joan achim~ good morning everyone today I’m going to lotte world with sunny. I cannot remember the last time I went to lotte world. I think it was when I was in elementary school But we thought it would be fun to go vlog lotte world I know she did it last year or two years ago I think she went with Kim, but we thought it would be fun to go together this year So I wanted to film a quick get ready with me. I already have my skincare on but not the sunblock This is the Laneige two-tone Sun stick. I’ve been raving about this a lot ever since I discovered it. And I basically Twist it up It looks like this yellow is good for brightening green is good for redness and this is supposed to help with the pollution Which is something that we have been dealing with here in Korea. So I just like to Apply it on my face like this. It’s very convenient to use. Using my wet beauty blender, I do like to just kind of Spread it out and blend blend blend Alright, so for foundation, I’m gonna be using the Troiareuke healing cushion, and this is in 23 and instead of using the puff. I am gonna use my Beauty Blender this is seriously my favorite way of applying foundation and I feel like everyone compliments how my skin looks throughout the day because of the Beauty Blender I say this with confidence because A lot of the foundation and BB creams have not changed. It’s just how I apply it and The Beauty Blender is something that recently came into my life and ever since I started applying foundation using this I feel like it just applies super flawlessly and I get why there’s so much hype for this Beauty Blender But yeah as you guys can see you – mine is getting super brown even though I do wash it every single day Yeah, so I did pick up the brown Beauty Blender. So this is my next step It’s the Laura Mercier Translucent Powder And of course, I’m going to be using my Beauty Blender to apply it so watch this I’m going to use my Trusty two-faced peach palette. This has been my go-to ever since I discovered it Honestly, not much has changed since the last time but because I promised sunny to use more glitter I’ll be following up with some of the hourglass pot shadows that I have So first, I’m gonna start with white peach, and I’m just going to apply that all over my lids and using summer yum I’m going to apply on the outer corners and I’m going to be using the hourglass glitter eyeshadow in blaze. Oh this is too much but when I apply the eyeliner a lot of that will be hidden because my eyes are small, so I’m just gonna All right, so for eyeliner, I’m also going to be using the hourglass. All right, let’s do this Now it’s time for lashes I’m gonna be using the hourglass for my top and the Neogen one for my bottom lashes I like how it volumizes as well as lifts my lashes Since I do have long bottom lashes I am just gonna use the Neogen for the bottom I love this because it’s a metal wand So it applies very naturally Guys already now. This has been one of my favorite steps So now I want to apply some blush and I’m gonna be using my 3ce in Nude peach and mono pink Eddie gave me the nude peach while we were filming the best of beauty makeup I’m gonna start with the nude peach And then I’m gonna be using mono pink over that i have so many freckles and I think I kind of want to I guess Accentuate that today instead of covering them up. So let’s draw in more freckles. I guess I think that’ll be fun but I do want to add some yellow to my cheek as well and Blend my eye makeup. So let me get a little bit of the yellow and apply that And then using a smaller brush. I’m just going to blend the yellow honey makeup Or brows I’m gonna be using this one from colourpop And I think I’m going to use this for drawing in more freckles as well since the color is very similar to My freckles. I think this will be perfect. So for the freckles, I’m just gonna It does look quite dark, so I’m going to blend a little bit using my beauty blender For it to look a little more natural so this is what it looks like. I kind of want to apply some highlighter so using my fingers, this is the hourglass I love hourglass makeup Cruelty free I’m obsessed with this highlight I just realized I forgot to apply a lip balm in the beginning So I’m just gonna use this tinted one from Innisfree and then take around the mamonde lip products throughout the day for touch-ups but because this is tinted I do like How Natural the color looks you guys can see the difference between the two, right? It definitely looks more moisturized down below, right? I’m just gonna wear some earrings now and then fix up my hair and then head out I’m wearing red because sunny and I agree to wear Christmas colors and this sweater is really soft. So Yeah, I just chose this one Yeah, I’m just gonna fix up my hair now and I’m not gonna film this process because it could be really boring Alright guys I’m in front of lotte world and because it is a weekday there aren’t that many people and I got here early So just waiting on sunny now she is almost here. So yeah, I Tried to curl my hair, but then I got lazy so Pretty sure you guys don’t want a tutorial on this hairstyle It’s a bit loud, but I thought I would do an OOTD So I do link everything in the description box all the time But this jacket is it’s been a while since I’ve had this but it’s from All Saints This sweater is from Re/Done. And this necklace Scorpio is from Ashley Earrings. I will leave link down below. I showed you guys earlier My white pants are from GRLFRND and my comme des Garcons converse I met subscribers! Have fun today. Alright guys Sunny’s here. – I’m here. – and we’re matching – we didn’t even So I think I’m gonna go with red now, I don’t know what else to like match with red And I was like oh leather. -The moment I saw you I was like HOH Was like looking at like a reflection Like I would have never guessed that you would have worn a leather jacket But here we are. -But its too hot for a padding. – Yeah, it’s a little warmer today. -I copied Joan So we got the tickets Sunny has a MasterCard so we got 20% off But it’s so funny though. Usually weekdays its cheaper Yeah. – I think they’re getting more expensive Lotte World…WHY We’ll be back for the Viking the line is a bit too long here. So we’re gonna go to The Adventures of Sinbad That was uhm not scary at all actually. – But it was fun cause we were talking. Yeah, we were catching up on life while everybody’s like oh! look at that visual We just got off the Viking it was kind of scary check out her vlog for the full footage on that It was really ugly. It was very bad angle, but we’re here at food We want to eat something and let’s see how a Christmas menu. I think we’re just gonna get a platter ddeokbokki, mandu, Kim mari and kimbap and eggs and I love my danmuji We’re very efficient today. – I know. – Yeah, we get our shots and then we hang out Downloading all the photos we took on her camera to our phone.. transferring we took a lot of photo We did thumbnail~ One more snack before we leave I love pretzels so (I lost my voice) you did all that screaming Best decision ever I know someone right behind us wanted it and he was like sold out now so… they got dark But yeah, I think it’s time to wrap up the vlog here Let’s do it in front of the merry-go-round because it looks prettier. – right. Thank you so much to everyone who watched and I’ll see you guys in tomorrow’s vlogmas Bye~~ Have a joan day

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  1. ooh I'm so curious to what you did with your eyelashes? That step where you burn an incense looking stick? What was that thing?

  2. Hey I'm one of your Filipino Fans and last May I got to go South Korea and we got to go to Lotte World and it was the BEST EXPERIENCE I EVER HAVE!!!!……I hope to see you in the future Ate Joan 😊😊😊😊😊

  3. Omggg I love this! Hi, Joan! I’m going to Korea next week and I see here that you’re not really wearing thick clothes. Is it because you don’t get cold easily or is it because it’s not too cold yet? Hehe loooove looove your vlogs! ♥️

  4. I think vlogmas should be about 20 min long😭😭😭 I m in love with vlogmas series especially with ABE CLAUDINE AND ERIN!!!!❤❤


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    – December 15 | VIP lunch 12-3PM
    – December 15 | Bingsoo Afternoon Tea VIP Experience
    – December 16 | Meet & Greet 1-2:45PM
    – December 16 | Meet & Greet 3-4:45PM
    – Get tickets here:

    This event is capped so make sure you sign up! Inspire Me Korea will send out the final confirmations via email.

  6. When will you use finish all your products?😂😂😂😂 you have too many in your drawer. Will you have a fans meeting again in Singapore?

  7. As a vlogger and influencer, u should experiment on ur outfit. Always with the "same" leather jacket is getting boring, sorry not sorry

  8. Not throwing shade but Too Faced has a terrible name for not respecting/caring for people who work with them. Joan, there’s so many other palettes from less problematic people. 👍🏻👌🏼

  9. Not hating here but i felt like she has so many brand makeups but doesnt really know how to put on makeup. Stick with simple makeup and let ur natural beauty glow rather than non-blended glitter eyeshadow and non existence blusher eventho she use 2 type of blusher.

  10. When I went to Seoul for vacay, one of my friends showed me Lotte World. I had a good time but lineups were quite long plus it was summer time and the heat while waiting was unbearable.

  11. I went to Lotte World in 2014 with my girlfriends. We had the best time even though we were in our mid 30s lol. #ahjummasatLotteworld 😊

  12. You seem really happy in this vlog, Joan! Seems like your trip to the USA was just what you needed? Maybe it’s just me idk but anyhow it’s nice to see x

  13. Hi Joan! I just want you to know that you're a big chunk in my life lol i knew about DEAN because of you and i met him last month on his birthday here in Manila, 💖 and soon I'll be in Korea and that's all because you've influenced me so much HAHAHAHA thank you for introducing me to the best things in life!!! 💖💖💖

  14. I love Lotte World for how pretty it is, but not much of a ride person haha. It's really nice to look at from Seokchon lake though 😀

  15. Dear, U NEED TO CLEAN UR BEAUTY BLENDER! Just rub it against a bar of soap under water! CLEAN UR BEAUTY BLENDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ur skin will thank me!!!!

  16. Did you seriously call your skin tone brown? 😂😂😂 I mean if your beauty blender is turning brown…. when in reality it’s taking on the color of your foundation…. you’re basically calling your skin tone brown 🙄🙄🙄

  17. She really has the guts to leave her camera away from her while she sits and waits for sunny. I’d be too scared someone would steal it 😂

  18. A little tip for your lower lashes. Use a brown Mascara to make it look natural and it wont look to black under your eyes!!

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