History of Saints Row (2006-2017) – Video Game History

History of Saints Row (2006-2017) – Video Game History

Saints Row is a series of third-person open
world action games developed by Volition. You usually play as a customized character
affiliated with the gang 3rd Street Saints originating from the district Saints Row. Your goal is to overtake rival gangs and thereby
make the 3rd Street Saints number one. The series has been criticized for being too
similar to the Grand Theft Auto series, but Volition has battled these accusations by
making each game more and more over-the-top to a point where Saints Row has been able
to create its own identity. Development of the first game in the series
started in 2003. At the time it was supposed to be called ‘Bling
Bling’ and be released on the PlayStation 2. However, when the game was announced at E3
2005 the name had been changed to Saints Row and the platform to the Xbox 360. The game was finally released in 2006 by THQ
after heavy anticipation. In fact, the pre-beta demo was setting records
by being downloaded nearly 400,000 times in a week. A lot of the anticipation was due to the fact
that Saints Row was the first sandbox-style game for Xbox 360 and seventh generation consoles
as a whole. The story was more grounded and serious compared
to later entries in the franchise and revolved around the main character joining the gang
3rd Street Saints and helping them fight other gangs in the city of Stillwater. You unlock missions by earning ‘Respect’ that
you gain by performing various and often illegal activities. The game featured an online multiplayer, GPS
navigation, and an in-game mobile phone. Saints Row was released to both commercial
and critical success. It has sold over 2 million copies to date. Later that year Saints Row also got a mobile
edition which differed from the console edition by utilizing a top-down viewpoint and by not
offering character customization but rather a choice of four different characters. The game allows you to explore eight different
regions of the city that you need to unlock by completing missions, killing gang members
and winning illegal street races. The game was developed by Mnemonic Studios
which was an interesting choice seeing as they were mainly known for having created
a ‘Hello Kitty’ game. As the Saints wear green in this game it can
be speculated that this game was in fact developed before Volition decided to change their color
to purple. Saints Row 2 was released in 2008 and took
place several years after the first game as the main character wakes up from a coma and
once again decides to retake Stillwater with his gang 3rd Street Saints. For the first time in the series, there was
put a stronger emphasis on comedic elements to set the series apart from Grand Theft Auto. Furthermore, the game also introduced new
activities to earn ‘Respect’ points, new multiplayer modes and also received DLC packs. Saints Row 2 was released to positive reviews
and strong sales that have exceeded 6 million copies. THQ Wireless continued the tradition of accompanying
each Saints Row game with a mobile edition as Saints Row 2: Mobile was released shortly
after the console edition. This time G5 Entertainment took over development
and delivered an ambitious game with a large open world which some critics thought was
too big for a cell phone game as the lively city made it hard to maneuver your character
around. The game follows the story of Saints Row 2
where the main character returns from jail and fights to protect and expand the 3rd Street
Saints’ territory. Saints Row: Total Control is a Flash-based
Facebook game released in 2011. It takes place between Saints Row 2 and 3
and features the cousin of the main protagonist from the other games as the main character. You have to take back Stillwater from rival
gangs that have taken over the city in the absence of your cousin. You do this by killing all the gang members
in all the neighborhoods. The game was quickly taken off Facebook in
the summer of 2011. Saints Row: The Third was quickly put into
production after the big success of Saints Row 2. However, nearly the full development team
was changed from Saints Row 2, which led to a vastly more comedic tone, but also a more
even tone compared to Saints Row 2. The game takes place several years after the
second game. The gang has taken over Stillwater and moves
their focus to the city of Steelport. Saints Row: The Third introduced multiple
new novelty weapons, removed health packs in exchange for faster regeneration, and started
using reputation as experience points. The game received positive reviews. In 2013 THQ went bankrupt which led to Deep
Silver taking over publishing rights for the Saints Row franchise. That same year they released Saints Row IV. In this game, the 3rd Street Saints have become
the world’s most powerful organization. The main character has been elected president,
gained super powers and must now protect the Earth against an alien invasion. As the other games in the franchise, the game
received mainly positive reviews. In 2015 a standalone expansion to Saints Row
IV called Gat out of Hell was released. The game revolves around Gat and Kinzie trying
to rescue their boss from Hell. Compared to Saints Row IV, Gat out of Hell
has no customization options as you can only choose to play as either Gat or Kinzie, and
it also features new super powers and activities. It also introduces angelic wings that the
players use to fly around. Gat out of Hell received mixed reviews praising
its setting but criticizing its short length. Agents of Mayhem is a Saints Row spin-off
released in 2017. It takes place in an alternate reality after
the Gat out of Hell’s ‘Recreate Earth’ ending where 3rd Street Saints were never formed. The game is set in Seoul and you play as agents
from an organization called M.A.Y.H.E.M. founded by Persephone Brimstone from Gat out
of Hell. You can choose between 12 different agents
with their own unique abilities and you must protect the world against an evil organization
called L.E.G.I.O.N. As of now, it only includes a single player
mode where you can swap between agents as you play. The game releases August 15, 2017.

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  1. I can't believe what the series has become.From a small gangster,then a criminal mastermind who killed everyone who fucked with him,a superstar(?) taking down the syndicate and recruiting people while doing so,to the motherfucking president fighting aliens!I am not hating.I am just surprised.I had fun in SR3 and 4,especially because 3 was the first game I ever played on the PS3.BTW nice song choice

  2. So Saints Row had the same concept for every game. Three rival gangs take over a city and you have to take it away from them. lol

  3. If they make it more gangster, like in SR1. And add more customization like gta v. Saints Row would be dope. Imagine it only online and factions just keep going 24/7. 4 Gangs and a non stop online play. When you turn your console off, its up the your other gang members to keep what you guys got. World wide gaming with 4 gangs and Millions of players.

  4. Saints Row: Good
    Saints Row 2: Amazing
    Saints Row 3: Meh decent
    Saints Row 4: Not a fan
    Saints Row GOOH: :'(
    Agents of Mayhem: Didn't buy it

  5. They said they will release Saints row:the final story 19/11/??

    I hope you find this information useful 😀

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