Fun Things To Do At The St Louis Zoo – 5 Year Old Grandson Chooses His Favorite Things!

Fun Things To Do At The St Louis Zoo – 5 Year Old Grandson Chooses His Favorite Things!

It’s a beautiful day in St. Louis, and
we’re going to the world-famous, St. Louis Zoo. Our first animal sighting! We’re going over the big bridge! Look! Ahhh, that’s a cool bridge! Grandpa, we’re so excited, right? Yeah, I’m excited! Here we are! I want to see the monkeys! Come on gram! Ohhhhh! There’s one spitting water out of his mouth. Cohen really wanted to see the
alligators. This is a Chinese alligator. He’s not real big. Two! There’s two of them. One, two. Oh, there is two! I thought that one was a statue! They’re sitting so quietly. They don’t move too much, do they! There’s a big American alligator. He’s not moving either. He’s enjoying the Sun. Wow! These are giant tortoises. Look grandma! Giant tortoises. Wow, there’s so many. And they’re so big you could ride on them. Yeah! Look how long he is. Point to the snake. Look scared! Ahhhhh! Cool! There’s a pit viper. There’s a lizard in there too! We’re going to the primate house. He’s going over there. There he is, Cohen! Way up at the top. What are we gonna do next? We’re gonna watch the stingrays. Stingrays! He said, “Not touch their tails”. Yeah, don’t touch their tails. What was it gonna be to see this? For a ticket? $3.95? $3.95 a person. Under two years old is free. And train was going to be like $7.95. And we want to do the Children’s Zoo which costs. So we just bought the Adventure Pass for
$12.95. And that was cheaper all around. Should I pet a stingray? Try to grandpa. Just let them swim under your hand. You can feed them too. You can feed them! Yup. You have to wash your
hands before you go in. There they go! Splashing the water. Yeah, that’s a baby one! They’re swimming with the shark. Look at that guy! They’re buddies, aren’t they. What you’re gonna do, you’re gonna put your hand out flat like this. And put it in between the two middle fingers, and just hold it there. And the Stingray is gonna come over the top of your hand, and just suck it right up like a vacuum. Whoa, that sounds like fun! So their mouth is actually on their stomach, so
they need to come right over your hand before they can suck it up. Okay! He’s waiting on one. Say, “Come here, it’s lunchtime!” Did it get it? Yeah! Okay, so now you gotta feed it…what is that stuff? A squid and a shrimp. It’s a squid. How old are these? The youngest we have is about four weeks old, and the oldest we have is a little over 22 years old. Oh, wow! Say, “Lunchtime”. Tell him. He got it! Was that a funny feeling? That’s a funny feeling! They just suck it right up, don’t they! Yes, they have quite a lot of suction! Okay, Stan, let’s interview ya! Yeah. What did that feel like? It was like a pretty strong grab, suction kind of. Like a vacuum cleaner? Yeah. Two kinds of sharks in here, Cohen. Bamboo sharks and Bonnethead sharks. They’re swimming around with their buddies, the stingrays. They’re pretty cool! What is that? A shark egg! From a Bamboo shark. Wow! What color are the eggs you eat in the morning? They’re green. You eat green eggs?? And Ham! And ham!!! White and yellow, normally! Well the yolk on this egg is blue! Oh, wow! Look at that! It’s a blue egg. Isn’t that awesome! That’s an actual egg. Yeah, that is hard. It’s like a rock, Cohen. Thank you. Have a good day guys. You too! Now we’re gonna go to the
Children’s Zoo. If you don’t have the Adventure Pass, it’s three dollars for an
individual ticket. We’re gonna go in here. They always have some cool animals in
here. And a nice aquarium here. A few little fish in there. See those jellyfish. Those are cute. Look at those guys. There’s some hands-on play areas here. You can sift through the sand and dirt. Here’s some meerkats. Oh, look at him look at you! He’s watching. Cohen, he’s watching you over there. Look! You can go inside here, and stand up
and look. Cohen, where are ya? Hi, Cohen! That’s a tree kangaroo. Look, a little play area. Oh cool! What’s here? What do they have? Lizards. Grass. Grandpa, this is stuck to the lizards. Oh, yeah, they have leashes on them, don’t they. Oh, yeah, there’s another place in there. Go look over there. What’s that? Grandpa, you come. Okay let’s go. It;s a toad. Watch your head, Toad, toad. Oh yeah. That’s another area. Oh, that’s where they
make the food for the animals. Some apples, and greens. And a kitchen area. They like to eat stuff that you like to eat. That’s pretty cool, huh! Here’s a bunch of guinea pigs. I used to have guinea pigs. And just on their back. Stay away
from their head. I bet they bite. Anything with a mouth can bite, is what we tell everybody. That’s why you want to stick any fingers in any animals face. There’s a parrot out here today. That is Mack! Mack. There’s some alpacas. Caught them
during lunch time. A cow. That is a zebu. There’s a lot of cool animal sculptures around – tortoises. Homing pigeons. These are miniature pot-bellied pigs. Chickens. There’s the bunny rabbits. Come here little guys! Time to go swimming. There he is! Right there. Look! Oh, they’re having fun, aren’t they! I don’t know if they have a name. Cohen, you get the name them. Ottie and Ottie. Ottie and Ottie? Uh huh! Where are they? Here he comes. He’s putting on a show for you guys. Down here are the goats. They’re a lot of fun. That’s where all the insects are, in here. Yeah, and up ahead is the Monsanto Insectarium and the butterfly house. So this will be cool. You ready to see the butterflies? Yup! Me too. Let’s go. Open! Lead the way. Is there some bugs in
here in these things? Yup. Some. Look at these millipedes. Look at those. Millipedes. And a Missouri tarantula. You know what kind of ants these are, Cohen? Leafcutter. They cut those leaves and carry them back to where they live. Look at that. Wow! We’re going to see the butterflies. Grandpa, if you guys like hold your hand out they might come on you and stay there for a while. Yeah. These are the upside-down butterflies. Look at them. And that one is 32 years old. That one is 4 1/2. And these, are 30. Oh, look at those big ones, Cohen. Big blue ones. Did you see those big ones? Those were cool, weren’t they. Oh, there’s some of them flying right in front of me. So cool! Cohen, that looks good! What is it? Dip-n-Dots. What kind? Rainbow. I got some too. Banana Split. Oh, grandma’s got banana split. And I got popcorn. We’re getting to go on the train! It’s the Namaw and the Cohen Show on the train. You excited, Cohen? Yeah! Let’s go! Let’s go see some cheetahs. Penguins. What are we going to see? Penguins. “As we come around the bend, you’ll see one of our many waterfalls on the right. Waterfall – look at that! Hey guys…where are we going now? We’re going to go to the Pengus. Pengus! This is penguins and puffins. There’s puffins in here, Cohan. Like
Puffin Rock. This could be Puffin Rock, right here. Look, he’s feeding some, Cohen.
And look they’re feeding some. Puffins can fly. Penguins cannot. Puffins live up north. Penguins live down south. He’s feeding them. What’s he feeding them? Think they’re having some licorice? No, fish. Look! They’re washing one off up there. Look at that pengu down there. There’s one down there swimming. There’s one right there. Here he comes. Stand up there by the glass. Maybe he’ll come back again. (Penguin trumpeting) They’re just saying hi. This way to River’s Edge, and the
elephants, and hippos, and rhinos. Cheetahs. There’s the Rhino. Big Rhiny. Grandpa, I call him Rhinacorn. Rhinacorn. Yup. Hi, Rhinacorn. Keep your head down. Coming through. Good luck fitting, grandpa. If you get stuck like Winnie the Pooh in the honey
tree, I’m not going to help you! Grandpa, did you see the eggs in there? Yeah, there’s eggs in there. What is that, Cohen? A hippo head! Hippie. Oh, a Hippie head! These are the Cheetahs. Look, he’s getting up, look. They look fast, don’t they. They look super-duper fast! Grandpa, you know how fast cheetahs can run? 20 miles an hour. Wow. That’s a lot! Luckily that’s not real. Grandma’s not afraid? Look at her…she
loves it! Cohen does too! Sun Bear. Sun Bear has a long tongue. Grandpa, you do it! Oh, no, look at that tongue! That’s a big tank! We’re in a tank! Cohen, look how big these are! Did you have a good day at the zoo? Yeah. Getting out right now. Are you tired and ready to go home? Yeah. Uh huh. Me too. Let’s go! I miss home. This is what Cohen does on the way home from the zoo. Thank goodness for iPads!

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  1. Are you guys located in the St. Louis area? I’m a new subscriber and I see that you guys do Missouri based videos semi often. I’m from St. Clair County Illinois, so it’s nice to see vlogs close to home!

  2. I love it when he said, I miss home. (granted it was alot of walking for a four yr old and it was 84 degrees )

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