How does one determine their progress on the spiritual path? Sadhguru

How does one determine their progress on the spiritual path? Sadhguru

Questioner: Sadhguru, I wanted to know that in an effort to reach that within, something within when a person is working on it, how does he realize or find out where he has reached or what is his state or how, whether he is going continuously in the right direction or he is just paddling at the same place. Sadhguru: So, nobody to give you grades and tell you ‘you are going ahead.’ That’s the problem because an inner journey where there are no milestones to tell you how far you’ve gone or how much more to go. A simple indicator is the closer and closer you get into truth the more and more you become incapable of suffering. If you are in truth, there will be no such thing as suffering in you. The further and further away from truth you are, the deeper and deeper is your suffering. So, if your suffering is going away, you will see, naturally a certain sweetness and blissfulness will begin to spread in you, in your body, in your mind, in your emotion, in everything. So, if you are beginning to become blissful, that means you are moving closer, that is if you are not inebriated. (Laughs) So, without taking in any inputs from outside, by your own nature you are just becoming very blissful, that means you are getting closer.

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  1. This lazy hippie needs to be put to hard labor in the sun for the rest of his life! You people who need shitheads like this in your lives are SUCH weak-minded losers!

  2. I have one question here, that, when we are in the path spiritual is there no suffer, sometimes when our dhyana (concentration) breaks then I experience lot of suffering and after few days it will become normal, how to take spirituality in bliss or in Deciplin and what it causes of breaking dhyana.

  3. I experience deep and deep suffer sow i think i am far away from the truth what guide me to my conclusion: this is bulshit i try and try and try years ago nothing change nothing, there is just suffer , depression , anger ,hate .. sow what the message are you trying to send to people , an advice from someone who spend a lot of time in practicing this :do not listen any more to answers to quation there are no help for the seeker

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