Guided Meditation on Your I AM Presence

Guided Meditation on Your I AM Presence

As we visualize violet light surrounding our planet Earth, penetrating deep within the Earth to the core and also outward into the atmosphere— all layers of the atmosphere, the stratosphere—we feel now the light of the seventh era, the seventh age of Saint Germain and Portia, of freedom, brotherhood, justice, liberty and the alchemy of love. We see that violet light now blazing through everything less than perfection and recreating it and transmuting it into the aligned state of God-awareness. We let go today of all fears, doubts, human questioning, records of death, anxiety, frustration and all perversions on all twelve lines of the cosmic clock, especially in the cycle of Scorpio—of selfishness, self-love and idolatry. And we claim, through the All-Seeing Eye of God, God-vision,
immaculate seeing, a new purview from heaven’s divine estate. We see a new Earth ensconced in crystalline, golden-liquid light, violet-amethyst light, ruby divine-love light, diamond-blue light, emerald-green light, purple-and-gold-flecked-with ruby light, and now all the colors of the five crystal rays interpenetrating and alchemizing everything into its perfected God-glory. We release our past and the past of the Earth and embrace the eternal Now in the present moment, with the perfection of this new-white-page day, November first. We accept our holiness, our purity, our perfection in God’s I AM Presence. We accept our divine estate as new babes in Christ, as reborn in Spirit, resurrected in light, purified in the steely white light of the living, blazing reality of our Solar Presence, the great I AM THAT I AM individualized above and within us. We feel the nexus of our heart chakra and our threefold flame blazing with the new intensity of love, wisdom and power, in perfect balance, for all life so that we can fulfill God’s will, wisdom and love in our life. We feel love for every sentient being and the quickening of every soul in this new spiritual awakening. The Holy Spirit perfuses us with the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit, and we receive these gifts graciously and humbly in order to fulfill our divine plan, our mission upon Earth. We accept now the oneness of all life, of peoples of all cultures, creeds, origins and root races as part of one eternal God-family. We
see Earth renewed in the spiritual quickening and coming into alignment with the etheric planes of heaven. The Holy City is descending upon Earth even as we are ascending unto heaven. We are collapsing all of the maya of the space-time continuum into a singular point of God-harmony and reality. And there is a new explosion of light, like a great nova within our Earth and within the heart of every sentient being. In the twinkling of an eye, we are now realigned with holy purpose, fulfilled in God’s higher Reality, subsumed into the intensity and the immensity of all that truly is love, grace, perfection, joy and the eternality of true divine happiness in the heart of God. In this oneness state, we Self-realize who we are every moment. We are the perfectionment of every moment, the reality of our true nature within every breath, within every heartbeat. Our eternal nature is God; our eternal nature is light; our eternal nature is perfection and joy. All comes into perfect vision through our dual-eyed vision collapsed into the singularity of the All-Seeing Eye of God-vision, of perfection. And we energize the atmosphere of the Earth through this oneness state. We activate every cosmic gift from all divine worlds upon our world and accept and accommodate what heaven has to offer now within us of these higher graces and spiritual blessings. There is a new flow of grace within our auric fields whereby we simply accept every moment the higher reality of heaven’s offerings and the unity of all life, the oneness that is borne by angels of the sacred fire, great seraphim and cherubim, thrones, principalities, powers, dominions, virtues, angels and archangels. And we stand with them now to ray forth light throughout the cosmos as Solar beings ourselves in this Self-realized state of the I AM THAT I AM, the great I AM Presence of our own True Selfhood. We shine forth all of these virtues of God. We choose consciously to engage God in this alchemy of Spirit. We are the blessing that God has sent to the Earth today to heal the wounds, to save those who have gone astray, to give renewal and rebirth to those who have forgotten their Source. We are this immensity of the Solar Reality of truth, divine wisdom, virtue, holiness, love in all of its infinite, blessed manifestations. We are peace; we are brother/sisterhood. We are the unity field of beingness. I AM/we are light. Let’s say it: “I AM/we are light “I AM/we are light “I AM/we are light “I AM/we are light. Joy. I AM/we are joy I AM/we are joy I AM/we are joy I AM/we are joy. Love. I AM/we are joy I AM/we are joy I AM/we are joy I AM/we are joy” Our personal guardian angel stands over us now to augment what we together have meditated within and upon through this guided meditation. And we stand fully clothed in that light and choose consciously to remain in that light 24/7 from this day forward unto our victory in the ascension and unto what is beyond the ascension, unto the eternal cycles of God-glory, of our oneness in immortality and perfect beingness in God’s eternal Presence everywhere. Thank you, O God Thank you, O God Thank you, O God. Amen.

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  1. This meditation is so powerful!! The graphics support the meditation so well—but even without the beautiful graphics I could see all of this amazing stuff happening in my minds eye too!!  Thank you!

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