GOOSEBUMPS 2 “Slappy Returns” Clip – Haunted Halloween

GOOSEBUMPS 2 “Slappy Returns” Clip – Haunted Halloween

I love a good hoilday sale hello old friends kurru marri odonna lono molonu karrnno kurru marri YES its starting to look a lot like Halloween around here I don’t think this place is giving out candy Haunted Halloween Did you miss me You discovered a walking talking dummy and you didn’t tell me okay. Well he seemed like a really nice guy at the start there moving there so tiny and cute what can they possibly do sonny there just gummy bears hey kids wow you’ve got quite a spread here Stand down Greg Look at this a mysterious disturbance recently took place in the town of Madison, Delaware Creatures come alive From the original manuscripts of r.l stine the book what book it’s a goosebumps book. It’s locked Oh, man What did you do? It’s time to make Halloween last forever Let’s go Get the strength We’re living a goosebump story right now. I hear it’s a real scream Halloween is alive. I know it’s my favorite holiday – You’re gonna need some serious therapy after this that book is the only thing we have to end this Let’s go Someone’s gonna win a costume contest goosebumps aw there just gummy bears coming soon

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  1. Hey everyone, did you know Jack Black ISN'T the voice of Slappy in this clip? We just explained it in our new Slappy & Goosebumps 2 video here ►

  2. Just watched this today with my friends. Definitely recommend this movie! Extremely interesting, a few funny jumpscares and very enjoyable to watch. <3

  3. Most people are thinking about Chucky. Guys,have you not seen the Goosebumps show or read the books,damn it!?

  4. My favorite monsters are: witches green swamp monster witch crab claw cyborg werewolf yeti ghoul red wixen vampire and alien

  5. 1:33 idk y but it looks like the house where IT was……
    Ik it's not but.. It looks like it or it reminds me of it.

  6. Slappy:hello old friends.
    Monsters:ugh there goes my break…
    Slappy:caro marri odonna loma molonu karrano!

  7. So does this movie take place inside the story r.l. stine wrote at the end of the last movie and technically none of this is happening

  8. (I haven't seen the trailer)

    Goosebumps 1 ended with a Cliff hanger (SPOILER ALERT!!)

    The Invisible Boy's Revenge.


    Goosebumps 2 is Slappy's revenge.

    I'm so Triggered.
    Y is ther no Invisibl boi's revenj?

  9. My name is you have not called me and I do think what is it say Andrew Lane and my name is yeah then I’ll call me

  10. For Those Who Don’t Know:
    Karru Marri Odanna Loma Molonu Karonu Means
    “You And I Are Together As One”
    Also The Words Who Brought Slappy To Life In The Books
    And Also Slappy Is Created By An Creepy Sorcerer Who Soon Died And Placed His Soul In Slappy Hoping Someone One Day Will Read Out Those Words And Summon THE LIVING DUMMY But When It Was “Real Life Created” He Wasn’t Made By That, It Was Only In The Books

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