How to Heal Yourself | My Top 5 Spiritual Healing Tips!

How to Heal Yourself | My Top 5 Spiritual Healing Tips!

Hey everyone, this is Bridget. And today we’re gonna be talking about my top five most powerful ways to heal yourself I have been on my own spiritual healing journey for a decade or more and learned many different tricks along the way so I definitely want to share those with you and I’ve worked with thousands of people on Healing their challenges as well and so I want to kind of bring together all that information so that you can feel more whole and balanced because Really that is what healing is. What is the antidote to healing? It is wholeness it is. Love it Is this frequency and flow of harmony and universal divinity that runs and moves through us? This is our natural state and many things has have brought us out of balance, you know such as trauma or just Human life in general there’s so many different things that can create imbalances or distortions within this flow of love and wholeness and balances So this is what I want to get into so I’m gonna go through my top five ways Right now, okay so the first thing that we need to get into to understand the rest of the tips is is generally what’s Happening when we are being healed. So what is healed? When we’re looking at healing because that’s the antidote and the antidote is wholeness, right? And so how then do we get to this greater level of wholeness? Well this greater level of wholeness Unity oneness has a higher vibration and that higher vibration that is more in its pure unity form Can then raise the vibration of a certain piece? of ourselves that is traumatized, distorted. pushed out, unconscious, wounded – all of those kinds of things and so the 101 to Healing yourself and healing in general It’s to put yourself in a vibrational field that is higher than that thing that needs to be healed and so that’s the first tip is to understand that concept now that can go into many different areas and it’s very Deep and actually quite fun. So we’re going to get into that. These other tips will specify more of how we can do this so the second tip, which is Critical like it’s it’s foundational fundamental to healing yourself is being open to being healed Okay being open to it. Now. This isn’t just like with your mind like yeah, I’d open to being healed I’m open to getting over my issue user triggers. It’s the full relinquishing of that Victimhood of that issue of that past thing of that energetic entrainment it is the full. Yes Full yes body mind and soul to releasing that and coming back into flow So that is one of the biggest things that I’ve seen over the years in many different healing sessions that I’ve done and In group settings, which is that when I’m tuning into someone’s day as the healer and I am going Okay. So what what can we do to bring more? Wholeness right? That’s really the question then I Scan the energetic fields And one of the things is is as much is available is what I can see or sometimes I can actually see certain things often cases that I’m just not allowed to say it or not allowed to go there because the person is not Actually ready to let that go and not open to it so the Key key is to be open to wholeness to be open to healing and that’s one of the perpetual things That I’ve seen kind of over the years when I was on my own like deeper healing crap Clean-out journey in my early 20s. Is that a lot of people in this? initial stage of healing get caught up in Constantly needing to be healed Right and you can kind of that can become its own distortion and people can stay in that spiral of having issues And so really being open to healing is actually one of the most powerful ways to heal So that is number two number three is understanding that we are on a path Right now in this spiritual awakening this phase of it in our in our historical time That is a self initiation path in the past It’s been different. There’s been times where we awakened through gurus Like we don’t actually know what’s happening energetically to us or why it’s happening but we just kind of entrust and give our power to a guru or to a teacher and They just heal us and we don’t kind of know how it happened. We’re not consciously participating but in this part of our awakening we are we’re actively acting on our own behalf to Become whole and wonderful once again and so in this space it requires us to hold many different perspectives at once Which can be sometimes kind of challenging, but I find it actually quite fun So it’s the idea that one it’s becoming conscious which we’ll get to in a second. It’s another tip but it’s becoming conscious right of our of our issues of these things that need to be healed and Becoming very aware of that and then going okay. I have this thing that needs to be healed now How do I heal it? Right and actually? Scanning and searching for the solution the antidote energy right energetic that can then heal that thing and then Merging and bridging that gap to where then you become healed. You’re your own healer and your own Client at once and being able to hold that skin, it find a person or a modality or a thing that then can assist you to the healed version of that particular thing, so Example throw it out. There would be I knew that I had trauma from birth From my birthing process. My mom was drugged and she it was kind of like an emergency situation and so that I knew had a Traumatic imprint on part of my energetics which actually made it challenging for me to complete things That’s kind of a whole nother video that I’ll do because that’s actually a really cool story And so I knew that this that I needed to complete so then I stand figured out Okay, this is there’s this kind of trauma healing that helps with the rebirth reap a turning of this infant birth trauma and then I went through that process and got myself healed and it was Incredible and one of the most powerful healings I’ve ever had so for instance, so that’s that’s an example, right? This would be like, okay. I’ve got this issue. Now. What is the solution for that issue? And there’s so many solutions out there So you’re in really good hands, but becoming the objective observer of your own awakening your own kind of guide You know, you know channeling your Higher Self. Well at the same time simultaneously realizing that you got this stuff that you need to work on and heal and sometimes people can get caught up and just being The kind of healed perfect one when you still have the crap, so it’s it’s being able to realize that you’re not Fully fixed yet. But but feel the fixin Asst, you know what I mean? It’s paradoxical it’s kind of it’s kind of strange, but it’s really really critical to healing yourself so the fourth tip is what I have just alluded to which is looking deeply into your shadow or unconscious because Often many times the things that we need to heal in ourselves are those things we’re not aware of. Oh Crap, how are we gonna do this? It gets kind of challenging and it requires some Real courage and real humility and real self honesty To go into those things and look at them and sometimes you just might not at all be aware at them at all And I do have a video on shadow work which can help you on in that particular category. So I suggest going and watching that But in this case is one of the great ways to bring in support to bring in help and in any of these cases in this list Bringing in people like healer spiritual healers is a this is the opportunity, right? This is the space when you you can’t see that thing yourself but you know it’s there or you’re it’s like I can’t quite put my finger on it and that’s where clairvoyance and healers can come in and Energetically like see into your field and then help you get to the root of it right and then hold the space hold that energetic space to then bring that that to healing and so actually Identifying the thing that it is and then bringing healing to it is a really powerful way So that’s where you want to bring in a healer or some kind of support to Look at those things that you might not be able to see and often asking family and friends to tell you Maybe in a very kind way, you know setting that up in a healthy way going Okay What are some of my shows that I don’t see or what are some things that I could work on and a really safe kind? of like humble kind setting between you two or between certain people often the people around us know exactly what our challenges or issues are that need to be healed but But again, we have to be open to it, right? That’s why people aren’t just gonna be like, yeah, this is your issue I mean, some people are that bolt, but they’re not gonna just say it to you unless you’re open and asking and willing so again going back to that open openness is really key and then getting that support from People that are really good at this kind of thing to help you through it and I did it for years and it was profound The effects that people had I’m not personally doing sessions right now and too busy with other things though I would like to go back to it soon because it is powerful One of the ways that I am healing now is obviously like through this to help and then also in group settings which is pretty interesting because often times one of the things that we might have woundings around is actually being with amongst other people more than one person and being heard in that setting or being Expressed and those kinds of things and so it’s really fun for me to help people heal in kind of a bigger social Collective setting that adds more components to it, which is always fun and challenging So that’s kind of the new way that I’m doing it personally. So getting yourself into these situations where you look into your unconscious and And there’s many different things that can do this to like different kind of shamanic journeys Regressions that can take you back. I mean I’ve done Regressions with certain people where we go back and they want to see say like an alien Lifetime or their abduction they end up going back to a molestation that they’ve suppressed and maybe forgotten or pushed away So it’s one of those things that whatever needs to come up Will come up next there’s an order of operation to healing that’s one of the things that I’ve definitely learned and It’s like you can’t access a certain thing until this layers are locked so, um So so letting what comes up be what comes up there’s certain things that we might want to do with their minds or our excitement Or our egos being like well I want to go explore this thing and it’s like you need to go look over here first And that will actually give you the full capacities where we don’t have these blocks and wounds to then experience this thing over here that we’re really stoked about that might have higher transmissions and if we Are blocked in certain ways those things, you know, maybe connecting with guides or angelic beings or extraterrestrials they’re not going to come through that that transmission or those that Information is going to come back come through scoot or scattered if we don’t fix these other things first So sometimes it might not seem fun. But after it’s complete believe me is so much better at two to heal now the fifth tip and the final tip is to Find the modality or the kind of energy that works for you to raise your vibration in these three categories To then bring you to wholeness and often your excitement will lead you to that certain thing or sometimes your fear your mortal fear of this particular modality or Experience might lead to you also to that thing as well. So looking at that So there’s in so many different ways of healing I mean healing can come through lights through sound through color through frequency Like those are the key vibrations that bring us back into harmony and wholeness and so doing any Modality connected to any of those is going to be very rich and beautiful and wonderful even for filming this video I had like all this orange which actually orange put into your energetic fields can cause healing but in this case I was like Let’s go for some more Purple tones because I know that that color therapy is actually very healing to the energetic system so you even watching this video with these certain colors is Helpful, so seeing what resonates with you. It might be color therapy. It might be sound to you. It might be light therapy It might be a million different things. So seeing what resonates with you and going in that direction, of course Again, it’s it’s a little bit tricky right when we’re going out into the healing world or all these different modalities or maybe even planned medicines all these different things and to know what is an alignment or what isn’t So in that space, of course going back to that objective perspective So that the wound isn’t just giving away your power to someone else You know as you’re going is this hue right for me or is this? Ceremony right for me, but going okay Objectively, let me use my empathic abilities. Let’s tune in scan. Is this accurate? I know I’ve got this wound and it needs to be fixed. But is this the appropriate? Energy or modality or teacher that can really be bring true wholeness because sometimes you can actually think create situations that can reach Ramat eyes or bring up more which Actually can be powerful in its own right because then you can see more and more that thing that needs to be healed or that Does that? distortion that was attracted Can also reveal part of the thing that needs to be healed Yeah, there’s a lot of complexity here and a lot of different nuances to it but just really tuning in objectively empathically kind of Again channeling your higher self or your future self or your whole self and going. Okay look after me Is this is this accurate? is this what I really do need and then waiting for that yes from your guides from your energy from synchronicity to move you forward in that direction and that kind of wounded part can come along and then the ultimate goal is to bring them back into Integration certain places can also bring up very healing vibrations, right? So you hear me talk about the sacred sites in particular places and those accelerative energies, you know If it’s more of a vortex energy like Sedona, it can just bring whatever needs to come up You know to the surface because when your vibration goes up those things that are out of alignment go Bing Bing Bing Hello, you need to fix me so that we can all go as one being to this next level So vortex places can do that chakra sites are more nurturing and I in general so places like Hawaii or Glastonbury or Shasta Places like that where the energy is coming down and there is more of a healing vibration now things can definitely come up in those Places and I’ve had you know tremendous Healing challenges come up in these places, but there is a very nurturing quality to them as well So places are a big one for me. You you know that you’ve heard me talk about that a lot and then there’s many other things to adjust and raise your vibration such as crystals and plants and Certain people and vibrations and and groups that can assist so just tuning into what’s right for you So there are so many different pieces to this this these are just some of the top five the beginning Really critical ways to begin healing yourself. I have lots of other Experiences and things that I can share though on this topic if you’re interested So please comment below and let me know what nuances of healing or being healed healer spiritual healing you’re interested in and I can go into it much deeper because I’ve Been doing healing sessions and working with groups of people for over a decade And so I’ve seen a lot of different situations and can help in any way and so I would love to do it in this Collective way right through these videos so that it can get out to everyone So, please let me know it would be the most helpful for you If you do like videos like this, I would love for you to subscribe and hit the bell button So you get notifications every time I do new videos be sure to like And check me out on Instagram for more daily update and I’ll be doing videos every Tuesday for sure and the Thursday videos It might just be a bonus I’m going to see how this goes because I want to make sure that I have time and space to do all the other things That I am working on right now. So see you soon with another video

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  19. SELF-HEALING: Transitioning from lived-in (and familiar) to unlived-in or less lived-in energy states can be facilitated if we have a “less allows more” attitude toward what we have been holding onto. We can then more thoroughly disinvest or detach from it—letting it go—as not best serving our growth. Actively envisioning and feeling an energy field we are naturally attracted to hovering or available (perhaps from some greater distance) in the larger energy field around us will help us slip into it—or invite it in—and claim it as our more awakened or balanced energy body.

    This cellular transition takes a series of sessions, how long depending on many factors, but we can shed most anything but our core self—which must trust in its authority to make such vibrational changes. By progressively simplifying our lives, trusting-in-less-to-provide-more becomes more deeply validated and experienced as more soulfully sustainable.

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