How our Habits Condition Us? 🤔 | MUST WATCH if you wish to change your habits | Swami Mukundananda

How our Habits Condition Us? 🤔 | MUST WATCH if you wish to change your habits | Swami Mukundananda

in the south of Orissa and the border of
under predation who resides a big mountain called Mahindra Giri that is
elephant country and there are elephant trainers out there once I was passing by
and I found elephants shackled with a rope tied to a peg stuck in the ground I asked the Mohammed elephant trainer how
come you have managed to tie this huge elephant with a little peg to the ground he said Swamiji when the elephant was
yet a baby at that time it was tied with the peg now when it was a baby did not
have the strength to yank the peg out and it became conditioned if this rope
is tied to the ground then I have cannot pull it out now then it’s become a
full-fledged animal it can even yank out a trick where its conditioning is
preventing it from doing so you see there are these fleas now fleas have
this ability to jump 16 feet at least that’s what Wikipedia claims
16-feet but you do an experiment you put fleas into a tin box where they only
have one foot space to Yama now they will jump a few times and then they will
realize that we cannot jump more than one foot after that you open the lid
they will keep jumping one foot they will never try to jump more than that
they have become conditioned similarly our behavior becomes conditioned you see
the mind has got its conscious aspect and its subconscious aspect the conscious aspect is what you are
aware of and then there is the subconscious aspect of which we are not
even aware supposing a dog scared yet the Wits out of you when you were a
three-year-old now you develop this phobia for dogs and even you don’t
realize why it is happening to me but it is embedded in the subconscious so every
time a dog makes its appearance you become scared you can keep on struggling
consciously but you will have to correct the subconscious in other words
conditioning and habits are so vital to our human nature practically 90% of our
behavior and thought is determined by it the way we think is not consciously
decided at every moment such conscious choices are few and far between
invariably we involuntarily respond to situations without
as a result of our habits in other words our habits have conditioned us and our
conditioning creates the way we think the way we respond if your conditioning
is to be pessimistic and you hear from Swamiji it’s better to be optimistic and
positive you see all right now let me be optimistic and positive it will be a
struggle if you wish to be optimistic and positive you will have to change the
habit and conditioning so that optimism becomes a spontaneous response that
comes from inside so habits will require practice practice is important the knowledge we
have heard we will need to practice it

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  1. Very true Gurudev. I thought I had overcome anger through yoga asanas, satvic diet, pranayam and meditation. However, it was short lived (few months), it cropped up again. This journey isn't easy, but there lies the beauty of it. Radhey Radhey Govinda Radhey

  2. Swamiji wonderfully explaining to change our habbits to change our subconscious mind which is conditioning our behaviour and preventing us to know our inner capability and we need to be positive and optimistic to change habits and conditioning by continuous practice.

  3. Absolutely loved this video clip. It’s so precise and to the point. We are so stuck with the conditions that we put. We need to change this habit. Thanks for sharing. 🙏

  4. A MUST WATCH VIDEO!!! The example of the flea and the elephant is so helpful. We can change our habits through our efforts. Thank you, Swamiji!!!!

  5. Great knowledge, however
    The background music was disgustingly disturbing. Swamijis words are more important than the music. Please think for future.

  6. Conditioning of the mind can be removed by the practice of the proper thoughts. Thank you swamiji for the invaluable knowledge.

  7. It was eye opening to hear this: even if we consciously try on the outside to be optimistic and positive, our sub conscious conditioning will make it a struggle. Therefore we need to practise. Thanks for sharing.

  8. It’s an eye opening video for me. Now I know that our experiences with people or objects condition our thoughts. We should know that experience with same people and objects are subjected to change. Only practice can help us strengthen this knowledge. Thank you Swamiji 🙏

  9. Habits can control our thoughts and how we react. With practice we can control our habits and change old habits according to knowledge we receive

  10. Examples are great !! Thank you Swami ji for this explanation with beautiful real life examples that how we are stuck with conditions in our life. Habits will require practice, practice is important and the knowledge we have heard we need to practice it . Radhey Radhey 🙏

  11. Great example of elephant. Habbits have conditioned us. They requires practice. Same thing with knowledge we need to practice. Thanks Swamiji.

  12. Practice is so important to achieve higher and to improve yourself .Making a better version of yourself is all what this life is about. Thanks for the inputs Swamiji .Your videos helps us to think positively and be better everyday

  13. Swami ji, that is a wonderful narration of how our behaviors in the past condition our thinking and actions!! For something to come out spontaneously, one has to be conditioned that way through repetitive practice. Thank you for the crisp explanation of conditioning and for reiterating the significance of practice.

  14. Beautiful explanation of the concept of conditioning using simple example of elephant being tied to a small peg! Pranam Swami ji.

  15. I am now reminded of the Law of Infinite Potential discourse by Swami ji. How much we limit ourselves in our thinking based on our past conditioning amazes me. Practice based on pure knowledge is the way out!

  16. Practice makes human perfect. Thanks Sri Swamiji 🙏For uploading such a simple lecture explaining about habits and how to condition it for our benefits . Watch to erase bad.hanits and cultivate good ones. Jai Ho !

  17. Thank you Swamiji. Focus on the wants with determination to achieve it. And that can be done by practice, practice and practice.

  18. Human mind is extremely fickle. But we need to learn to control it with the help of our intellect. Eventually it will become a habit and we ll start doing it subconsciously!!

  19. Thanks for this enlightening lecture! We are so illiterate when it comes to our own mental machinery – yet we are being bombarded with educating ourselves with so much of history, math, literature… etc. Wish this knowledge is taught in middle and high school.

  20. Beautifully explained how our habits condition us Swami. Both Elephant and Fleas examples are eye openers. To develop god habit, we need to practice them and it requires effort from our side! Nice message Swamiji! Thank you for guiding us in the right direction!

  21. If we are going to overcome undesirable habits, which are rooted in the subconscious, we must practice new, better habits.

  22. Habit requires practice. Practice requires faith. Faith requires knowledge – what is shreyas (good) and what is preyas (sensual). Knowledge requires Guru and Guru is comes with God's grace, to get the God's grace practice. Thus Harbit starts and ends with practice. Swamiji explains this concept so well.

  23. Practice good habits and then it becomes a part of your nature and inclines your mind to the right train of thought. 👍

  24. Swamiji says that if we practice something repeatedly it will become a habit, which in turn conditions the subconscious. Habits and subconscious states are hard to kill so if we learn good habits, then the mind can come under the control of true knowledge and the actions become automatic. Thank you, Swamiji!

  25. No accomplishment comes easy to anyone more so for spiritual growth. So we need to learn and internalize true knowledge, then reflect on it and repeatedly practice until perfection is achieved. Thank you, Swamiji!

  26. Wow… very nicely said… how we can condition our mind through practice… Swamiji gave nice examples of elephants and fleas. Even though they have great power to pullout trees and jump 16 feet, but if we condition them they think they cannot do much on pulling a twig or jumping more than a feet. Same way if we can condition ourselves through practice we can achieve our inner strength and potential through which we can become better person… thank you Swamiji for the wonderful discourses…

  27. thank you for the hope that rather than my mind narrowing my horizons, I can get it to open the horizons to infinite potential – short video packed with such a powerful message!

  28. Great analogy of the elephant tied to a little peg t the ground……Habits are really powerful and we need to work hard to make good habits!!

  29. Wonderful message from Swamiji. This helps us to understand that some habits have conditioned us and we need continue practice to alter them.

  30. It's so interesting and inspiring to listen to Swamiji's videos. I always feel that I just want to listen over and over again.

  31. Great….
    Chote Bhaiyya also told me as I visited Mangarh to celebrate Guru Purnima in 2018, " Life is a habit. You have to control the mind like a horse is controlled by a hunter. We can earn money to buy food as we are human beings right now. Just try to think about dogs, cats, etc,. They can't earn money to buy food. If we don't realise god in this human life then you will have to face all this for unlimited lifetimes. "
    Chote Bhaiyya used to take food of all kinds 30 years ago. He quit sugar 30 years ago and having a natural life.
    Something more I'll tell you later on.
    Radhey Radhey

  32. A real eye-opener, the way our habits are conditioning us and putting us an illusory limitation of what is truly capable of achieving. Sky is the limit if we practice hard. Out Habits should elevate us and we shouldn't be conditioned by them. Thanks, Swamiji for this powerful message. Radhe Radhe.

  33. Very nice narration by Swamiji on how our habits condition us.Our habits control our mind and our mind controls our life. Habits are extremely hard to change. But repeated practice we can conquer our bad habits.

  34. Swamiji has given us simple rules for success by changing our subconscious mind. But we have to practice to develop and achieve our capability.
    Thank you Swamiji. Radhey Radhey.


  36. Thanks Swamiji for your lesson….practice makes a man perfect…good habits help us to be dicipline in every way of life…

  37. Very well explained the shloka of Geeta.

    असंशयं महाबाहो मनो दुर्निग्रहंचल
    अभ्यासेन तु कौन्तेय वैराग्येण च विद्यते


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