GTA San Andreas Remastered – Mission #90 – Saint Mark’s Bistro (Xbox 360 / PS3)

GTA San Andreas Remastered – Mission #90 – Saint Mark’s Bistro (Xbox 360 / PS3)

just feel the weight of the weapons
sweetheart I can feel the way to someone’s weapon
hey you don’t want to blame on that front
can I f****ing go now our f****ing what oh you f****ing twat Ryan the f****ing happy
sack that shall be cured your little antisocial condition Mike car it’s my
man mr. Lyon looks like this piece of s**t was right you did a real number on
those forelli losers now it’s time the Forellis found out what it means to
screw it salvatore Lyon how would you like to hit the same marks bistro a hit
in Liberty City cool but I’m gonna need some backup take who you want well I
usually use these two hey hey remember all those jobs we did together huh huh
you and me Carl remember huh you know you used to call me killer Ken Ken the
killer killer ice-cold Kenya that’s me in him too I guess all right you guys better get out of
lost interest fast I’ll be in touch what about you buck up man will you be
alright without rules of course he will you f****ing moron come on Oh No you private function invitation-only
oh yeah missing the overseers of a while Paul Johnson save yourself maniac fool get mess with a maniac fool what this is flight CJ 101 out of Liberty
City requesting final approach to lost venturus international over hello hey
call my boy mr. Leoni everybody’s talking about the job you did on that
st. marks bistro Thank You mr. Leone and you uh you took care of those three
loose ends yeah those poor saps run into a little
trouble along the way you won’t be hearing from mr. Rosenberg again good
boy good boy now listen you’re gonna have to keep a
low profile or people will start to make connections so let’s keep our distance
for a while huh I’ll call you Thank You mr. Leone hello hey CJ what’s up with
you are we doing a tie for every gun fart on me again hey check it then Fu’s
been shipped out of the vent ORS Salvatori think I’m cool so a song I’ll
meet you back at the dragons okay cool later what’s the matter don’t you like
me Oh what’s up is your brother I will sir man you okay
not really I’m stuck in a Cell between two lunatics and people keep trying to
jump me this s**t ain’t cool partner you looking at the Kindle nah she’s looking
after me right right I’m gonna get you out of here no man oh you ain’t ni**a do
you think you are I’m here for life I guess I’ve grown used to it now
no you not man I’m working s**t out whatever you take nothing negative
I’m through hoping have a nice life problem hold on man I’m getting s**t
worked out for you just hang in there sweet sweet s**t ciao
smooth ride dude

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  1. Gotta love Ken Rosenberg's voice actor, he's one of the many reasons I still play and love GTA Vice City aside from Tommy "Badass" Vercetti.

  2. >didn't open a flight plan
    >Doesn't use proper NATO phonetic alphabet
    >Didn't get clearance to enter the class B airspace
    >Uses whack ass callsign
    >Requests an approach, doesn't specify which
    >Probably doesn't have textual or graphical descriptions
    >Calls tower on short left base-to-final
    >Flies whole flight with flaps
    >Is cleared to land on rwy 03 but somehow lands facing South
    >Lands on a rwy 69??
    >Implying 690° runway heading sooooo runway 33? But wait… It's facing South? And there's parallel runways? Fuck
    >Leaves the plane on the runway

    Congratulations, CJ you've been accepted to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

  3. 8:19 what's the matter don't you like me?😂😂 He is already having 5 of girlfriends!.. can't handle more shits;😂😂

  4. the day when rockstar make a GTA with liberty city, vice city, los santos, san fierro and las venturas all connected that game will be the shit

  5. Salvatore Leone: Carl, my man!

    Carl Johnson: Mr. Leone.

    Salvatore Leone: Looks like this piece of shit was right.

    i like that scene lel xD

  6. Why Liberty City in San Andreas and North Yankton in GTA V not available outside one mission.
    I wish in GTA 6 they add another city and let it be accessible in free roam.

  7. 0:58 The talk about Ken calling himself a killer. Imagine if Kenny McCormick on South Park was no longer killed on the show and he became a killer himself.

  8. I need help I’ve already did all the setup missions for the casino heist, but the next mission isn’t popping up for me

  9. Victor Vance kills Giorgio Forelli's hitmen
    Tommy Vercetti kills Sonny Forelli
    Carl Johnson kills Marco Forelli
    Toni Cipriani kills Franco Forelli
    Claude kills Mike Forelli

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  13. Maccer: Can I fucking go now or fucking what?

    (Salvatore throws the knife at Maccer and hits him right below the balls.)

    Maccer: Oooh! You fucking twat, right in the fucking happy sack!

    lol XD

  14. My favourite Game gta san Andreas a lot of great talents in this game
    Young Maylay as Carl ((CJ)) Johnson
    Faizon love as Sean ((Sweet)) Johnson
    Kid Frost as T-bone Mendez
    Ice T as Madd Dogg
    Frank Vincent as Salvatore Leone
    Clifton Powell as Big Smoke
    James Woods as Mike Toreno
    Debi Mazar as Maria
    Sean Penn as Eddie Polaski ((Rest In Peace, Sean))
    Samuel L. Jackson as Frank Tenpenny
    Peter Fonda as The Truth
    Cynthia Farrell as Catalina
    David Cross as Zero
    Danny Dyer as Kent Paul
    William Fichtner as Ken Rosenberg
    The Game as B-Dup
    And many more

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