Gluten-Free Manna From Heaven

♪♪We’re starving, Aaron!How much longer must we
suffer in the wilderness without food? Be patient, Elisheba. My brother promised us the
heavens would provide. [gasps] ♪♪ We are truly
a blessed people. I will never again question
the power of– Man:Hey, Aaron?Yea, Rufus? Is this gluten-free manna? Cometh again? Well, I mean, I don’t wanna
be that Israelite, but gluten
hurts my tum-tum. I’m sorry,
I knoweth not. Well, could you
asketh Moses, though? Dost thou really think that
is the best use of his time? Well, I mean,
liketh in Egypt, I could say, “Hey, does this rotted
maggoty bread haveth gluten?” and they’d be like, “No! We’re not monsters! Now get back to work!” [mimics whip] I don’t know, it was just– it was nice having
that peace of mind. That was nice? When thou wert
in forced servitude? Rufus, what– Israelite one, Israelite two, reverse the Nile. Is that all, Rufus? [sighs] I mean, he freed us
from the Egyptians, now free us
from the E-glutens. [chuckles] Thou art trying
my patience, Rufus. I mean, did he even do an
environmental impact study before he parted the Red Sea? The Egyptian army madeth
that a little difficult. Oh, maybe he could get us
some free-range chicken, or a nice non-GMO salad, ’cause I’m trying
to watcheth my carbs now that I’m not
working out as much. You mean now
that thou art not in bondage? I remember there was this one
fitness class in Egypt where I just stomped mud and
strawinto bricks for hoursevery day for ten years! Made my calves golden,
if you know what I meaneth. That’s not funny. The instructor
was a real taskmaster! [laughs] He was literally
a taskmaster! What doth it take for you
people to be humbled? [snake hisses] Ow! That fiery serpent biteth me! Oh! Rufus, this is a blessing! Listen, all you have to do to
be healed is look upon– Ah! No, no. I’m officially boycotting
all non-recycled wood-based products,
so I don’t wanna– Nuh-uh. [sighs] Only 39 years
to go, honey. Honey! That’s what’s in the manna! [laughs] Are the bees local, though? Depart! What? Get out,
just get out of my tent! Wait. Wait, wait, wait. We’re going to do
some hot yoga on Sinai. You guys wanna– [together] No. Okay, it’s gonna be fun! Hey, what do you think that
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