for those without seeing the movie get
out you will know what I mean and for those who haven’t you guys see
the movie I don’t know what’s wrong with your life
Kanye west is in the sunken place yo Kanye who has been here for a minute
and just keep it real keep it in a certain place for about two albums now
for about two albums oh and evidently Kim Kardashian is it done with him yet
let’s get into it let’s get into this come on I can’t be the only person who
thinks the Kardashian clan is some type of waking covenant or something like
that oh yeah stuff works but they only breed
females one and it’s not a female you’re turning the one alright and no
disrespect I’m not even talking about Bruce don’t touch my let’s come up the
other difference and go crazy right now sure let’s do Rob but anyway let’s give
the real story JD throw some shots at the homie a did
he or they now know that see they say Sadie 2 shots today we’re so sensitive
we’re like we can’t make it common kids to my Zane that’s my ticket at all right
and just a fact is that always a diss I don’t know let’s discuss that right in
my opinion he didn’t wake the brother up but yo you in the second place get out
let’s go how much of your life you know evidently like I said before came in
with that shit she told you to the fallback nigga it goes there JV fallback
hold a right Kim said in the interview and I quote she thinks it’s a low blow
to discount a in Seoul on words like insane after all he’s after all he’s
been through what the fuck are you talking about did Kim actually listen to
these boss did you break out of bars Kim the other
thing you like to turn your homie man and you let you taking it one way
did you actually listen and dissect these bars I don’t know
look now Graham it J is an artist where you could listen to a song like a year
later and magically hear something else you’d be like yo J said it before when I
heard that shit right he for somebody at an eerie ending shit a new word couple
of time and he be like oh that’s what he meant so I don’t know I may hit his
drink you know in a few months and be like damn he did get out yeah he did
like you don’t know what jay-z you know say that’s that’s one of the
great things about his work like there’s so much content packed into his lines
no metaphors double entendres and what type of stuff don’t even ask me how
corny joke right man is you of this I don’t think jay-z called Kanye crazy
even though we all know Kanye crazy we are dope on you crazy
Tim no tiny community maybe with somebody and they crazy you know they
crazy trust me let’s break down the lines you know everyone is referring to
its office home is up the track kill jay-z right around the 16th bar or etc
stuff somewhere around there okay hi this was Eddie says ahead I know people
backstab you I felt that too but this fuck everybody attitude ain’t natural
but you ain’t the same this ain’t kumbaya but you got hurt
because you did Cole by yay who didn’t kick out but you give him 20 million
without blinking he gave you 20 minutes on stage fuck was he thinking fucking
wrong with everybody is what you saying but if everyone is
crazy you’re the one that’s insane that shit is so crazy because it’s true you
know if you’re doing the same thing over Noah technically that’s definition of
insanity now this is the point I want to make the whole song jay-z is I basically
he’s bouncing between first second and third person right like even on the
first line opens up like the first two bars he says um
you shot your own brother how can we know we can trust jay-z that jay-z
talking to jay-z about jay-z so like I don’t know if he’s
talking about yet let’s get into that some parts he’s talking about yay but
then he’ll bounce out of it and he’ll talk about himself
it’s not really the same person so he said but you got hurt because you did
cool by yay we said that right when he says but you got hurt because he’s a
coup by yay I think he’s talking about himself what’s up my cool creators thank
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  2. Awesome Video. We subscribed to you, sub back and email us for music, check out our new upload on the Royalty free playlist.

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