Hollyoaks Saints or Sinners? – Official Trailer

Hollyoaks Saints or Sinners? – Official Trailer

Here comes the bride! Oh! I’ve missed you, losers! We’re on our Holly-bobs, ladies! We’re going to be 24-hour party people! Yeah! We’re getting married tomorrow! I will do anything it takes to protect Holly from you. You are the best husband ever! Be my girl again, Gracie… or I will destroy everyone that you care about. Let me go! He’s violent towards you. You deserved that. If anything happens to Brooke, you’re in big trouble. I need you to tell me exactly what you told your dad. Well, it’s Buster… Well, what’s he done? Dropped you from the team? Good lad. Marrying Damon is a mistake… This marriage is doomed! Who is your mystery groom? And here I am! Russ Owen?! Step on it, Ronaldio. Here we go! We’re aiming big, we’re gonna have it all. I’m Asha, Neeta’s sister. I’m Romeo. I’m married. You’re either with Nancy, or you’re with me. What are you doing here? You think you’re some sort of guardian angel… Damon is not the one for you. And you are? Guilty as charged. You’ve been seeing him again, haven’t you?! I am not your little woman anymore! Milo killed my mum and dad? Milo, please don’t do this! This is your second chance to get it right… I think I saw a dead body…

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  1. I was almost certain Sinead would be in the trailer somewhere since she's returning too. Very excited to see Mercy back, and NANA MCQUEEN! The McQueen house felt empty without both of them.

  2. I got chills watching this my mouth kept getting wider as I kept seeing more and more drama happening wow wow wow hollyoaks congratulations you are going to have me hooked on to yous all this summer xx

  3. If Mandy gets pregnant it will be Darren’s, shame there back at it again, if they get caught then about time

  4. Kyle is not in it. Suppose that means he's not coming back.

    Meds is trouble as always.

    Mac is started to move.

    I hope Cindy won't get killed off.

  5. Mac is back😧😣 hought we had finally got rid of him but no they had to bring him back didnt they😠😠

  6. No Maxine!! 🙌 her sleeping with Glenn was just pathetic and nasty. Speaking of pathetic and nasty…Cindy! Drop her Milo!!

  7. 😱😱😱😱😱👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾Like…. the BEST trailer ever and that ending tho… Had me shook!!!!!

  8. OMG I'm literally sooooo excited for when this allllllll comes out!!!!! This trailer was the best one ever ❤❤❤

  9. Sooooo excited.

    *I've only started watching the show recently and it will be interesting to see what it is like going abroad. I've never seen Mercedes so I'm intrigued to see what she's like
    *The stuff with Damon/Holly doesn't interest me nor does Mandy/Darren's affair
    *Hopefully Glenn gets a comeuppance. Grace desserts better although I don't think she and Farrah work.
    * Tom should let Milo know how he feels for killing his parents; although I hope Cindy gets a comeuppance as well
    *Mac's recovery looks interesting
    *Looks like there is going to be another love triangle between Romeo/Lily/Prince which would be annoying because all these soaps follow one another. It's nothing new
    *Same with Hunter and Neeta's sister. I'll bet they'll start a relationship together
    *Imran's behaviour in disgusting I hope he gets punished for what he is doing and DON'T put him and Brook together
    *The storyline I'm interested in the most: Ollie finally appears to tell Luke the truth about his abuse. Hopefully Buster gets a comeuppance and justice is served for both Ollie and Brody. I also expect we'll find out Buster has abused other boys in the past.
    Also just because characters like Sienna, Harley and Marnie don't appear doesn't mean they won't be in the episodes. They'll probably have less to do after all they've all had an hectic spring and will probably take more of a back seat.
    Also please make #Brollie a thing both Ollie and Brook need some happiness after he misery they've been put though in recent weeks. They make a nice couple.
    All in all it looks like I'm booked for the next six weeks. It's going to funny, sad, scary, heartbreaking and fun

  10. Episode that don’t take place in “Hollyoaks” are boring as shit
    …. also if they put dramatic music it would have made it 100x better

  11. When hunter said ‘I think I saw a dead body’ I’m pretty sure he was refuring to bobbys grandfather the one who got killed in the woods because..Hunter glen and goldies brother was all there so it could be either 3 of them who killed him..

  12. Literally everything in this trailer has happened (except for when Cindy shouts "Milo please don't do this" which will happen tomorrow)

  13. Yay this is fun having a great summer but it has end really quickly and some people wish people they can still be summer and it is enough of summer

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