(Full Video) Kanye West Sacramento Saint Pablo Show Jayz & Beyoncé Rant | DocHicksTv

(Full Video) Kanye West Sacramento Saint Pablo Show Jayz & Beyoncé Rant | DocHicksTv

“I made that bitch famous!” ey! stop stop stop it stop it stop it! Ey! ey! Radio, fuck you! Radio, FUCK YOU! Yall dont wanna lose again! A lot of people here tonight feel like they lost! You know why?? Coz yall been lied to! Google lied to you! Facebook, lied to you! Radio lied to you!! Radio, FUCK YOU!! I know there’s a lot of real niggas working at radio! Real people! Real programme directors with wives and kidz, that love music that cant play what they wanna play because they’ve been paid to play that bullshit over and over and over and I say thats bullshit! What Im sayin is, we love Drake! Drake is great, he a great artist! But Frank Ocean is great too! But you know who’s the greatest of all of us?? Who do yall think? Nope! Kid-motherfucking-Cuddy! Radio, FUCK YOU! Oh yeah, Im on my trump shit tonight!! RADIO, FUCK YOU!! Yeah, Im taking his lead! Imma just say how I say, Imma just say Im being Ye and win! Imma take his lead! RADIO, FUCK YOU! RADIO, FUCK YOU!! Wait a second! You said it! ay ay! wait! wait! ay ay! You said “Radio fuck you”? What did you say? Exactly! Now, not the, not fuck the people that work at radio! Coz these is real people that gotta feed they kidz, and they not being allowed to play their real shit! Coz they think that in order to feed they kidz, they gotta play the same shit over and over and over I was raised by KRS-ONE, I was raised by Tripod Quints, I was raised by DMX! The last real nigga alive?! No nigga! Its still real niggas alive, we alive tonight bra! We alive tonight bra! (Musician) is alive tonight bra! ASAP Naz is alive tonight bra! (musician) is alive tonight bra! (musician) is alive tonight bra! Rocky alive tonight bra! EY! During my show when I say these names, yall better scream for me! I dont give a fuck if you know the names in that! Go ahead! Google them! They will give you a little bit of factual information! They will give you that! Why did I name ASAP? Coz that’s the future! Thats the niggas they get! Me and Cuddy… …on our toes right there! These these niggas keeping this shit alive bra! These these niggas keeping this shit alive bra! Its life! We got a 100 years out here! A 100 years on ths planet bra! And we can have a utopia! We can love each other! But the rules gotta be fair! Khaled and Drake and radio and 92.3 and everybody! Is it just me or did you hear that song so many times that you sing ‘you want a bed for free’?! EY! EY! You know what it is though? Coz ey! I love Drake, I love Khaled! But they set that song up bra! And let me tell you somethin! MTV fuck you, once again! As always! Im on my trump shit tonight! Let me tell you what it is bra! Ey! You know me! I went down 7 years!! Of my life! Of motherfuckers hating me! for saying Beyonce had best video! ey! baby, its rock n roll tonight! Yall might be experienced about… but the vibes is back! The son Kid Cuddy has retured! The vibes is back! I know its gon’ be alotta of conversations out here tonight! Khaled… I love you! I know you got killers in Miami, please do not send em out my head! I just wanna have a conversation about how we playing radio’s games! Khaled, you a real nigga! Khaled… you a real nigga, you got the keys! But as we learned… all the politics that niggas is doin for years… Obama couldnt make america great! Coz he couldnt be him! …to be who he was… Black men have been slaves! Obama wasnt allowed to do this!! YEEAAAAAHHHH! And still win! He had to be perfect! but being perfect dont always change shit bra! being perfect dont alwys change shit bra! so when I talk about MTV, let me explain something! I was hurt! Beyonce, I was hurt because I wanted to present a video called “Fade” and out of respect, MTV told me Mr. West, out of respect to you I will let you know that Beyonce is winning the video tonight for “Formation” over “Hotlinebling” and “Famous”! They told me beforehand so that I wouldnt run on stage. Ey! Bra! Yall aint gonna fuck with me but you know I got the vision and you know Imma keep it real with you! Beyonce I was hurt! I went down 7 years! on behalf of your… Ey nigga! Dont throw no shit whlie Im talking! I am putting my career, my life, my public well-standing at risk when I talk to yall like this! This is a moment in the matrix bra! defines this path! Defines this path! most of you might feel a way about this tonight! Beyonce I was hurt! Coz I heard that you said you wouldnt perform unless you won video of the year over me and over “Hotlinebling”! In my opinion, now dont go tryin to diss Beyonce! She is great! Taylor Swift is great! we are all great people! We are all equal! But sometimes, we be playin the politics too much and forget who we are! just to win! Fuck winning! Fuck looking cool! Fuck looking cool! Fuck being cool! Fuck all that bra! I’ve been sent here to give yall my truth! Even at the risk of my own life! Even at the risk of my own success! my own career! I’ve been sent here to give yall the truth! Jay Z call me bra! You still aint call me! Jay Z call me! Ey! bra! Jay Z, I know you got killers! Please dont send em out for my head! Just call me! Talk to me like a man! Im not tryin to be the man, I just am a man! The same as everybody here! I aint above, below, none of yall! We are equal! We all equal! This is the vibes bra! This is the future! This is the way of thinking to make america great again! Hahahahahahaahaha! Ah! You like that! Guess what? Guess what? Yall need the vibes! I was hurt! Feelings matter bra! The way… motherfuckers put money up so high! Popularity… Radio spins! Feelings matter bra! Feelings matter bra! Its a new world Hilary Clinton! Its a new world! Feelings matter! Coz guess what? Everybody… in middle america… felt a way… and they showed you how they felt! Feelings matter bra! Its a new world… Its a new world Barack! Its a new world Jay Z! Ey! Dont send killers at my head bra! This aint the Malcolm X movie! We growin from that moment! Let Ye be Ye! Oh! Wait a second! Yall! Do yall agree with that? Let Ye be Ye! Wait a second! I aint hear no screams on that! Let Ye be Ye! People! Im not saying this out of my own well-being! Coz it wouldnt be smart out of my own well-being to say things like this! radio… I didnt talk to you about your motherfucking times! Yall motherfuckers is behind the times! Coz guess what? This Saint Pablo Tour is the most relevant shit happening! This Saint Pablo Tour more relevant than Radio! and if yall still keep following old martyrs – yo ass is gonna get Hilary Clintoned! You might not like it but they gotta hear it! I aint here to massage you… with a fake truth. Telling you that Hilary gonna win over and over and over Then you wake up.. You still cant believe it! You know why? Coz you was lied to by Google! You was lied to by Mark Zuckerberg! Mark Zuckerberg you wanna call me now? Do I got the vision Mark Zuckerberg? Was you wrong?! When I said I was 53 million dollars in debt, and you didnt call me? Was you wrong?! You ate dinner! You asked my friend Anthony Schiller to have dinner with me! I told you about DONDA! You said you would help and you didnt! Then you went to look for aliens! Me and Kid Cuddy are aliens right here bra! The vibes is back! Hey John… Shia LaBeouf! Kid Cuddy feels a way, give him a call! Q-Tip… I love you bra! Dont tell me how to be me though! I love you! Your album is dope! I love you! Dont tell me how to be me though! I’ve been me! I am me! there’s a Richard Prior interview that you can watch about people coming into power and not changing anything and just becoming part of power. Thats happened with musicians coz they scared! Im not scared, Im here to change things! I am here to change things! But things wont change until people admit they own falsehoods! I got the vision bra! That is what I’ve been blessed with! My vision! I’m not always gonna say things the perfect way! The right way… but Imma say how I feel! Right now… I will prepare… Right now! PRESS. Get ready to write your passive agressive.. Lebron James… Racist comments… Season 4 racist comments. Get ready to have a field day press! GET READY! GET READY! Coz the show is over!

100 Replies to “(Full Video) Kanye West Sacramento Saint Pablo Show Jayz & Beyoncé Rant | DocHicksTv”

  1. Today is my first time watching this shit where the fuck is the meltdown. That nigga must of took over his clone for a min

  2. At 15:33 they censored Kanye when he told people to look up #PizzaGate. Listen to that part. It sounds wharped, like he definitely said something, but the audio is off,
    and is obviously censorship considering many Eye-witnesses have reported that he mentioned to look up #PizzaGate. Now he's being held against his will in a psych ward for revealing too much and that censored part is why.


  3. One small, yet very interesting thing to take away from this is, Kim was Pro-Hillary………..🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  4. He's bein' real about that radio….it's all full on paid for…..it's gerbage. Airtime is bought via advertising time. Almost every song needs to say "brought to you by…..whomever paid for this time" to get around payola laws. It's legal to have it all paid for yet it has to be noted, on air, who bought the time. Ever hear that? Rarely……another failure, flat out, by your government. It'd be really easy to clean it up….otherwise only those playing and paying the game get to play…so most of this rant is spot on. Don't think Kanye's stuff hasn't had air time bought though…..seriously….. Just the last part is wacked…..

  5. first it was michael jackson,prince,now its gonna be KANYE WEST ya needa wake up all these celeberties getting killed tryna wake ya dumbasses up WAKE UP! read the bible correctly and do all gods commands but no ya listening to the universe (illuminati) and ya wonder why so many black and hispanics getting killed and shit ya basically sinin (doing develish things) for example in the bible
    1. ur not supposed to eat pork
    2.ur not suppose to eat hot food on saturdays AND THATS ONLY 2 OF THE CAMMANDMENTS AND I ALREADY KNOW 90% OF YA DO THAT AND DONT CARE.. ….

  6. Kayne is a hero for this. He is straight up telling us that he could be killed for saying what he is saying and he's still saying it. He had a voice that reaches millions of people. That is the elites biggest fear. If you think it's all just a coincidence that he's in a mental hospital shortly after this "rant" you are fucking blind. Why would he put his life on the line for no reason? Why would they get him put in a mental hospital, if he didn't speak the truth? If he just said some BS that wasn't true, they wouldn't have cared. He obviously she'd some light on the shit they don't want you see or hear. Praying for you Kayne. We hear you. You're not alone.

  7. y'all so brainwashed you can't even see what's real and what's a lie SMH Kanye big ups to you brother talk that shit!

  8. their isn't nothing wrong with Kanye. .. he's fine, he's being honest…im sure there is alot artist go through especially at that level….i believe him

    P Diddy Claims Suge Knight Source Award Diss Wasnt Towards Him On Drink Champs ( Guess Who he say suge was talking about)

  10. Gets some help?
    You need to get a brain.
    You're one of the people that he is trying to impact so you wake the fuck up.
    I've been a musician for 20 years and know from the inside, he's working for a monopoly that prefers music fans be as stupid as possible and better yet, stupid, on drugs and spending way more money than they have on crap they don't need like $200 shoes and $80 jeans.
    The entire entertainment industry is a monopoly which is why you don't see any new sports leagues survive such as Vince McMahon's football league.

    Almost every famous person you see is an insider and got famous because they had the contacts to do so. Their stories about how they did it are all bullshit.

  11. Poor guy knows his going to die. This is his way to say fuck the industry he's not making them no more money being a puppet. He will be dead soon. Sad, just for speaking the truth. It's just sad the way they ruin people's lives and mess with their heads. He just risked his life to tell y'all the truth. People will stay ignorant. People don't want truth, they just let the rich white man continue to control the world. Soros, Rothschild's, Builderburg Group, Umbrella Corporation, MK ultra, project Monarch, spirit cooking, PizzaGate Exposed look it up.. maybe since he has kids now he's not down for this shit.. we are all being played our lives don't matter. We are just test rats too them. Look up Illuminati card game. Wake up world. Many artists peek out about it but no one listens.

  12. Anyone else really think about this critically? Everything he has said has been clicking in my head the whole time. The people who don't understand are some dumb fuckers. I even learned about what he said about the radio is so true. I am tired of hearing the same songs all the time on the radio. They shove shit down your throat. It's great that some of you guys are thinking for yourself and not just accepting everything the mainstream says to be truth.
    He's next on the list

    Dave Chapelle
    Shia LaBeoth
    Kat Williams
    Michael Jackson
    and so on….
    I'm glad you guys are awake. God bless y'all

  13. kanye u my nigga. lmao!!!! Do your thing. Ppl are so stupid. They dont care about true. They ppl seem to not even care. Like drones. smh

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  15. he was talking some realness this could really cost him his life on many levels not just the physical look beyond the physical.

  16. He said something so important that someone is now trying to murder him. Listen closely. Because he said something they don't want you to hear.

  17. be Safe Kanye. I hope You're able to Voice all the Truths before they Try and Off You! we're ALL EQUAL!! Kanye WOULD Make America Great Again ! first artist to Ever tell the truth.. meek Tried and Drake Destroyed em damn. now I feel Bad for Taking Drake ha. but frfr Kanye is Truth right now and now all A Sudden J Cole coming at Kanye.. damn

  18. this fool is fake as shit…he speaks like a STRAIGHT L7 weenie, super square IRL…kanye is on one…he completely FUCKED UP marrying that whore Kim…

  19. these dumb comments are why we're losing our freedom. there are so many dumb people out there it's impossible to untangle. ye has my respect beyond any living soul. he just like jfk n Eisenhower. speaking the real truth but idiots don't understand n don't listen. that's why we're enslaved. wake up Idiots n listen. pass on the message and kayne you should seek help n support from mr anonymous n his supporters. I support you too n let's start this revolutionary

  20. "Hospitalized" in the same place MJ never came out of. Do your research people. Kanye isn't crazy. He is probably the celebrity with the most balls to do something like this

  21. Jesus saves all who come to Him..know hes the olny truth. Hes the olny truth God is truth Jesus loves all yall 💜💜💜💜💪

  22. "fuck mtv! fuck being cool! fuck the politics! we are the human nation, we are all equal. this is the future" – This is the main idea of Kanye, guys. These words worth more than songs you could listen there. This man is really strong and honest because he is real artist – he shows the truth. Let's be ourselves and listen the truth, not the bullshit from ruled rulers (robots).

  23. I hate how everyone a few months ago was like "Kanye 2020!!!!" Now that he met with trump and likes trump, everyone hates him. Everyone is so fake. I believe that Kanye is speaking some truth and everyone hates him bc he's being himself and not how the media wants him to be

  24. Yepe! He will be a target, 1St they will take him off the radio, then stop him from making music, if he begs for forgiveness they won't kill him. #PoorKanye 😞

  25. Before he did this, he should of phoned Katt Williams to get some advice because katt has been stung enough times by the elites, All those people booing need to wake the fuck up! If your still asleep now then think to yourself, kanye was in hospital shortly after this truth telling event, now can you smell the coffee….

  26. Ive never been the biggest fan of Kanye, his music Is ok, but here is where he told the truth, and most ppl in the crowd don't even understand how huge this is

  27. I hated Kanye West with a passion and with every drop of intoxicated blood in my body until just now and now as much as I hated him is as much as I now love him. just like that I am now a Kanye fan.

  28. idk so dude turns up months later at Trump tower, looking like Dennis the Menace and afraid to open his mouth….

  29. he's not crazy you're crazy, he's a slave to the industry fuck commercializing it's time to speak but you say he needs help?
    he's wearing a Tupac shirt as symbolism of rebellion
    be suspicious about "hip hop" now

    Andrea Wills is my name, I live in USA. I want to let the world know how I became a member of the great brotherhood of illuminati without me paying any dine. years back, I was eager to be wealthy, famous and protected because my family members so mocked me and thought that I would never make it in life. so I needed a way to show to them that I am someone. Then a friend discussed with me and told me to look for how to join the brotherhood of illuminati that they can make me achieve my dreams. I bought the ideal and I started to search the internet on how I can become a member, but in so many blogs I saw online people talked about how they became members of the brotherhood and then they put the contact details of the agent that introduced them. I contacted several of those agents I saw on the internet, but they were all fraudsters as they request money from me and of which I don't have a dine to pay. Until I saw a post on a blog written by Mary Ann Nix where she said 'those in America don't pay a dine to become a member of the brotherhood' and that she became a member without paying any money. So in her testimony, she inputted the contact details of the direct temple messenger of illuminati and said we can call or text directly the temple messenger the number given was +1(617)663-8926 so I sent text to the number and behold the temple messenger replied me back and I was so happy. So to cut the long story short he told me what to do and I did it and I was initiated into the brotherhood of illuminati without me paying any dine. So please if you are out there and you want to become a member of the brotherhood those in America should quickly contact the temple messenger on call or text him on +1(617)663-8926 then those outside America can call, text or WhatsApp the international agent on +234 (816)673-9726, and also if you wish you can email directly the brotherhood on ([email protected]) Join the brotherhood and live a good life.

  31. kanye lost me as a fan.. idk what he stands for but standing out at any cost.. at any cost.. no one is seeing he ain't standing up for no one or nothing he is just talking to talk I'm tired of his wild antics and this dude is not standing up for nothing.. idk what cocaine they got you snorting bruh but you need to cool down on it. just appealling to white America that's all. Kaine west is totally awesome bro…. Kaine West

  32. I'm old school, if I go to a concert I go to be entertained not to hear your political and religious beliefs so leave em backstage. I know you jits don't know any better cuz the industry is deader than dead and this dumb shit being the hottest ticket in town is proof.

  33. Yo that's some real shit when Kanye I started to respect him again because most people in the industry must sell out does not make them a bad person but we're sellouts to working for money a false prophet .when God made food that grows on trees for free

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