How Far Away Can You Get From Everybody Else?

How Far Away Can You Get From Everybody Else?

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  1. There’s an island somewhere on the ocean that has people that never adapted there like a tribe no one is aloud to go there because the people living on it want to kill any tourists it’s forbidden to visit the island I saw a picture of these people in a helicopter with two tourists in it and down below them the tribe was throwing Spears at them

  2. 6:45, look how the the earth moves with the camera and the stars behind it, the camera moves and so does the earth, how is that possibile if its real footage.

  3. cant go, everybody wants to be there, the best place is to stay in your room with a gun and door locked and a warning on door that says will be shot if disturbed.

  4. This video popped up at the end of another video I was watching, and I have the solution to the question, "Where is the loneliest place?" Everyone from Louisiana knows, the loneliest place is "all bayou self." Had to be said!

  5. I knew about this place before this video… simply because i was looking for a place where i can visit without seing gross humans

  6. well since everyone wo wants to be alone will go there …doesnt that mean that this will be the most crouded place on earth then ? ill bring some pizza

  7. If the earth became over populated its time to visit an island with 0 population become a Mayor of that island and shoot anyone who enters it and live life in peace away from annoying society, its truly an antisocial persons dream

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