Harry Innis Searches For Inspiration (Episode 7) | NFL Undiscovered 2016

Harry Innis Searches For Inspiration (Episode 7) | NFL Undiscovered 2016

All these people who’re
playing football outside of America, they have no way
of making it to the NFL. The past two seasons,
I’ve been working as a postman. Well, that’s the dream,
sign that contract, get my name on the back of a jersey. At this moment,
they can’t offer me a contract. They’re offering me a contract, so… Whee! No, I wasn’t bitter at all.
I’m dead proud of him. Dead proud of him. [NFL UNDISCOVERED] [MINNESOTA, USA] It’s a bit of winter wonderland here,
isn’t it? It’s a bit of a contrast
but it’s all right, though. [HARRY INNIS AGE: 28
I don’t mind it. I don’t mind it. [Harry is at a regional combine] [for his latest try-out
in front of NFL coaches and scouts] There’s gonna be a lot of people there. I’m comfortable with that. I’m feeling pretty good, so… You guys are here
because you love the game. This is your opportunity,
this your platform. Don’t let it go without giving it
everything you got. We’re looking for you guys to get in
and out of your cuts fast. Catching every single ball.
Turning downfield. All right? The odds say most of you guys,
just the way the numbers are, most of you guys
are not going to make it. You’re taking your shot. Now you got your chance, make it work. – Everybody understand that?
– Yes, sir. All right, so quarterbacks, tight ends,
wide receivers all stand up. Yeah, it went well.
I figure it went well. It went as well as I wanted it to go. There’s always things
to take away from it. Also, a lot of, kind of, like, you know,
I know what I need to work on. [BOCA RATON, USA] Back in Boca Raton, Harry is working
with Super Bowl winner Ben Coates on a new catching technique. There’s whole new kind of like
ways of doing things. And obviously
when you’re changing anything, it takes time to kind of like, you know,
get in to the mode of doing it. Good. Don’t fade away from here, Harry. Then just as he started coming,
you started fading away. – Okay.
– You gotta stay on that line. Okay? Harry’s biggest thing is his focus. [ADEN DURDE NFL COACH]
He’s got to get more consistent
with catching a football, taking on information, and going for the process
of taking that information, putting it into practice. I think right now, I just
need to stick to what I know, because if I start changing stuff around and start kind of like
messing around with stuff, learning from scratch again,
it’s only going to hurt me. Harry has had numerous workouts
across the US and so far that much
coveted NFL contract has failed to materialize. The gym is a quiet place this week. For Harry, it’s an opportunity
to reflect on the last five weeks and also what the future holds for him. It was in Atlanta on a Monday. Worked out for the Falcons on Tuesday. Back here today briefly. Flying back to Jacksonville today,
working out for the Jags tomorrow. It’s been a weird,
weird kind of experience. But I was a bit deflated yesterday. I genuinely thought that
I was going to get signed by Atlanta. British player Efe Obada has experienced
his fair share of rejection in the NFL. Signed by the Dallas Cowboys in 2015,
he was cut from their roster. Training hard in the gym, he’s been given a chance
by the Kansas City Chiefs. Efe’s experience and advice for Harry could prove crucial
as he heads to Jacksonville. Obviously, he’s not happy. [EFE OBADA BRITISH NFL PLAYER]
But we spoke yesterday. You know, I’ve been in the position
where he is right now. We was able to talk about things
that might be holding him back. Ninety-nine percent of it, it’s mental, you know,
he needs to relax. I feel like he puts a lot
of pressure on himself. I mean, he feels like he’s a very,
he’s a confident player but at the same time I just feel
like he doesn’t believe in himself. I feel like he doesn’t believe like he has the capabilities
to compete at this level. But he does ’cause he’s here. The NFL is no walk in the park. Anthony was signed
early days by the Giants but that was unprecedented. Harry has stayed to see
the harsh side of the NFL. The rejection that so many players
go through each year. It’s tough, but for Harry,
he has to stay strong and believe. You know, when you see somebody who you have been
working with that whole time, get signed immediately, and you’re kind of left
to the side a little bit. You know, that kind of weighs
on your confidence a little bit. We’ve got camera crews out here. We’ve got Aden down here. We’ve got NFL UK out here
that believe in you. Your family believes in you. He just has to take what he learnt here
over to there and just perform. [NEXT TIME ON NFL UNDISCOVERED] I’m Gus Bradley. – Harry Innis.
– Nice to meet you. I hope he gets a chance. He deserves it. [NFL UNDISCOVERED]

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