Gybing out the Gibraltar Strait (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 132

Gybing out the Gibraltar Strait (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 132

We’re gonna go get some diesel and head out through the Gibraltar Strait. Beautiful Last time you tuned in you were with us as we traded the boat for a car and went on a road trip In Morroco yeah, I absolutely love it here look at this like this is just everywhere After a few days of exploring we left okie there and set sail for Ceuta on the tip of the Gib straight There has just been non-stop dolphins today. I dont think I’ve ever seen so many dolphins This morning we’d have to check back into Spain because Ceuta is a Spanish satellite who the heck’s on our boat again and Oakie would be saying his final goodbye before he flew back to his own boat in Valencia Do me a favor and wave to the camera Jerry Adios We just checked in to Ceuta. Spain Yosher is coming this afternoon, and we’re going to leave tomorrow morning. We’ve gotta get a spear fishing license from the hospital Give me the certificate now What happened at the doctor’s the doctor was just a legend we nearly didn’t get the certificate and then we did By golly i feel safer now i’ve got that piece of paper Josher is going to be coming with us to the Canary Islands She’s going there to jump aboard a catamaran For a job so yeah, We got in touch, and she’s nearby so she’s going to join us on the expedition down, which is exciting Get to see my pal Josher again Where have you been mr? I have been at a Secondhand store, i picked this up on the hill I just saw it sitting in there, and I thought i’d be able to make a racing chair out of it our nav station, and I thought I’d Grab the washing on the way back down. It’s a very efficient of you Should be easy well, maybe not easy but. Oh dear why am I worried Dont be worried I’m having a win Elayna what do you think Oh im pretty bloody happy with this i tell ya Give it a spin Does it fit under the desk properly? Its a bit hard to get around, but it’s a massive improvement what if you spin the other way? Yeah, like that way yeah, and then you can spin it to the table no no that’s That’s not right I’ve just got a If I need to change seating positions it has to be sort of like that Oh, yeah, which is fine absolutely Good work, A good captain needs a comfortable chair, Elayna What are you doing? oh look at this behemoth Why behemoth? oh god. Oh look at you beard I know What are you doing? Pretending to be Amish, I mean now I’m going through old Footage like and we’re gonna release some unseen videos onto Facebook So if you’d like to catch up on that head over there links in the description below I’ve been working all day, so I’ve convinced Riley to.. excuse me Elayna, what have I been doing Riley’s been working as well, he’s been very industrious But I’ve convinced Riley to take me for a cruise To see the Royal walls of Ceuta. It’s like a canal that connects from this side to the other side Of the ocean which is pretty cool, and I’ve run past it this morning, and it just looks wicked so we’re going canal cruising So these are the royal walls of Ceuta they date back to 962 in its oldest part and Its most modern part somewhere in the 18th century, and they played a large role in the siege of Ceuta which I won’t get into But it’s pretty cool Thought I was the history buff not today buddy, not today Look who’s here? Where did you come from Yosh? I came from Portugal. some friends from New Zealand their family bought a kitch in the UK and sailing across the Atlantic So I was hanging out in Portugal and Spain and Portugal with him sailing around and you’ve just been gypsy, pirate, artist Yeah, I don’t really know I don’t really know what my plan. I’m just kind of going with the wind right now. I love it A gypsy, pirate artist Yea thats what she is, love it All right we love you Josh love you too Great to have you back. its good to be back, its good to be back Yosher and I went for a big food shop this morning with our trolleys. What do you think of the Trollies? dashing aren’t they? And I’m just doing some food prepping now Then we’re gonna go get some diesel and head out through the Gibraltar Strait when the tide is in our favor So I’m making a big batch of hummus two jars of chickpeas tahini lemon olive oil garlic cloves and some pink Himalayan salt Yosha Can you pass me the pink Himalayan mm-hmm there you go? Thank you girl And it’s happening, yum Its seriously so good, you need to taste it Why are you excited boot-town I am super duper excited To get out of the mediterranean it’s been fantastic, but this is the longest trip We’ve done on this boat, and it’s how many nautical miles to the Canaries? 580 from Ceuta, but we’ll end up because we’re gonna go with the wind we’ll end up doing a lot more than that We were about to say goodbye to Europe for the second time, but first we’d be navigating through the notoriously busy Gibraltar Strait As I’ve explained a few times the weather funnels through the Gibraltar Strait Wind waves current everything generally speaking. There’s a three knot current going in As a rule of thumb, though, just go by the wind when we leave there’s going to be 15 knots 15 18 20 and I bet by tarifa 25 even plus because of that funneling effect now we’re gonna head west For approximately 200 miles because there’s a band of wind there Then we’ll head directly south turning into the breeze to increase our apparent wind and enable us to keep sailing straight directly south down the coast of Africa now this is where the drama begins because in about two days time we’re going to get 20 knots of breeze on the nose Which is never very pleasant. This is also not good weather to be having For this particular trip, you could expect 15 knots behind you the whole time to boot there is low after low after low of insane stuff in the northern Atlantic which is going to bring all sorts of swell and nastiness If that changes at all we could end up with 35 knots Pushing us onto the coast of Africa on a lee shore Which is the worst case scenario Elayna mm-hmm look at all the traffic here Josho, look at all that boats everywhere yeah, it’ll be a bit niggly, but Only in the Gib strait We found our wind we are sailing and fishing now at six knots Judging…., we’ve got 16 knots of true wind from behind, so we’re gonna zigzag out the straight Hopefully, no dramas it’s nice and calm not yeah, not much swell Feels good, great stuff La vagabonde? Sailing vessel vagabond reading you loud and clear please proceed maintain your course ok? Yeah, Roger that will maintain course We waited an hour before running out of room because we were going so fast we had to re-establish Communication and let them know that we would be passing astern We will go to your Stern We’re coming along here, we’re getting a little bit close to this point so we gibed down here But the problem is is that we’re going at the same speed as all these boats so when we gibe again We’re going to be back in that guy’s way and then but these guys are faster than us, so they’re gonna catch up, and we’re like in everyone’s way in the shipping lane But it’s alright We’re a sailing vessel just doing what we can zigzagging and all over the shop Gibing out the gibraltar strait Maybe that’s what we title the episode Gibing out the Gib strait Yeah I like it, it’s catchy The wind has picked up to 22knots and we’re occasionally surfing down waves at like 11 knots Oh man, so good and i have a question What is your question Luer? You are the La Vagabonde of the blogger, youtube blogger? over. Yes that is us it’s Elayna speaking hello, how are you? Really? oh, nice to meet you So it’s quite spooky yesterday Elayna was telling me about these yogi teas and like the little quotes that they had on the on the tags And she’s saying they’re often like really nice And that they come at the kind of the right time sort of thing And I just made myself a tea, and mine reads When the dawn of simplicity comes in life Complications leave, and I thought that was quite fitting cos I think I’m just about see a spectacular sunrise And it’s a beautiful dawn So that was a very good start to the day One little tip for being on passage is to clean the clothes that you wore that day in the shower when you have a shower At night, saves water saves on a whole lot of stuff So I’m just going to leave them in there to swish around for an hour or so Join the three of us next week as our trip south continues What are you girls doing?

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  1. Hahha so nice to relive this! I totally forgot about that shopping bag moment. Man, I was so tired that first evening, had a hectic time travelling through Morocco and into Ceuta to you guys! Whats with me and difficult travel to and from your boat haha. Cant wait for next episode. Miss and love you's!! Have a Yogi tea for me x

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  3. The new cat is keeping your on your toes Riley! What is that giant carafe you are drinking from? Is the NZ vagabond still a cheap tobacco fiend? Should be smoking Cuban cigars if you in spain, they are cheaper there and much less poisonous than cigarettes!

  4. Riley, I'm dying to know what your workout is! Elayna, maybe ypu could get him to do a little feature about staying fit while at sea?

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  7. Hi Riley and Elayna, brilliant video, as always. I'd like to point out something that you did wrong – not because I know everything (because I definitely don't, as anyone who has watched our sailing vlogs will know!) but because one of the best parts about YouTube is that we can all learn from each other… When you are crossing a TSS, you should do so with your heading as close as possible to 90 degrees to the TSS. Also, "a vessel of less than 20 metres in length or a sailing vessel shall not impede the safe passage of a power-driven vessel following a traffic lane". These rules are part of the Colregs (Rule 10). At 11:05 La Vagabonde was heading at around 45 degrees to the TSS, which could be considered the worst possible angle (Ships don't know if you are planning to enter the TSS or cross it, hence the confusion and the VHF comms with the ship). I have the utmost respect for you guys, and I know writing this makes me sound like a smart ****, but you can get fined for doing what you guys did. Rossella and I have TONS to learn from you guys: hopefully you will take this tiny little bit of advice I can offer to you on board. Fair winds! Chris (& Rossella) 👍

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  11. How about a spin-off series on the history of some of the places you visit (in a little more depth)? You could look at a series (or episode) for distribution. I think you'd be fantastic at this, along with your backing story.

  12. Hiiii Riley and Elayna, Stunning and Beautiful,,,, Breathtaking with all the pros and cons, Enjoy it guys and if you ever planned Egypt, you are most welcomed to be my guest!… cheers,,, Mina

  13. Brilliant episode. I only picked up on SLV after a piece in yachting Monthly recently. Watched all the Vlogs from the start and have gone back to the start again to re watch (for fear I missed anything) 😎. The ultimate in how I want to live. I tried to watch Delos, but it’s nowhere near as good as your channel. Just waiting on some good weather to get our own boat back in the water after a crap winter in Ireland 🇮🇪 Keep the vlogs coming. Fantastic entertainment.

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    Nice to see that world is so small guys.
    Still and always welcome in Marseille when you come along.
    Air One.

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    Quick q: Did you ever consider getting scuba gear for the boat & dive at different places on your travels? Dublin Dave.

  19. Doesn't sailing within the TSS contravene the Regulations For Collisions At Sea. You may cross at 90degrees but not along within it, prosecution is likely.

  20. Iv'e been waiting a long time to say it, I fucking love you guys ! ! !like a breath to my lungs many many kisses

  21. Thanks for the explanation of the weather and showing the charts. I wish there were more sailing education tidbits.

  22. I think La Vagabonde has the nicest crew on youtube,It was great to see josje,I think she looks better than ever !

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    Mark & Carol, San Francisco

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  29. Hi La Vagabond! My wife and I love your episodes. We are landlocked at the moment very close to tutukaka in NZ saving away for our yacht to get back offshore with our kids. So good to see your experiences and be able to show our kids (they love you both!) Hey I have had a similar experience to you with your engine that cuts out. It was traced to a join in the fuel suction line inside the tank. The problem was undetectable until the tank level was below the join and then air would get into the fuel line. We found the problem by blowing air backwards up the suction line while looking in the tank. The other thing that would cause the same intermittent problems would be a rag, or construction debris in the tank blocking the suction pickup. Modern engines will suck air into the fuel filter housing if the suction is blocked. Your cat is amazing, I cant believe the boatspeed you are acheiving with such little true wind! Awesome. Fair winds and following seas. Mike, Beth, Issy(4yo) and Olly(2yo)

  30. Hellooo La Vagabonde!
    Salud from Dar Bouazza Morocco! You guys were not far at all! Hope to see you around if you’re back to Casablanca’s area. If you need anything, a quick drop of some sort of food or booze or anything else for that matter, gimme a shout hey! Sarah

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  33. Good name for this episode I loved it. Thru the straits of Gibraltar (Plato said "out past the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea, what you Greeks call the pillars of Hercules, there existed in ancient times a land mass greater than all of Europe and Asia Minor combined….. " when describing the location of the mythical Atlantis.

  34. Okay so they have 2479 patrons and each patron donates $3 each video so per video just from patrons they make $7437 and they post twice a week so that is $14,874 a week and there is about 4 weeks in a month so they make $59,496 a month and 12 months in a year so that is $713,952 like what that is insane but don't trust my math because that sounds way too high for just sailing but you never know they could be that successful, I with I was but anyways sorry for making you read that I just thought about it today and wanted to share it with you and I hope you have an amazing day okay I'm going to stop typing now bye
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    I would love to visit, but I am financially challenged, but I do get to travel with you guys on a regular bases. Thank you guys so much. Oh! Your new addition is adorable Lennon.

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