How to Become a Saint

How to Become a Saint

How to Become a Saint. Contrary to popular belief, saints weren’t
altogether perfect people during their lifetimes—but it’s not good works alone that garner you
a spot next to Francis of Assisi. You will need An exemplary life and miracles
attributed to your intercession. Step 1. Die. The Vatican usually requires a five-year waiting
period after a person’s death even to begin the process toward sainthood. Even after death, you’ve got your work cut
out for you. Step 2. After five years, what is known as a “cause”
may be initiated with the individual’s local bishop and then with the Vatican’s Congregation
for Sainthood Causes. Step 3. A postulator will lead the cause and serve
in charge of the investigation of the deceased’s virtue and miracles attributed to him or her. Step 4. If the pope recognizes the candidate as having
heroic virtues, the pope may deem him or her “Venerable,” the first step toward sainthood. Martyrdom, or dying for the faith, can also
result in the venerable title. Step 5. In general, the verification of two miracles
attributed to the intercession of the candidate is required for canonization. The miracles can occur during the person’s
lifetime or after he or she is dead. Step 6. After one miracle, the pope may beatify the
candidate, the second step toward sainthood. The candidate is then called “Blessed.” Step 7. If the Vatican verifies an additional miracle,
canonization may follow. Step 8. Should you make it to sainthood, expect to
be very busy for subsequent millennia. Catholics pray that saints intercede with
God on their behalf. That’s running some heavy interference. Did you know During his pontificate, Pope
John Paul II proclaimed 482 saints, more than all his predecessors over the previous 400
years combined.

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  1. A biblical saint is someone who believes in Jesus, or a saved person… it doesn't matter if they died or not.
    I am a saint!

  2. thing is, what if they are like: what did he want me to do again? shit lol that would make the suicide all useless

  3. oh ya i wanna try dis out, startin wit step 1, ive been wantin 2 do dat 4 so long… seriously, is it just me or is howcast getting pretty ridiculous nowadays?

  4. they changed the Law of God.. and the christians who came..2000/3000 years after their raligion… they had the correct copy? am I right? actually, emperor Alexander I had changed the bible so it would fit with the sun religion of the Romans…

  5. the catholic branch of Christianity have lost their ways the Protestant church are the closest to the actual following of the bible, although we are becoming oppressed do to haters and people who are ignorant of what we believe in and not all of us think the same way.

  6. im guessing your last sentence should read "we should *not". And you are indeed very correct, anyone who reads their bible would come to the same conclusion. The sad thing is, this way of thinking is only the very tip of the iceberg.

  7. step 1 get jump by gang members wearing purple
    step 2 survive the brutal beating
    step 3 after the beating go to sloppy seconds and buy a purple shirt and flag

  8. @wackedout991 You love step one: die!!! you wrote, do not diform my sentence like journalists lyers. As what I am, an ignorant, a sinner or a sinner+ God, Jesus, Mary and the saints knows it better than you, so do I. I will live, I shall not perish by God's mercy. I will not reply more.

  9. Hon..that request eventually always happens…You don't need to make a reservation..But, be kind from this minute on…practice..pray to God, pray, pray……..You will fall down, like I have..but up we go…I can promise you that you will like the end results…promise

  10. A true saint will not aim to become a saint. On the contrary, saints often have the humility and devotion to be apathetic if not opposed to the idea of canonization.

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