GENTLE MONSTER x MINO: Burning Planet Installation♥

GENTLE MONSTER x MINO: Burning Planet Installation♥

everyone where are we is it worth it this is her cafe only so much it’s alright okay okay I love this company because they have milk alternatives you have oat milk pistachio milk it’s rare to find in Korea so young she that’s her husband shun I look at this cafe the space is so cool because there’s a lot of modern vibes it’s been featured on hypebeast and there are a lot of like stones on the floor a stone on the wall yeah she’s ordering to eat oatmeal latte and she got me [Music] young yang yeah I knew emmalin it’s cut open [Music] so there’s green tea inside and I love this because it’s a Korean desert we just finished our meeting and now I’m going to help the sky Tamim taste the new menu hello my parents we’re in Qatar secure now I know it was so smooth okay we’re gonna go to gentle monster because I have been thinking about these glasses that I try it on last time it’s the one I already have but they’re orange yeah I want them yeah okay let’s go look over here no I really like how our optics are like complementing each other so cute huh this one coffee Tati looks so good on you yeah work dadada yoga [Music] really this is the one I wanna buy today [Music] my order card gotta go purchase them on the fifth floor a lot of walking so this is what the fifth floor looks like it’s like the perfume perfume lab yeah Wow trade we know they don’t we apology over and Susana Goyal comes up me Eddie told me about this place he said there’s this multi that seems like cereal no oh it should ja okay let’s go here [Music] we’re now leaving this beautiful cafe after we had a pretty intense conversation about life I love her this is where we were I think this is owned by a youtuber right just walking around now scoping for places to take TV you ya know these are actually really comfortable yeah I wear this out like in the rain did you ever fall in them no I haven’t Wow yeah pretty watch them fall in them right now made at it duck song it’s kind of chilly out today but I’m just following the map now and looking for dirt and love the vibe so he’s in a garden so sad news we can’t eat at this cafe because they don’t serve after selling a limited amount and it sold out like right in front of me so I’m going to look for a different place here so sad we can’t either I was like they ran out of food they have a limited amount yeah so we’re gonna eat a team Bowman said and this place is really popular they have it in Dukes up young – yeah it is it is the new place just kidding they just closed ding it and then that’s the cafe I want to go to but it’s there’s obviously a line dude that we are you busy what is this please have food Eddie got just the hotdog and then I got a pepperoni pizza you want a black straw or a white straw okay no do you need any sauces ketchup and mustard I guess I know we’re here guys huh oh my god yay pound it pound it pound it we’re waiting to go inside the exhibition and everyone from gentle monster is like going to explain it to us exclusive she also gave us the newest tambourines product here we go this is an exclusive tour of the Mino and gentle monster collaboration [Music] together [Music] good I’ll give only China go so get nagging again and I’m gonna take computing yang chun-hee or the young man and she Cajun man but I walk swimming out the middle she may come get you go I’ll be there he go I’m Jim Duron a no-show Kabam my German gotta shake energy dumb only got what she time and Fergie and Asia but some ways you’ll miss out I’m bitter song yeah get your bonus song you’re gonna do good or do me dark on it again I’m up with on this angle Fanta G he’s Angus Angus be a key there I’ll catch a chill gap Germany Cossack that one Oh God surely all my knees so now I pray push you up that my pockets and try plugging girl dreams and mercy [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] we got to see him up close several times and he’s really good-looking perfect yeah I was really really shy when I when he walked by but I know right before we were sitting that you’re here you are I’m like yeah oh yeah so I hope you guys enjoyed the quick vlog of this event see you I might actually open up what I got by some winner I love that so I’m back home now and I feel like I’ve been ending my vlogs at home often I’ve been starting and ending the vlog at home a lot these days and it’s been quite nice so let me know if you guys have been enjoying that but before ending the vlog I thought I would open up what’s inside and first off tamarins gave me their newest product and this is actually an air freshener so I just have to spray it around the house and it’s gonna smell good so I’m very excited to use this this is something that I was kind of eyeing and they gave it to me today so thank you temperance we’re always flowing meat and then inside this bag right here we have this so apparently Nino actually drew everything here so let me show you guys let’s do this together alright so first we have it’s a mask and then second we have this mask and third and last is this one right here so Nino drew all of this he’s super artsy I honestly wanted to get a selfie with him but he was just so busy meeting people and walking around and trying his best to be interactive with everybody that was there so I was just like enjoying my time there and thank you gentlemen for inviting me so I hope you guys enjoyed my experience at gentle monster and Cimino’s burning planet project I believe that that exhibition is going to be open until November like the first week of November so if you’re interested definitely check it out because me know basically had all these ideas and gentle monster made it come to life and it is mixed with a lot of the art that he drew himself so I thought that was very cool and the last exhibition that I went to that was similar to this was the peace – one one for g-dragon so I was like wow so we know she dragon it was just like cool to see so yeah thank you so much for watching here’s the shout out today for those of you guys who translate it and transcribe this vlog right here and I’ll see you guys in the next one bye have a Joan Day [Music] [Music]

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  2. Hi . I’m a new subscriber of your channel. I’m from Thailand . You make me want to go to Korea again.
    Love your vlog so much. 💕

  3. I am honest: I didn't know Mino before.
    But when I saw him, my heart stopped at 9:17 … I have no words he his so handsome like what
    His hair style suits his face so well AND THIS PIERCING

    Now I have to learn a lot more about him omg

  4. You not only went there and Saw Mino, but you also saw Pyo ;;; I'm so jealous!! But thank you for showing us how it was, the video is great <3

  5. MINO!!!! Jaw DROPPED!!!!! I'm gonna watch winner next month, so it's my turn to see Mino, Seung Yoon, Jin Woo, and Seung Hoon. 🧡🌼

  6. Love this . I love living through you . I an INCle that doesn't live in Seoul appreciates this . Thank you so much. Oh and the KSY & Mino song you used 💓

  7. I just love how P.O support his friend LOL anyway I wasn't expecting much from this vlog but I literally loved it like 💯 and oh btw i love your fashion style😚😚

  8. This is why I love you joan💕💕 Thankyou for your vlog !! Seriously, you really let us experience things that we can’t experience in real life. Like going to Mino’s exhibition 😭😭

  9. Thank you for this! I just saw him in a recent concert and YES! mino is drop-dead gorgeous 😍
    Thank you also for that Mino/Yoon bgm 'Door' 👍👍

  10. I’m so sorry I am just watching this 😲😲😲😲 My Only Bias in the Universe was so up close. He’s an Exhibition Alone Gorgeous!! Thanks Jo💙 Everyone Please Support his First Solo album XX 💋 I live here in NYC & I pray he does a solo US tour like Zico did recently.

  11. I didn't like Mino before…but,after I watched the New Journey To The West show which he appears,I became a fan of him…today is also watched the show from Sri Lanka….lots of Love for Mino & Joan

  12. Gentle Monster have a store here in London now! I went in with my boyfriend and tried some on, and they're so nice! I need to go back and treat myself.

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