Gridiron Heights Season 3 Binge (Every Episode Before the Finale)

Gridiron Heights Season 3 Binge (Every Episode Before the Finale)

I can’t wait to move into Gridiron Heights! You guys are all f–king mistakes. We’re here! Starters first! KNEEL BEFORE ME, ROOKIE SCUM! Nick! Buddy, you know I’m coming back. Ok, well, thanks, everyone. This was SO much fun while it lasted. Gridiron Heights has never been stronger. Rebuilding is so fun. Helmet to helmet! Yeah, we’re not rebuilding. Yes you are. I can clearly see you restructuring everything. Yeah, no. Nothing’s changed. We’re still really good. Jimmy, are you going to help me? Nah, just build around me. Finally! Our rebuild is over. Hey! I’m not hurt this time! Soon enough, Sammy. Just hit the nail, Hue. The nail may not get hammered…. …but Browns fans certainly will. The Patriots do not rebuild… We reload. Um, Coach, are we cool? No. Coach, ​t​hese plays are from before they invented the forward pass. Why is every guy on our team 40 years old? I’ll tell you what man, you modern players with your personal brands and your screen passes. Sometimes I wish I could just go back in time, man. Ooo- Thanks for paying for the time machine instead of Khalil Mack. Oh, of course, Jonnie! I love chasing the past! Bring me back to when football was football and men were men, man. 2002! Same office, same haircut Wait… I know you man. Coach, it’s me, Rich Gannon. I tell yah what, a reliable quarterback I don’t have to pay… I went back in time, man! Hey, Coach Gruden! Clean tackle! Can’t wait to practice all offseason with no restrictions! I am in heaven! Oh hi, Coach! Have you met our terrible backup yet? Hello. I’m Thomas- Whoops! Hahaha, thank goodness for the Tuck Rule. Even clumsy rookie idiots can drop the ball… and it’s still not a fumble! and it’s still not a fumble! MARK, YOU GOT TO BRING ME BACK TO 2018, MAN! Tight Ends who block, Shrek, commit to the run game… I’m sorry: But his brain is trapped in 2002. FOREVER! And that’s the Raider way! Mike, please don’t leave me here, bro. Tellus, you’re retired. It’s not safe for you to be on your own. I’m a year younger than you. I’ll come visit… Maybe during my bye week. That’s not till Week 9… Brothers never visit. So it’s pretty neat here. You can help the retired Cowboys call bingo games. Ok, so based on this formation… I’m guessing the next ball will be N24. What he said! Um…hey, Witt. Oh… It’s Marty. When I moved into the retirement home… crime dropped 100 percent! Here we see our exercise programs. My in-season record is 25,000… but I think I can beat that now! I’m sure Canada will call soon, T.O.! They still think they can play… This place sucks. I gotta get the f–k out of here. Martellus, you’re 31. There’s nothing out there for you anymore. One of us… One of us… I survived a 28-3 deficit— I’m not going out like this! Cutty, I need help! Cigarette? There we go miscommunicating again. AHHHHHH!! ♪ Retired Athletes Have No Life. ♪ I’ve assembled the greatest con men in the NFL Do just well enough to get the money then your talent disappears But Fitzy, you’ve stolen millions from the Rams, Bengals, Bills, Titans, Texans, Jets What else is there? I’m going to steal the starting QB job for the Bucs Here’s the plan I cause a distraction in the media Ahem- I went to Harvard but I’m wearing silly clothes Wow! Look! Next we need a QB controversy That’s where Sammy Sleeves comes in Whoops maybe you should start the rookie! Dalton, Marvin I need you to get people excited but still lose a Wild Card game The AFC North is really up for grabs At this point no one will know what it takes to be an NFL quarterback And if I play one good half, I’ll get the job Now eventually, I’ll be exposed Uh, sir you’re going to want to see this Only I get to be overpaid Get him! Tannehill that’s when you confuse everybody Uhhhhhhhh- they are 3-0 uhhh And they’ll have to start me anyway Any questions? Why don’t we just play great football all the time? Because that’s so hard WOOHOO!!!! Hey, Aaron, is it just me, or is this year’s Quarter-Season Carnival… kinda soft? Sir, you’re going to have to leave Noooo I love quarterbacks I’m sorry Hey look, guys I finally hit the target! I’m sorry I know everyone’s rooting for me Don’t worry The Colts will help you win! OH, I’M PATTY MAHOMES AND I SHOOT REAL GOOD Come ride Booger McFarland’s Sideline Machine! WELL, THE CONDITIONS HERE AT THE CARNIVAL ARE VERY SCARY Sir, you’re up Nope. Not yet. Man, where’s Eli? He said he’d connect with us here HELP! I’M NOT A MOBILE QB! I’M OLD AND SCARED God damn- Odell, you’re polite now, remember? I love dealing with Eli I can’t move my feet! ELI! WHERE ARE YOU?! I won’t leave my corn pocket A PASS-RUSHER LOOKING FOR A PASS-RUSHER! ANY QUARTERBACKS! I’M LOOKING FOR ANY NON-CONTROVERSIAL QUARTERBACKS! ANYBODY ON THE STEELERS! WHERE YOU AT! Shhhhhhh Don’t tell No siree, Bob that maze is too tricky for me! WOW, WHAT A FUN, EASY MAZE After a loss, do you ever feel… invisible? No mostly because people are always extremely mean to me I was like yo I’ll never grab that ring but my God have you seen my STATS? Whoa, pros only Remember… the Titans? Oh yeah…that’s right, the Titans I forgot about them We lost to the Bills and nobody knows we exist Yeah, we should be household names right Corey Davis? Correct, Derrick Henry We need a makeover for the Gridiron Heights homecoming dance I heard you’re looking for a culture change Well, I used to play linebacker WHOAAAA. SO RELATABLE. First, we’re gonna touch you guys up with some underperforming Patriots Next, we’ll give you a whole new look Wow! Two-tone gray sleeves! Lastly… it’s all in the attitude Here We go for it on 4th down now So we’re basically the same team- -That fired our coach after winning a playoff game -And made slight roster changes We’re beautiful! Where are the Titans? I need them to beat me one more time this year Hi… Look at those unis Whoa that’s a true big-market team if I’ve ever seen one Wow, the Rams got hot over the summer Odell said I’m a murderer? Haha, well that’s just our relationship, you know? I mean, it’s not like you can draft a QB over Saquon! Yeah, I think they probably should have Look, I love the fans I would never harm a fan But do I think they protect Eli? YEAH, WELL HOW MANY RINGS HAS ODELL GIVEN US? Eli won two Super Bowls against us So now they are stuck with him forever Rumors are, there’s tension Eli, can you pass more to your best receiver? No. We must only checkdown. No comment! No comment! But yes, I am loving this BEN, GET OVER HERE YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT GRUDEN DID NOW Yeah, we don’t even need to be good to win this division anymore Look, I barely killed the Giants! I’m not capable! Coach, I’m here to bail you out again OK, sorry, I have to have my family yell at the Maras Goodbye What the hell did I do? Ruined the Giants, of course Matty, with only three wins I don’t feel safe We have no defense Don’t worry, Julio after the incident I created a state-of-the-art panic room! Wow, I can freak out about not scoring here! Are you always stressing that your 30-point games aren’t enough? You need a panic room today I THINK I MISSED MY SUPER BOWL WINDOW See? Season going poorly? Panic with us! WE BLEW A 17-POINT LEAD? Oh, that’s perfect. I’ll take it. I talk a lot of s–t but my offense f–king sucks MOTHER Oh, I don’t need one My brain is sort of like my own panic room Our rooms come equipped with a place to tweet frustrations a schedule to stress about WE PLAY THE RAMS AND THE PATS?! and podiums for you to insist you’re not panicking at I actually feel really good about where we’re at Thank you What if I just want to give up? Luckily for you we have “accepted defeat” rooms I’M NOT CRYING YOU’RE CRYING Each comes with a Larry Fitzgerald to make it all better! It’s OK if your team is garbage as long as everyone loves you! God, he’s so classy So buy today! Because the season isn’t even halfway over Ahhh!!! It’s pretty awesome no one can mess with us STARTING quarterbacks anymore Sure, Sure, Yeah, yeah, right Out of the way, Von It’s a quarterback’s game now God, I hate those pretty boys Brock, wait up I just wanted to say I’m really proud of you This is the commencement of The Annual Gridiron Heights Purge At the siren, any and all penalties including roughing the passer will be legal IT FEELS GOOD TO BE BAD IT’S LIKE THE NFL FOUR YEARS AGO IN HERE! I’m allowed during the purge! Oooooh! The purge looks fun! It’s dangerous out there! They’re celebrating with hip thrusts! Oh my God, he’s mimicking a weapon! And he’s wearing fun cleats to play and not just as a pregame warm-up! This is anarchy We need to get to Matt Ryan’s panic room THE REAL PURGE IS MENTAL, OK?! NO PURGE IS PURGIER THAN THE PURGE YOU’RE GOING THROUGH UP HERE OK BREAK OK Cool Thanks for that You must love the purge, Vontaze What’s the purge? Baker! I got purged Coach, no!!! Save yourselves SCRAMBLE! Trick or treat! Here’s a treat an extra-long episode of Gridiron Heights! Wow! Yay! Told ya this neighborhood rules Checkdown to be safe Checkdown to- OOF I DON’T THINK I CAN KEEP UP WITH YOUS ALL Well, yeah We’re almost there! Well, I guess there’s still the wild card The purge is my cheat day Sorry I have to sack you No, that’s OK! Great sack! Great job being sacked! JJ, look I’m having a good season! I HATE CHARITY THE MONEY IS ALL MINE NOW! GOOD JOB! NOW BRING ME MORE HEADS, BOYS WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO US?! Don’t you see all the good the purge does? It lets the defense get out their aggressions Hey, can we stay with you? The StubHub Center is hosting a flipping soccer practice Sorry, man, we’re in mourning I let down my fantasy teams again! Nobody fluffin respects us! We’re the GD front-runners for an AFC Wild Card! Bruh, where are we? KIKO!! K-K-K-K-KIKO! Welcome to the Florida section of Gridiron Heights! How have I never noticed this place? Probably because it’s only for underperforming teams with with quarterback controversies And bath salts! Let me give you a tour— I’ll take it from here Since I’m the most Florida person you’ll ever meet— AHHHH! And I’m back Over here we have our own hospital Why aren’t we getting better?! Guess you need another year to evaluate me! And that’s where the Jags D practices OK, why am I the only one who showed up? That’s our house! Woah We built it in ‘72 and have sort of coasted since then So where do you guys want to eat? P-Rivs, let’s go home Stay! You can be the Kissimmee Chargers and play inside the Medieval Times! We need stars here We’ve been starting a manatee at left tackle for years L.A. CAN KISS MY TUCKUS! I’M STAYING HERE! But we just signed a thousand-year lease! I’M MAKING ANOTHER CULTURE CHANGE EVERYONE, OUT Yeah, OK, let’s leave Coach, our flight to Mexico City doesn’t leave for another 10 hours! Hey, you gotta be prepared for everything I DID IT AGAIN I DIDN’T LEAVE ENOUGH TIME GO. GO. GO. HURRY WOW, NO TRAFFIC!!!! Let’s practice the Spanish I made you all learn Dónde esta la end zone? Aqui esta la end zone LEAVE ALL YOUR STUFF WE’LL GET MORE KANSAS CITY BARBECUE IN MEXICO Yo, I hope it’s cool but I have like 20 carry-ons I’m detecting a lot of weapons HEY EVERYBODY, THE CHIEFS ARE HERE! I think we have two potentially explosive offenses RPO! RPO! ATTENTION THE GAME IN MEXICO CITY THE FLIGHT IS LEAVING RIGHT NOW Better hurry I think I have a game script for this somewhere I have the perfect play Oh God, they’re both so innovative Hey man, we’re the same! We’re both front-runners! I am very clearly in front of you We made it! HELL YEAH! LET’S GO! Come on, Travis, get on the plane MAN, TRAVELING IS SO STRESS-FREE LOOK AT ALL THIS LEG ROOM! MY DEFENSE! Always an afterthought Welcome to dinner for all the teams who have to play on Thanksgiving! I brought my famous green bean casserole It’s pretty good, but it’s not gonna win any awards I wish we could go out to the bar tonight like the other teams ELI, IT’S BEEN YEARS! HOW YOU BEEN, MAN?! We’re undefeated in November! YO, JAMES CONNER IS DOING KARAOKE! We’ve got some exciting news in the middle of this Gridiron Heights episode PS4 and VR Bundles are starting at $199 during Black Friday week! GOBBLE, GOBBLE Taysom, more pepper! Hey man, let me take that I think you’re finished Pass this around to Khalil Just pass left, Mitchell A toast! We may not see all of you next year— Wait, what? But we love coming together To friendly competition! Careful, Matt, don’t choke WHERE’S DREW’S MVP, SEAN?! SIT UP STRAIGHT BE FANCY AND PROFESSIONAL LIKE ME Hey, Stafford, you want seconds? Uh, sure I’m Colt McCoy and I’m still the most popular quarterback in Texas THE NFC EAST COULD BE MINE INTERCEPTION I BLAME THE FANS TAYSOM, START THE CAR Already done, sir Hey, what exactly is Taysom Hill’s job? NOBODY KNOWS I could kick Dan Quinn’s ass I’m good now Happy Thanksgiving Hey T.Y.! Just calling to make sure everything’s A-OK! Yeah, Andrew, you called five minutes ago. I’m fine- Wait, someone’s coming for the AFC South. But I was only hurt for three years! OK, T.Y., go deep. The next part is very important. They’re gonna take the division. AAHHHHHHH! I SEE TEXANS- EIGHT STRAIGHT WINS! THEY SAY THEY HAVE A NUKE! DESHAUN WATSON! Oh golly! I don’t know who you are I don’t know who you are I don’t know what you want but I’m Andrew. Hello! I have a very particular set of skills skills I have acquired over almost half a career. Skills like accuracy good decision-making and recommending the perfect book. Sorry for evading you! Good try though! So close! Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you and I’m sorry about that. I need you to be focused! So we all play our best! HE’S GOING TO TORCH OUR DEFENSE! If you let the AFC South go now that’ll be the end of it! Oh boy, what kind of a person would hang out in a gross place like this? Oh, hello Mr. Irsay! Andrew, man, I like you, man. But if you don’t I will look for you I will find you you silly goose and I will absolutely destroy you. Uh, I can’t tell if he’s threatening us or not. Hi guys! You forget how mobile he is. Get him! I have cover now! AAAAAAAHHHHHHH! Gather round for the Week 14 playoff picture! How do you all like your sweaters?! Oh they’re so good. I LOVE IT! Get out of my way, Mahomes— HEY! IF YOU ALL COULD JUST BEHAVE I’LL BUY YA’LL GD FRENCH FRIES AT THE FUDGING FOOD COURT. Welcome to the Saints. The first rule of Drew Brees is you don’t talk about Drew Brees. The second rule of Drew Brees is that when you do talk about him you mention that he’s a great football player but an even better man. He’s so nice. Like many of you, I was stuck. I’d go through 7-9 seasons and wonder “How do these consistent passing records define me as a person?” I’d pray for a different life. I want you to line up as a receiver. What? I want you. To line up. As a receiver. What if we did wacky stuff on offense all the time? Thus began Project Mayhem. Did you go for it on 4th down? Which f–king time? Someone beat the Rams and the question everyone is asking… who dat? Our offense is getting too dangerous. We have to stop this. Sorry sir, we must do everything to completions. His name was Desmond Bryant. I’m coming back. Coach, Taysom Hill is taking over. He’s running, he’s passing, he’s blocking, he’s- That’s impossible! Nobody like that exists. You were looking for a way to stop being boring and great, so you made me up so you could be interesting and great. Everything’s going to be fine. I promise. Hey everyone, welcome to the Gridiron Heights Christmas party! Keep in mind layoffs are coming. Oh no. I’m freaking out. No. No. No. I’m not being replaced. I’m still hurt. See! OW! Santa Gruden, I’m giving all my players away, OK? And an Amari for you. WOAH, A RECEIVER! I’ve never had one before. Hey, who wants a Derek Carr?! Hey, how about you, Dan Snyder, man? He’s only $125 million?! Oh, can I, Jerry? Please?! OK, Odell, this is a work event. Behave yourself. WOOO! I HAVE STRONG OPINIONS ABOUT ALL OF YOU! That’s a fine- HEY, WOAH WOAH ZEKE, I’LL FINE YOU TOO- THANK YOU. I just came to get my stuff. You’re having a party without me? I’m having the time of my life. I’m back! Gronk may be too old for this. OK, the NFC’s a mess. YEAH IT IS. Where’s Eli? Oh, he’s babysitting. PEW! PEW! LET’S PRETEND PLAYOFFS! NO! I’M GOING FOR REAL! IF YOU GUYS DON’T GO TO BED, SANTA WON’T COME. I’M TALL, BUT I CAN RUN. WHY ARE THESE KIDS SO MOBILE?! Another year without the postseason… Dear God, or the Dalai Lama or whatever, I don’t know, I’m still searching- Please show me the way. JORDY NELSON?! Now I hope you weren’t trying to tank. Tanking’s a sin. No, but sometimes I wish I was just never even drafted at all. That’s an idea. What do you think, Vince Lombardi? OK. I agree. You’ve never been drafted. Hey, my leg stopped hurting- What. I’m 49 years old and I’m still the quarterback of the Packers. Without you, Brett Favre wouldn’t leave. The Packers haven’t won a game in 10 years. State Farm shut down. Nobody was here to discount double check. The Bears won that 2010 NFC championship. I’m Jay Cutler, and I never give up. Clay! Clay, don’t you know me? HELP! THIS MAN IS SCARING ME! JORDY! GET ME BACK. I want to be on the Packers again! Hey Aaron- Hey, watch your- MY LEG’S HURTING, BRETT! MY LEG’S HURTING! MERRY CHRISTMAS GREEN BAY! Aaron! The owner’s going to make changes! We are going to hire someone with imaginative play-calling! Every time a whistle blows the Packers still have more rings than the Bears. We’re gonna have to do the shuffle again. Shuff-shuffle again. Do the shuffle again. 2019, it’s the shuffle remix. Reminisce cause we missed ’85, ’86. Leader of the offense. The defense is so fresh, I’m in the NFL and I just learned how to throw left. I can scramble, I can run I can throw touch passes. And I’m livin’ in the city with the most mustaches. Nagy can nag me but don’t call me Mitch. And my name ain’t Jay Cutler so don’t call me- Whatever?! Go to Club Dub. We all got up in bringing back ’86 with the shuffle again. Last name Cohen so I get a bar mitzvah. And I got a new sweater so I’m dressed like Mike Ditka. And we don’t mean this is a mean way Cheese-eating hillbillies all live in Green Bay. D-D-D-DEFENSE!!!!!!! Check the movement monsters of the midway defense superhuman. Never losin’, and we get stupid stupid like when I was traded by Gruden. Turn a player to a hater when I hit a player QB incinerator imitator of refrigerator. HICKS. FULLER. JACKSON. Defense killin’. And I’m worth 2 first-round draft picks and $141 million. In 2019, take it back to ’86. When we win, we’ll do the Super Bowl Shuffle remix. Hopefully. Listen up, gentlemen. You morons may have only let me win 11 games. We suck. We’re… NOT GETTING MINNESOTA MIRACLE’D BY THE F–KING EAGLES THIS— year may be Jared’s last chance before we replace him with another cheap rookie. I’m sorry, what? I SAID I DON’T EVEN LOOK WHEN I THROW. WOO-HOO! YEAH! Settle down I know everyone is depressed because we’re a two seed but we have to stick together. Gilmore what happens when we’re five seconds late to a meeting? We get yelled at till we cry? And Gronk remember when you were unhappy with the team? PATRIOTS TRIED TO TRADE GRONK AFTER THEY BROKE GRONK’S BODY. And Josh Gordon, remem- Oh right. We have no— RECEIVERS MUST GET TACKLED ON THE LAST PLAY OF THE— game reminds me of the 1918 Dayton Triangles/Toledo Maroons game where they had a secret— weapon. ANDY REID AFTER A BYE WEEK!!! I HAVE TIME, BOYS! HE’S BACK! And yes there’s stuff to worry about like aging— And Zeke And the fact that Bountygate clearly angered God AND HURTING MY FRIEND THE FOOTBALL BY THROWING IT TOO HARD. BUT THIS IS OUR YEAR. BIG NICK HERE TO DOUBLE DOINK EVERYONE! – Oh Christ!
– Oh Muskrats! Welcome to Elimination Creek Country Club. I believe you know your way around, Dak. Just give me a drink. This sucks. We are very depressed. The club is nice. I’m getting almost as much rest as I did in the Wild Card Game. Yeah. Now all the charities know I have free time…. FUDGE THE OFFSEASON! I WANT FRICKIN’ FOOTBALL! Phil, Phil, PHIL, PHIL! Can I just run it? Hey, maybe I— Sorry, sir. Starters only at the club. I’M ELITE. I’ll be one of Washington’s five starting quarterbacks next year. Not again. YOU GOT THIS. NEVER CHOKE. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. All right well great season everyone. See you next year! Much love. By the way, man I’m totally cool with outbursts. So now that my fourth OC has left I have to wonder am I the problem? CANNONBALL, hahaha! Tough elimination, man. That’s OK! This time last year I was legally dead lol. BRING IT ON! OH NO. MY POWER ZONE! I’M TRANSFORMING BACK TO REGULAR-SEASON NICK. So the trick is to just have your family yell at the owners— OW, DADDY! Must be the players on the playoff course across the street. Can you throw it back? It’s only like 400 yards. Why are you having fun? This is a game. Everyone here in Gridiron Heights is gearing up for the only game that truly matters: the Pro Bowl. AGAIN. You boys didn’t practice for two whole days to lose this game. AGAIN. CLEAR EYES. FULL HEARTS. PRO BOWL!!! Coach, I got the votes. I can play. Son, I am so proud of you. You’re a Pro Bowl alternate. Here’s to God football and the 2019 AFC Pro Bowl team. AFC FOREVER!!! You guys are my brothers. Hey, I’m JuJu by the way. I play for the Steelers. – My name is Keenan Allen.
– Hi I’m Quenton Nelson. – Nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you. Wow. The Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida. Doesn’t get much better than this. They play the Citrus Bowl here… OK boys, we’re just going to play good ol’ half-speed football with minimal tackling. OH, I’M SO BUMMED I CAN’T PLAY IN THIS BIG GAME. WIN THIS FOR ME, SON. Pro Bowls and memories. That’s all you got. YOU BEST PLAY 3! YOU’RE EMBARRASSING ME, COACH. 3…you’re in. Hut hut! Wilson takes the snap. Oh, Miller’s coming for him! There you go. There you go. Goodnight. [Gasps] We want to apologize to the millions and millions of children at home watching the Pro Bowl. Smile! For even in elimination you have become children of Brady! We have a 25-point lead. Huh, I feel like people are never going to let me get over this. One more and I’ll have just as many as the Steelers! Thomas is coming. You all in the AFC need to stop him. If he wins again it will be boring on a scale this league has never seen. Prepare the offense engage all defenses and get this man a coach who can maximize his serviceable talent! Hey, I’m a computer man. Something’s wrong. St. Louis is deserted. All that’s left is baseball and a Six Flags. STAN KROENKE?! WE HAD TO LEAVE ST. LOUIS! IT’S A SMALL MARKET TOWN! I need you to pay me. It’s the only way to stop Brady. It can’t be done! You play defense! RPO. Is he OK? OH, THAT’S JUST COACH TRYING TO GAME PLAN. Fun teams in the AFC? I will restore order to the universe. I’M GOING TO TAKE DOWN THE GOAT! It’s working! I see so many articles about how this could be the end of the Patriots dynasty. AH, FUDGING BRADY STOPPING ME FROM BEING A G.D. H.O.F.-ER. CALM DOWN, PHIL! FUDGE. In my experience giving him back the ball is bad. Jeez, we get it. Oh hey, look—I got us to overtime! Overtime rules. Tom gets to punch first. If he misses, Patrick gets to punch. WAIT, I MIGHT NOT GET TO PLAY?!?! Great competitor. Hell of a game. We’re at the end of the game now! The Rams are our last chance. Me and the Rams had a bit of a falling out… NO, I SHOULD WIN. Oh, sorry! I didn’t see that. STOP HOLDING OUT! YOU’RE HURTING YOURSELF! AHHHHHHHHH! OK, Todd now may be a good time to unleash THE GURLEY! AHHHHHHHHH! Yo, something weird is going on with me right now. What are they? White no-name position players. Totally expendable. ATTACK! THIS OLD THING STILL WORKS! HALLE BERRY! I don’t even know who you are. Jared’s a system quarterback JUST LIKE YOU! NOT TRUE! You shouldn’t have gone for my head. No! Roughing the passer! Oh fun! A new setback! I am Lamar! I am… AH, FLUFF- Hell yeah, I get to disappear again! MR. BREES I DON’T FEEL SO GOOD. I blame the refs and I refuse to accept this reality. OK, so that’s one of the 14 million ways this could go down. Let’s practice it again! Ugh. Thanos didn’t go far enough.

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