Funny Comedy 2010, Fatman George Provokes Skinny Girl in Gym

I decided to join a gym Paid for three months In three months I should loose some weight First day in the gym, I see a lady From the front she’s magga From the back she’s magga From sideways I could barely see her I walked up to her and said excuse me miss Is all your family dead? She said, what do you mean? I said, I’ve been looking at you and realise you have no-body [Applause] They threw me out the gym and said don’t come back I was not bothered Bought a track suit and went jogging First morning out jogging Jogging.. Every time I went pass a house, the light came on dogs barking, curtains drawing I thought people needed to mind their own business Later on my way to work Neighbours were asking others if they felt the earthquake that passed that morning

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