Gendron on Pope Francis

Gendron on Pope Francis

>>Pope Francis has quickly
established himself among the masses as a very popular
religious leader. But at the same time, he has generated
strong resistance from key Catholic leaders. Much of the
controversy he has caused is due to his tendency to make
off-the-wall comments that produce widespread confusion.
Who is this Pope? Where did he come from? And what is he up
to? Stay tuned for an interview with an
expert on Catholicism.>>[music]
>>Lamb and Lion Ministries presents Christ in
Prophecy, a program that focuses on the
fundamentals of Bible prophecy, showing how current
events in the news relate to Biblical predictions of end
time events and the soon return of Jesus. Now, here’s
your host, Dr. David Reagan.>>Greetings in the name of
Jesus, our Blessed Hope, and welcome to Christ in Prophecy.
I have as my special guest on this program a good friend and
ministry colleague, Mike Gendron. Mike is the founder
and director of a ministry in Dallas, Texas area called,
“Proclaiming the Gospel.” Welcome to Christ in Prophecy,
Mike.>>Well it is good to be here with you Dave.>>Well it
is always good to be with you. I enjoy ministering with you
all over the nation at various conferences over the years.
And I would like for you to tell our folks about your
background, and why are you considered to be an expert on
Catholicism?>>Well I always love to share a testimony of
God’s amazing grace because I grew up a very devout
Catholic. I was a Catholic for 37 years and taught High
School Catholic Christian doctrine. I was an altar boy
for seven years. Later on I was responsible for bringing
the very first Little Rock Scripture Study to a Catholic
Church in the Dallas area. And so during this time the Lord
was revealing Himself to me. But there was a conference I
went to in 1981 that convinced me that the Bible was the
supreme authority in all matters of faith. So, at the
age of 34 I began reading the Bible for the first time.
>>Was that a Catholic conference that you went to?
>>No, it was an Evangelical conference. I didn’t even know
who was giving the conference I had never heard of him. But
it was in the “Dallas Morning News” and I thought, the title
of the conference was “Evidence for the Christian
Faith.” And as a Catholic I had no evidence I was just
told to believe whatever the priest told me. And so here
was a man that was going to give evidence for the
Christian faith. And so I attended this three day
conference and I went home opening the Bible for the
first time at age 34. And as I read the Bible I recognized
very quickly that what I’d been taught as a Catholic was
diametrically opposed to what the Bible was teaching me in
regards to salvation. I read that we were saved by grace
apart from merit, by faith apart from works. I read that
Jesus was my all sufficient Savior, I needed to repent of
all the things that I was doing to help Him save me. And
wow, I mean it just–through this process of reading the
Bible and the Spirit of God illuminating the Scriptures to
me I came to saving faith in the Lord Jesus.>>You know
Mike over the years as I have encountered Catholics my
approach to them has always been start reading your Bible.
>>Amen.>>And I find that they haven’t done that. And when
they start reading the Bible they start saying, “Hey, well
the Bible says that, the church says this. The Bible
says that, the church says this.” And they begin to have
their eyes opened.>>It really is an eye-opener because
ultimately there is nothing more important in this life
then figuring out who should I trust for my eternal destiny.
And the Bible told me it was Christ alone, that He is able
to save me completely and forever.>>And when you say
you were a devout Catholic you really were.>>I really was.
>>You even went to Italy didn’t you?>>I did. I
actually concelebrated with Padre Pio who has the wounds
of Christ. He is of course dead now. But during the time
I was a young altar boy and he had the wounds of Christ in
his hands. And I thought, “Wow, this is a validation
that the Catholic Church is the one true Church.” But then
later on when the Lord saved me I began reading his
autobiography and found out that he was thanking–he was
sitting at his window as souls from purgatory were on their
way to Heaven thanking Padre Pio for suffering on their
behalf.>>Oh my.>>And I thought this is not the
Gospel.>>Well tell us a little bit about your secular
background. While you are going to Mass every day and
doing all this what are doing in the secular world?>>Well I
was very successful in the corporate world. In fact by
the age of 31 I really accomplished everything anyone
could ever achieve as far as the world’s riches and the
mansion in a prestigious neighborhood, the 380 SL
sports car convertible, the gold Rolex. I mean I’d done
everything.>>You were into the whole thing, huh?>>Yet
there was something missing. And I didn’t know that it had
anything to do with my spirituality because I was a
devout Catholic.>>Yeah so you were a business executive
right?>>I was.>>In a Fortune 500 Company?>>Right.>>And
that must have been quite a decision to leave that world
and commit your life to Christ in ministry. Did that shake up
your wife? What happened? I mean?>>Yes, I mean it really
did she did not marry a seminary student or a
missionary. So, it was definitely something that we
that we had to deal with. But, she has just become the
greatest helpmate now in this ministry. She is also a former
Catholic. And so, you know when I sat down and realized
that the only two things in this life that are eternal are
the Word of God and the souls of men. And I wanted to start
investing the rest of my life in the things that mattered;
the things that would last for all of eternity. So, in my
case it was very easy I wanted to go to seminary and
de-indoctrinalize myself from all the error that I had been
taught as a Catholic and fill it with truth.>>And so where
did you go to Seminary?>>I went to Dallas Theological
Seminary.>>That’s a good one.>>It is. And during that last
semester I was introduced to a video of former priests and
nuns that were sharing how to be saved. And as I watched
that video I felt compelled to share it with every Roman
Catholic I knew. And so my wife and I invited Roman
Catholics over to our home. And within three months we saw
17 Roman Catholics exchange their religion for a
relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.>>And then in
what year did you decide to form the ministry that you
have now?>>Well I never did set out to form a ministry. In
1991 is when we began inviting Catholics over. And what do
you do with 17 new babes in Christ? Well you invite them
back over on Wednesday night to help them grow in the grace
and knowledge of our Lord. So, that was the genesis of the
ministry the Lord began. And we just stand in awe because
He has taken us throughout the world primarily in countries
that are dominated by Roman Catholicism. And it is our joy
to equip and encourage the Saints to reach out to this
huge mission field.>>And how many years have you been at
this now?>>Twenty-four years now.>>Well congratulations.
>>Well it is all the grace of God. We just stand in awe of
Him.>>[music]>>Welcome back to
Christ in Prophecy and my interview with
Mike Gendron. Mike, I would like to talk
specifically with you now about Pope Francis. As I said
in the introduction to this particular program Pope
Francis has quickly established himself as a very
popular figure among the Catholic masses. And I think
that there are several reasons for that: one is his dismissal
of the majestic trappings of the papacy, at least some of
them. And another I think was his condemnation of corruption
in the Catholic Curia. Another would be his promotion of
Socialism. And another would be his questioning of some of
the Church’s most questionable or at least most unpopular
doctrines. Now on the negative side he appears to be a loose
cannon. And thus, every time he speaks out on an issue the
Vatican calls a press conference very quickly and
says, “He didn’t mean what he said.” And they begin to
explain away what he said. What in the world is this man
up to? Where did he come from? What is his background? Can
you give us any kind of insights about him?>>Well
yes, Dave, he is a very fascinating man. He came out
of Argentina. He is a Jesuit and many people have studied
the Jesuits.>>First one ever as Pope.>>First one, yes. And
a lot of people don’t know the background of the Jesuits. But
at the Reformation in the 16th Century the Council of Trent
was the Counter Reformation. And they recognized that a lot
of Catholics were leaving after studying the Bible. The
truth was setting them free. And so the Catholic Church
established a Counter Reformation; part of it was
Ignatius Loyola who founded the Jesuits. And so, the
purpose of the Jesuits at that time was to do anything to
thwart the Protestant Reformation. And so if you
look at Church history they took some pretty drastic
measures including part of the Inquisition.>>So they became
the defenders of the Church.>>They really did. And so they
tried to thwart the exodus of Roman Catholics that were
leaving because they found the truth in the Bible. And so as
a result of that the Jesuits their agenda is to unite the
whole world under the power and the influence of the
papacy. And so you see this new Jesuit Pope the first one
ever he is accelerating the ecumenical movement like never
before. You know it started in 1965 with Vatican Council II.
But Pope Francis made a statement just recently that I
want to read to you. He said, “There are many people who
share our faith in Christ but belong to other faith
confessions or traditions. Throughout history this has
been a cause of conflict and suffering. But now it is
possible to work toward reconciliation and full
communion.” The Pope said, “We ought to accentuate that which
unites us, Jesus, and the richness of His love.”>>So,
ecumenism is one of his major items on his agenda.>>It’s
the major thrust. And his goal is to unite not only all
separated brethren which would be you and I, but also all the
religions of the world he is building bridges. But we need
to make sure that people understand we are not united
in the love of Christ, we are united in faith in the Gospel
of Jesus Christ.>>Yes.>>There can be no unity
outside of the Gospel.>>And yet there seem to be many
evangelicals even who think that there can be.>>Well
there are. In fact if you look at the recent months the Pope
is looking for soft spots in the Evangelical world. In
order to build bridges and to the Evangelical Church. And so
this pope has accelerated the ecumenical movement. But we
need to recognize that he is teaching a false and fatal
Gospel.>>Yes.>>He is not interested in doctrine, he is
interested in people who love Jesus. But a lot of
evangelicals don’t know that Catholics worship and trust a
different Jesus; different from the one that is revealed
in the Bible.>>What do mean by that when you say a
different Jesus?>>Well the Roman Catholic Jesus is called
down from Heaven every day to be offered again as a sin
offering by the priest on an altar, it is to appease the
wrath of God. Divine justice is served every day on a
Catholic altar. This is not the Jesus of Scripture. He
entered Heaven having obtained eternal redemption. He died
once for all sin for all time, there are no more offerings
for sin. And so we need to point this out to Roman
Catholics and point them to the Christ of the Bible. He is
sufficient to save them completely and forever.>>It
seems that many in the evangelical world have
actually overlooked the differences that brought about
the split in the first place as if there were of no
consequence. And that all these people who died being
burned at the stake or whatever that it was just a
ridiculous loss of life because there wasn’t that much
difference in the first place. But that’s not true at all is
it?>>Dave, it is really heart breaking to see evangelicals
forget what the Reformers died for.>>Yes.>>They were
brutally tortured and burned at the stake because they
stood on the sound rock of the Bible; that was their
authority for faith. They would not bow their knee to
the pope. And now we see evangelicals going to Pope
Francis and they are forgetting what the
Reformation was all about: that we are saved by grace
alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, according to
Scripture alone, all for the glory of God alone. But this
Pope is teaching a gospel of works. A gospel that
encourages people to receive sacraments in order to obtain
eternal life. Catholics do not have the assurance of eternal
life because their work of redemption is carried out
every day on a Catholic altar.>>Right. Well what I would
like to do now is to read you some quotes from Pope Francis
and have you respond to them. And we’ll do that
in just a moment.>>[music]>>Welcome back to my discussion
with Mike Gendron about Pope Francis. Mike I mentioned
earlier that Pope Francis has demonstrated an incredible
capacity for off-the-wall quotes which just drives the
Vatican crazy. And they are always calling press
conferences to clear up the mess after he has made these
statements. Here is an example, in May of 2014 he
said, “That if Martians were to land on earth tomorrow he
would be happy to baptize them.” The Vatican hurriedly
called a press conference and explained that the Pope was
simply trying to say that the Catholic Church is committed
to inclusion of all peoples.>>We’ll you’re right this Pope
really does say somethings that are out of left field. In
fact often times what he says goes against historic Roman
Catholic theology as well as the Bible. It has been noted
that this pope has really been good for our ministry because
every time he says something bizarre radio stations call me
up and ask me, “What did the Pope really mean by that?” But
it is really interesting Dave because Catholics look at this
man as infallible; which means he cannot error in matters of
faith and morals. And as you said the Vatican is constantly
having to correct what he said. You mentioned about the
Martians he is a very inclusive pope. It goes back
to the agenda that all people are in the mercy of God. That
was another one of his quotes which again goes against the
book of Hebrews that says, “God gives mercy to those He
wills and hardens those He will.” And so this pope is
unbiblical and he is un-Roman Catholic. And it is really
fascinating to see.>>One of the interesting things to me,
I don’t have it here in front of me, but I have a whole list
of quotes from key Catholic leaders in which they
have–bishops we’re talking about have strongly criticized
this pope for some of the things he said.>>It is really
interesting but I hope that Roman Catholics will begin to
realize that they cannot trust their bishops, or their pope,
but they can find assurance in knowing that the Word of God
is the supreme authority.>>Yes.>>And we look through
every man’s teaching through the lens of Scripture. Your
teaching and mine, the pope’s. And so I would–>>We all need
to be Bereans.>>Well we do. Acts 17:11, “Test every man’s
teaching.”>>Right. And who were they testing? Paul.
>>That’s right.>>If they are going to test Paul they should
test me, you, the pope and everybody else.>>But another
one of his crazy statements he said that, “Atheists can
follow their conscious into Heaven.”>>Yeah Atheists who
do good are redeemed, not just Catholics that is his exact
words.>>Again there is his inclusive gospel again. This
goes against historical Roman Catholic theology. The Bible
calls Atheist fools. Why? Because they suppress the
truth of God and unrighteousness. God has
revealed Himself, so these are fools. But the pope says,
“They’ll go to Heaven.”>>If Atheist can be saved by simply
doing good, why should we even bother to preach the Gospel?
>>Well that is a good point. But you see Roman Catholicism
is no different from any other religion of works
righteousness. Biblical Christianity says Christ did
it all, you are saved by grace through faith. But every other
religion says you must do things to appease God
including the Pope’s Roman Catholicism.>>Here is another
recent quote. “The Big Bang Theory does not contradict the
role of God as divine Creator.”>>That is amazing
that he would make a statement like that. At least he got
half of it right. Right?>>Right.>>But you look at the
Genesis account God the creator spoke everything into
existence in six days. That directly is opposed to a Big
Bang Theory.>>Well he’s pretty well indicated that he
believes fully in evolution. Several of his statements have
indicated this.>>Yes.>>He says, “If someone is gay and
is searching for the Lord and has good will then who am I to
judge him?”>>Well here again the pope declares himself to
be God’s representative on earth. Why doesn’t he say that
God has already judged homosexuality not only as a
sin, but according to Leviticus 18 it is an
abomination to God. And so the only hope for a homosexual
whose in this kind of a sin is to repent and believe the
Gospel, therein he will find the power to overcome the
homosexuality.>>Right.>>But this pope unless he identifies
them as sinners, then they will continually believe the
pope that this sin is not so serious enough to disqualify
them for Heaven.>>Yes, when Paul talks about homosexuality
for example in the Corinthian letters one of the things that
I think is very encouraging is that he points out that some
of those in the Corinthian Church had been homosexuals.
But they had been washed by the blood of the Lord Jesus
Christ through their faith in Jesus, and they weren’t
continuing to practice homosexuality.>>That is
1 Corinthians 6:9.>>That’s right.>>He says, “This is
what some of you were but now you’ve been sanctified, you’ve
been justified, you’ve been cleansed with the precious
blood of Jesus.”>>That’s right, yeah. What about this
one? This is to me the most off-the-wall statement I have
ever read by him, “God is not a divine being or a magician.”
>>Well again–>>He’s not a divine being? Come on, Mike.
>>I mean really, where is the outrage? Why aren’t Roman
Catholics saying, “Ok, this is enough he’s gone too far?”
>>Come on.>>But yeah, clearly God is a divine being. That is
our only hope that God is a supreme divine being who not
only created us but sent us His Savior to save us from our
sins. And the only mediator between God and man is the man
Christ Jesus. And so it is outrageous what he is saying.
But yet, they because of his humility, a false humility I
might say because he wears the titles of God.>>Yes.>>He
wears the title Holy Father, Head of the Church. He never
died for the Church but he stole that title from Christ.
He says he is the Vicar of Christ. He also is loved by
the world because of his ministry to the poor. Why
doesn’t he sell the riches of the Vatican and give to the
poor if he is really concerned about the poor?>>Yes.>>And
so there is a facade here that I think he is deceiving the
world.>>One thing that encouraged me about this pope
was the fact that he took on the curia, which is the
central government of the Vatican. And the previous
pope, all the rumors that I ever heard indicate that’s one
of the reasons he resigned was because of the incredible
corruption and immorality that exists there and he just felt
overwhelmed by, uncapable of dealing with it and resigned.
Now this pope called them together and read them the
riot act about their immorality, about their
corruption. And I wrote you about that and I said, “Wow,
this is really something to have a pope do this.” And you
wrote me back a very insightful comment. So tell me
what your reaction to this was.>>Well it is true that he
has not only exposed but also fired certain cardinals and
bishops that have been part of the corruption within the
Vatican. And so this is a good thing that he has done. He is
cleaning house. His predecessor Pope Benedict was
a doctrinal guru he wasn’t pastoral. Pope Francis is
pastoral and so he is trying to clean house.>>Right.>>And
so he has done a good job of that. He is pro-life. But
bottom line Dave he is preaching a false and fatal
gospel that sends people to Hell rather than to Heaven.
And so as the Bible tells us the religious leader in the
Lord’s day they were shutting the gates of Heaven to those
who wanted to enter. And this pope needs to know the true
Gospel because he is responsible for 1.2 billion
souls that need to know the truth.>>And one of the things
you said in your response to me that day that really got me
was you said, “Well the bottom line is that the members of
the Vatican Curia not only need to repent, they need to
get saved.”>>They do.>>”They need to get born again because
it is only through the power of the Holy Spirit that they
are going to be able to clean up the mess.”>>That’s right
and only God knows their hearts. But when people
proclaim that they believe a false gospel we test what they
say with the Word of God. And clearly they are unregenerate
and they need to know the Savior.>>Well when you–I
know you do a lot of evangelism among Catholics. In
fact I remember one time where a particular group ran a
full-page ad in papers all over the nations. What was
that group? Do you remember?>>Yes, it was the Mary Queen
of Peace Center.>>Yes, and you actually called the head
of that organization, didn’t you actually go to New York
and talk with that person?>>Actually she came to me.
>>Alright, tell us about that story.>>Well, yeah, I called
because they were giving daily messages from Mary, the
apparitions of Mary appearing all over the world. And so I
called and the director came to visit me with the goal of
getting me to recognize Mary as a sinless mediator.>>Is
that right?>>And to–>>She didn’t realize she was walking
into the lion’s den?>>She did not.>>So what happened?>>She
came with a stack of books and that was her goal. And so we
sat down and we began sharing that video that we shared with
many people who had left the Catholic Church. And about
five minutes into it I realized I hadn’t even prayed
yet. And so I paused for a moment and I said, “Can I ask
the Lord to guide us in truth?” And so within a few
minutes after the prayer she recognized that she was the
one that was being deceived. You know what she did? She
went back and she gave me the list of everybody whose name
had been on the Mary Queen of Peace Center mailing list. We
sent out her testimony to everybody that had been
following Mary rather than Christ. And it really was a
work of God.>>So through the power of the Holy Spirit you
were able to convert the very leader of this organization?
>>Well the Lord converted her. I was just the messenger.
>>Well when you talk to just the average Catholic what is
the most important thing you focus on?>>Well definitely
the authority of Scripture. That must be the leading
principle when you witness because Catholics have three
authorities: they have the Word of God, their sacred
tradition and then the teaching authority of the
Church, infallible teaching authority. We need to
eliminate the two and have them focus on Scripture alone.
Second most important principle you’ve got to
present Christ and all of His sufficiency; He did everything
necessary to save sinners completely and forever.>>Well
that is a wonderful approach and I just praise God for the
anointing He’s giving you to talk to people, because I know
you can do it.>>Amen.>>[music]>>Welcome back to
our interview of Mike Gendron. Mike you have written a book
called, “Preparing for Eternity: Should we trust
God’s Word or Religious Traditions?” Why did you write
this book and what’s it all about.>>Well I wrote it
because of my great compassion for Roman Catholics who are
where I was for most of my life, believing I belonged to
the one true Church, and believing I was on my way to
Heaven. But yet I found out after reading the Bible I was
destined for Hell. And so it is my desire to see Roman
Catholics come to know the true Savior and believe the
true Gospel. And so this book forces Roman Catholics to make
a decision: Am I going to trust Christ and His Word
which is the supreme authority for knowing truth? Or am I
going to trust religious traditions? And so what I do
in this book is I compare Roman Catholic tradition right
out of the catechism of the Catholic Church with Scripture
from their Bible. They can see that they cannot believe both,
they are forced to make a decision: Christ and His Word
or the teachings and traditions of my church.>>One
thing I’ve noticed in my study of world religions that all
false religions, all without exception teach work
salvation.>>They do.>>You can earn it on your own. It
doesn’t matter whether it is Hinduism, or Islam, or
Mormonism, or whatever, it is you can earn your own
salvation.>>You’re so right without exception every
religion teaches that. So when I am witnessing to a Catholic
this is what I share with them. You have got to come to
the cross of Christ with nothing but your sins. You
have to leave everything else behind, everything else you’ve
been trusting in: your own works, your meriting grace,
your sacraments, purgatory, indulgences, good works. Leave
it all behind, come to Christ with nothing but your sin. He
promises to give you His righteousness when you trust
Him alone.>>And one thing I’ve noticed about Catholics
that I’ve worked with and who have then come to the Lord is
that they often find it very difficult to leave the
Catholic Church. And what they want to do is they want to go
back and share what they have discovered with their priest,
with their people. And then after about two or three years
they decided, “You know if I’m ever going to grow in the Lord
I’ve got to get some place else.”>>Well that is the mark
of true conversion when you want to share the truth with
those who are still lost.>>Oh, yes, absolutely.
>>Because you get so excited.>>You do.>>I often said the
two most excited people on planet earth is a Messianic
Jew who has found his Messiah, and a Catholic who has
discovered grace.>>That’s right.>>Tell people how they
can get in touch with you and your ministry.>>Well our
ministries’ website is And
you can go there and find a wealth of information, 24
years of research into the Roman Catholic religion always
looking through the lens of Scripture. We’ve written six
different tracts that can reach Roman Catholics. We also
have DVD’s that they can view, you can share with them. But
our primary resource is the book, “Preparing for
Eternity.” You can call us at 972-495-0485.>>Thank you
Mike, I appreciate you being on the program.>>Folks that
is our program for this week. I hope it’s been a blessing to
you, and I hope you’ll be back with us next week. Until then
this is Dave Reagan speaking for Lamb & Lion Ministries,
saying, “Look up, be watchful, for our redemption
is drawing near.”>>[music] Mike Gendron’s
book, “Preparing for Eternity” provides a detailed
comparison between the Gospel
of Jesus Christ and the doctrines of the Catholic
Church. Written by a person who was a devout Catholic for
34 years and who is an expert on both Catholicism and
Christian doctrine. This book will clearly demonstrate to
you the difference in the biblical concept of salvation
by grace through faith, and the Catholic concept of
salvation by sacraments and good works. The book is 240
pages in length, it contains a fascinating 66 page section of
answers to questions asked by Catholics. The book can be
yours for a donation of $20 including the cost of
shipping. To place your order call the number you see on
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you call please do so between 8 AM and 5 PM Central Time,
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Jesus to as many people as possible, as quickly
as possible.>>[music] Thank you for joining
us on today’s Christ in
Prophecy, a presentation of Lamb and Lion
Ministries, a non-denominational ministry
dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of biblical
prophecy and proclaiming the

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  2. Protestants and Gendron, are showing their utter disdain for the Church that brought them Christ. The ones that say the nasty things about Catholics aren't aware of their religious history. They haven't come to grips with the fact that neither Jesus nor his followers went walking around with a copy of the NT, but practiced things that are not included in the NT. They don't know how the bible came to be, fail to realise that it wasn't there before the Catholics put it together, and fail to realise that it was put together using the Catholic faith as the standard, otherwise those people would have a different bible, with different stories and perhaps even a different saviour, that is, if they had a bible at all. Ignorance is common Christianity downfall. Because they have no respect for history, their ignorance runs rampant and unchecked, resulting in the attitudes you mentioned not just towards people of other religions, but also people who practice differently within the same religion. First, Luther and Calvin said some pretty nasty things back in the day and much of that rhetoric has been passed down. This led to brutal warfare across Europe over the past few centuries and even in recent decades in Northern Ireland (forcing Protestantism on a native Catholic people). Often They will repeat that rhetoric and not even know the original source. Second, Catholicism has been tied to ethnic disputes, at least in the US. The waves of Italian Germany and Irish immigration earlier in this country's history were greeted with the same discomfort as the Mexican immigration is today. But back then, one of the excuses for wanting to stop their immigration was that they were Catholic. It was even suggested that they couldn't be good Americans because they were "loyal to a foreign Prince" (i.e. the Pope). When Kennedy ran for President, he still had to address those fears in some – that he would be loyal to the Pope rather than the Constitution. Protestants will answer pointing out specific doctrinal disputes, differences over practices and interpretations, things like that. And to some extent, that's a correct answer as well. but differences between different Protestant sects, differences with Mormonism, or differences with the Eastern Orthodox or Middle Eastern Churches will not arouse the same vitriol. To understand that, you have to look at the history and the legacy of rhetoric.

  3. Most things are the opposite of what they seem, or what you are told. Pope Francis did not quickly become a religious ' leader ', no what happened in reality was that millions of people showed and declared how fucking brain dead and susceptible to mind control they were.

  4. I don't like the papacy and pray for catholics. they claim Peter was the FIRST pope, right? One, Peter was the main teacher to the Jews and the RCC are gentiles so why do they say Peter was a "pope?" Second, aren't popes "supposed" to be celibate? Unmarried? According to God's Word, Peter was married. Oh, and another issue I have is they are LOVED by the world,even non-catholics but Jesus said we would be HATED and PERSECUTED by the world because they first hated Him. THAT should stand out to Christians right off the bat that the RCC is a "false and worldly" church system. God bless and keep spreading the truth.

  5. Is the problem Pope Francis or The Catholic Faith ?
    Protestantism out of a rebellion, even a royal harlotry, has at its fundamental Error the Leaven of.the word "Only" added to Faith.
    Jesus came & took up man's sins how then can ones individual sins be imputed.upon him without EQUATING with him.on the cross other than through.Faith, to which are works ,James : Faith without works is dead" through keeping the Two Commandments in the spirit & truth if it, amounts to picking up ones cross daily to commanded results in "Daily Sacrifices" which daily Sacrifices would be "Taken Away" to the prophecy of Daniel , comes.through.the Protestant Philosophy in the leavens of the Faith, leavened is faith corrupted to NO Faith, theologically to a Salvation by Grace minus faith but to the Occult denotes Gnosticism (1John.2:19) .Martin Luther himself off the Augustanian. Order echoes St. Augustine's earlier belief of Gnosticism though in the abstract reveals EGYPT to the Prophecy of spiritually Sodom & Egypt.

  6. Ancient Roman's worshipped their emporer. There are few differences between emperor worship and catholic doctrine.

  7. As a catholic i trust christ alone he dked for my sins i read my bible as instrcted by those other catholic have tought me in face in the mass/church we have scripture read to us

  8. So if you break all the commandments and are never sorry because christ died for our sins will i go to heaven

  9. I hate all of these former Catholic testimonies of why the Church is wrong. Most of them didn't know their Catholic faith to start with and it seems all of them don't realize the Bible CAME FROM the Catholic Church and is in fact the ONLY Church which believes all of the New Testament. As a former Lutheran I can tell you there are so many beliefs the Protestants mangle, step on and don't understand. Yes, the visible Catholic Church is in apostasy right now, but even this was foretold not only in the Apocalypse, but in the third secret of Fatima. The Catholic Church is PURPOSELY being destroyed by infiltrators, i,.e., cryptojews, Freemasons and communists and the homosexual infiltration is obvious and they're allowed and supported by those who are working to bring down the Church.

    My brother was a devout Protestant for over fifteen years and didn't even know what a cryptojew was! And not very conversant with Freemasonry either, but the Masons run nearly all of the Protestant denominations and Freemasonry is controlled by the Jews. All Christians should read Michael Hoffman's book: Judaism's Strange Gods and learn the Jewish religion is NOT the Old Testament as nearly all Christians believe, but the Talmud and Cabala! Read it! I guarantee you it will open your eyes and you will be staggered by what we don't know. Your worldview will clear up tremendously just from that one book and I guarantee that.

    Take Lutheranism, for example, Luther didn't like the book of James because it told us if we don't have works we won't be saved. Luther called it an "epistle of straw". There are thousands of denominations today! Which is correct? Why the one you"re in of course! Whatever that is. Where do you draw the line? At the Latter Day Saints? The Jehovah's Witnesses? Mary Baker Eddy's Christian Science?

    As far as "pope" Francis is concerned he's obviously an enemy to the Catholic Church and I believe all of the "popes" since Freemason Roncalli (known to the world as John XXIII) were either Freemasons or cryptojews (I believe JP2 was a crypto) Paul VI was a homosexual and most likely a cryptojew, ALL of the "popes" since Vatican II have been working to bring down the Catholic Church and ALL of Christianity.

    What this "former Catholic" is stating is just swimming in ignorance for example his stating that everything the pope says on faith is supposedly infallible. That's only under certain rigidly defined circumstances! His ignorance is mind-boggling and any person who vaulues truth would not make the statements he does Not that I'm defending this "pope" as I believe he's a Marxist working to bring down the Church, but true Catholics are holding to their prevatican II beliefs.

    True Catholics understand we're in the great apostasy which this ignorant speaker here doesn't seem to understand. I can see why he left the Catholic Church as his understanding of the Church and what is going on right now is breathtakingly shallow. Has he even HEARD of Fatima which is probably the most important message from Heaven in centuries? I doubt it.

    I could go through each and every one of his statements and show you that he's wrong such as he learned from the Bible that he should repent of his sins and help Jesus save him, etc. Why does he think Catholics go to confession? Sheesh! his understanding of his Catholic faith is so shallow as to be non-existent!

    You know the communists have stated repeatedly in the past that the Catholic Church was their only obstacle preventing WORLD COMMUNISM! While the Catholic Church was condemning Freemasonry which prepares society for communism most of the Protestant denominations were in the hands of Freemasonry! Even ol' Billy Graham was a Freemason and so is Pat Robertson and many others. Pat's on the cover of Time magazine February 17 of 1986 giving the masonic hand signal known as the Lion's paw. All important pastors in a Protestant country are Freemasons or the Freemasons wouldn't allow them to be important.

    I want to make clear here that I still believe the Catholic Church is the TRUE Church, but we're in the GREAT APOSTASY and only those holding to PRE Vatican II beliefs and doctrine are in the TRUE Church.

    I should state here that Amazon which used to sell Judaism's Strange Gods no longer sells it. They do offer copies by third parties, but they used to sell it themselves and they no longer offer the kindle edition of the 2nd revised and expanded version I have that digital version of that book along with the original hardcopy of the first edition. I think I will back up the digital 2nd edition in case it somehow gets deleted from my kindle. Hey, Amazon's owner, Jeff Bezos, is a Jew and I'm sure he quite willingly gave in to Jewish pressure to stop offering it. I was debating against the acceptance of homosexuality on a conference there and when I was through I'd learned that Bezos had just donated millions for the acceptance of same-sex "marriage". I think you'll find organized Jewry united on the acceptance of this abomination. "Pope" Francis seems to be endorsing its acceptance too. I think now, most Protestant denominations are showing that they're just puppets to their masonic leaders are also accepting it!

    This book is obviously having an impact or they wouldn't have forced Bezos to remove it, but I suspect they didn't have to twist his arm too hard. You'll see this book demeaned and slandered where ever they can, but it's TRUTH is so eye-opening and for the first time in human history a large percentage of Christians can learn what Judaism is REALLY all about and that frightens them! I have Fr. Pranaitis book: The Talmud Unmasked which was written long before this Hoffman book, but it wasn't as forceful as Hoffman's and the word on it didn't get out.

  10. Do "bible believing Christians" (protestants) REALLY Believe / follow the bible? nope, here's proof: Scriptures that anti catholic protestants will never quote for you…WHY? because they prove Catholic doctrines to be TRUE & protestant accusations to be FALSE:

    ➨BAPTISM: Baptism is neccessary for salvation:
    Mark 16:16 He who believes & is BAPTIZED shall be saved.
    Rom 5:18-19 ALL have inherited Adams sin and the condemnation it brings.
    ➨INFANT BAPTISM: The apostles baptized entire families (this would include children) Acts 16:15 & 33 also 1 Cor 1:16.
    1 Peter 3:20,21,8 souls were saved by WATER. 21 = the like figure whereunto even Baptist doth also now SAVE us. Acts 2:38-39 38 Peter replied, "Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. 39 The promise is for you, AND YOUR CHILDREN and for all who are far off—for all whom the Lord our God will call
    ➨BELIEVERS DO NOT ESCAPE JUDGEMENT: 2 Cor 5:10–ALL will appear before the judgement seat
    ➨BORN AGAIN: How are we born again?:… John 3:3-7 Jesus said, "Unless a man is born of water (baptism) & the spirit, he will not see the kingdom of God"
    ➨CALL NO MAN FATHER is not meant as a literal command because: Paul tells us he is our Father in faith: 1 Corinthians 4:15 You may have ten thousand teachers in Christ, but you don’t have many fathers. Through the Good News I became your father in Christ Jesus. Jesus talks about Father Abraham: John 8:56 Your father Abraham was overjoyed that he would see my day. He saw it and was happy
    ➨CONFESSION: Why confess to a Priest? Jesus gives power to the Priests to forgive sins: John 20:23 He breathed on them & said, "recieve the Holy Spirit. Whose sins you forgive are forgiven, Whose sins you retain are retained" James 5:16 Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.
    ➨FAITH ALONE (sola fide) is incorrect:
    REV 20:12…The dead are judged BY THEIR WORKS.
    JAMES 2:18 Faith without works is dead MATTEW 19:17 Jesus tells us if we want to enter into Life, we must keep the commandments.
    JAMES 2:24 You see then that a man is justified by works, and not by faith only.
    ROMANS 2:6 He will judge everyone according to what they have done
    PHILIPPIANS 2:12-13 Therefore, my beloved, as you have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, WORK OUT YOUR OWN SALVATION WITH FEAR AND TREMBLING; 13 for it is God who works in you both to will and to do for His good pleasure.
    Romans 2:6 He will judge everyone according to what they have done. (WORKS)
    Matt 25, JESUS tells us to feed the poor, clothe the naked and do good for others. He further warns us that those who do NOT will be sent away into the eternal fire.
    All this falls under the catagory of doing good WORKS. Luke 16:19-30 The story of Lazarus and the rich man shows us that the rich man went to hell for refusing to help Lazarus who was poor and hungry. (He refused to do good works)
    ➨IMAGES: Not all images are forbidden, nor are all images idols:- EXODUS 25:18-22-God commands images of Angels to be made NUMBERS 21:8-9 God commands another image to be made, a serpent
    ➨INTERCESSION of a holy person on our behalf: Job 42:8 8 Now therefore take seven bulls and seven rams, and GO TO MY SERVANT Job, and offer up for yourselves a burnt offering; and MY SERVANT Job SHALL PRAY FOR YOU, FOR I WILL ACCEPT HIS PRAYER NOT TO DEAL WITH YOU ACCORDING TO YOUR FOLLY; for you have not spoken of me what is right, as my servant Job has. INTERCESSIONof MARY: At the wedding feast at Cana, The Wedding party asked MARY to help them and She went to JESUS on their behalf.
    ➨MARY: Luke 1:24-48:
    ● She is chosen by God,
    ● She is blessed among women,
    ● She is full of grace (God's purity by which he saves us)
    ● and All generations will call her blessed.
    ● Her intercession is described in the story of the wedding at Cana, John 2:1. the people of the wedding party went to MARY AND SHE WENT TO Jesus on their behalf. He then turned the water to wine because she asked him to.
    ➨PENENCE: Protestants reject the idea that they must do "penence" (attempt to make up for the sins they have committed) Luke 19:8. Zacchaeus told Jesus if he has cheated anyone, he will repay them 4 times over. Mark 2:20 Jesus said (regarding his disciples): The days are coming when the Bridegroom will be taken away from them, and then they will fast. Matthew 6:16 When you fast, do not look dismal, like the hypocrits do
    Daniel 12:10
    10 Many will be purged, [a]purified and refined, but the wicked will act wickedly; and none of the wicked will understand, but [b] those who have insight will understand.
    Matthew 12:32 Whoever speaks a word against the son of man will be forgiven, but anyone who speaks against the Holy Spirit will Not be forgiven, either in this world, nor in the "world to come" This implies that some sins are forgiven in the "world to come" (purgatory) also 1 Cor 3:12-15 & more in the Catholic Bible
    ➨SAINTS are not among the dead, They share in the ressurrection of Jesus:
    LUKE 23 v 39-43…Jesus told the good thief "today you will be with me in paradise"
    REV 19 v 14…when Jesus returns he will be accompanied by his heavenly armies of saints.
    2 COR 5 v 8…Paul tells us that to be absent with the body is to be with the Lord.
    JOHN 11 v 25-26…Jesus said I am the ressurrection and the life, he who believes in me will live, even though they die; and whoever lives, believing in me will never die.
    Matthew 27: 52 -53: When Jesus was raised from the dead Many were raised up with him.
    Luke 1619-30 The story of the rich man and Lazarus show The Rich man, Lazarus and Abraham, all concious and interacting with each other even though they have physically died. Rev 6:10 The souls of the martyrs are before the throne of God, crying out for justice. (they are conscious and actively petitioning God)
    Heb 12:1-3 Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us,
    ➨ intercession of the saints: REV 5 v 8…And when he had opened the book, the four living creatureS and the four and twenty ancients fell down before the lamb, having every one of them harps and golden bowls full of incense and the prayers of the saints
    ● JOHN 21:25 Jesus said & did many other things that are not recorded in writing
    ● 1 Tim 3:15– The pillar & foundation of truth is the CHURCH
    ●..The Church predates the Bible by 4 centuries. The protestant doctrine of scripture ALONE was invented by Luther for the purpose of disobeying the Church.
    ➨TRADITIONS: Traditions of the Church are NOT "Traditions of men:.. 2 Thess 2:15 Paul tells us to hold fast to the traditions we have been taught either by WORD OF MOUTH or by the letter.
    ➡The sin of presumption:.. 1 Cor 10:12..Let he who thinks that he stands take heed lest he fall .. Matthew 21:31-..Take heed lest the harlots and publicans go into the kingdom ahead of you
    ➨VAIN REPETITION: Repeating a prayer is not "VAIN REPETITION": "Vain repetition" simply means INSINCERE WORDS:
    Rev 4:8 The living creatures that are before the throne of God in heaven REPEAT day and night: "Holy Holy HOly is the Lord of Hosts
    ➨THE TRUE PRESENCE OF JESUS in the Eucharist:-
    JOHN 6:52-56– Unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man & drink his blood you do not have life in you. For my flesh is food indeed & my blood is drink indeed. He who eats my flesh & drinks my blood has Eternal Life & I will raise him up on the last day.
    Luke 22:19-20 And he took bread, and when he had given thanks, he broke it and gave it to them, saying, "This is my body, which is given for you. Do this in remembrance of me." 20 And likewise the cup after they had eaten, saying, "This cup that is poured out for you is the new covenant in my blood.[a]
    ● MATT 16:13-19–Jesus gives keys of the Kingdom to Peter, and builds his church upon Peter. PETER THE FIRST POPE HOLDS THE KEYS
    ● 1 TIMOTHY 3:15–The pillar & foundation of truth is the CHURCH
    Eph 2:19-21 calls out a visible unified church built on Apostles with Christ as the head, but people reject that cornerstone as WordMinistry does here.

    No Catholic disagrees with that verse from 2 Timothy. What you need to do, however, is go back to 1 Timothy, chapter 3, verse 15 in which the Holy Apostle Paul says in clear and unambiguous language that the CHURCH is the pillar and ground of all truth. The Scriptures are indeed breathed out by God for teaching, reproof, correction, and training in righteousness, but the Bible arose out of the life of the Church. It is the Church's book, and only the Church has the authority to definitely teach, reproof, and correct concerning what the Scriptures contain.

  11. Time for Catholics to come out of the Catholic Church and become Biblical Christians, who are not under the authority of the pope


  13. Don't get me started on the corruption and blasphemies of protestant ministers like swaggart, bakker, hagee, etc etc Let's see you own up to your own corruption

  14. It is good to hear from someone that knows what and how I learned in the Catholic Church. That life begins Outside the Catholic Church/ Life with Jesus Christ!!

  15. If the pope doesn’t judge homosexuality why judge anything or any sin? Are Catholics listings to the things the pope says??? Who do you Catholics believe?? Jesus Christ or the pope?? I was once there and thought I believed the Catholic Church. Then The Holy Spirit spoke to me. Please give your self to Jesus and Seek The Truth!!!

  16. You were a mechanical Catholic .When you were praying in the Catholic church did God ever speak to you .Your wasting your time looking for peace of mind by running down the Catholic Church .The difference between you and Pope Francis he is humble man drives ia small Fiat .How is your 380 SL Mercedes you would have updated by now .What are your thoughts on the Homiless and the poor in the streets do you drive past and wave and quote the bible .

  17. Pope is the antichrist…He tells Jesus is false..then why he hungs a cross around him.. he doesn't know what is bible..

  18. Where did Jesus say faith alone without works will lead you to salvation. St Paul also teaches only what he got from the gospels and he did not say faith alone. Paul wrote it to jews which mean what they believe was they need circumcision and need to observe laws of Torah in order to be saved (GOOD WORKS which you called it MERITS) but no he taught baptism through Christ and keeping the faith saves them. Epistle of James quotes "Faith alone without works is dead".

  19. Mike Gendron believes Christ will believe Mike (interpreting the Bible) more than his neighbor Franco in the interpretation; or more than Pope Francis and tradition , the Magesterium and the church.

  20. Francis said atheists can go to heaven. If this isn't heresy what is? Unam Sanctam said no salvation unless you submit to the pope. Then the church cast 20 anathemas on protestants at Trent. Then the church said protestants are "separated brethren", now atheists can go to heaven! This is the unchanging infallible church!

  21. This is a wonderful documentary and the Catholic Church. As you can see Christians don't hold an animosity against the Catholic believer we hold hatred towards the religious belief that's instilled upon innocent people. ignorance is no excuse for failing to search the scriptures to find out who Jesus is. Never let anyone Hinder your study of God to find out who he is or tell you you are not capable mentally to understand God that is a lie of the devil God is easy open your arms and ask him to come into your life and he will teach you. much of the Catholic belief is pretty much how welfare Works in our government make the people depend it if they stretch out and go against the government's belief you threatened to be cut off and Welfare same thing with the Catholic Church you're threatened to be excommunicated if you go against their belief unbeknownst to most believers back it's a good thing to be excommunicated by the Catholic Church for it is a church of demonic beliefs run away find a church that teaches the truth. I'm a Southern Baptist but in my heart I am a buryin I study the scriptures always to make sure what's being taught is true trust no man they can always fall but God never will believe I'm to him and you shall be saved.

  22. Mike- – Praise God!! You saw the LIGHT! I thank God , He is using you for His good and His Glory. The Holy Spirit told me when I was very young- not yet received my first communion in the 50s, about the rosary. I wish & I pray Catholic s listen. May God Bless you

  23. Catholics are the elect, if John MacArthur would keep on pushing his argument for pre-election.
    It's because they follow the apostles in their teaching, in the life of sacraments , in the tradition
    inherited from the parents and the church.

    It's the Catholic apostolic Church that recognized and canonized the books in the Bible..
    All arguments favor the Catholics.

  24. If you are still "worshipping" on Sunday and maintain that the law of Moses was destroyed at the cross, you are STILL a faithful/good catholic/pagan.

  25. turning his love to the Christians among the muslims who converted to Christ in Middle East.
    The Christians in Europe have turned cold on him and turned to the protestant Bible pastors and left the priests and the sacraments and the apostolic faith and are giving ten percent of their income to the pastors and their save only churches.
    Pope Francis meanwhile believes that what is important is his charity to leave the adulterers , practicing homosexuals, and pedofiles alone in their behavior for the sake of charity.

  26. The Church of rome is exploding with so many revelations of Monster predatory priests in so many countries over so many centuries n worst of all, higest hierachy Bishops n Cardinals Cover Up!! Vatican Sex Abuse Convention Feb 2019).

  27. Where does Mike Gendron get his knowledge about the Catholic Church. I am Catholic and I know what he said are lies!

  28. No evidence lol read the Early Church Fathers and the Didache you are saved by Baptism, Repentance and faith in Jesus ( teachings) take a look at Padre Pio now his dead body ..

  29. This guy is was a terrible Catholic the pope goes to confession because he is fallible and what he says on his own opinion is fallible but he sits on the chair of the teachings of Christ and that is infallible

  30. By saying the Pope is the Vicar of Christ means he is his representative on earth it doesn’t mean he is Christ this guy was never a Catholic never no way if he was no wonder he left he didn’t understand much about the church that is a fact

  31. This man was defiantly not a Catholic! He has no idea what he is talking about!
    If you two guys are so secure in your teachings, why then is it that all you want to do is attack "the true church"?
    The only thing going on in this video is the bidding of Lucifer…the only thing he fears is the Catholic church!
    It makes me terribly sad to hear people who supposeably love Jesus, talk so hostile of his church! I will pray that Jesus forgives you and shows you mercy 💕

  32. Alleluia! Maranatha!
    All we need is the Word of God and Salvation through Jesus Christ 💗
    Anything more is heresy and leads to hell. The Catholic church is heresy and will be disposed of by God in the end.

  33. Many catholics (if not most) believe that the pope can overrule scripture and if he says something that contradicts the Bible, it means that the Bible is wrong not the pope.

  34. How thoroughly moronic does one have to be to take the Pope's "martians" quote literally! Also, if anyone doesn't believe in evolution, it's his/her prerogative. You evangelicals have a perfect right to remain mired in the middle ages. God bless!

  35. Regarding the biblical version of creation, it's based largely on more ancient writings that predate the bible. At the beginning of all things, there were no humans present. The creation stories are at worse conjecture, or simply myth. And just for your information, I'm Catholic. Christ didn't mention the O.T. stories of creation. Note also how he disparaged the pharisees for their literalism. While I like much of what you guys say, I'm not sacrificing my belief in science. So, go right ahead believing in the seven day biblical creation myth, and in the Adam and Eve vs. the demonic serpent tale.

  36. Michael Voris, Michael Matt, Taylor pls respond to this false talk about catholics sacrificing Jesus at every Mass.

  37. this man is a true follower of Christ and is much needed in these times…thank you….i'm talking about mike not the pope

  38. Obey God and his word in the bible truth word live word keep commandments of God .come out of relligon chatholc is cult falls church they pray for marry they worthchip idols gravamags

  39. no wonder u fools were kill this is the effect of having the bible in the hands of dogs like this moron

  40. I too left Catholicism after 12 years in their educational system. I must tell you that when I was a little girl, I had such an amazing love for Jesus. He was God, part of the trinity, who died for my sins and was resurrected now sitting in heaven having become the final sacrifice for my salvation. I was able to separate the problems with catholic doctrine from the truth of scripture once I started reading the Bible until the differences could not justify staying. Initially I was angry, but that faith brought me Jesus and the Niceness Creed which is their core belief definitely agrees with the Bible. Be careful when you accuse Catholics of following a TOTALLY false gospel. They got into trouble because of the popes and tradition.
    Catholic communion as I learned it was not sacrificing Jesus over and over again at all. It is their understanding that when Jesus said “This is my body and this is my blood,” that you should eat and drink of him, and “do this in memory of me,” was a literal translation to be followed.
    I have a problem with the following issues, which is why I left: 1) purgatory which minimizes Christ’s sacrifice 2) papal infallibility that opposes biblical truth 3). Indulgences or pass cards to get out of purgatory 4) priests being able to call down the Creator to be in a “host” 5) confessions heard by priests when Christ is our only mediator. (Priesthood really should have ended the moment the temple veil was torn in two 6) infant baptism 7) devotion to Mary saying she was born without sin and was assumed into heaven making her almost an equal with the Godhead. (calling Mary the “mother of God” in the rosary for eg 8) praying to saints instead of Christ. 9) their claim that it’s the only true church 10). Church rules, sacraments, feast days that do not agree with scripture.
    I think you are being too harsh, though, generalizing that Catholics are going to hell following a “false gospel”. If you ask most of them, Jesus is the center of everything and they disagree with lots of things about the tradition teachings of the church especially since bible studies are common now. I think it’s great that Francis is screwing up cause it is opening the eyes of Catholics who believe in infallibility.

  41. I listened to 3 minutes. He already contradicted the Bible several times. I won't waste any more time on someone who is so obviously ignorant of the Bible. If he really would read the Bible with an unbiased mind he would see it confirms the Catholic Church. "Faith without works is dead." That itself eliminate most if not all Protestant religions. St. Peter was the rock upon which Jesus built His Church and given the keys to heaven. If you believe Jesus do what He commands. He commanded works on many occasions. Works are a response to faith and grace. They are not a way to earn heaven. Works without faith, if that is possible, would also be dead.

  42. My 94-year-old Dad has knelt before the same statue of Saint Anthony for more than 50 years.
    Catholics don't believe in the healing. In fact, people are canonized saint only when they are dead
    and someone claims a miracle following the intercession of the dead. Ridiculous that catholic miracles are not possible when you are alive except when you are dead. I have joined a prophetic church after 50 years and I am happy. I am seeing the miracles now. I do not need a saint to pray for me.

  43. As a previous roman catholic, born to their “faith “, an armchair pope watcher, I must confess that all the lies and lawless doctrine they teach and speak, is directly orchestrated by our enemy Satan himself. It began historically just after the books in our New Testament were written. As just a few generations had passed, many discussions began on were the original meanings and even the original doctrine of the Gospel. Another two or three hundred years pass, the victor of Rome began to be the most powerful Church leader, encompassing most of Europe. Then alas, the Holy Roman Empire was born with the political, and vicious warrior, Constitene

  44. Read war. Criset sed to the shaces in the parables to PEARTER MARK James act's mathuerw 15. 22. 25 these CHAPTERS DANAEL spoken OF in the last days MICHAEL Will STAND UP and fight deamions REAVTION 12 MICHAEL flight the drangen for THE great WAR in havin n bin FOR field told day THIS THE look AT James the dimeans trimeal AT the NAME of the Crist spock to the he does the blind lied the blind

  45. Truth is the DIMEAMES are goin to be bound and CAST into the pite of lake of fire as it sed inj.s, and PETTER 2nd peater James John reavtion 3 wat is sed in. Reavicion 3 7 churches repinet or the this THING r OR e COME to you witch the SORWD of his mounth

  46. IF THE BIBLE IS THE SUPREME AUTHORITY OF THE FAITH Who may authoritatively arbitrate between Christians who claim to be led by the Holy Spirit into mutually contradictory interpretations of the Bible?” Hahahahahaahahha

  47. Since each Protestant must admit that his or her interpretation is fallible, how can any Protestant in good conscience call anything heresy or bind another Christian to a particular belief?

  48. IF THE BIBLE IS THE SUPREME AUTHORITY OF THE FAITH Who may authoritatively arbitrate between Christians who claim to be led by the Holy Spirit into mutually contradictory interpretations of the Bible?” Hahaha If the BIble is the Supreme Authority of Faith why was is the Protestant Churches does not eat universally and completely one and all the doctrines instead they are subdivied to different churches?

  49. I don’t see how the Big Bang contradicts God spoke the cosmos into existence. In fact the “just right “ particulars of the cosmos puts the earth at the center again. Not only creation but Gods great love which takes every aspect extant in the cosmos necessary for life on earth.

  50. OPINION:









  51. The Catholic church is the church of satan he is using it and other religions to achieve his end goals. The pope and previous popes have and are the anti-christ. They have a history of murder, blasphemy, heresey, deceipt, lies and so the list goes on. They preach a false gospel and have their own bible. They adorn themselves in rich robes paid for by their parishioners. Jesus never wore these silly robes, do they think they are better than him? Idolitory is rife and there are no blessings in stone statues, I say smash them not worship them. You have a true living GOD and a saviour who shed his blood for us all,J to worship and the good news is they will answer you and in faith believing you will receive his blessings, healing, strength, his love patience. Remembering faith can move mountains. You don't need popes, statues, churches because God's church are his people his true believer s, those who's names are written in the book of life. Jesus said come out of her my people while there is still time. Do not worship Mary she was a chosen vessel of God to be the. Mother of jesus, and is now resting in the love of God waiting for her saviour to come and resurrect her like many true believers. She is not the queen of heaven, the decision of her role after her resurrection will be up to God.

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