How skirt-chasers and religious people miss Heaven

How skirt-chasers and religious people miss Heaven

in Luke 13:24 Jesus said, strive to enter
in at the strait gate: for many, I say unto you, will seek to enter in, and shall
not be able. You may not notice it at first, but out of all the remarkable and
controversial claims Jesus made in his day, this is one of the hardest to
swallow, even for believers. But Jesus doesn’t apologize for telling you the
truth. To understand the difficulty let’s
consider three categories of people Jesus refers to here. First, the
disinterested, people who do not seek salvation. This category probably
includes a majority of people around us, people who are not much interested in
the spiritual side of life. For them church is just tradition, you know, for
weddings and funerals, or for Christmas pageants and Easter egg hunts. Sports, politics, entertainment, fun, money, success, occupy most of their thoughts most of
the time. In hard times they may want God’s help, but they don’t really want
God taking over their lives. They just aren’t superstitious. They’re not looking
for pie in the sky or easy answers. This kind of person finds church boring,
or even oppressive. For them a conversation about the Bible is a waste
of time, if the game is on. And they avoid religious nuts like the plague. They are
not deeply invested in Jesus, not too worried about Judgment Day, they figure
they’ll squeak by like most everybody else. They’re not casting about for
forgiveness, not fascinated by Bible subjects like redemption or salvation. They might not say it when someone talks to them about God, but they would rather
just be left alone. Sometimes they say it. I understand and I
sympathize with them, but then when death comes, and they eventually stand before
God, as the Bible says we all will, there won’t be much room to argue when they
find themselves without a Savior, without redemption, without forgiveness, and with
no one on their side. It’s what they wanted. It’s what they chose. Then of
course, we have believers. Those who have entered in at the strait gate. There’s
only a few of them, but these people want salvation, and they find it. I’m not
talking about the hypocrites, those church-going phonies that dress up on
Sunday and then live like foul-mouthed unbelievers the rest of the week. No,
these are the folks that believe the Bible, and it has changed their lives.
They’ve claimed the promises that Jesus made, like John 11:25, he that believeth
in me though he were dead yet shall he live, and whosoever liveth and believeth
in me shall never die. These are the fanatics. They go to church all the time,
and they enjoy it. They sing hymns that have gone out of style like they are
going out of style. They read the Bible in their spare time, even at home. They
give a tenth of their income to God. They talk to Jesus. They praise the Lord out
of nowhere for no reason at all. They just don’t fit into the normal crowd. But
then when death comes, no need to worry about them. They got in. They got saved.
Jesus knows them by name and has taken their side. They’ll be fine. But we have a
third category. If Jesus hadn’t said it we wouldn’t have guessed it. Jesus says there are people who seek to enter in and are not
able to. In other words, there are people who want to be saved and aren’t. They
want eternal life, and they seek it their whole lifetime, but they never find it.
They do the best they can but they don’t make it in. Oh sure, when a materialistic,
self-absorbed, money-grabbing skirt-chaser doesn’t make it into Heaven,
so what! But when a seeker, a sincere religious person, someone who wants
salvation, someone who follows after righteousness, and pursues forgiveness,
and desires eternal life, when they don’t make it in, well come on, that’s a tragedy.
But that’s what Jesus said, many will seek to enter in and shall not be able. You see, religion is not enough. People aren’t saved by trying, not even by trying hard. Salvation is not by works, Ephesians 2:8. You have to enter in at the strait gate, by the door. Jesus is the door. Those who enter in by him are saved, John 10:9. Those who trust in him for salvation have eternal life according to his promise. But those who do not trust in him, perhaps because they belong to a different religion, or they’ve been taught something else about salvation, or they think they are good enough to deserve Heaven by their own efforts, or by performing traditional religious rituals, whatever the reason, they seek eternal life but they do not find it. Religion is full of deception and can make you lose your soul. This is a harsh reality but it comes straight from the mouth of Jesus. He is the only way. Tthe Bible is the only promise Jesus will keep. Read the Bible, find the promises of eternal life, and pray to God, claiming his own words as your only hope. And come on in by the strait gate.

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