Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! – The ICE Guide to Green Cocktails

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! – The ICE Guide to Green Cocktails

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[Audio Starts] Anthony Caporale: It is Saint Patrick�s
Day once again and we are coming at you from the Institute of Culinary Education, New York
City. My name is Anthony Caporale, I am the director of Beverage Studies here. And Shannon,
today, we are going to make some green cocktails. You�re up for that?
Shannon: Yes. Anthony Caporale: All right, great. So, this
is a variation on a mimosa. So, we are going to do about one ounce per drink of Midori
melon liqueur and I am assuming you want to try one of these.
Shannon: Yeah. Anthony Caporale: Okay, good. So I�ll make
two. So we�ll do two ounces of Midori and I always like to use fresh juices. So, we
have some nice fresh oranges here. And, I am going to go ahead and put at least two
oranges worth of juice per drink. Now, I need to chill and dilute this drink a little bit,
so, we�re just going to shake it up. So, now I already have a beautiful green colored
drink. Because it�s a variation of the mimosa, I have to top it with some sparkling wine.
And, that gives us our Irish Lady. Shannon: It�s beautiful.
Anthony Caporale: One of my favorites it�s a classic called the Grasshopper. It�s traditionally
made with green cr�me de menthe, white cr�me de cacao and heavy cream. But, I am going
to use ice cream because it�s much more fun that way. And, then, we�re going to
top it off with something that�s really special for Saint Patrick�s Day.
So, really, really easy to make this drink. We are just going to start with three scoops
of vanilla ice cream in a blender. Add one ounce of green cr�me de menthe, one ounce
of white cr�me de cacao, blend it for 30 to 45 seconds. Pour it into a hurricane glass
and top it with one ounce of Guinness Extra Stout. Happy Saint Patrick�s Day.
Shannon: Happy Saint Patrick�s Day. [0:02:15]
[Audio Ends].

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  1. Think beyond green beer—We've got everything you need to mix and be merry this St. Patrick's Day in The ICE Guide to Green Cocktails with our very own Director of Beverage Studies, Anthony Caporale.

    Learn to craft even more cocktails at ICE: visit ice.edu/recreational to browse all of our wine, beer and spirits classes.

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