HISTORIC EVENT! White Russians From Europe Finally Reunited With Their Mother Church in Russia

HISTORIC EVENT! White Russians From Europe Finally Reunited With Their Mother Church in Russia

The official program for the stay of the amazing delegation started in Moscow. Those Russian Orthodox parishes that remained in Western Europe under Constantinople (US puppet Bartholomew) join the Moscow Patriarchate. Dmitry Kaistro reports about their preparation for a historic meeting with the Russian patriarch. The ancient Trinity-Sergius Lavra greeted the clergy and laity of the Western European parishes according to the Russian tradition, ringing all their bells. Grandiose festivities: the accession of the Archdiocese to the Moscow Patriarchate is a truly historic event. More than 120 clergies and laity of the Western European parishes of the Russian tradition came to the capital to participate in this historic event. I can not describe my feelings. When I came here, I felt something special – grandiose… Even people who were initially opposed due to some historical reasons, because of the events of the civil war, White Army suddenly took the lead in this reunion – Victor Lupan, chief editor of the oldest emigration publication Russian Thought (Paris). Prayer service in the Trinity Cathedral at the relics of St. Sergius of Radonezh, a particularly venerated saint by all, without exception, and by a multinational flock of parishes of the archbishopric. Historically, the Archdiocese was formed on the basis of parishes formed by Russian refugees in Western Europe after the 1917 revolution. The Archbishop of Zhytomyr and Volyn Eulogius started managing the parishes. The decision was then upheld by Patriarch Tikhon. He combined the parishes into one eparchy in 1921. Therefore, it is deeply symbolic that the celebrations in the capital began precisely in the Donskoy Monastery, near the gilded crayfish with the relics of St. Tikhon, under the flickering lamps and dark faces of the icons. The graves of writer Shmelyov and philosopher Ilyin are at the cemetery of the Donskoy Monastery. They were both in exile – one in France, the other in Switzerland – they were just parishioners of Western European parishes. Many French, British, Germans, and Italians have joined them over the decades. By the way, its current head, Archbishop John Renneto, by origin, is an ethnic Frenchman. The goal is to preserve the archdioceses and continue the activity of Orthodoxy in the West. We based our decision on writings of our first archbishop Eulogius in 1931: The place of our return is the Russian Orthodox Church. The process of uniting the two branches of the Church was preceded by a number of key events in August of this year. In August, Constantinople, to which the parishes of the Russian tradition formally belonged, suggested that the Archdiocese self-dissolve and become part of Greek church structures in Western Europe. In response, the clergy of the Archdiocese voted for a reunion with the Russian Church by a majority of votes and addressed Patriarch Kirill. As a result, the Holy Synod received clergy and parishes of the Archdiocese into the jurisdiction of the Moscow Patriarchate On October 7th. Over 60 parishes of the archbishopric expressed their desire to go to the Russian Church. This means that now such masterpieces and spiritual shrines became part of the Russian Church as the Church of the Archangel Michael in Cannes, where many great princes from the Romanov dynasty were buried, the St. Nicholas Cathedral in Nice – the largest Orthodox church in Western Europe today – and, of course, Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Paris, related to the faith of all Russian emigration. If he obeyed Patriarch Bartholomew, the archbishopric would have broken up. Many parishes would have left: some to the Romanians, some to the Greeks. Our cathedral would have resisted – Anatoly Rakovich, Protopresbyter, a clergyman of the cathedral Alexander Nevsky. Our church history is moving forward. This is important for the testimony of Orthodoxy in the West. And the fact that the descendants of the Russian people are reuniting is a major event – Ioann Drobat (Tikhonitsky), protodeacon of the Cathedral Alexander Nevsky. The descendants of many Russian emigrants and parishioners of Western European parishes came for this grand celebration in Moscow. They are citizens of different European countries, speaking different languages ​​and raised in different cultures. We are alive and well. For some reason, they (Instanbul patriarch Bartholomews and his clergy) wanted to destroy us. We were against this and found a canonical approach. We thank Patriarch Kirill – Nikolai Lopukhin, secretary of the Diocesan Council. One important point: all parishes preserve their liturgical and linguistic traditions, as well as the characteristics of church administration. And most importantly, the part of the Russian emigration that is not part of the Russian Church Abroad is returning to unity, after many years of division created by the revolution and civil unrest. I am very glad to be here in Moscow. Please pray to God for us. A solemn announcement and delivery of the patriarch and synodal letter of historic reunion to Archbishop John will take place on November 3, at the Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

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  1. To Orthodox Christians, I say to thee. Spread thy message to the fallen West and show the world true Christianity! For there is no better time than now to do so! God bless you all! ☦️

  2. Thank God for Trump and Pence and there team for bringing peace ✌️ and calming the heath between Russia 🇷🇺 and Ukraine 🇺🇦 Nations ,God Bless Russia 🇷🇺 and May God gives them a good future ahead

  3. I'm an American, but I know what went on here and I'm happy for you all. It's time the CIA lost their hold on the whole world!!

  4. If Russia 🇷🇺 didn’t help Syrian people Europe could have finished with over 70 million more migrants ,and it could be a disaster ,that’s what Barry Obumer and Hillary Killery and there team left besides the rape and the thieves that stole everything

  5. "(US puppet Bartholomew)" – NOT USA puppet. Globalist puppet – CIA does NOT work for the USA, but is working to destroy it. CIA headquarters are in Switzerland, and satellite offices in nearly every country in the world. They work with MI6 and Mossad, who are NOT our friends. It would be nice if ALL Russia Insight reporters got that straight. President Trump is in the process of destroying the CIA like JFK, Nixon and Reagan wanted to do also.
    All Russians need to watch Александр Иванов

  6. In the 90s, the year, the drunk Yeltsin ruled the country and nobody knew about Putin, and the country rapidly degraded. One very old and wise history teacher told one very ambitious young man: do not rush to leave for "City upon a Hill". Not only your children, but you yourself, will observe the revival of Russia. No matter who the president is, nothing depends on the person. This is just a historical context.

  7. So why is Putina buy up land in black African to start hold city there for with his racism white A$$ stay in your own white country russian with your own kind.

  8. So why is Putina buy up land in black African to start hold city there for with his racism white A$$ stay in your own white country russian with your own kind.

  9. I am an angel of god. Only the catholic church is the only true christian church. Russia orthodox church can't be accepted. Bow down to the pope in Rom and kiss his ring, Russians or face heavenly punishment!!

  10. ***Don't believe All the hype. Not ALL White Russians are for the reunifiication with the Moscow Patriarchate just yet. Not until it renounces the Soviet regime which it publicly endorsed under Stalin, the murderer of millions of clergy, Christians, and destroyer/desecrator of churches and Russian culture, including the most heinous regicidal murder of the God-Annointed Czar and His August Family. Once THAT happens, then I'll be the first to welcome it, as I am confident one day it will. Best wishes to all…

  11. May the Lord preserve the true Faith through His holy people! Praise God in the heavens and praise God on earth always!

  12. And when Ukrainians take back their country, from the Fascist Ukrop Nazi Junta……..They will also return to the True Faith…..And abandon that PUPPET in Istanbul

  13. Such a beautiful & lovely structures in mother Russia..! Tourism will boost to Russia unlike stupid USA so hard to get VISA.

  14. The last time I was in a Russian church, the average age of the worshippers was very old & 89% women in the cities; but in rural areas there were a lot of men. Life must be harder in rural areas. The Cities take freedom to worship for granted. Just an observation

  15. My heart always beams when I think of the TRULY honorable and brilliant Vladimir Putin, and HIS beloved, intensely Christian Russia. And I think of the GLORIOUS BREATH OF LIFE which has been breathed back in to the many churches throughout Russia…and all of this made possible by the Hand of GOD working through his Emissary on Earth – Vladimir Vladimirovich 'MICHAEL" Putin. Amen.

  16. Η Ελλάς μέρα με τη μέρα πάει από το κακό στο χειρότερο σε όλους τους τομείς (έχει πρωτιά στην κλοπή του πλούτου της χώρας από τους εκάστοτε κρατούντες τα ηνία της χώρας σε άψογη συνεργασία με τους ξένους) η Ρωσία βρίσκει τον δρόμο της. Ευτύχησε να έχει τώρα ηγεσία που αγαπάει πρώτα την Πατρίδα του.
    Στην Ελλάδα έχουμε πιόνια των ξένων να διαφεντεύουν την πατρίδα μας.
    Διώξτε τους Παπανδρεολιάνηδες, Παπανδρεοτζεφρυδες, Σαμαροδέλταδες, Μητσοτακομιζαδόρους, Σημιτοσυναγωγούς και Μητσοτακοχρυσούς και πάρτε τα ηνία της Ελλάδος εσείς.
    Μην πιστεύετε τους ξένους τα κάρβουνα από τη φωτιά μόνοι σας θα τα βγάλετε. Ούτε οι πρώην σύμμαχοι των Κούρδων ούτε το ξανθό γένος.
    Συνάξετε τον νουν όπου τζιαι αν το έσιετε ρε.

  17. Original Russians are/were NEVER White.

    They are Red people, aka Caucasians.

    Whites (of pointy nose, thin, tall) are Adamic-Abrahmic human race from Western EU, Middle East.


  18. Love is Communion. God wants all His flock in One Church, Romans and Bartholomew now divide, but the Russian Patriarchate is Uniting, there you see clearly the Hand of God.

  19. We need a Greek Putin to rule Greece. We have George Soros puppets forcing Greeks to become slaves while destroying Greece.

  20. déjà le 3 novembre. vu votre vidéo, un peu courte dans l'histoire de votre église. A Nice je connais vôtre Cathédrale RUSSE. Bd. Tsarévitch. Je connais aussi le : Chemin de la Batterie Russe, le Cimetière Russe de Nice. уже 3 ноября. видел ваше видео, немного короткое в истории вашей церкви. В Ницце я знаю твой РУССКИЙ Собор. Бд Царевич. Я также знаю: Русская батарея, Русское кладбище в Ницце.

  21. The Lord has so arranged that the United Russian Orthodox Church, after several decades of schism, should again become United and bring light to this sinful world full of human vices, where chelokek has already ceased to notice the facets of good and evil….

  22. 2/11/2019. 23:36
    Iglesia Ortodoxa , congregación milenaria .
    Pati Azamar 🌒
    Todas las congregaciones religiosas humanas existentes , su propósito es ( RE-RELIGAR ) a cada ser humano con Ntro.Dios. por medio de la FE.
    Todas las congregaciones religiosas CREEN en :
    – DIOS
    – El propósito es, que cada ser humano, hagan el bien. etc.etc.etc.
    Y las liturgias , que se realicen , es de acuerdo a gusto de cada una de las congregaciones.
    Y cada congregante es un EMBAJADOR de Jesucristo , aquí en la Tierra.
    Así que , cuando seamos INVITADOS a OTRA congregación diferente a la nuestra, debemos mostrar respeto y realizar , lo que nos pide , el acto religioso que se oficia en ese momento, ( ya que , no nos pasara nada, por que en esos momentos estas hablando con Dios y EL, te ve.
    Recuerdo , que las personas que invitavamos a nuestra congregación , ellas (os) , mostraban respeto realizando lo que pedía, el oficio religioso de ese momento , y al terminar se iban a sus casas.
    Ya que escuchar la palabra de Dios , es de gran Bendición.
    !!! Aleluya !!! !!! Aleluya !!! !!! Gloria a Dios !!!

  23. seems like Pope Francis is CIA/Pentagon Brainchild too.. ? 😱 and The U.S. and Pentagon are Pushing the Agenda "Black Pope" Judaism is the Winner.. Probably!

  24. Dear "Russia Insight",
    Thank you for posting.
    Amazing! 😲
    Such a beautiful gift to reunite for so many folks. 😊🎁
    God bless everyone!⚘
    Love from 💖
    USA 🇺🇸
    Peace 🌿🕊

  25. Any chance of finding a more accommodating translator? I enjoy the Russian perspective on orthodox matters but you probably shouldn’t be so condescending given your history towards the church for the last 100 years or so right? Right.

  26. Вы зачем комментарии удаляете? Чем вы тогда отличаетесь от Vice News, DW, BBC? Снесли всю ветку комментариев, где какая-то неуравновешенная меня в укронацисты записала? Она написала, что тамошние нацисты – потомки большевиков То есть, если я не православный и у меня есть отличное мнение, это основание банить? Далеко пойдете, монархисты хреновы.

  27. Macedonia 🇲🇰 congratulate Bella Russia and all Russia. Another victory for Mr Putin. Ukraine will soon come back to the mother land. Macedonia waits for you.

  28. How did Archbishop Eulogius speak of a Russian Orthodox Church at that time? Was he professing the present day a century ago?

  29. Unto many years Holy Master….Eis polla eti dhespota Agie…. الى سنين عديده ايها السيد القديس…Congratulations to the Holy Church  of the 3 rd Rome..Moscow…from an unworthy Greek Orthodox psalti in Beirut Lebanon…

  30. Ashes to Ashes~Dust to Dust~Was not spoken to the Eternal Soul…Heaven and Hell was
    Trust Lord Christ for Life who I've seen in Heaven…Christ Bless the great Russian believers…

  31. Either Russian church or western church both are human worshippers ie idol worshippers . It's not what Jesus teach all about.Jesus teach to worship only to the Almighty ie God the Father.

  32. I ask for our Holy Father in Heaven to bless you all my russian brothers and sisters. In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti.

  33. Thank You Russia for keeping the faith and not trying to destroy it with New World Order ideals , much like the wolf in sheep's clothing who lives in the Vatican , this devil is turning the Church on its head by merging other religions of the world to all merge under one how can a Church stand when he invites false teachings into the Church what he is doing is corrupting it , like the Father said come out of her my people for she has become drunk on the blood of saints with its fornication and leading the flock away from the true word of GOD our Father ….PUTIN should take over the Vatican as well why he is trying to restore the Mother Church in Russia he needs to restore the Vatican as well before this POPE turns it into another Mosque for Islam

  34. 3/11/2019. 10:21
    Pati Azamar 🌒
    Comentario recibido. 👐👐👐
    Bonito día, o mañana , o noche , o amanecer.
    Oiga que bonito puerto tienen, Sr.Petesburgo ( creo que escribí bien petesburgo. 😊😊😊)

  35. Sadly, this is not entirely true: several parishes in France, UK and other places in Western Europe decided to go under the wing of the former captain of Turkish army and the CIA agent known as Bart of Istanbul.

  36. well i dont know what the cuA clowns eats really he poops pants and gets his revenge through what he cant realize the only thing right shamless clowns 👈🏻👈🏻🎗🎗🦎🦎👈🏻and ars mara

  37. Russian Orthodox should exist in Muslim countries like Indonesia, Saudi, etc … It can purify Christianity there..

  38. Russia is the country which will protect the true Authentic European civilisation which is based on Christianity!! We can't eat food without salt like that we can't talk about Europe without Christianity!! I'm not European nor Christian but brown Indian Buddhist who always stand for justice and truth!!! Thank you Russia for protecting world against bankers terror!

  39. God loves Russia! And no matter what Western politicians do, no matter how they try to harm Russia, everything ultimately benefits her and glory!

  40. Think of the people who no longer receive Holy Communion as the Russian Church has fallen into apostacy and its bishops and priests can no longer celebrate the Holy Mysteries,

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