He Assumed Religion Didn’t Matter and Was Totally Wrong! | Tell My Story, Blind Date

He Assumed Religion Didn’t Matter and Was Totally Wrong! | Tell My Story, Blind Date

[Music] when meeting someone they have to have some sort of Appeal I have to be attracted to him and then we also have to have a lot in common I like those substantial meaningful conversation some of the first assumptions that people make about me is that I’m weak because maybe my frame is a little bit smaller maybe just because I’m gay that might also play into its kind of weakness factor and now feminine of my boy Andres is you know masculine industry [Music] your name is Marcus and this is your story you’re 26 years old for work you are a graphic designer your cultural or ethnic background is Puerto Rican my name is Aaron I’m 30 years old I am a gym manager and an artist designer and my ethnic background is Mexican your name is Brandon and this is just terrific you are 30 years old for work your hair stylist your cultural or ethnic background is Scottish my name is drew I’m 27 years old for work I’m a concierge member and my ethnic background is German Austrian Swedish a little bit of Luxembourg why did you think I was gotta CH probably because you’re white and you’re wearing plaid they’re just giving me that is what made you think that I was a graphic designer just like messy hair but it’s Battlecat ha ha and you like Dunham I grew up in Riverside County in Maryland and there was a lot of farmland growing up we had animals I was actually raised Mormon basically from the day I was born until about 13 years old when my family decided to leave the church I’m from Minneapolis Minnesota a suburb called Edina when high school I never really considered myself part of the crowd and I think that was kind of especially hard because in high school you always want to belong to something you want to be a part of something I never really established myself as that if you could be an athlete for a day you would be a surfer if you could pick a new name you would pick back and the most animals you’ve had at one time is one if I could be an athlete per day I would be a quarterback if I could take a new name it would be Brody Brody Brody Brody I don’t know cuz it has grown it gonna add and a bra so when somebody says hey bra you can turn around like like what is talking to me this is so weird and the most amount of animals I’ve ever had is zero up if you could be an athlete for a day you would be a gymnast if you could pick a new name you would pick Michael and most animals you’ve had at one time is one okay if I could be an athlete for a day I would be probably gymnast and you know I’ve thought about picking a new name before one that I thought about was as real but then I didn’t do it the most n was I’ve had at one time it’s kind of like a guess probably around like 35 did you live on a farm where you had goats and pigs and chickens or I gripped in the country so I was hands going up I did have goats pigs and chickens geese a couple horses dog cat a turtle being young and knowing that I was gay it was a little bit tougher kind of growing up in the church what I was doing was wrong in the eyes of other people and that the more and more I grow up the less and less are going to accept me so I’m kind of glad I got out of it because then I didn’t have to deal with any of that you want to have one kid you would send your kid to public school and it was important to you that your children are ways without religion I think if I were to have kids I want like six or like you know a lot I would send my kid to public school and it is important that my children are raised without religion so here cool you want to have two kids you want to contribute to public school and it is important to you that your children are raised with that religion okay I want to have two kids depending on the area I think public schools are great but I think private schools are great who probably do both and it is important to me that they are raised with religion I think it would be a deal breaker if you truly believe that raising a child without religion it is necessary but we probably talked about it hi parents religious they are religious or religious Catholic Catholic I grew up in the Mormon Church let me work out so well my sister is Christian and it’s amazing for her and I’ve actually learned a lot through her yeah and I think she’s really softened my views on a lot of things I just don’t want my children to grow up with the same experience that I had [Music] when I first saw you I thought that I would date you because you’re handsome your smile actually was like the biggest thing that struck me now after talking with you I was decided that I still would that you when I first open my eyes I decided that I would date you it’s a lot about a person by when they stare at you and I didn’t feel caught off guard I threatened by you I felt very comfortable now that we’ve had this conversation and I’ve gotten to know you a little bit more I would still state you that’s great I think the most surprising thing was how nervous I was because of the possibility of rejection I think first assumptions of people are generally good if you have a good assumption of someone based on how they make you feel it’s generally right I think we make assumptions to help make ourselves feel better and help make us feel like we know what’s going on and knowing makes us feel fixed that’s clueless you go wrong thanks for that this is nice thanks to this effect are you okay [Music]

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  1. So what do you think? Can people of different religious backgrounds or levels of observance make it work in a relationship?

  2. Aww, the whole time I found myself smiling! I think the ending when they kissed and then held hands was so sweet. I know I'm late but I just had to say something

  3. They're both are super attractive is a straight person like me even allowed to have a crush on them

  4. I am just asking a question because I do not understand something. This is not meant to be a hate comment in anyway. So I am Christian, and Christian and catholic are quite similar. But the Bible states in both religions that dating one of the same sex as yourself is wrong and sinful. I do not support it, but I have no right to judge. Does someone have a little more information for me?

  5. It make me want to puke when I see two men getting together and how they talk all weird. There perverts🤮🤮🤮🤮

  6. They'd be great together. The only problem they had was deciding how to raise their children which obviously can't happen.

  7. i would punch a sumo wrestler in the face to get 13 chance of 36284738 of seeing both of them talking to each other irl

  8. I've watched nearly all of these videos– 1st time needing to comment— I couldn't stop smiling at their smiles. Such beautiful humans!

  9. I was like HE IS DALLON WEEKS 2. 0 BROOO
    And then
    Brendon 😂😂😂😂
    And then
    His real name 😑😂

  10. I think I smiled the whole way through this, I looked like a creep but it was worth it because this was just so darn cute

  11. one is catholic and other mormon…surely both of them don't want to dump their earthly passions, take the cross and follow Christ…surely they dont know the burden of sin and are not saved, so they are given over to a reprobate mind and thereby they have given up on Christ altogether.

  12. Wow how they kissed at the end was so damn cute. 😊😊😊 and I think the last line I heard was Aaron saying, "So, are you hungry?" And I was so damn impressed that he instantly started caring 💕💕

  13. Aaronnn! I went to a Mormon church for a few months and I left for the same reason. Sadly their beliefs are very centered around a resentment towards the lgbt+ community…

  14. They are so genuine . I love them both. I'm wearing a smile all through out the videi becuase I could feel chemistry between them ❤❤❤❤

  15. I sympathize with the curly guy too much.
    I would never want my children to experience a internal homophobia bc of religion like I did.

  16. DAMN! Soul Pancake, ya'll gotta find me and match me with MY soul mate already…..ya'll workin' some magic up in here! Minnesota boy can GIT IT !!

  17. I think Aaron kinda looked like Darren Criss, it's the shape of his face, his nose, his eyes, especially his smile really reminding me of Darren Criss

  18. Yes, religion is a issue. Personalky myself I am not religious and I tend to stay away from dating religious men. Its a personal preferance.Both of these men are attractive, but the darker haired guy is a lot better looking.

  19. Ask him about Catholics supporting violent thugs who kill us, then blame gay people for destroying society. Ask him about child molesters in the church. Ask him why he think the bible is true when it's truly filled with evil. www.evilbible.com Ask him why Catholics hate women, and want more children in the world even though the habitat is collapsing?

    Or better yet dear. Just date someone else.

  20. The first guy that walked in I thought he was super cute…..
    Then at 0:13 he said 'him' and I was like 'Damn!' 😫

    All the good guys gotta be gay lmao 😂. They do make a good couple though. 🤗😄

  21. “Religion would be a deal breaker for me”

    1 minute later: I’d date you huge grin

    Aka, I wanna do you!

    C’mon I can’t be the only one that saw through them

  22. He kept saying the "Mormon Church" … I guess it makes sense because they hadn't made the effort to get people to stop calling it that yet … but it's never been "The Mormon Church"

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