Homlessness still a problem in St. Augustine

Homlessness still a problem in St. Augustine

struggle with a moving target is really burdening the nation’s oldest city tonight homelessness and vagrancy on the streets of st. Augustine even after an ordinance was passed to prevent panhandling in busy areas much of the city’s massive homeless population has moved from one area to another leaving business owners searching for a fair solution News 4 jacks reporter ethan callaway is live in the Lincolnville neighborhood tonight trying to explain it get some answers ethan that’s right Lindsey this particular area near Washington and bridge streets is attracting a number of these transients that is because right here behind me is st. Francis House shelter and just a few feet away as we’re dining with dignity sets up every night giving out free meals still many here say unfortunately this problem of homelessness persists along busy st. George Street it’s a population that’s hard to miss it’s a shocker yeah because I mean in Miami I don’t really see them as much visitors to the downtown historic districts say the homelessness problem is apparent here and wonder how to fix it I don’t know what is the solution it can be a little bit political yes but there is also some effort local from the social organization that can do something more with the city ordinance now in place many panhandlers moved away from tourist hotspot trying to avoid being cited by police but some say they didn’t go far for some reason now they’ve set up camp down on Washington Street directly across from Saint Francis just right outside of my driveway it’s pretty much where they stay all day Doug morones dog Rose Brewing Company at the corner of Washington and bridge streets he says many vagrants are taking advantage of homeless resources and aren’t working to get off the streets if they’re sleeping out there and they don’t want them in st. Francis house because maybe they’re unruly or they’re drunk or whatever it is then they’re not getting the help they need Murr says he’s witnessed blatant drug activity and violence among some of the homeless right on the street it’s a problem he’d the city and visitors are hoping to see solved now under that ordinance if police spot panhandlers within a certain proximity to business entrances parking meters and other high-traffic areas that can be cited by officers we’re live in st. Augustine tonight Ethan Callaway Channel 4 D local station

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  1. Another thing. Developers have come here before to try and build fixed rent buildings and a large shelter. The same rich scumbag demoncrats that are attacking the poor did everything they could at city hall to keep the development out.

  2. We need more affordable housing, I don't enjoy being homeless, I have a full-time job, I don't do drugs I don't commit crimes, all I want and need is more assistance. I don't see why the country isn't try for the tiny homes for the poo/ homeless. In my opinion it would help with seeing anyone of us in the parks, woods and in the streets. I need a home, plz help me, help us.

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