48 Replies to “Highway to Heaven – Season 5, Episode 4: The Silent Bell”

  1. Pretty low how they paint the good guy as the bad guy. Trying to make him seem like a greedy bigot or something of that nature. What's wrong with having Christian teachers at a Christian school? Would you go to a Jewish school and expect to find Christian teachers there?

    It's amazing how many people claim to be Christians. However, they have never read the Bible nor do they have any desire to. To all you applauding this episode please read the book of Revelation in your New Testament to learn what a one world religion represents and what it will ultimately mean. Unless you and all your friends and family are saved you truly have no business wishing for a one world anything.

  2. I typically love this show – but not this episode. They spun it as a religious rights issue, when it's actually an issue of Constitutional freedom. A non-profit of any kind – including faith-based ones – have a right to set their own rules and bylaws. That's the nature of the charity sector. Christian organizations are NOT the only ones that create their own regulations. There are tons of Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim, and even atheist and more that set their own standards. And it's perfectly right and just that they do – because that's what being in a free country is all about. Outside the non-profit sector, faith/religion isn't allowed to be the a factor, but anything inside the confines of faith-based organizations IS and should be. People have a right to believe what they want – and they also have a right to collectively form organizations that operate within their belief system.

  3. Teaching Christian values is actually very good for the kids and for the teachers and the school. It teaches them how to repent from sins, ask Jesus into your heart to save you, so you can go to heaven one day. It teaches you to love others and be kind. It teaches you to help the poor and be inclusive of all people. It teaches right and wrong, such as the 10 Commandments. Only good can come from this!

  4. Wierd episode. If I sent my kid to a Christian school, I would expect it to teach Chrisitan values. Just like if I sent my kid to a Muslim school, I would want them to teach my kid Muslim values. And hiring teachers who conform to those beliefs makes sense. If I sent my kid to the public schools, I know they are ALL required to teach atheist beliefs… so why would a Christian school teach anything but Christianity? silly episode. It's not about being friends with people, it's about knowing what your child is being taught. Closed minded is a bad thing, but teaching a religion (without hate) is not being closed minded. It's just placing a foundation of values within the child's mind. ALL of the religious schools (and the public ones) can also teach acceptance of other people's differences at the same time, but establishing a foundation of belief thru a religiously oriented school is different. Having all teachers who believe the same as the school is just about knowing what your child is being taught, nothing more and nothing less. Although it is possible for a Muslim to teach Christian values and a Christian to teach Muslim values so firing the teachers for their religion made no sense unless they were not willing to teach Christian values. Then why would they want to work there anyway? All my religious teachers always taught me atheist beliefs in public school… Whatever…. epople are crazy.

  5. The Bible not taught at a Christian school! I'd pull my kid out of that school. And why would someone from another faith want to teach at a Christian school? They could go to a school that taught their religion or to a public school. I would not teach in a religious school that did not have the same beliefs and values as I do.

  6. what a bunch of garbage
    It has now progressed to all children should be taught homosexuality and to try it to see if it is right for them.
    I have little doubt that all who took part in producing this episode are now in hell.


  8. I am very disappointed with this episode. How foolish is it to have a Christian school to hire non-Christian teachers? Of course all the teachers should be Christian. What kind of Christian school principle doesn't know if his teachers are Christian or not? "No man cometh to the Father but by me" That means, No one comes to the Father except through Jesus. According to the bible, there is only one way. There is no other way. Of course, in a Christian institution, you want teachers who share the faith.

    Another thing, at 37min45sec into this episode, the pastor/principle gives a sermon based on Luke 16:8. He twisted and contorted that verse completely and absolutely out of context. Whoever wrote this script has no idea what this passage means. What a horrible, miserable misrepresentation of God's word.

  9. People don't get your values or ideas from entertainment! Hollywood is evil and run by Satan! All these shows as well as other entertainment is owned by Freemasons and Illuminati, and they try to slip doubt and fear into your minds subconsciously! Get your values from the word of god and nowhere else! It's OK to be "entertained" but stay grounded in Christ and be careful what they try to plant in your mind!

  10. It's strange how most of the comments are written by people watching a nondenominational angel played by a Jewish actor and you still don't get the point of the episode. Our country and the world today so needs to come together, get along, and learn about other people's beliefs. But all I see are groups becoming more judgemental and segregated. Me, I have no religion, but I still have strong morals and believe in the rights of all people.

  11. It is sad that people wall themselves up in churches and religion. This shows a lack of faith based on fear of the outside world. It is written: "A man wouldn't leave his home for fear of being eaten by a lion and thus he starved to death." and this is what is happening to the chirch today-it is definitely starving. All ritual and no substance, and too many self important people forgetting who it is they work for. HIS will is fulfilled in the world around us-not by hiding ourselves away in a "safe place". The church has a purpose much like a hospital to treat the spiritually afflicted, but GOD (the TRUE physician) makes house calls…so should we! The first step is getting to know one another and leading by example instead of herding people like livestock. Again, churches treat the spiritually afflicted, but GOD makes house calls.

  12. Both Landon and Victor French passed away at the young age of 54…both had so much to give and both are sadly missed

  13. The commentators on both sides of agreeing and disagreeing with the message of this episode are right! A sectarian sponsored school should teach religion, even to preschoolers. However, the path that Tobias took in this endeavor was to formulate a school that taught the basics of faith that are common to all religions and ethnicities at the preschool level, such as the Ten Commandments. In that way, when Christian children would advance to a Christian elementary school and Jewish Children would leave his preschool and go to a Jewish school, indeed they would be taught theological elements of their respective religions that vastly differ. However, they would have been instilled with the foundation of mutual respect, and not allow the theological differences to cause hatred and persecution.

    One thing in the script didn't make sense. Tobias quoted John, "no man comes to the Father but through me." This seems to contradict his message to the preschoolers, "each man to his own faith." Dual Covenant Christians were asked how their doctrine conforms to this passage in John. They answer: Jewish People who observe their faith don't have to "come to the Father"… they are already with him from the time they accepted His Law on Mt. Sinai!

  14. If it's a Christian school the teachers should be Christian, period. Just like if it was a Jewish, Hindu, or Muslim school, the school staff should be of the faith the school claims to be.

  15. This is a load of leftist propaganda.

    All religions ARE NOT THE SAME. Doubt me, go here.


  16. I love the series but this is a b***** episode that is pushing an agenda if it's a Christian School it should teach Christianity period. Jews have Hebrew school for their kids Muslims have schools for their kids but they want to tell us Christian School should not teach Christianity? B*****

  17. This episode smacks of nwo left wing horse shit. Teaching all religions…do they mean satanism as well? My point is where does one draw the line?
    "How do I tell my kid she can't go to this (christian) school?" My question is why are you sending your kid to a christian school when you practice Judaism?
    Oh and the KJV Bible doesn't preach tolerance (not in the political sense of the word).

  18. I have no problem with "Christianity".  What I have a problem with is organized religion.  Each religion states that they are the only true way to get to heaven and that if you don't follow THEIR teachings, you are a sinner and are doomed to hell!  Most organized religions are in it for the power and the money.  I had a friend whose mother hadn't attended church in quite a while because of illness.  When the daughter called a member of the church and asked that her mother's name be put on a "prayer list", she was told that it wouldn't be possible.  The reason?  Her mother had not "tithed" to the church in a number of months.  A true Christian would NOT have responded like that.  Christianity, to me, means treating others as you would like to be treated. Yes – the Golden Rule.  And, as long as the teachers in the school weren't trying to impose THEIR beliefs on the children, but were rather trying to install some good solid values in the kids, what was the harm.  If the blowhard wanted religion taught in the school, he could hire someone to do it – NOT get rid of those who weren't "Christian".  Of all the people in the show, this person was probably the LEAST "Christian" of all there.

  19. People can believe what they want to believe, however, both Mr. Landon and Mr. French were of the Christian Faith. I'm a Christian and I'm going to stay that way. However, if a person chooses to have a different belief, I'm not going to get in their faces saying that their wrong and they are not going to tell me that I'm wrong. I try my best to respect all people and their beliefs. I won't agree with you, but I will respect you and vice versa. I don't like nor do I want to see anyone harmed, bullied nor ridiculed b/c of their beliefs!

  20. The damned Democratic party are the ones destroying our belief in God. There should be a law re: loud music in vehicles anywhere especially while driving on the road. That pastor is full of it doesn't work there but cones around as if he owns the place ugh😠

  21. I have watched every H2H episode thus far. At times,it has been thought provoking,moving,sentimental..given cause for reflection.
    At times it has been a bit silly,all truth be told.
    This particular episode,I can see what they were trying to do,but the story has become rather flawed.
    I've learned more from most of the sincere,heart felt comments,than I did from this episode.

  22. I loved this show and I’m really enjoying watching them all over again. I was in high school when they aired back in the 80’s. There really isn’t anything decent to watch on TV these days.. Just garbage.

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