Guess My Religion | Lineup | Cut

Guess My Religion | Lineup | Cut

– Do you drink wine? – I do not. – Do you drink coffee? – I do not. – That’s crazy ’cause guess what Mormons also don’t. (giggles) Hmm, getting warmer. (“In the Hall of the Mountain
King” by Edvard Grieg) – Hi, my name’s Isla Gizon. – You can call me Pastor Abe. I’m a traveling speaker. Evangelist, I just talk to people. – [Interviewer] About? – Jesus. – [Interviewer] Are you religious? – I’m a seminary drop out. I actually was a youth pastor
for a handful of years. My old Pastor stole a
bunch of money from me, it’s a long story. – [Interviewer] Today
you’re gonna be guessing which religion everybody is. – Oh, this is gonna be easy. – ‘Course I picked the
sluttiest outfit that I (laughs) – [Interviewer] Everybody,
walk on out there. – This is gonna be offensive. – [Interviewer] At your highest point, how religious were you? – Oh, I went through exorcisms, I cried after sex. (all laughing) Edit that part out. Edit it out. – Dude, your so hairy bro. – Blue Flamingo Members Lounge. Okay, sounds like a strip club. (laughs) – I’m like juggling
between Jewish and Muslim. – Why, what makes you say that? – I’m guessing you’re of, maybe perhaps, Middle Eastern, – Yeah. descent, yeah? – Yeah. – Oh my God, that’s super offensive. – No, you’re fine.
– Okay. – You’re like Muslim, Islamic, right? – Why do you say that? – ‘Cause of where your from. – Where am I from? – The Middle East, bro. You’re like hairy. – You’re kinda hairy too. – Yeah. – Skinny jeans, hip, strip club. (giggles) So I think, atheist. – [Interviewer] Alright, next. – I’ll take that. – Thank you. – Okay. – Hi
– Hi (laughs) – Are you Jewish? – Why do you think I’m Jewish? – I’m starting to think that I think that everyone looks Jewish. This is bad you guys. I’ve been binge watching
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. – Like your sense of style,
very covered up though. The only part of your
skin I see is your face. – Evangelical. – Say John three sixteen. – Oh God, (laughing) – Boom! I got, I know
exactly what she is now. You’re Jewish. Say, I don’t know anything in Jewish lish. – L’chaim – Oh, my gosh, this guy’s a Jew. I mean, that sounded bad. (laughing) That sounded bad. (laughs) I’m about to get in trouble for this. (laughing) – Oo, Oo. – Thank you. – What brand are they? – I’ve no idea. – You don’t believe in brands. (scoffs) Fascinating. – What? – You don’t believe in brands. Which is kinda like not
believing in holidays. Which kinda sounds like
you’re a Jehovah Witness. – What is your name? – Shiraz – Okay, so wine, you’re Italian. And Italians are predominantly Christian. (claps) Hot now! – Oh man. What’s your ethnicity? – I’m Israeli. – Is there any foods you can’t eat? – Well I eat everything but in my religion we can’t eat pork. – Are you kidding me? – Wait. – How many religions can’t eat pork other then the one that I know? – It’s okay. – Jewish, everyone seems Jewish. (laughs) – Okay, mm hmm yeah, the tattoo looks tribal. – You look, like Indian. She’s Hindu. – Is it ’cause I’m brown? – Yeah, it is, a little bit. – But you’re brown too. – It looks like a Pacific Islander tattoo. So I would say Mormon. A
lot of Samoans are Mormons. – How’s it? – Your Hawaiian bro. (laughs) – I was born in Hawaii. – Knew it, I knew it. – My mother’s in Brooklyn. – So you’ve got some Puerto
Rican, your Catholic. Got it! You just gave it away bro. – Nice button up shirt. I feel like you just took
off your clergy collar. (laughs) – Can you sing me your favorite hymn? – ♪ They shall live at His command ♪ – You’re a Jehovah’s Witness. – You’re a Father. You’re a Catholic Priest. Motherfucker. (laughing) – Oh my God. – Are you Asian? – I get that a lot but no, I’m Hispanic. – Oh, Catholic. (tongue clicks) – ‘Cause I’m Hispanic I’m Catholic? – One thousand percent. – Water proof shoes, that
means you’re on the road a lot. Walking a lot, traveling,
doing important stuff for the Lord. – Can you sing for me too? – ♪ I see my mother kneeling
with her family each day ♪ – That sounded a lot like my cousin’s like when I would attend Mormon church. – Do you drink wine? – I do not. – Do you drink coffee? – I do not. – Does your church have
a basketball court? – Yes. – Ah ha! I got it! – You’re Mormon. – She’s Mormon. – Catholic. I got that one. Right on the money bro. – I love your head scarf. I don’t necessarily think
that makes you Muslim. – Where are you from? – Ghana. – There’s a lot of missionary
trips that goes out to Ghana. I’m a have to go with Christian. – Amish, they wrap their heads too. Black Amish curve ball. (laughing) – [Interviewer] How do you think you did? (laughs) – Terribly. – I think I only really got
the Catholic Priest right. – I think I got this
guy for sure, for sure. The hairiness, I can’t get over it. – [Interviewer] Raise your
hand if he got you right. (laughs) – Shut the front door. One, two, three, four. – Oh! Wow, I did so much
better than I thought. – Wow. Strip club man. – Alright. So I’m actually Muslim. – Oh, Okay. – I just couldn’t get
over the hairiness bro. – It’s just, I feel like
I’m a bad representation for Muslims. – No, no you’re perfect bro. – Let’s say if I was of Asian descent. – Are there a lot of Chinese Muslims? – Yeah, there’s like
a whole city dedicated to Chinese Muslims. – I did not know that. – Yeah. – I’m Jewish. – Oh, okay. – What gave it away? – I don’t know dude, I’m
telling you, I thought everyone was Jewish at first. (laughs) – Were actually reformed
Jews, specifically. – What does that mean? – Judaism is a very strict religion like they don’t want men and women to be in the same temples and reformed Jews disagree
with that completely. – What stereotype do you hate
the most about Jewish people? – People will assume that
I’m really stingy with money. – Yeah I’ve heard that. – Yeah. – Not heard that you’re stingy with money. I heard that stereotype
and it’s fucked up. (laughs) – Oo, I got you wrong didn’t I? – Yeah, you called me
Italian or something. (laughs) I’m from Israel. – Oh! I would never have guessed that. – I’m not Jewish. – I knew that. – What is your religion? – I’m Druze. – Druze, oh interesting. What is that? – So we come from the Middle East. – What about here in America? How many Druze do you have? – I don’t meet any Druze here. – Oh. – We have like five main
prophets that we believe in. – Who are the five? – I can’t say out loud. It’d be too offensive. – Oh. – We’re not allowed to
say their names out loud. – Do you have to marry a Druze? – Yes. – So if you brought home like
a Korean, Black, Druze man – I would be kicked out from my village. – Sorry Mom. (laughing) – Hello. – Hi, so I’m Hindu. – Okay, but that’s not
a Hindu tattoo, right? – No this is Fijian. I’m Fijian. – Oh. – Yeah. There’s a lot of Hindu Fijians. – Wow. – So basically the British stole my great, great, great, great, great, grandpa and took him to Fiji. – From India. – That happened, yeah from India. – Those Brits man. (laughs) – Father. – I’m actually one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. – Oh, I knew there was one of you here. (laughs) – Jehovah’s Witness. – Yes.
– Oh! – No that was really,
’cause I thought legit, yeah she’s not gonna guess I’m JW. Oh, what? (laughs) – Correct me if I’m wrong, but you guys don’t even
celebrate your birthdays, right? – Yeah, we don’t. – So you’ve never a birthday party? – No. – Have you ever knocked my door? – No. – If you did I would answer it. – Okay, I appreciate that. – Next. (laughing) – So I’m not Catholic. – Oh, what are you then? – I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ
of Ladder Day Saints. – Oh. – Have you heard of them? – Yeah, yeah Mormons right? – Yeah, but we don’t go by Mormons. Yeah, ’cause we don’t
wanna take Christ’s name out of the Church. – Does that mean a Mormon
doesn’t call themselves a Mormon? – Not anymore, they advise
us to correct that now. – Oh, who’s they? – Our prophet. – Who’s your prophet? – President Nelson – Oh, he’s like the Pope
of the Mormon Church. – Yeah, we have a Ladder Day Prophet. – Oh, yeah that’s what I
meant, that’s what I meant. – Yes. – Ladder Day, my bad. – Why do everybody think
Mormons have many wives? – Well back in the day, I guess, there wasn’t husbands because
of the wars and stuff. – So it was just based on the fact that there was a shortage of men? – Yes. – There’s a lot of talk
about the Mormon underwear. – Oh garment. – Is that a true thing that
you guys never take off? – Okay so, – That’s a weird thing. I feel bad for asking. – It’s sacred garments to remind us of the covenants we make in the temple. – But you can never take that sucker off? – We don’t have to
shower in it or anything. – You stick a middle finger before? – Yes, I have. – Can we stick it together? Oh! Oh ho! (laughing) Bad Mormon. – Oh, I got you right.
I know I got you right. (laughs) I know I got, Christian right? – Yeah. – Boom. We just have that telepathy going. – What type of Christian? – So my parents grew up Methodist, so I’m Methodist. – I grew up Methodist. – Oh really? – With the flame on the side of the cross. – Uh huh, yes, yes. – Do you usually wear a head wrap? – I’m wearing it ’cause it’s cold outside. – Oh.
– So. – So is there a difference between Christianity here versus Christianity there? – Yeah, so for me I grew up here but my family is originally from Ghana so they’re a lot more strict on what they believe and certain things. Like pre marital sex, same sex marriages, all of that stuff. Like I would say I’m more
open to like certain ideas than they would be. – Well, thank you. – Yeah, no problem. – Fellow United Methodist. – Yes. – I’ve got a lot of student debt from my Methodist upbringing. (laughs) – I kinda did good. – [Interviewer] How’d that go for you? (exhales) – I feel bad ’cause I said a lot of stuff that I feel like I’m a get in trouble for. – [Interviewer] Did
you learn anything new? – Druze, is that how you say it? – Yeah, Druze. – Yeah, I learned that exists. – I feel very blessed and I’m gonna probably go to heaven now. – [Interviewer] Raise your hands. Is he going to heaven? (jeers and giggles) – [Interviewer] Well good job. (applause) – Thanks everyone. (crowd murmuring)

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  2. Judaism isn’t a blood type. It produces no genetic features. Just like being Muslim doesn’t either. There are Arabs who aren’t Muslims. And Muslims who are white. There are Chinese Jews and Black Jews. The Ashkenazi genetics are originally from what is today northern France and Germany but moved eastward to what is today Poland, Russia, and the rest of Eastern Europe. The root of that stereotype can be traced back to the crusades and the plague where the church needed a reason to persecute both Jews and Muslims. Then with the Spanish Inquisition, the Spanish still killed Jews and Muslims who had converted to Catholicism because they believed the “blood” still was inside them. No one ever looks at someone and says “you look Christian”. The stereotypes were further pushed in the 19th century and further with the nazis. That woman could be a Romanian Catholic and still have those features. There are Jews who have blonde hair and blue eyes who “look” Anglo Saxon and you’d never know. Again this is just my interpretation but I get offended when someone says I look Jewish when there is no genetic markers for it

  3. Do u know that only 20% of muslims live in middle east what about the other 80% therefore not any muslim should be necessarly from middle east because i'm.a.muslim and i'm.not middle easten

  4. It's both funny and sad how proudly especially the two guys carry their ignorance and presumptuousness. I would love to say that this isn't typically american…

  5. That Mormon chick and all her lies about polygamy. Ugh. for all you Mormons that are going to downvote this.

  6. The Asian guy IQ must be recorded in letters, not numbers. How can someone be so proud to be so dumb? Oh I forgot it’s 2019, the trend is stupidity and low IQ

  7. I’m a member of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints just like that girl. She said it, we don’t go by Mormons anymore.

  8. That member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is prepared <3 God bless all my brothers and sisters in this video, this was a fun video.

  9. as someone who used to be a jw, as soon as that guy started singing i knew he was a jehovah’s witness just based on that song he was singin

  10. These people accept an invention to allow someone to stereotypically assume what they’re religion is and yet somehow I still noticed people get offended bruh🤔

  11. I feel sorry for the Asian dude. I mean a lot of people who call themselves Christians are sincere and genuinely wonderful people, but so-called “Christians” like his pastor are one of the reasons many leave the church

  12. Haha take this, im a Celtic Pagan nobody would guess lmao, nobody ever guesses lmao, Plus i rarely go flaunting it so nobody gives a hoot xD

  13. "Is it because I'm brown? You're brown, too." Splitting hairs, aren't we? Because brown means only one thing, not Mexican, African (American or indigenous), Middle Eastern, Indian, Brazilian, etc, etc, etc. Think before we speak.

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