How to Elevate Yourself on the Path of Bhakti Yog | JKYog Retreat Q&A | Swami Mukundananda

How to Elevate Yourself on the Path of Bhakti Yog | JKYog Retreat Q&A | Swami Mukundananda

the process is given a showered man
admittedly awesome you hear the knowledge you read the knowledge so this
is a very important first step you expose yourself to the knowledge and
then the repetition you realize the knowledge again and again this is the
contemplation and then decide decision is a choice you make I choose to believe
that I had the soul have faith that is you see in the Christian tradition this
quality knowledge is not there but they say believe do you believe it’s a big
thing to truly believe English knowledge that is called middle D awesome that’s
the third step and you use your will power to exercise that intellect to
bring it to the point of forfeit and then the intellect is like a vessel all
that you hear and reads comes into the intellect
now which knowledge you pick up from that that gets activated if you become
this piece of knowledge that true happiness is a God then the intellect
will be activated in that manner and it will inspire the might and if you will
out of that knowledge to slip away it’s there in the vessel but it’s not
activated then you will not be inspired to go to its God so it’s so simple which
knowledge are you back to me if somebody feels uninspired someday or having
about the you can turn it around in moment bring the gurus knowledge to your
intellect decide in accordance with its and when the intellect is inspired it
will pull the mind in that direction that is how you use the knowledge to
guide the intellect will you will be intellect and use the intellect to
inspire yourself how do you increase fake there are two ways to do this first
is knowledge when you increase your knowledge and wisdom faith is a
consequence if you know this watch is working perfectly you have faith in the
time it gives so knowledge of the personality and nature guarded group
helps us increase the faith that’s why next is our own purity as we purified we
gave the experiences that God and guru have described and when we get the
experience our faith becomes solidified you know they said that my tensions
would decrease and by as result of my sadhana I’m finding my internal pieces
and hence yes the path is right so when you initially it’s an intellectual faith
later it’s an experiential faith the faith of the saints is so deep that they
can’t be shaken one micron from that place because it is substantiated by
experience so you purify yourself get the experience and the gate will become
solidified you need three kinds of faith of this dirt weight in your Easter Eve I
am worshipping Radha Krishna they are the supreme divine personality the first
day second faith in your guru my spiritual teacher is God realized and he
has the capacity to make me God realized and the third faith that you need is in
your devotional path the path of bhakti that I am following
attaching the mind to God is perfect and complete I don’t need to know Kundalini
Jagran or punch Agni Kriya merely by loving surrender to God I will be able
to reach the ultimate goal when you develop these three kinds of faith then
you go forward like an arrow released from the bow straight to the target the
parameters for progress are basically to detachment from the world and attachment
to God my rakia and unlock these are the signs of progress but if we say what are
the stages we go through this is variously described in the path of a
star yoke it is Yama niyama asana pranayama pratyahara dharana dhyana
samadhi in the path of God yoga it is vivid verification
he shuts off but people walk up to a shaman Miranda did the Hudsons a lot in
the part of hot tea which we are following here the stages are described
like this shrub hub or faith salad who some are thought some like fear to it butternut kriya engagement in the
devotional process of sadhna inert nivrithi
removal of the impurities from the heart this time
deepening of the field Ruchi deep relish of the divine acid intense attachment
for him mouth immense purification of the heart and brief attainment of the
goal of divine love so these are the stages through which one goes the
question was that there are different ways of loving God if somebody has been
loving God as the master has thrived as the child will be naturally progressed
to the power of Gopi frame seeing God as the beloved there is no guarantee of
that it may happen it may not have if the love becomes extremely intense very
often loving God as the beloved becomes a natural
consequence that’s why you find some of the Sufi Saints often referred to their
Muhammed and their issue with Allah they see some of the Christian mystics Saint John
of the Cross etc they saw God as their beloved in the Vedic tradition it’s
extremely detailed the gopi brain so whenever love becomes intense it
finds its expression in seeing God as the beloved that is the go P break
however it may not if you’re practiced to see God as your friend you may find
such satisfaction in that that you may not have the desire to go beyond because
there is divine happiness in that sentiment as well that is why from the
beginning itself it is advantageous to create these sentiments God Shri Krishna
is my beloved in your spiritual body in the half-day you see yourself as a
sixteen year old girl and see Shri Krishna as your beloved
now you can’t retain that sentiment all day long but keep it a little bit it
will help you develop the son scars are the tendencies which will later fructify
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  1. Very logical & practical explanation by Swamiji. I really like this series, Retreat Q&A. Thank you for this upload and I look forward to many more videos like this.

  2. Bhakti yoga is best, it needs only staunch devotion.
    Karma yoga & Gyān yoga is useless without devotion.

  3. Swamiji beautifully explains the doubts expressed in four different questions. He says that true knowledge increases faith and the intellect cultivates and inspires a soul to experience deep faith (grace). As one progress forward, the soul experiences detachment with material objects and attachment to God and Guru. Spiritual attachment can be in the form of any of the “bhavs” (e.g., sakha, madhurya) that satisfies the soul but gopi-prem is of the highest level.

  4. We need to activate right contemplation to progress on spititual path. As we get experiences our faith will increase. Attachment to God will start growing. Thanks Swamiji

  5. Swamiji beautifully says that the stages of progress in Bhakti Yog are development of faith, participation in satsang, engagement in devotion, removal of the impurities of the heart, deepening the faith, relishing the divine, intensely attaching to God, purifying the heart, and attaining divine love. Thank you, Swamiji!

  6. Acquire knowledge, contemplate, resolve, have faith, exercise the intellect, and with all these ingredients, move ahead on the spiritual path!

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