Green Pizza Taste Test

Green Pizza Taste Test

– Today we go green. – Let’s talk about that. (groovy theme music) Top o’ the good mythical mornin’ to ya. – It’s St. Patty’s Day. It’s the day the day that
we celebrate large rainbows, and wee little shamrocks, and bar crawls, and the color green. – Wow, that’s pretty good Link,
you’ve been working on it. – Tonight, bars around the
country are gonna be serving green beer and millions
of people are gonna be clamoring to get beer
that’s just green, it’s just – It’s just green, man.
– Green beer. – It’s just beer that’s green. I don’t know how else to say it. But we’re gonna do better
than that, because we’re gonna do food that’s green,
cause that’s a lot better. – That’s right, it’s time for, hey Lurlene, Let’s Eat Some Green Cuisine, Know What I Mean? – Who’s Lurlene? – My late grandmother. – Oh, I’m sorry. – I mean it’s been years, I was a child. – I’m sure she’ll show up eventually. – It’s just a shout out. – All the foods that
we’re gonna eat today, not only are they green,
but they were prepared by our green chef,
Emerald LaGasse, Emerald. – That’s smart. – And we’re goin’ to wash
it down with some grilk. I have some green milk here. – And you should quit while you’re ahead, cause you started pretty strong. And I’ve got Green Bull, can you see that? It’s just Red Bull
turned green, Green Bull. – Let’s do it. (Irish music) – Okay, we’re getting
started with greenza. That’s green pizza. Now, ooh I’m excited about
this, not just because I like pizza, but because
I also like green. And we’ve dyed the dough green,
we’ve made the sauce with, or Emerald did, made the
sauce with green tomatoes, the cheese has been dyed
green, the pepperoni has been dyed green, and
then it’s topped with basil, which is already green. Grab yourself a piece Link. – And you know what, I think
the operative question is, does it taste better? But then also it’s
obviously healthier, right? – I think it counts as
a vegetable like this. – It does for school lunches. Mmmm, smells like pizza. – I think I can taste the green. I mean a little bit, let
me close my eyes again. – Tasting the green? – I mean just a tad, just a tad of green. You can taste it? – Boy that’s inviting. – It tastes like it’s alive a little bit, you know what I’m saying? – Yeah, yeah. – It’s got vibrancy to it. – Yeah, it tastes like alive vibrancy. – I’m gonna have to eat the
whole piece to find out. – I mean, on one hand, it
looks like someone ate a pizza and then barfed it up as a pizza. – That would be quite a skill
for it reform just like this. I’m convinced I can taste
a little bit of the green. You can also, if you
don’t have time to dye all the different ingredients,
you can just leave a regular pizza out indefinitely. (Irish music) – And now we present the shamburger, it’s like a shamrock shake
except it’s a burger, no shake involved, but lots of green. A green bun here. Green mayo nestled under
there, green lettuce, which is, – Green already. – Already, it’s kind of redundant. I got a green tomato here,
because you can get those. And then we’ve got dyed green
cheese melted over the top of a saint patty, which is a green patty. – Let me get a cross-section
on one of these. – Now fun fact, McDonald’s
burgers actually all start out looking like this, and
then they dye em brown. So we’ve just done the opposite. – So just pull that out there. – We’ve taken an untainted,
ooh, look at that, – Look at that cross
section, that is so nice. So green. – The meat kinda looks
like leprechaun dookie. – Yeah, I wish you hadn’t said that. Of course leprechauns aren’t real man. – The leprechaun left
his mark in me burger. – Now I’ve still got a lot
of green taste in my mouth from the green pizza, so I
don’t know if that’s gonna cloud my experience here. – Look, there he goes. I don’t know if it clouds your experience, but it certainly didn’t delay it much. Dink it. – I already dunk it, man. Don’t tell me you can’t
taste that’s green. – I taste that it’s green. – No, just a little bit. I bet you a million dollars
that if you put a real burger next to this one and close my eyes, I’d be able to tell you which one’s green. – Okay.
– I mean, we can’t, we don’t have a regular
burger, so we can’t. – We don’t have a regular
burger, so we can’t do it. Million dollars, shoot man. But I mean again, it is
healthier, right off the bat. And we need to get used
to this, because 50 years from now, we’re all gonna
be eating alien meat. It’s gonna look like
this, so we gotta dig in. (Irish music) – So maybe you don’t have
your own chef Emerald who’s dying all your food green. Well, there’s the easy way out and that is with food cudderling.
– Food cudderling, yeah. – I just said food cuddling spray. Cuddling spray is
something we should invent. – It does cuddle your food,
and it makes it green. We have not tried this ahead of time. – I’m just gonna rotate like a rotisserie, and you just make me green buddy. (aerosol spray) Oh yeah. – Give me more rotation. – Oh gosh, it looks a little diseased. Now I probably maybe
should have put on gloves. – You’ve got a green
thumb, you can garden now. – Oh gosh.
– What? – You tell me that
doesn’t smell different. – It smells like, oh, uh. – Is there, I mean, gack. You can really taste
the green on this one. – That is aerosol. – I can smell the green. – Well it says on it, just
shake and spray, no prep work, no mess, taste free formula, taste it. – It tastes like green all one
side up and down the other. – I know it smells like
aerosol, but once you taste it does it just taste like a chicken wing? Should I get it inside of where, you want me to green
where you, there you go. Hold that up, show the people. There’s a brown piece right there. – Get the end. It’s totally green. – You can taste that green? It says taste free. – I guarantee you I can tell it’s I, Tell me you didn’t taste that. – I tasted it. – Yeah you did. – Taste the green. – Ewwwugahgah. – It tastes green, but you know what, we don’t have to limit ourselves to wings, when we can take a
Twinkie and make it green. – Rotisserie that thing for me. – Now for, they made
green cream for like Shrek and Ghostbusters, but they
didn’t make the Twinkie itself green, cause they’re small thinkers. You gotta think big Twinkies. – Well they didn’t have this system. If they had called up me
and you, and said one of us is the rotator, and one
of us is the sprayer. – And then we would’ve said,
we’re on the plane right now. We’re boarding the plane coming to you Twinkie, Twinkie people. – Look at that man. Now hold on, back to
back, taste the green one and taste the non-green one. Hold it, hold it, do my test man. – Okay, you got an idea? – Do my test. Hold the other one.
– Close your eyes. – Green. – You felt green. Let me do it, let me do ti. – You owe me a million dollars. – Not green, no green, I don’t
taste green, I taste yellow. – See, look. – Let me taste the green. – You can taste green, okay,
here’s the green for real. – Why are my eyes closed, I know. Still not green. – Yeah see, we can taste green. And it says, listen, we
might have some kind of sixth sense like for tasting colors. It’s on the can that you can’t taste it, but two regular old men right
now, we just tasted green. – Yep, and if we can do it, anyone can, we’re regular old men. – Are we special I think so.
– No. (Irish music) – Okay, and of course if you
don’t have any green spray, or you don’t want to take the
time to dye everything green, you can just use naturally green foods. That’s what we have right
here, we’re calling this the Siobhan layer dip, Siobhan
is a very popular Irish name. – Just like Lurlene. – Totally works. The Siobhan layer dip has green olives, – Well first of all, hold on, there’s a freaking
grasshopper like emerging from the center of it. – He’s like, hey, just in
case you forgot about me, I’m also green. – Hey guys, I’m in here guys, I’m in here. – Green olives, grasshoppers,
seaweed, turtle meat, – What?
– We found turtle meat. Again, the meat guy, shady meat man came through one more time. Wasabi, warning on that
layer, grass, and lime slices on top, those are just
straight-up lime slices with the rind and everything,
and we are going to use green tortilla chips. – Tortilla, native to the Irish lands. – That’s right. Tortilla, the tortilla tree. – Tortilla stone, you rub
it and it produces corn. It’s like a Blarney. – That’s not how everything
in Ireland works. – You rub the stone and it produces corn. – The whole economy is
based off of rubbing stones. – Rubbing rocks. – They rub things,
– Rubbing rocks and looking for pots of gold.
– It just makes money. That’s why they’re doing so well. They’re my people, I
can crack on em, okay. – So is that wasabi or guacamole? – Is that whole layer just wasabi? – [Male offscreen] Yep. – Y’all are crazy man. Is it like thinned out in any way? Is it wasabi cream? Oh gosh. – And the grasshoppers,
are they boiled for safety? – You gotta go all the way
to the bottom to get the, – What is that black stuff on the bottom? – Seaweed, oh gosh. – Oh my gosh, and it’s stinky. It’s so stinky. – Oh gosh, I got two
grasshoppers, I see two eyeballs, I got green olives, which
I like green olives. – And what is that pink
stuff, that’s not green. Turtle meat? – Oh that’s turtle meat, you
got turtle meat in there. Give me some turtle meat. – Well you’re gonna
have to dig over there, it looks like hamburger. – It smells so bad, I
gotta go, I gotta go in for the turtle meat. When a man goes in for the turtle meat. – I mean look at that. – Sometimes he doesn’t come back. Turtle meat can be very elusive. – Turtle meat be hiding. – Turtle meat, that was my
nickname in high school. There’s a little turtle meat. That’s what they’d say when I was coming, when I was on my way,
there’s a little turtle meat. Here he comes again. – Rhett, are you gonna
eat that whole thing, or are you gonna take a bite out of it? Cause I made one bite, and
you made like a whole dish. – Hold on, where’s the lime? You gotta have a whole lime on it. – Okay, I’ll gladly add lime. – I’m just gonna take a bite right there that’s got all Siobhan layers. – Sorry for dropping that on you. – I think that was me. – Oh my gosh, man.
– Here we go. – I feel nauseous.
– Here we go. (retching) – It’s burning.
– Burning. (retching) It’s crunchy, burning. (retching) Once you start dipping,
the vomit starts slipping. – It’s green. – Oh yeah, it is still green. – Eh, that’s not bad. That’s not bad.
– Yeah, that was, that was, – Not half bad.
– That was good, I mean. – You know, it just takes a while to eat. But we’ve got all day. But you don’t, thanks for liking,
commenting, and subscribing. – You know what time it is. – Hi I’m Marianna. – And I’m Jaime. – We’re in Ireland. – And we’re doing a Pringles taste test. – [Together] And it’s time to spin The Wheel of Mythicality. – Did you forget to give
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