How Do You Become A Saint?

How Do You Become A Saint?

Two famed Palestinian nuns were recently declared
saints by Pope Francis in Rome. So, how does one become a saint? Manbeing a role model, renouncing material
possessions and, above all, being devoted to y religions have saints, and across the
board they usually show similar characteristics – like God. But Roman Catholicism in particular
has definitive steps towards achieving sainthood. First, the person must have been deceased
for at least five years, usually. If the popularity and reputation of the candidate is endorsed
by higher-ups in the Catholic church, then they are given the preliminary label of “servant
of god”. However, recently, this waiting period was waived for more popular figures
like Pope John Paul the Second and Mother Theresa. Afterwards, local officials submit a detailed
petition for the candidate’s sainthood to “The Congregation for the Causes of the
Saints”. This group is made up of cardinals, bishops and archbishops, who then determine
whether the “servant of god” lived a life of “heroic virtue”. If so – they are given
the title of “venerable”. But, the major qualification for sainthood
is performing at least two miracles. The first miracle must be verified by a board of Italian
doctors, called the Consulta Medica, who are elected to investigate miracle claims. The
miracle must be directly attributable to the candidate’s divine intervention. For instance,
Mother Theresa’s first verified miracle allegedly happened when a woman in India placed
a portrait of Mother Theresa over her body, and subsequently recovered from a cancerous
cyst. If Vatican officials deem the first miracle as true, the saint candidate is then
considered “beatified[be-at-ti-fied]”, and “blessed” by God. Verifying a SECOND miracle is the final step
in becoming a Catholic saint. For Pope John Paul the Second, a Costa Rican woman said
she was inexplicably healed from a brain aneurysm after praying to the pope. If this second
miracle is proven, the current Pope performs a ceremony of canonization, and the “blessed”
person then becomes a saint. As a result of the confirmation, everyday people may now
pray to the new saint who holds the official capacity to petition God on their behalf.
As an exception, martyrs, or people who die for their faith, can also be declared saints
without having performed miracles. The road to sainthood is a long one – and
can take even hundreds of years. Experts agree that the best way to become a saint is not
to think of sainthood as the end goal. And it is often noted that the church itself does
not MAKE saints – rather they only RECOGNIZE saints that God has created. TestTube News fans… are you on Snapchat?
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100 Replies to “How Do You Become A Saint?”

  1. I am a saint.. I tell you… God specifically told me before sending me on Earth that my role in this world would be that of a saint and I am strictly NOT allowed to perform ANY miracles during my life and/or after death… But the Vatican keeps denying me, my birth-right AND God's divine and Holy word… and they claim to be "the voice of God through Man". Hah! I highly doubt if they're really in touch with the superior power or they would have surely recognized my sainthood irrefutably.

  2. I thought to Protestants everyone is a saint who believes in God.  No offense to Christians but this sounds somewhat Pagan.  As a Pagan this is fine but as a Pagan looking from the outside it seems contradictory… Praying to a Saint… It makes sense but isn't that like another deity?

  3. "And being devoted to god"… no, you got that wrong. What you meant was "Being devoted to a specific god"

  4. During the days of the apostles as recorded in the New Testament, believers of Jesus Christ were not called "Christians", "Catholics" or "Protestants". They were all simply called "saints". The term was not used then as a special designation to outstanding believers, as it is presently used in the Roman Catholic Church. There is nothing wrong with that. But, if you are a believer of Christ, and you have accepted his role in your life as Messiah, then you are a saint, according to the Bible. You don't have to be dead, or to be recognized by a church as deserving of such honor, or to be infallible. In the eyes of the Creator, you are a saint. And then, I guess, no one would mind being canonized by a church, also, as a Saint.

  5. We need more saints in this world. Too many people are ignorant of the Catholic church and her teachings.

  6. I really think that the roman catholic church is a big joke. They call themselves christians but they aren't really follwing the teachings of the Lord. For example, they worship saints, pope, mary etc. which God's forbids. Plus the rampant corruption insude tge church. They get money from people, the church is not being taxed but their contribution to the economy of the host country is not even felt.

  7. One small correction, Catholics do not pray to saints. We ask the saints to pray to God for us.

    God bless you all.

  8. So it's a scam, just like nearly everything else about religions…

    People, you don't need a religion to tell you how to love your god, and serve Humanity.

  9. the bible says if your a christian you are a saint not this false teaching of the catholic church

  10. Konstantinos Palalogios XI should be a saint. He died protecting the holy city of Constantinople. Which has the Hagia Sophia

  11. This clip is bogus.  Being a saint means you are a sanctified one and you can be alive.  They simply are believers in Christ (his word)  If you notice when Paul wrote his letters he wrote them for example to the saints who are at Ephesis or as in 2 Corinthians verse 1 he wrote to "all the saints which are at Achaia"   Choose the word or follow a man made creed that is always thechoice……charlie

  12. This is so dumb… There can only be one God, but instead people worship this many Saints that the catholic has created, They worship them because Saints are a lot closer to God than we do? and because of some Miracle? that's just bogus. Being Catholic is pretty much being a Pagan, people worshiping people that were once alive is just wrong.

  13. According to the Bible, ANYONE that is an obedient follower of Yeshua, is a Saint. Period. The Catholic "qualifications" stated in the video, are at best a farce, and at worst Complete heresy. To be considered a Saint in the eyes of God, all one must do is be born again, and then live in submissive obedience to the Word.

  14. Which meant those Chinese human god are alright to be worshiped afterall,
    as they were truly a saint with heroic virtue. haha.
    use them to petition to "God"

  15. If you are not catholic please go love your religion. Don't say a bad words on my religion and I don't say a bad words on your religion. 🙂

  16. God Like Direct Contact , He Don't Need Any Middlemen Like Saints , So Pray and Ask from The Only One God Directly

  17. It's cool if your an Atheist but please don't go around calling Religion fake and names and this and that.

  18. Easy.
    1)Become king of Serbia
    2)Change name to Milutin
    3)Become serial adulterer and pedophile
    4)Deceive and then wage civil war against brother
    5)Blind own son for rebelling
    6)Build lots of churches.

    Or to make things simple just build lots of churches

  19. When did the Catholic Church establish the requirement to be dead for becoming a saint? Because if it happened before Saint Nicolas was declared a saint in absentia, then Santa Clause is not really santa 🙁

  20. How does one become a saint? Simple by becoming a Christian. Ephesians 1:1 Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ by the will of God, to the saints which are at Ephesus, and to the faithful in Christ Jesus

    So a Christian is a saint.

  21. Religion bashers are really dumb guys. Don't be stupid. Just because people have a different faith or than you or one period doesn't make them right or wrong nor dumb or smart. You can find true stupidity in the people who think that way.

  22. Thank God we don't believe in miracles after the prophets' Era.. I now know for sure that every other religion is fake and nonsensical… Excuse my honesty and don't take it personally, because I am actually agnostic-theist 😉

  23. Nobody could understand the Catholic faith unless they do not make some research and without the help of the holy spirit you could never understand some hidden teachings , Its a deep and very hard to understand but for more than 2,000 years it still survive because of the faith. I am a catholic and until now I`m still on the learning process.

  24. Where is this laid out in the bible? I am studying Christianity and I can only find Jesus saying nobody enters his fathers kingdom except through him. Can anyone give me a bible verse relating to this?

  25. How can Roman Catholicism be spiritually comfortable to create all the religiosity?

    "Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You shut the door of the kingdom of heaven in people’s faces. You yourselves do not enter, nor will you let those enter who are trying to." (Matthew 23:13)

  26. Can you only become a saint if you're a catholic? If so it makes a complete mockery of the whole concept surely.

  27. I'm starting this channel to learn more about saints and their life stories and what we can learn from them. Subscribe if you are interested.

  28. What are the chances that the comments section will be filled with ignorant, anti-Catholic comments?

  29. If we read the bible, the apostle Paul refers to the people in the church of that time as saints. So I'm pretty sure that the people that declare Jesus Christ as there savior are saints.

  30. I am an atheist so I will just bribe the pope to make me a saint, yes I want to be a saint whilst being an atheist, just because I'd get a kick out of the irony

  31. I would say that in order to become a Saint. The person must make a sincere commitment to the Catholic faith and live a pious life with prayer. Following the Catholic doctrines and beliefs. Reading the scriptures from the Bible. Doing acts of charity and supporting the less fortunate and homeless. If that person lives up to the qualifications then it’s possible.

  32. my mom was born, miracle one…she had me…miracle two…miracle three, the way she loves and protects despite having been beat throughout much of her childhood; make sure you spell her name right.

  33. If u r saved by the holy ghost u r a saint in some Christian faith like non Catholics; Baptist, Pentecost, church of God.
    And on….

  34. I earnestly recommend to those who read this that they pray for the intercession of Ugandan martyr Saint Charles Lwanga. God bless you.

  35. Because everyone knows you have to pray to some dead idiots to get into heaven instead of having an actual relationship with God

  36. SAINT is another name for a Christian BELIEVER – you can't EARN the rank of "saint" – read the Bible for proof.

  37. Yes, sainthood is not goal but a "RECOGNITION", somehow a reward (at last by title) but a True saint must first be a Catholic and die as a holy servant, above all you are already in heaven. I have never heard of any aint while they were still alive wishing to be saint.

  38. 4th grade religion: my teacher told me when you die, you wake up in the gates of heaven. When you enter heaven you man become a saint for example:
    Saint Tomia.

  39. A saint just means a person who has made it to heaven (some more quickly) so we should all be saints in the making because we presumably want to make it to heaven. You only make it to heaven by striving for it in this life. If you don't, hence having no desire to be with God, then you wont be a saint and join those who chose to not be with God – the demons.

  40. All these are teachings and doctrines of men. Becoming a saint is a simple as believing in Jesus Christ and repenting your sins. After this, the real warfare begins when you have to strive to remain a saint.

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