How Does Someone Become A Saint?

How Does Someone Become A Saint?

one of the greatest aspects of our faith is Catholics is the communion of the Saints having gone before us and lived heroic lives they offer us a path to follow and can intercede for us to the Father because you know they’re already in heaven and lucky for us the number is always growing with Pope’s officially canonizing new Saints each year and it leaves us with an interesting question how does someone become a saint this is Catholicism in focus [Music] if you have aspirations of one day becoming an officially canonized saint in the Catholic Church someone who is literally added to the list there are a number of things that have to happen for starters you have to live an extraordinary life of virtue for God and others and eventually die I know that this is both obvious and kind of a bummer but what the st. Paul say if we want to live with Christ we have to die with him as well you want to be in heaven you’ve got to die first and when I say die I mean you’ve got to be really dead not almost dead not recently dead I mean really really dead in order to begin the process of raising a cause for canonization you have to be dead for at least five years the idea is that enough time needs to pass to ensure that your reputation is enduring the church doesn’t want to canonize you as a virtuous and holy person only to have people come forward a year later with stories about your college years it just makes everyone look foolish of course every rule has its exceptions in both John Paul the second and Benedict the sixteenth wave part or all of this time to fast track the process with John Paul the second it was for Mother Teresa and with Benedict it was for John Paul the second once the time of probation has passed a formal cause may be raised while anyone can petition a cause it is up to the bishop of the diocese in which you died to formally open an investigation if he accepts the petition the bishop working with a diocesan tribunal will investigate your life they’ll examine how you lived take testimony of living witnesses and collect all public and personal writings you may have produced so yeah watch what you post on social media the bishop finds your life to be filled with examples of heroic virtue specifically how you lived out the theological virtues of faith hope and charity and the cardinal virtues of prudence justice temperance and fortitude he submits the gathered information to the Vatican’s Congregation for the causes of saints if the congregation accepts the application congratulations you’re moving forward and are giving your first official title for as long as your cause is open to investigation you will be known as a servant of God don’t get too excited just yet it doesn’t mean that you’re a saint and it doesn’t come with any perks all it really says is that there is no major impediment in your application and that your case is under investigation so yeah a postulator will then present for examination what is called a positio a summary document of your cause – nine theologians who will then vote on whether or not your life was heroic enough for veneration if the majority agree that it was your application goes on to the Cardinals and bishops of the Congregation for the causes of saints who will then make the decision whether or not to pass it on to the Pope for approval at this point enough people will have investigated your life and verified that you’re not a heretic that if you make it to the Pope’s desk you’re basically golden the Pope almost always accepts the recommendation of the congregation and when he does you will find yourself with a new title venerable in officially being declared venerable or heroic in virtue you won’t yet have a feast a churches won’t be allowed to be dedicated in your honor and the church will make no formal statement about your status in heaven but you can have prayer cards made of you calling you venerable and encouraging the faithful to pray to you for a miracle so you got that going for you and while this might not seem particularly important it is a major step towards being declared a saint since the whole process is not about making you a saint but merely recognizing that you’re already in heaven a miracle attributed to you after your death is pretty good evidence that you’re in the right place in fact having a miracle a tribute to you posthumously is so important to the process that there is only one way you can be beatified without one dying as a martyr because really if your public witness and standing up for the faith was ultimately what brought about your death the church thinks that that’s pretty heroic enough on its own miracle or not if this is the case for you or an investigation has produced a verified miracle after your death there’s no stopping at venerable you’re going straight on to beatification as a blessed this is where things get fun for you not only do you get your own holy cart as a blessed the church will officially declare that your presence in heaven is worthy of belief you’ll be given a feast day and the Pope will grant permission for your limited public veneration usually in your home diocese or religious community and for some people that might be enough although absolute assurance has not been given and veneration is not universally permissible in the church you’ll join the ranks of the great Franciscans blessed John Donne and blessed Giles so that’s nothing to sneeze at congratulations but maybe that’s not enough for you maybe you want people to have the assurance of your permanent heavenly home maybe you want your heroic virtue remembered by the whole church not just your local community maybe you want a church dedicated in your honor in which case you should probably start by working on your humility because your goals are a bit off but after you’ve done that you’re gonna need to get busy producing another miracle more than just declaring you as someone who lived a virtuous life or allowing limited veneration the process of canonization is a major step for the church in declaring you a saint what they’re essentially doing is assuring people beyond any doubt that you are in heaven enjoying the beatific vision or they do that they’re gonna want to make sure that that first miracle wasn’t a fluke because really one miracle that’s great died is a martyr awesome but two miracles died as a martyr with the miracle now we’re talking it is only when a second miracle has been verified or first for a martyr that one can be officially canonized are there exceptions you know there are in 2014 Pope Francis canonized Pope John the 23rd with only one miracle citing the fact that there were a large number of miracles under investigation essentially saying that one of them has to be authentic in 2012 Pope Benedict did this as well with Hildegard of Bingen in a process called equivalent canonization in the case the Pope recognized that veneration of the saint had been well established within the tradition but for one reason or another the process was never completed and really none of this should shock us or bother us while some will demand more strict adherence to the rules and seek greater certainty the fact of the matter is that the rules are human law not divine law have changed numerous times an absolute certainty beyond any doubt is just something that will never have or what is the purpose of canonizing Saints in the first place is it to give us a list that is so authoritative that it proves something supernatural essentially taking our faith away or is it to help us know the path to follow and to whom we should go to seek assistance someone lives such an extraordinary life that they continue to inspire people long after their deaths interceding for us to help our faith grow and that’s all the evidence I need there a saint in my book [Music]

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  1. I dont have a good reputation nor does saint Augustine so how is he a saint where I might be able to still become. I know there are photos and videos of me. Haha watch what I post. Dont hide and dont lie I try to live by that aspect. Ive been pretty bad but probably not as bad as saint Augustine. Or maybe a tad worse. Who knows.

  2. I personally believe we should wait much longer than 5 years. How much longer? I don't know. But 5 years is a very short time.

  3. As an Ex-Muslim , I have to say with all due respect that the God you believe in is just a fiction of your imagination and a result of your family heritage and probably indoctrination as well…I do however enjoy watching your Vlog style videos I appreciate your enthusiasm and dedication …please make more of them than Catholicism In Focus…

  4. I need help in choosing which book to recommend to my agnostic ex-Maronite friend. He's a big fan of Stephen Hawking and curently reading "is there a god". Which book(s) do you think are good for him to read or an apologetic book for me to read? I live in a mixed society of Chritians, muslims, agnostics and few atheists. Can you make a video on books?

  5. 1 Corinthians 15:1-4/
    Matthew 18:3/ Romans 3:10
    Romans 3:23/ Romans 6:23
    Ephesians 2:8-9/Romans 10:9-10
    Romans 14:11/Romans 10:13

  6. I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help but laugh. The only impediment to sainthood is basically pride from all these titles. Having prayer cards of yourself and people praying to you for your intercession, or you becoming famous. What happened to what Christ sees of you and not the praise of men and women?

  7. How do they choose the 9 theologians that vote on the saints? Are the theologians laymen or are they priests?
    This was a good video, very detailed.

  8. Great video Brother! I must admit, I was glad to see you chose St Oscar Romero for your thumbnail! He’s definitely the gentleman I aspire to be like!

  9. I suggest a more popular version of the canonization process would be a condemnation process. For example, the corresponding process could be declaring someone Disreputable as a first step, and then Wretched, and a final step would be Diabolical. I think it would be more popular to Catholics and non-Catholics alike than the canonization process. People like to hear salacious and negative news more than they do good news about others. I would start with Adolph Hitler since he was baptized as a Roman Catholic.

  10. The formula from the administrators is that – a set path with included paperwork. From the bottom up it is simpler — given honor and glory to God by doing His will: minute by minute, day by day, year by year. My understanding of the Saints is that they followed the Lord where every He asked: they surrendered to His will. Did they struggle? Yes mightily. They kept it simple and refocused all the time. They were passionate pilgrims of the Absolute. They were very Christ centered men and women of flesh and blood. Saints Teresa of Avlia and Teresa of Calcutta … Paul of Tarsus, Augustine of Hippo, Francis, Thomas Aquinas, John Paul 2 pray for us.

  11. Much useful topic just when the whole world may be watching the Catholic Church all with multitude kinds of interests.
    If the world ought to know anything, just anything at all about the Catholic faith I know that Breaking In The Habit will have it and have it in the right measure and manner.
    Br Casey you are a great gift to the Church and to humanity!

  12. Love that you threw in that Venerable Bishop Fulton J. Sheen holy card – not once – but twice! We need more men like him, in this world today!

  13. Young Man. (Bro.) You're one very smart Guy.

    I believe without any hesitation, God has a plan for you. Maybe his hand as well.✝️

  14. Dear Brother Casey – I have just returned from a Mass to celebrate my cousins preparation for first holy communion. It was nice to be present, as I have said before, we are a mixed-marriage family, my cousins are Roman Catholic. I was a bit taken aback and very uncomfortable when the parish priest spoke about the Eucharist, and of course explaining the Catholic doctrine on "real presence", however he started to become more severe, calling the Anglican Eucharist fake, not real, empty and meaningless. He then lurched into a tirade about Anglican women priests celebrating 25 years of ordination. He said Leo XIII was right, Anglican priests are null and void, and we should never set foot into an Anglican church. I sat there gobsmacked and thought I had time travelled back to 1959 and not 2019. Please can you explain the Roman Catholic Church's position on Anglicans and other protestants in a video. I love your videos, and your preaching of Catholicism is no where near this priests position, and I am very confused. He just totally took my church – Church of England, and threw it down the drain in terms of his attitude towards our priests including the women who serve there. I was shocked, and I thought you would be the best person to explain and help. Sorry for being a bit long, but I thought this was the best place to contact you. Thank You.

  15. For starters? Response to Grace. This video is the usual snappy, friendly, yet ultimately vapid pitch. As far as content goes it degrades sainthood by giving it a sterile corporate a procedural makeover. Theologically it, at best, gives the impression of Pelagianism. It really is gobsmacking that anyone can present a video about sainthood and completely ignore any reference to Grace. It's evangelism for the world, not for the faith.

  16. 1:06 oh, so I can't just be mostly dead? 😂 Great video Brother, as always! Keep educating the Faithful!

  17. You said one must be dead for at least 5 years but St Francis of Assisi was canonized just 2 years after his death.

  18. Can you tell us how it was, when you enter the Brothers? What was the reaction of you parents? How did you prepare? How was you feeling and thinking? Greetings from switzerland!

  19. Interesting is the case of St. Bruno. As the founder of the Carthusian order, his charism was that of total humility: you cannot praise yourself, or aspire for any position that attracts praise in any case whatsoever. So, when they finally found his corpse in 1513 (he died 400 or so years ago), no one could actually move forward his canonization because the Carthusians, out of humility, did not want their founder to advance to such a state of high regard. By then, many miracles were attributed to visiting his tomb, so Pope Leo X just declared him fit for local veneration, basically because "I said so." With the same reasons, Gregory XV extended his feast to the entire Roman Rite, pretty much canonizing him in effect.

  20. Even before looking at your video, I just had to go to the comments to write this. Ever heard of (or seen) the musical comedy called “Nunsense”? The title of your video brought it instantly to mind as I was in a local production of it many years ago. Becoming a saint was somewhat irreverently described in the lines leading to and including the lyrics of the song “Holier Than Thou”. For a quick chuckle, follow the link to the script.’m+holier+than+thou,+I+got+that+spirit+now.+I+thank+God+almighty+that+I’m+holier+than+thou&source=bl&ots=4zuqXOWDEf&sig=ACfU3U0qAZI6RR-dniXL78M15eqdoFX7fA&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwitk77mk4_hAhUf3YMKHYjLBDQQ6AEwAXoECAoQAQ#v=onepage&q=I’m%20holier%20than%20thou%2C%20I%20got%20that%20spirit%20now.%20I%20thank%20God%20almighty%20that%20I’m%20holier%20than%20thou&f=false

  21. Love the way you present the facts of our faith in a clear, concise and dare I say even humorous way. Thank you. Praying for you as you prepare for ordination and for all of our faithful priests. Keep up the great work. God bless.

  22. Brother Casey, I never understood the intercession of the saints. Why ask saints to intercede on our behalf when we can go straight to God ourselves? Can you shed some light/insight to help me understand?

  23. I want to be saint. Now I'm the candidate of the Secular Order of Discalced Carmelites. I've received the scapular today. Please pray for me, that I will recognize my vocation. You stay in my prayers. God bless you.

  24. Hmm… still waiting for Mary Ward to be recognised. Oh well. And another requirement, Brother Casey, you have to have a group of friends who have the money to pursue your beatification. Maybe a small point, but still, a cause does cost money unless, as you pointed out, you've been martyred.

  25. There are lots of saints, Bro. Casey, even my namesake, but St Francis is it for me…since I was a teenager!

  26. Pope John Paul II is now a canonized saint, yet he raised Archbishop Theodore McCarrick to the level of Cardinal on February 21, 2001.  The following comments are extracted from Wikipedia.  Father Boniface Ramsey, pastor of St. Joseph's Church, Yorkville, in New York City, had repeatedly issued warnings to church officials regarding abuse throughout his career. Ramsey stated that he spoke to Thomas C. Kelly, Archbishop of Louisville, about McCarrick's behavior in 1993.[9] In 2000, Ramsey wrote to the Papal Nuncio Gabriel Montalvo Higuera, and warned Pope John Paul II about making McCarrick Archbishop of Washington.[1][57][9] .

  27. Love your videos so much, hope you start uploading more often and longer videos. God bless you!

  28. Great video Brother Casey. 10 years ago this September a very close friend of mine who was a priest passed away at the age of 36. He was the most dedicated and reverend person I have ever known and had a great affinity to our lady. He was also a member of the Focolare movement and lived the word of the Gospel every second of every day untill he took his last breath. I pray to him every day as do hundreds, maybe even thousands across our Diocese and beyond. Last year there were calls to the Bishop to look into the possibility of promoting his cause for sainthood. This process is now well under way and as we are aware is a very lenghty process. Hopefully he will make it through the process to be declared a saint. His name is Fr. Colm O'Brien. If you ask for his support or intercession for anything, I honestly believe he will help you.

    Beannaigh Dia

  29. What about the Body not seeing corruption, where it doesn't decay. In the Orthodox, I understand it's a sign of sainthood.
    Where saints may do miracles, but only through Gods power as I understand it.
    Where I like looking at saints bodies where they haven't decayed. As Padre Pios.
    Look up the man's have in Carrolton, Alabama courthouse attic window. The photographer captured a good picture of what you'd see in person. I was told the man said that God would do something to prove his innocence. Was this it? Did he ever get lynched? I do know there's a face in the window.
    I've heard many ghost stories within Pickens County. It was a hotbed for ghost stories.
    If old Henry was Orthodox, we might called him a saint. Lol.
    Where I also heard that through time, there's been hail storms and everything else that has knocked out all the lanes except that one. Is it true? It's been there since the 1800's and still there today. Where they have had hail storms. Also said to have brought in professional picture people as from Kodak.
    Just three that in for anyone that may be interested. Where it was said God would do something to prove his innocence.

  30. Can I still be a fransican being married? Obviously not a friar or priest but can I still join or pray the fransican crown?

  31. If you die a martyr you are automatically a saint – maybe not a canonized one, but that does not matter.

    Die for Christ and you are with him forever.

  32. Does a saint violate gods first commandment … I am the lord your god you shall have no other gods before me

  33. "Maybe that's not enough… maybe you want your heroic virtue remembered by the whole church… maybe you want a church dedicated in your honor…"

    Sounds like pride to me.

    Matthew 23
    12 And whosoever shall exalt himself shall be abased; and he that shall humble himself shall be exalted.

    James 4
    10 Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord, and he shall lift you up.

  34. Believing in jesus christ. Only way too become a saint according too jesus christ yo. He's God, not you.

  35. St. Maximilian Kolbe gives the formula for sainthood: W + w = S. We're studying this in a Marian consecration retreat. This means that our will has to match the Lord's 100%. W is God's will, w is our will and S = sainthood.

  36. The church only trys to figure out who is and who isnt a saint.
    Then says we believe this man was a saint, a saint is a friend of GOD.
    The communion of saints is all souls in heaven known or unknown as saints, there is the saint with the capital S such as saint Frances
    but most saints are with a small
    S but saints all the same as the pearly gates opened for them and they are among the communion of saints. Friends of GOD.
    Now other, you know them their names are household words lands are named after them you read about them in history books, but those gates didnt open.

  37. Breaking in the habit, you devil inspired Catholics are very naughty for allowing the devil to use you to spread his lies.
    There is no such Biblical thing as a religion canonising someone to become a saint.
    There isn't one Catholic saint, and that's a Biblical fact, because Catholics aren't saved, and that's a Biblical fact.
    Only those who are born again the Biblical way are Saints, and we are Saints NOW, we don't have to wait for some devil inspired religion to make us Saints.
    Plus there's no such Biblical thing as the saints in heaven interceding for us, Nd there's no such Biblical thing as the so-called saints, you Catholics are the modern day Pharisees, with your 1000000s of laws, rules and false doctrines.

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