HOBART HIGHLIGHTS: Lacrosse battles Saint Joseph’s

is Blewitt crawling out front lefty
carry doubles back right fires and save rebound coming to the near side and
Mueller gonna try and they will give it to to the Hawks. Rastivo behind
the net now and he’ll be challenged by Mueller, Mueller works hard, Sam Mueller with the caused turnover absolutely helicoptered Rastivo there
nice jab by Sam Out top now it’s Mott running left he’ll
feed left for Grimaldi behind Aslanian lefty carry Aslanian quick pass
over the top hold it straight on score Aslanian the feed we’re tied up
it’ll curl out coming over briefly to slide on to Bennett Moore here’s the pass
backdoor dropped and it’s going to be raked out by Mueller and now boy it and
nobody’s got it Moore’s there Hobart picks it off they take it away again
I’ll give all that credit to Sam look he came out of the cage and picked off that
pass knocked it down and from behind the cage great job Sam being really active
in there five out of six and hold art was about hold and running left-hand
side it’ll go down in behind the net now there goes Aslanian out front the one
goals when he fed the crease he’ll drive to the front turn shoots and scores. One on one play was not going to be denied the front of
the net and he ties it up it’ll work down the alley still outside stalked by
Gilbertson trying to cut inside him does a little bit pats on the crease shot save of off Blewitt it’s loose in the crease ball bouncing around Sam finally grabs
it out front right Tommy Mott, Mottt goes middle its Burr
lefty carry Burr, overhand drilled and scored. Mason Burr what a smoke trail and Hobart has their first lead of
the day. Going to the net and then just stepping out at the last second mckinley
comes goalpost right I pass out top Kane lucky carry Kane fires, body saves hits Sam right on the shoulder right for Aslanian and whitey carries spoons back left Aslanian couldn’t get it free back to a path Archer drills it and scores has
a long pole on him hacked at Aslanian down the middle to Burr, underhand rip and scores that’s third quarter I think he had
three or four point-blank saves in transition which kept us in this game so
you know Sam is a guy that’s proven to be at least fundamentally sound and
making the saves that he should on game day and now he’s showing the ability to
make a bunch of saves that he shouldn’t and in steal a couple so we’re very
proud of them you know 18 saves for him is a is a groundbreaking day so we’re
excited about who we got in the goal going forward here

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