How to defeat a dragon | St George’s Day | British Army

How to defeat a dragon | St George’s Day | British Army

Hi I’m from 1st Battalion, The Rifles,
Sniper Platoon. Happy St. George’s Day. How would I defeat a dragon? For us as
snipers would be given intelligence from any kind of source that there’s an enemy
dragon operating in the area. From there me and my number two, we would push out
with whatever kit we needed for a day and night operation including thermal
sights, laser rangefinders and of course the three three eight. From there then we
push into a position where we can overwatch the dragon, possibly on his
nesting area, his nesting ground. That way we can be assured that he’s possibly
going to be in a hover whilst looking after his eggs. In that position and in the hover we
could take a shot hopefully bringing him down. if not killing him straight out. If
all we managed to achieve is to bring him down quickly get on the radio, we’d
call in mortars or artillery and finish the job. And there we have it,
dragon omelettes for boys back in camp. My name is Private George.
I’m a warrior gunner within 1 Mercian. The only way to defeat the dragon is with
armoured infantry. We’d move on the dragon using the cover of night and our
night vision capabilities, cutting off all escape routes. We take the dragon
down with our 30 millimeter cannons and 762 chain guns.
Having our dismounts then dismount from the back with their SA80 rifles and light
machine guns to finish the dragon off – it wouldn’t stand a chance. Hi there, my name’s Trooper George and I’m a Life Guard. and today we’re going to discuss how to slay a dragon with the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment. In essence, I’d probably use my horse here and the lance to gallop into the dragon’s den as he’s asleep, or maybe as he’s just about to get out of bed. In essence, if I don’t kill him the first time I’d probably use the cavalry for assistance And that’s how we’d slay a dragon with the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment.

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  1. And the lesson is, always assume you screwed something up, so watch a film with a small audience who’re new to it BEFORE broadcast.

    B+ could do better.

  2. I guess I'm the one lucky chap who can hear everything perfectly. Upgrade your speakers or buy some headphones lads!

  3. In the era of discovery, areas of danger and unknown were labeled: Here be dragons.

    Reconnaissance would be the primary focus.

  4. Unfortunately, it would seem that the sound is not working on all devices. We are looking at how we can fix this.

  5. If anyone has ever played the game shadow-run you would know that agents of the dragons have infiltrated the cooperation's and government and have pre-emptively inhibited any anti-dragon activity. This is made easier by vast wealth accumulated by the dragon and it's dragon co-horts.
    The plan, particularly for the pro-dragon forces, is eventually to use soft-cultural-warfare to break down demographics and economy, softening up the whole of Europe for a simultaneous strike by the dragon and it's special-interest groups.
    Mass-immigration and censorship laws are part of this softening process.

    This is what happens when a nation fails to 'meta-game'. It's like having an army but no navy. Or a navy but no air-force.
    You cannot win whilst continuing the current cultural and economic narratives.
    You must win against the (((Dragons))).

  6. The recruitment adverts on the telly in mid 90s were much better than this load of cack you are putting out now! what a crap scenario with a cartoon dragon … happy st George's day!….

  7. Smoke signals a dead giveaway when seeking dragon movement. Any charred timber, foliage also a good sign you're on track. Slay them dragons well, folk's. Happy St George's day! 👍🙂

  8. Pointless fight any wars now, go down the pub and get arseholed instead. 20 pints of nelson Mandela ( Aka the wife beater! ) rinse and repeat as long as your kidney can hold out, talk about all the medals upon your chest and CARRYON. ENDEX.

  9. Have these guys not read the Hobbit?

    The only way to kill a Dragon is with an English Longbow, finding the weakspot in their jewel encrusted scales.

  10. This is all very well if offensive rules of engagement have been agreed but under card Alpha, you’d need an imminent threat to human life to engage and based on this scenario, the dragon appears to be minding its own business. Especially if we are talking about zog or Albi the dragon, it would be a shame to waste life unnecessarily.

  11. Great to know Britain is safe from dragons. But what do we Yanks do if any dragons show up in the US? Not sure if we've got a Dragon Defense Force…

  12. You know, if the British Army had done this "back in the day", we wouldn't be dealing with those damn dragons in Game Of Thrones. Just saying. 😉 BTW, guys on horseback would be seriously screwed. Armor all the way. Depleted uranium should do the trick nicely. 😉

  13. It won't be celebrated pc appeasers only celebrate the Irish kidnapping a welsh guy and enslaving him and anything islamic related

  14. My eyes my eyes what was this I have just watched. At least it’s 1 million times better than the recruitment adverts but that not hard. It’s a terrible day when the Irish defence force recruitment adverts are better than the British army’s

  15. Forget defeating/killing a dragon, it would be a better idea to capture, domesticate, train said dragon and use them for CAS etc, just think of the intimidation factor. 😉

  16. Sniping won't work because the dragon is in a cave. Tanks won't work because the dragon can fly. Entering the cave without flameproof suits and visors isn't going to work. The first bullet will enrage the beast and a jet of flame will engulf all personnel all the way to the entrance.

    However, let's say you come up with the right weapon and the right plan — have you thought about what the dragon is guarding? A pile of gold and jewels. This means you yourself are likely to get taken out by someone else whose boss knows about the operation and is after that gold. And if by some miracle you manage to obtain the gold yourself, will you turn it over to the government? If not, your greed may turn you into a dragon!

  17. You need a special Black Arrow, released from a Wind Lance, built by the Men of Dale – to pierce the hide of a dragon.
    Also, male dragons don't lay eggs.

  18. That great unless the Dragon has sound tracking devices or laser tracking then the Dragon sends a Attack helicopter up your ass lol . Modern Warfare is fun hu?

  19. You would think that with all the public duties Household performs, they wouldn't be so secretive about how to kill a dragon.

  20. Not afraid of Dragons more afraid of my misses after I've eaten the last chocolate bar in the house.
    Stay safe stay frosty

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