she be ok?

  12. My brother caught an ant in a container, looked at it, and was amazed, it was really huge, it had orange wing scars, and we find a bunch of little ants in our room the exact same species, probably the best day of our lives

  13. I was just googling how long does a moaafucka ant lives…and just found out that even ants have a queen….

  14. I’ve just noticed that the ant colonies around my house are killing there queen for no reason. I found a bunch of queens getting chased by worker ants and decided I should catch one. So I did and the queens weren’t fertile and all of them died.

  15. I suppose to have ants colony inside my sofa in Thailand, I accidentally make a colony by eating snack and left over some pieces of snack at there every time and lot of ants came to my sofa, I didn’t know how does queen look like during that time-so I think it only the ants that live in sofa; but I start to know from your video that it can’t be that much worker ants inside my sofa and it will bring food to their nest, but it live there and eat there from my snack and drink water from the water that I spilt. So, I think it was a ants colony inside my sofa with the one queen.

  16. i live in South America and a cout a wing ant and i dont know if she is a queen be cause she looks like a ant

  17. Tiny = Worker
    Big = Major Worker
    TiNy ThiCc = Male
    THICC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! = Queen

    Inspired by : nelson sy 🙂

  18. Do queens sometimes keep there wings? just wondering cause even after watching the video I cant tell if mine is a Queen or a Male cause it looks like a queen but has the wings ;-;

  19. Why would anybody want to catch a queen ant and put a whole ant colony at risk. Is that what you do for fun? What a cunty thing to do..

  20. I live in Kentucky (U.S.A.)
    I have a bunch of ity bity ants on my front deck. I found them today. I wpuld like to find out what kind they are. And since I am only a few days old to this wonder New Revelation on ANTS, I would like to put them in a nice environment plants, rocks little pond I'm creative. But most LOVE WATCHING THEM. I am captivate by them. I could watch a video all day.But it might get old if I do that too much. LOL.
    I want to start a ant aquarium. 60 gallon is what I have.
    I would like to find someone in my area that would like to also.
    I dont know if Oxygen tubes are useful or C-pap water containers…it looks like a good place for a Queen 🙂 I have a lot of medical stuff. All clean. Im not on oxygene now. But sure do have alot of un-used tubes and big tubes I hope can be used to keep ants in.
    Gesh Thats alot of writing.
    Maybe someone can help me. I am alone and 57. My sister is here sorta. But she said she dont want anything to do with anything period! Ugggh shes a scroog! So Im on my own. Please. Help.
    Tell me who can I talk with about ants?

  21. Can u show them is zoom out mode! Hahaha mine look so tiny and yet is bigger than its workers. So i still cant tell! When zoom in, all look like dinosaur. Damn

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