Church used to be a gathering of saints and
it used to be run by saints, by true people of God who lived Godly.
But today church is a gatthering of sinners and its run by sinners, its run by hypocrites
in the same wat the synagogue was run by hypocrites in the time of Jesus.
Church leaders today are the same like the pharisees, they honour God with their lips
but their hearts are far from Him. They love money and they love the praises of people
you can easily see that, and Jesus warned us about such people and He said if our righteousness
does not exceed the righteousness of the pharisees we will never enter the kingdom of God.
It is very, very dangerous and want to warn everybody about ungodly chuches run by ungodly
leaders. It is very dangerous because Jesus warned us about such leaders and He said,
they are making their followers, ungodly leaders
are making their followers twice as much as sons of hell as they are.
I warn you, to stay out of ungodly churches run by ungodly leaders.
May Jesus bless you.

3 Replies to “GET OUT OF CHURCH NOW!!!”

  1. Thank you for sharing. I learned of this in 2017 after i stopped going to a church building. When i share with other christians who ask me what church to i go to, that i dont go to a church anymore, some get offended, some have said for me to not talk to them bc im not in a church building, or they treat me like im disobedient for forsaking the fellowship of the brethren.

    However, i believe Jesus led me to come out as no church, for close to 5 years, was ever a "home church" ehich was what i was looking for. Even in the chirch infelt like i was just doing church and pplaying church, leaving the same way i came in….😔

    Thanks again brother for sharing.

  2. Question brother, do you think God allows His new believers to attend church buildings that they may eventually see the truth about them?

    Having been thinkkng about it. I get worried sometimes with new believers in love with their Church buildings and pastors.

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