From the market to your mouth: Saint Lucia’s colourful cuisine – Ep 4/4

What’s the plan today? What are we gonna be cooking? The plan is love, but in between love, we’re gonna do some sexy cuisine. Before, you start with chocolate…you start with this guy. In the plantations, what they do, they cut the coco beans and they often do the coco dance See! I know it’s show time, but you gotta work in the moment! Castries is approximely a 30 minute drive from our hotel The Rex We were in rush hour traffic, the place was buzing, from the start fo the day. But that was nothing compared to what we saw when we actually got into the market in Castries. In typical Troy form, we have the most commodating day of activities on our last day here. Going to the market this morning, and seeing the people, the farmers there with their fresh produce And their spices, and interacting with the people there So guys here we are in Castries market, this is the biggest market in the capital and we are here to meet one of the better known chefs on the island. His name is Orlando He’s gonna meet us in the market, we’re gonna pick up a few fresh ingredients and make dishes that are authentic to St. Lucia. Look! That’s gotta be our guy! Orlando! Hey what’s up! We share the love? We share the love! That’s Bradley. Hi, nice to meet you. Tell us about what we’re gonna do today? We’re gonna do a very nice pumpkin soup, and we’re also gonna do a wonderful Mahi Mahi with fruit cake and then we’re gonna do a chocolate mousse. We met Orlando quickly after arriving he kind of took care of us, walked us through it, talking all about the love. We could tell from his vibe right away this guy was laid back, relax, a funny guy! So he wasn’t gonna take it too serious and bore us with another cooking activity. What’s the plan today? What re we gonna be cooking? The plan is love, but in between love, we’re gonna do some sexy cuisine. Today was the perfect day to wrap our time here in St.Lucia. To meeting Orlando and having him show us how to prepare these authentic St. Lucians meal based on all local ingredients in this setting! Step one is? Step on? What is this? We don’t do steps, we just move! First of all, I’m gonna get you to make the pumpkin soup. I have a wonderful mom’s stuff. I’m gonna add that in? Yeah two teaspoons. Wait! You didn’t tell us what’s in the secret sauce? It’s mom’s love. Can you smell that? If you can’t smell the cooking, it’s not real. Especially in the Caribbeans. Now you’re gonna put some vegetable stock. Put a little. and now we’re gonna boil it. Now before we start with chocolate, You start with this guy. This is a coco. When you go to the plantations, they cut the coco beans and they often call the coco dance. See! I know it’s show time, but you cannot work at the moment! Twist and turn. Twist and turn. You can just take one out and suck it That is your M&M, Caribbean style. One of the greatest things about the way we travel here and the way that we travel as a team is that over the course of the different experiences we have together we create this complicity and this energy where we start to work together as partners and we can see each others strength and I really saw that with Troy and Bradley today in the kitchen sort of playing off eachtother and working together, and I was surprised that they were…. You know it’s been a short trip and I’m surprised by how they connected together. Wow! Every single dish that we did with Orlando was absolutely delicious! Everything was cooked perfectly. And my tastebuds were in paradise! It’s so important to have somebody like Orlando kind of a local to take you through these experiences here. I think we really, really learned that again today. We wouldn’t have know anything about which ingredients to pick at the market. Even just him showing us that cute little dance and telling us the story of how you actually get the coco from the bean. You need to have a guide to explain those things to you. If you don’t go out of your way to meet people then you’re gonna miss so much of that story. Meeting Troy and Sarah was the best part of this trip. It was really easy to get to know them because they are genuine and you feel that you know them for decades Unbelievable, all the activities that we did, from the the marching band, the yole, the volcano horseback riding. You got to experience this. Hahaha! OMG! Sarah and Bradley, I know you guys were not overly exited for my activity. That’s why tonight I backed myself up with a street festival.. We’re gonna get more interaction, we’re gonna hear the local music, feel the local flavor. I feel like we’re gonna have a good balance today. I hope you guys had a good time so far.

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