Helloween on the possibility of playing The Saints at live shows

Helloween on the possibility of playing The Saints at live shows

That’s was one of the stressful tracks that we’ve
mentioned before and I love it but yeah it’s mega stressful and then thing is that I’m
amazed you know that you bring this up with The Saints I am also very proud of that track but you know you’re the only one who came up with it and I know that The Saints was I’ve been told
by the management you know for the next album write another track like The Saints okay and
yes alright but it’s not that you know the whole world is telling us exactly we would
have to play that track and that’s a problem because for that it’s too much to rehearse
on the other hand you know let’s be honest you know we already played classic Weikath
track I sometimes you know already have a like a bad feel about it you know I mean it’s great
and it’s nice you know but it’s like there could be a tipping point you know where the guys
and the band say okay we are really sick of playing 50 or 60 percent of only your tracks
Weikath even though you know the set list we came up with or whatever is the result of
like team of 5 or 7 people management included and some fans you know like what could we
possibly play and some specialists would tell us you should play this and you should play
that and really to speak the truth you know to rehearse The Saints and play it eventually
it’s unimaginable work and then to see like okay reactions are not so cool you know that’s
like not worth the work I would say just to be real honest and I have my doubts and you
play it like even with the Ride the Sky you know we played Ride the Sky on a few tours
and sometimes you know the reactions were not that strong that’s like what do you want now we play it you know and what you know it was sometimes like this and sometimes it was like that I’m reluctant
on these things I must say they are truth

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  1. 50-60% Weikath-songs?! I'd really like that! Hands down, he is the best composer in the band, and his songs are just so unique 🙂

  2. maybe another reason its about the drum , we all know how fast the song is, even faster than ride the sky , push , and revelation

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