Give Up Yer Aul Sins – Oscar Nominated Irish Short Film

Give Up Yer Aul Sins – Oscar Nominated Irish Short Film

Mrs Cunningham [Teacher]:
Allright children. Settle down. Now, we all know who’s coming in to school today, don’t
we? School Children:
The men from the Telly! Mrs Cunningham:
That’s right, the men from the television! So, I want you all to be on your best behavior.
If you’re all patient you’ll get to tell your Bible story. Now who wants to be first?
School Children (excited) Me. Me. Miss. Miss. Me. Mrs Cunningham:
OK. OK. Mary! You’ll go first. School Children [disappointed]:
Aw.. Miss! Mrs Cunningham:
I want you to tell us the story of John The Baptist. Now here they come. Quiet everyone
else. Quiet now, come on and you’ll all get your chance. Off you go now Mary… Mary:
He grew up and they called him John The Baptist cause he used to go around telling everybody…
baptizing all the big people and kids and all and telling people to do penance and give
up their old Sins. And so didn’t he come to this terrible wicked
woman and he said to her ‘do penance and give up your aul sins’ and so she knew penance
was hard and so she said ‘No! I won’t give up me… I won’t do penance and I won’t
give up me Aul Sins’ and Joe said ‘You’ll end up in hell in the big fire’ And then she got raging and she said to herself
‘I’ll get me own back’ and so he got thrown into jail and this day didn’t a man
come in to visit him and.. saint John the Baptist said to him ‘will you do me a favour?’
and he said ‘Yeah’ an said ‘will ya go to Jesus and ask him is he really God or
is he a shockin’ Holy Saint?’, and so the man went to Jesus and he said ‘Poor
John the Baptist, he’s in prison and he wants to know are you really God or are you
a shockin’ Holy Saint?’ Mary:
And so he said’ Tell him what you’re after seein’, the leapords are cured, people that
are blind can see and the people that are on crutches can walk’ and leapords means
that they were all full with sores all over them and so he came back and the man told
him all… John the Baptist all about it. And so John the Baptist said ‘Oh, they’re
all miracles, that’s God’ and so then there was the same wicked woman knew this
wicked king and the wicked king had a party and so they asked the woman to it and the
wicked young one and so … didn’t… he said to her ‘Do you want to come to the
party?’ and she said ‘Yeah.’and he asked the wicked young one and she said ‘[email protected]
and so they went to the party. And so he said to her ‘Will you do a dance
for me?’ and she was only learning and she said ‘Yeah.’ And so she went up and she
did a dance and she went up to see a tate and she was real common and so it was finished
and the King said ‘Oh that was gorgeous.. I’ll give you anything you want’ and instead
of taking earrings or a necklace or a watch or a bracelet or something or a ring or a
gold broach cause rich … or kings… or kings are always rich and they have loads
of Gold. And so instead of doing that she went up to
him and said ‘What’ll I take?’ and she said ‘John the Baptists head on a plate.’
And so wasn’t he in Jail when he sent all his soldiers out and so… and they came and
they cut off his head. Mrs Cunningham:
OK Children. One at a time. Mind the camera now. Take your time. Don’t bang into it.
I wish it was this easy to get them in the morning. Did you get enough there? We can
do some more after the break. They’ll love it now when they’re on the television.

59 Replies to “Give Up Yer Aul Sins – Oscar Nominated Irish Short Film”

  1. adorable. when i lived in Ireland I bought it on tape back in the 1980's. the video makes it understandable as the little girls voice had quite an accent. ADORABLE. i tell ya, thats the best line i have heard in years…shockin holy saint.

  2. i remeber last year we were sittin in class [in fourth year] and the sixth years were watching it and we could hear everything so we were all laughing durin class instead of learnin

  3. She has a pretty good memory! All I remembered was that there was a head on a plate, and that was icky. Haha. πŸ˜‰

  4. I heard that they've made a tv series using a few of the other stories that were recorded. I hope they're uploaded as well; I wouldn't be able to catch them in the US, I don't think.

  5. Lovely video of innocent days gone now … what a upbringing to make kids as nice and religeous as this young one.

  6. What a pity we are all morphing into some atlantic accent…or whatever they call it. I have a very strong Irish accent and was once asked by a nun from Co. Galway why I hadn't thought of therapy!!! What rubbish.

  7. im jus bein an ass why shouldn't i believe you, i hav nothing to lose. besides it sounds like you are either a connoisseur of that classroom, or its your mom. By the way, this might sound kinda weird, but ur mom was cute, this is such a cute video πŸ˜€

  8. but i got a question for ye how can ye like jumpstyle?i mean like hardstyle nd clown walking is way better

  9. Thats my nanny telling the story this video,they dont use her real name in it but she went to court and all to prove it was her!mad listening to it again she hasnt showed it to me since i was very young

  10. Wow this has made me sooo proud πŸ˜‚πŸ‘πŸ½ loved it when I was small !! Very common πŸ˜‰ Dublin I'm guessingπŸ’«πŸ˜‚ I'm from there me self

  11. this was made in 1958 in Dublin north inner city, the woman r around today 2016, its great to hear, glad to be from Dublin 1

  12. Just thinking, if I died now, all it would do would support my claim in being the Baptist and people would say I did my work in telling the police and Church to 'Make straight the Way! Get ready because the Messiah is coming!'

  13. Shock'n holy saints! That's my new favorite invocation!!!! I'll be using it constantly! πŸ˜πŸ’–πŸ˜

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